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Surnames beginning with C

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Cadwallader, Nellie A.

Cadwell, Ralph A.

Cady, Mary F.

Cafazza, Charles A.

Cage, Charles

Cagle, Lillie L.

Cagle, Raymond Lee

Cahill, (Mrs. Clarence)

Cahill, Arthur J.

Cahill, Catherine

Cahill, Thomas F.

Caimi, Louis J.

Cain, (Pfc) Jerry M.

Cain, Ruth

Cairns, Anna

Cairns, Catherine

Cairns, Elizabeth

Caito, Angelia

Calcaterra, Charles Carl

Calcaterra, Genoveffa

Calcaterra, Josephine

Caldwell, Alan C. Sr.

Caldwell, Bessie

Caldwell, Norman

Caldwell, Robert Joseph

Caldwell, William

Caldwell, Winnie

Calhoon, Edna

Calhoun, Viola

Calins, George R.

Calkins, Dorothy

Calkins, George R.

Callahabn, Kathryn J.

Callahan, (USA, ret.) John J. 'Jack' 12/19 p

Callahan, Agnes

Callahan, Alma Urban

Callahan, David M.

Callahan, John J.

Callahan, John W.

Callahan, Kathryn J.

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, Orville O.

Callahan, Tina Marie

Callahan, Willis F.

Callais, Julian Charles

Callan, (Mother) Louise

Callan, Clarence A. 'Doc' 6/2 p

Callanan, Nora A.

Callas, Danny 'Dennis' 11/16 p

Callen, Edith T.

Callico, Jasper N.

Callier, Carrie

Callier, Johnnie Jr.

Calliotte, Joseph J.

Callmeyer, Ida E.

Callonan, Margaret

Calloway, O'Neal

Calrk, Elizabeth

Calvert, Eula

Calvert, Pernella

Calvert, Ruth

Calvin, Lettie

Calvird, Genevieve

Camargo, Jose L.

Cambron, Louis Ely

Camden, Francis L.

Camden, Harvey

Cameron, Anthony M.

Cameron, Eloise

Cameron, Thomas

Cammann, Marie L.

Cammarata, Jennie

Cammarata, Lovige 'Luigi' 2/1 p

Camp, Grace J.

Camp, Leathie

Camp, Walter P.

Campagna, Providenza 'Frances' (nee Randazzo)

Campana, Michael

Campanella, Tony Antonio

Campbell, (Maj.) George F.

Campbell, Anna

Campbell, Bertine

Campbell, Bessie B.

Campbell, Billy Ray

Campbell, Cendy

Campbell, Della

Campbell, Florence Grace

Campbell, Franklin T.

Campbell, Genevieve

Campbell, Genevieve Marilla

Campbell, Gerald

Campbell, Inez A.

Campbell, James

Campbell, James W.

Campbell, James Walter

Campbell, John A.

Campbell, John Phillip 'Bud' 4/1 p

Campbell, John Winslow

Campbell, Lawrence D.

Campbell, Leonard L.

Campbell, Lottie

Campbell, Martha W.

Campbell, Mary Boyle

Campbell, Mary 'Mamie' (nee Reidy)

Campbell, Myrtle E.

Campbell, Percy R.

Campbell, Ralph

Campbell, Rupert Edward

Campen, Alma

Campen, Herman Fred

Campton, (see Adrian. Sister Mary)

Candelario, Manuel

Cane, Willie A.

Canepa, (Dr.) John B.

Canepa, Frank A.

Cannada, Lottie

Cannon, Ethel S.

Cannon, Nellie M.

Cano, Adele

Cano, Celina

Canova, Angelo

Canterberry, Thelma Marie

Cantrell, Dwight E.

Cantrell, George W.

Cantwell, Alfred W.

Capitano, Dominick

Caple, Minnie Myrtle

Caples, Mary A.

Capobianco, Joseph C.

Capp, Fredia Amelia

Cappello, Frank M.

Capps, Nathan A.

Capra, Charles J.

Caproni, Carrie

Capuano, Baptiste

Caradine, Isaiah

Caradonna, Rose M.

Caraffa, Anna

Caravello, Mariano

Caraway, Frances

Carbone, Joseph T.

Carbone, Joseph Thomas

Carbrey, William J.

Caress, Frieda

Carey, Mabel M.

Carfield, Luella

Cargal, Jennie

Carioscia, Lena M. Selvaggi

Caris, Sylvia Faye

Carlisle, Ora Lee

Carlo, Anthony A.

Carlo, Tony A.

Carlson, Clara M.

Carlson, Ella Christine

Carlson, Henning

Carlson, Henry

Carlton, John M.

Carlton, Paul Raymond Sr.

Carlton, Riley Barry

Carman, Grand Gallelar

Carman, Shackerford 'Moe' 5/18 p

Carmany, Winifred Althea

Carmichael, Jessie

Carmickle, Amanda

Carmody, Imelda

Carmody, Josephine Mary

Carmody, Matthew Girard

Carmody, Nell M.

Carna, Lewis F. Sr.

Carnaghi, Charles J.

Carnaghi, Louis A. Jr.

Carnaghi, Louise

Carner, Linnie Mae

Carnes, Lillie

Carney, Elizabeth

Carney, S. Alberta

Carnie, Ethel Fay

Carollo, Sarafina

Carosello, Joseph

Carpenisan, Persa

Carpenter, Albert

Carpenter, Charles Hayes

Carpenter, Clevern

Carpenter, Lacy

Carpenter, Mary

Carpenter, Senora

Carpenter, Theresa A.

Carque, Anna

Carque, Minnie D.

Carr, (see Mrs. A. O. Moore)

Carr, Adele K.

Carr, Alfred Chambers Jr.

Carr, George Edward

Carr, Inez Purl

Carr, James Thomas

Carr, Lillian E.

Carr, Marie

Carr, Mary Estelle

Carr, Miriam

Carr, William

Carr, William M.

Carradine, James

Carragher, (Riverboat Capt.) Bernard J.

Carrawell, Annie

Carrico-Murphy, Agnes

Carrigan, Pearl M.

Carrillo, Anita Helen

Carrillo, Paul

Carroll, Alice R.

Carroll, Arleigh B.

Carroll, Arlene

Carroll, Charles

Carroll, Cleo V.

Carroll, Delmar F.

Carroll, Emma M.

Carroll, Estella M.

Carroll, Fred

Carroll, George

Carroll, Harry J.

Carroll, Irene A.

Carroll, John Henry

Carroll, Rose

Carroll, Rosella C.

Carroll, Thomas P.

Carroll, Virgil F.

Carron, Albert J.

Carron, Emma

Carron, Estelle M.

Carrone, Joseph T.

Carrone, Maddalena Sandra

Carrouther, Earnest

Carrow, Dehlia

Carrow, Della

Carrow, Gus E.

Carrow, Iva

Carson, Isabel

Carson, Louis Jr.

Carson, Mae L.

Carson, William

Cartall, Mary E.

Carter, Charley H.

Carter, Eddie

Carter, Ferdinand

Carter, Florence

Carter, Frances

Carter, George C.

Carter, Goldie F.

Carter, Grace

Carter, Harold B.

Carter, Harry L.

Carter, Henry E. Sr.

Carter, James L.

Carter, Janie

Carter, Marion Duance

Carter, Nellie W.

Carter, Ralph R.

Carter, Robert L.

Carter, Vera E.

Carter, Walter

Carter, Walter Jr.

Carthon, John Calvin

Cartledge, Dorothy

Caruso, Baldassere

Caruso, Damiana

Caruthers, Dan

Caruthers, Eugene

Carver, Paul G.

Cary, Nealia Polete

Casackkar, Charles Raymond

Casalo, Pietro 'Pete' 5/4 p

Casanova, (Mother) Elvira

Case, Beulah

Case, John F.

Case, Richard Corwin

Casey, (Sister) Mary Marcella

Casey, Clyde Ben Sr.

Casey, Edward J.

Casey, Francis Mary

Casey, Iva A.

Casey, John Henry

Casey, John M.

Casey, Lawrence J. 'Lal' 11/30 p

Casey, Mary E.

Casey, Mary L.

Casey, Ross C.

Cash, Jess

Cashel, Frank

Cashman, Walter

Caskie, Edith N.

Cassaday, William J.

Cassett, Abraham L.

Cassidy, Evelyn

Cassimatis, Emanuel George 'Mike' 4/14 p

Cassin, Margaret Mary

Cassler, Frank A. 'Francis' 3/7 p

Cassoni, Louis

Cassor, John P.

Casteel, Lucinda Elizabeth

Casteel, Margaret E.

Castelli, Anna

Casterman, Sarah

Castile, Ella Anne

Castillo, Odilon

Castle, James S.

Caston, Minnie Mae

Castro, Raymond W.

Catani, Mary

Catanzaro, Joseph Bernard

Cate, Harry J.

Cates, Joseph R.

Catheart, John Sr.

Cather, Catherine Elizabeth

Cathers, Scott Allen

Cathey, George

Catlin, Asa

Catlin, Henrietta Vaccaro

Catlin, Mamie

Cato, James P.

Catron, Henry G.

Catsigianis, Ida

Cattaneo, Emil

Cattaneo, Genoveffa

Cauble, Bessie

Cauley, Bertha Lee

Cauley, Hunnie

Caulfield, (former Gov. MO) Henry Stewart

Caulfield, Henry Stewart

Caulfield, John J. Sr.

Causey, Effie

Cavanagh, Verona Jane

Cavanaugh, Nora

Cavanough, Joseph

Cave, Harold

Cavenah, Carie Arvel

Cavenah, Eleanor Buford

Cavitt, William A. 'Willie' Pat

Cease, Edna Mary

Cederquist, Olga

Cehan, Fred P.

Cella, Andrew J.

Cella, Louis

Cella, Louise

Cenatiempo, Margaret

Center, Henry N.

Center, Howard T.

Cergnul, John

Ceries, Catherine Ann

Cernich, Beatrice

Cernik, Doris

Cerny, Jerry M.

Certer, Mary Luella

Chait, Sophie

Chalus, Peter

Chamberlain, Dillon D.

Chamberlain, Dug

Chamberlain, Jesse W.

Chamberlain, Leanora

Chamberlain, Maude C.

Chambers, Essie Jones

Chambers, Gertrude B.

Chambers, Isalee

Chambers, Mary E.

Chamblin, Charles A.

Chambliss, Hugh Lemuel

Chamness, Lillis Viola

Champion, Blanche L.

Champion, Dorothy M.

Chanberlain, James N.

Chance, Nina Angeline

Chandler, Ettarine

Chandler, Jessie

Chandler, Lucy

Chandler, Pleas

Chandler, Priscilla

Chandler, Stephen E.

Chaney, Frederick B.

Chaney, Robert B.

Chapin, Edna Jeanette

Chapin, Jeanette

Chaplicki, Thomas G.

Chaplin, Edward Joseph

Chapline, Harry T.

Chapman, Ada C.

Chapman, Agnes C.

Chapman, Carrie

Chapman, Clarence

Chapman, Estelle

Chapman, Harriet

Chapman, Mae R.

Chapman, Marian E.

Chapman, Marie

Chapman, Thomas Scott

Chapman, William Earl

Chapman, William T.

Chappell, (TSgt.) John M.

Chappell, George A. Jr.

Chappie, Malinda M.

Chappius, Joseph C.

Chaptman, Thomas R.

Chard, Rudene

Charlton, Elmer H.

Chartrand, Robert E.

Charwick, Mary

Chase, Edmund

Chase, Helen M.

Chastonay, Herman

Chatman, Oree

Chaudoin, Roy Vernon

Chavaux, Albert J.

Chavis, Marva

Cheatham, Cora

Cheatham, James E.

Cheek, Mildred I.

Cheek, Robert H.

Cheeks, (Rev.) William

Cheeks, Leona 'Leonia' *5/12 p

Cheely, Dolores E.

Cheney, Paul Ray

Chernich, Anton J.

Cherubina, Rosa

Chervitz, Charles

Chesler, Esther M.

Chester, Orville Lewis

Chester, Zerline

Chestnut, Allen

Chettle, Albertine

Chewning, David Arba

Chiedini, Josephine

Chikas, Chris D.

Chilcutt, Pearl

Childers, Gertrude M.

Childress, Christopher

Childress, Willie Mae

Childs, Ida Lee

Childs, Lillis V.

Childs, Lucille

Childs, V. C.

Childs, Willie E.

Chiles, Sarah E.

Chilton, Helen B.

Chilton, Velma Mary

Chinelly, Charles H.

Chinnici, Robert

Chinniel, Anna

Chiodini, Josephine

Chipley, Virginia Florence

Chirco, Anthony T.

Chirsmonte, Onoferio

Chisam, Duard C.

Chisholm, Kenneth R.

Chism, Adrian

Chittenden, Stella Coon

Chitty, George Edward

Choate, Scott Eric

Chong, Jung 'Kwock' *6/28 p

Chonka, Bertha

Chopin, Letta

Chora, Maude H.

Choste, Hyram William

Chott, Barbara

Chott, Hugo W.

Chrismer, Helen A.

Christ, Peter

Christensen, Edith Merle

Christensen, Minnie

Christeson, Melvin L.

Christian, Lucille

Christman, Blanche

Christman, Leonard A.

Christman, Marie

Christmann, Cecelia M.

Christoph, John B.

Christophel, Christopher C.

Christopher, William H.

Christy, Henrietta Bamberger

Chronister, Mary A.

Chrum, Loretta

Chrzanowski, Lillian D. 'Toots' (nee Hammer)

Chuckray, Nicholas

Chulick, Louis

Chunn, Samuel J.

Chura, Ronald Edwin

Church, Alma

Church, Rosalie M.

Churchill, Ella E.

Churchill, Emma

Chute, Mayme

Cianciolo, Josephine

Cierpiot, Hugo B.

Cihelka, Mary A.

Cira, Joseph

Cismowski, Martha

Cissell, Lloyd H.

Civiano, Sarofina

Civill, Patrick M. Sr.

Cjulick, Louis

Clabes, Charlotte M.

Clacher, Lottie

Clack, Agnes

Clacker, Amelia 'Millie' 3/11 p

Clagett, Mary Kealty

Claggett, Harvey

Clancy, Catherine M.

Clancy, Margaret F.

Clapille, Scott Keith

Clarahan, Leo E.

Clark, (Dr.) Lawrence E.

Clark, (Rev. Dr.) Elmer T.

Clark, Anna

Clark, Anna

Clark, Arthur W.

Clark, Augusta A.

Clark, Bess M.

Clark, Beulah

Clark, Clara Louise

Clark, Donzell

Clark, Ebb

Clark, Edmond J.

Clark, Eliza

Clark, Elizabeth

Clark, Emma G.

Clark, Ernest A.

Clark, Ernestine

Clark, Ethel Ibbie

Clark, Florence C.

Clark, Franklin Doyle

Clark, George C.

Clark, George S.

Clark, Harold A.

Clark, Herbert

Clark, James Leonard

Clark, James S.

Clark, Lawrence

Clark, Lottie E.

Clark, Luther

Clark, Mabel

Clark, Marguerite

Clark, Martha V.

Clark, Maxine

Clark, Preston

Clark, Robert Delmar

Clark, Robert Nesbitt Jr.

Clark, Roscoe B.

Clark, Sarah

Clark, Theodore

Clark, Thomas Jefferson

Clark, Vida

Clark, Wecter J.

Clark, William

Clark, Willie

Clarke, (Dr.) George Diehl

Clarke, Harry E.

Clarkin, Joseph F.

Clarkson, Agnes E.

Clarkson, Edna

Class, Sylvera

Clatto, May

Claunch, Charles A.

Clausch, Dolores

Clauss, Mabel A.

Claussen, Donna Carol

Clawson, Andrew Terrance

Clay, Bennie

Clay, Eldridge

Clay, James

Clay, John O. Sr.

Clay, Lizzie

Clay, Louise V.

Clay, Mary

Clay, Maude

Clay, Pearl

Clay, Richard

Clay, Sandy

Clay, Verda Louise

Clayburn, Isaac O.

Clayton, Arthur

Clayton, Arthur S.

Clayton, Claron 'Doc' 6/9 p

Clayton, Lucile E., RN

Clayton, Phillip A.

Clayton, Ramona Diane

Cleary, Freeda Emma

Cleary, Mary

Cleaver, Florence Harrington

Clegg, Frank C.

Clemens, Edward G. Sr.

Clemens, John C.

Clemens, Lillian M.

Clement, Arlene L.

Clement, Edna

Clement, Emma B.

Clement, Esther M.

Clement, Rose I.

Clements, Ada Mary

Clemow, Grace E.

Clermont, 'Lulu' Lucinda 'Becky' (nee Morningstar)

Cleveland, Betty A.

Cleveland, Jerome

Cleveland, Jerry William

Cleveland, Lon

Clevenger, Walter

Cliburn, Rose Alice

Click, John Franklin

Click, Lorena Belle

Cliffe, Mary Rebecca

Cliffe, Nellie

Clifford, John E.

Clifford, Patrick E.

Clift, Ruth C.

Clifton, Olive Irene

Clines, Dorothy H.

Clinger, Gorrell Starke

Clinton, Louisa 'Lizzie' 7/29 p

Clinton, Martha

Clinton, Nellie

Clobes, G. Leslie

Cloedy, Martha M.

Cloninger, Bert E.

Cloninger, Francis Laborn

Cloninger, Rubertis E. 'Bert' *11/17 p

Cloonan, Vincent James

Close, Joseph Mathew

Close, Robert O.

Clotch, Loretta

Cloud, Laura B.

Clouse, Benny Lee

Clover, Wallace George

Cloyd, Mildred Alma

Club, Clara C.

Clubb, Etta Belle

Clubb, William R. Sr.

Cluff, Minnie

Clune, John D.

Cluxton, Marjorie Alice

Clymer, Olin A.

Coates, Earl P.

Coates, Elmer T.

Coates-Isbell, Emma

Coatney, James W.

Cobb, Esther M.

Cobb, Gifford

Cobb, Hazel L.

Cobb, Mabel

Cobb, Printice

Cobb, Welba C.

Cobbs, Rose

Cobert, Will

Coburn, Margaret L.

Cochel, Ella

Cochran, Marshall Gilbert

Cochran, Myrtle

Cochran, Ward B.

Cochrane, (SSgt, USA) Blanchard W.

Cochrane, Florence P.

Cocke, Janet Clelland

Cockelreas, Coco

Cockrell, Eleanor H.

Cockrell, Frances Elliot

Cockrell, Nathan R. 'Mutz' 8/21 p

Coco, Grace

Coco, Mattio 'Mike' 11/19 p

Coco, Vencenzo 'Jim' 8/16 p

Cody, Bernice J.

Coe, Alice Lea

Coe, Nellie

Coello, Lena

Coello, Madeline 'Lina' (St.L. Co.)

Coffee, Harvey Sr.

Coffey, Agnes J.

Coffey, Lise Picton

Coffey, Margaret

Coffey, Sadie Olive

Coffman, Hannah J.

Coffman, James H.

Coggins, Edward Raymond

Coghill, Earl Eugene

Cognata, Marco 'Mike' 10/27 p

Cohen, Bernard E.

Cohen, Freda

Cohen, Frieda

Cohen, Hilda

Cohen, Irving C.

Cohen, Isaac

Cohen, J. Louis

Cohen, John W.

Cohen, Leroy

Cohen, Mollie

Cohen, Rose

Cohen, Terry Lynne

Cohn, (Rev.) Max

Cohn, Carrie

Coibion, Gertrude M.

Coile, Ellen Elizabeth

Coker, Frank

Coker, William E. Sr.

Colari, Rebecca W.

Colbert, Elsie

Colburn, Margaret L.

Colby, Clarence J.

Cole, Agatha A.

Cole, Anna Cecelia

Cole, Calvin

Cole, Cola J.

Cole, Cordia

Cole, Grace

Cole, Jess W. Sr.

Cole, Joffre M.

Cole, John Frank

Cole, Martha J.

Cole, Nathaniel T.

Cole, Oliver S.

Cole, Sterling

Cole, Thomas A.

Cole, Tommie Lee

Cole, Zebulum Montgomery Pike

Cole-Fleming, Cecelia Anna

Coleman, (Sister) Mary Catherine

Coleman, Alma Sidoni

Coleman, Ann Atkins Jones

Coleman, Annie

Coleman, Charles

Coleman, Dorothy C.

Coleman, Eddie

Coleman, Esther C.

Coleman, Ethel

Coleman, Frances

Coleman, James

Coleman, James Sr.

Coleman, Jean Norbert

Coleman, John W.

Coleman, Kenneth Lucian Sr.

Coleman, Lawrence C. 'Larry' 12/25 p

Coleman, Lugary

Coleman, Ralph D.

Colgan, Edith S.

Collen, Hilda

Coller, Julius A.

Colley, Marie C.

Collico, Catherine 'Mama' (nee Taormina)

Collidge, Helen A.

Collier, Billie Jean

Collier, Ida C.

Collier, John Thomas

Collier, Michael Edward

Collier, Raymond Marvin

Collier, William R. Sr. 'Ronald' 10/26 p

Colliflower, Elizabeth F.

Collins, (Dr.) Frank G., DDS

Collins, (Sister) May Catherine

Collins, Ada

Collins, Al Mc Arthur

Collins, Ara

Collins, Beatrice

Collins, Carrie

Collins, Cornelius

Collins, Earl C.

Collins, Edward J. 'Bud' 12/13 p

Collins, Frank T.

Collins, Harry James

Collins, Helen K.

Collins, Hugh

Collins, Irene

Collins, James

Collins, Jessie Purline

Collins, John T.

Collins, John W. 'Chris' 8/14 p

Collins, Karen Diane

Collins, Leonard

Collins, Lucinda

Collins, Lucy

Collins, Mayme L.

Collins, Minnie Helena

Collins, Mittie G.

Collins, Richard R.

Collins, Salina

Collins, Vanda

Collins, Walter R.

Colombini, Mike

Colombo, Anita

Colombo, Carolina

Colombo, Charles W.

Colombo, Maria

Colombo, Mary

Colondo, Innocente

Colonna, Theresa

Colson, Wilbur Gerald

Colton, Fern M.

Colver, Margaret C.

Colvin, Benjamin Ruel

Colvin, Harry

Colvin, Hiram A.

Colvin, Julia May

Colvin, Margaret

Colvin, Marge

Colvin, Mary A.

Combs, Esther

Combs, Jerry Michael

Combs, Mary Elizabeth

Combs, Samuel L.

Combs, Verry Michael

Combs, Vesta Darlene Crites

Combs, Virginia

Comer, Leo J.

Comer, Matthew Carroll

Comfort, Hattie

Comins, Waldo H.

Comitis, Rose

Commander, Irene

Compas, Esther

Compass, Ida E.

Compbell, Vernon Robert

Compton, (Librarian, SLPL) Charles H.

Compton, Alice M.

Compton, Elverta

Compton, James Auborn

Comstock, Irma

Conata, Marco

Concannon, John Joseph

Conda, Charles

Condit, Chester A.

Condon, Helen M.

Condon, James P.

Condon, Margaret M.

Condon, Matthew G.

Conez, Nora Hollie

Congleton, Pearl E.

Conklin, Earl Guy

Conklin, Margaret

Conley, Elizabeth

Conley, Harry Nelson

Conley, John L. 'Jack' Sr.

Conley, John P.

Conley, Pierce James Sr.

Conlisk, Ethel May

Connell, Adelaide

Connell, Clara

Connell, Elizabeth

Connell, Philip Thomas

Connelly, John A.

Connelly, Mary Ellen

Conner, Herman D.

Conner, Horace

Conner, J. W.

Conners, Helen C.

Conners, Lucille Ann

Conners, Nellie E.

Conners, Sarah

Connolly, Mary A.

Connor, Cora

Connor, Hallie

Connor, Nellie

Connor, Sarah A.

Connors, Carrie

Connors, Helen

Connors, Helen V.

Connors, William John

Conover, Grace Ethel

Conrad, Eugene L.

Conrad, Helen G.

Conrad, John A.

Conrad, Mabel Sarah

Conrad, Pearl K.

Conrath, Philip Alan

Conroy, Anthony H.

Conroy, Catherine

Conry, Henry

Conway, Albert Jr.

Conway, Arnie Lee

Conway, Cherry

Conway, Clara E.

Conway, Edgar J.

Conway, Eileen

Conway, James W.

Conway, Lelia C.

Conway, Leota A.

Conway, Leroy 'Roy' 5/31 p

Conway, Macil

Conway, Nora

Conwell, William E.

Conwell, Wilma M.

Conzelman, Nettie

Cook, Adeline B.

Cook, Albert Thurlow

Cook, Alice M.

Cook, Bertha C.

Cook, Celand R.

Cook, Ellen C.

Cook, Elsie P.

Cook, Frank

Cook, George Isaac

Cook, Gertrude

Cook, Herome I.

Cook, Hulda Veta

Cook, Ida Ethel

Cook, Jerome I.

Cook, Jim

Cook, John H.

Cook, John W.

Cook, Louvenia

Cook, Margaret M.

Cook, Mary Alice

Cook, Neil

Cook, Nellie

Cook, Nina E.

Cook, Robert S.

Cook, Tallas B.

Cook, William Harvey Sr.

Cooke, Agnes A.

Cooke, John W. Sr.

Cooke, Thomas H.

Cooksey, Devolla

Cookson, George William

Cool, Wallace Watkins

Cooley, Clyde W.

Cooley, Marie V.

Coombs, Lester C.

Coon, Charlotte Rose

Coons, Henry R.

Cooper, Albert

Cooper, Allen F.

Cooper, Beaulah

Cooper, Carlisle

Cooper, Carolyn A.

Cooper, Clark Thomas

Cooper, Demory Ann

Cooper, Donna L.

Cooper, Earl Leroy

Cooper, Elizabeth

Cooper, Elizabeth

Cooper, Ernest

Cooper, John S.

Cooper, Lucy

Cooper, Margaret

Cooper, Martha

Cooper, Mary

Cooper, Philip

Cooper, Rosetta

Cooper, Ruth C.

Cooper, Walter

Cooper, William B.

Copanas, William W.

Cope, Mary Beth

Cope, Orville L.

Copeland, (Cpl., USMC) Robert

Copeland, Coy Wilbur

Copeland, Duane E.

Copeland, Oscar C.

Copher, Jim W.

Coplon, Jennie

Coppedge, Anna M.

Coppersmith, Richard M.

Coppinger, Elinor Vincentia

Copple, Ethel M.

Corbett, Alice C.

Corbett, Athena M.

Corcoran, (Capt., USN) Daniel J.

Corcoran, Agnes

Corcoran, Joseph

Corcoran, Michael J.

Corcoran, Michael John

Cordell, Carl L.

Corder, Katherine B.

Corder, Reba C.

Cordes, Bertha

Cordes, Ethel M.

Corley, Blanche

Corley, David A.

Corley, Jacqueline E.

Corley, Shawn Marie

Corliss, Maud F.

Corn, Ira Jefferson

Corn, Leta Mary Tefft

Cornaglia, Ruth

Corneau, Jose

Corneau, Josie

Corneau, Seralda Josephine 'Josie' *4/2 p

Cornelison, Fred K.

Cornelius, Christopher J.

Cornell, Charles J.

Cornett, Anna Myrtle

Cornwall, Hildur L.

Corpening, Anna L.

Correthers, Stella

Corrigan, (Rev.) Donald J.

Corrigan, Rose Agnes

Corrigan, Thomas

Corriveau, Doris Jean

Corse, Benjamin

Corsiglia, Samuel Paul

Cortopassi, Nancy Nunzia

Cortopassi, Vasco

Corzine, Frances D.

Corzine, Roy

Cosby, James

Cosby, Wilma

Cosentino, Salvatore

Cosgrove, Andrew D.

Cosgrove, Helen C.

Cosmas, Lenna

Coss, Alfred T.

Cost, Michael H.

Costa, Caroline E.

Costa, Dorothy M.

Costa, Maria

Costello, Ann L.

Costello, Jane E.

Costello, Marie Leona

Costigan, Anna Olive

Costin, Jess Elsworth

Cota, Roy Livingston

Cote, Arthur

Cote, Genevieve

Cotham, Arthur Berry

Cotham, Mack J.

Cothran, Evelyn T.

Cotner, Junior Howard

Cottle, Edna B.

Cottner, Lela Mae

Cotton, Addie B.

Cotton, Charlie Floyd

Cotton, Joe Henry

Cotton, Joseph Alexander

Cotton, Mildred

Cottrill, Paul R.

Couch, Calvin

Couch, Carl L.

Couch, Charles Calvin

Couch, Doris L.

Couch, John Leonard

Couch, Leo Samuel

Couch, Lester

Couch, William Victor

Coughenour, Minnie V.

Coughlin, Edward J.

Coughlin, Helen C.

Coughlin, James J.

Coughlin, James J. Sr.

Coughlin, William J.

Coultas, Carrie Ella

Coulter, Norma P.

Council, Harry

Counts, Clell A.

Counts, Dencer Wenctle

Court, Emma L.

Court, Margaret

Courtaway, Fred

Courtial, Otto G.

Courtney, Joseph C.

Courtney, Leo

Courtois, Emmett L.

Courtright, Marilyn

Courtway, Nelson S.

Courtwright, Cora

Courtwright, Mary

Coutant, Edward C.

Coutant, Gus Williams

Cova, Rosa

Cover, William Leander

Covington, Esther

Covington, Jim Ernest

Cowan, Alberta

Cowan, Mamie

Cowart, Lydia L.

Cowdery, Mary Worseck

Cowee, (STLPD, ret.) Leo O.

Cowell, Gertrude E.

Cowie, Robert H.

Cowling, Florence M.

Cowsert, Idell

Cox, Alton

Cox, Andrew

Cox, Angela Frances

Cox, Barney

Cox, Ceaser L.

Cox, Eleanor B.

Cox, Eliza

Cox, Ella E.

Cox, Esther May

Cox, George L.

Cox, Ira F.

Cox, Jesse M.

Cox, Lela Frances

Cox, Mamie

Cox, Roy J.

Cox, Walter M.

Coxall, Lillian

Coy, Viola

Coyle, Mary

Coyne, Agnes K.

Coyne, John

Coyne, Thomas E.

Cozean, Earl E.

Crabbe, Verna Diamond

Crabel, Carlton James

Crable, Carl J. Sr.

Cracchiola, Rose M.

Cracchiolo, Margherita

Cracchiolo, Salvatore 'Sam' 5/19 p

Craddock, Edna M.

Crader, John Buster Sr.

Cradock, Hubert F.

Craft, Clarence John

Crafton, Alice

Craig, Estelle K.

Craig, Ethel Margaret

Craig, John R. Sr.

Craig, Minerva

Craig, Raymond Edward

Craig, Rose M.

Craig, William G.

Crain, William

Cramer, Evelyn

Cramer, George M. 'Mike' 12/7 p

Cramin, Rose

Crandell, Samuel Latta

Crane, Myrtle E.

Cranford, James Powell

Crank, Jean

Crank, Kenneth

Crannick, Wilhelmina I.

Crans, Walter G.

Crause, Estella M.

Crawford, Clarence

Crawford, Deward Lindell

Crawford, Emma

Crawford, James H.

Crawford, Lillian

Crawford, Margaret

Crawford, Perrie Lee

Crawford, Richard B. 'Ricky' 6/27 p

Crawford, Robert

Crawley, Katheryn

Crawshaw, John K.

Crawshaw, Laura E.

Craycraft, Katherine M.

Crayhorn, Mary Ellen

Creach, Ida

Creamer, Celeste H.

Crean, Mary Virginia

Creane, (Sister) James Stanislaus

Creason, Clara C.

Crecelius, Arthur F. 'Nick' 6/13 p

Crecelius, Lorena

Crecelius, Oliver W.

Crede, Augusta Ella

Creech, Emmett

Creech, George Thomas

Creecy, Gayle

Creed, Clara Belle

Creek, Florence

Creel, Louise Marjorie

Creely, Johanna Lucy

Creely, Louis Francis

Creely, Ray

Creen, John B.

Creene, Ella M.

Creger, Edna Marie

Creme, Nina

Cremeens, Lawrence Max

Cremer, Clara J.

Crenshaw, Fannie

Crenshaw, Robert Anthony

Crenshaw, Vinnie M.

Cresswell, Eugenia

Cresswell, Margaret

Creswell, Edward

Crets, Harry L.

Crewes, James B.

Crews, Charles

Crews, James B.

Crews, Lori Lynn

Crider, William A.

Crigger, Lottie Mae

Crimi, Carl

Crimmins, Catherine

Crimson, Mabel

Cringles, John Young

Cripe, Robert E.

Crisler, Mary C.

Criss, Van

Crites, Anna S.

Crites, Clara L.

Crites, Sarah Anna

Critten, Asberry

Crittenden, Hattie

Crittenden, Robert E. Lee

Croak, Rose M.

Crocker, Edward V.

Croff, Ned Arron

Croft, Emma Mae

Croft, Ruth Margaret

Croisette, Eugene John

Cromer, Selma Amelia

Croney, Floyd

Cronhardt, Maude C.

Cronin, Anna Marie

Cronin, Catherine

Cronin, Frank Joseph

Cronin, John Bernier

Cronk, Martha

Crooks, William

Crosby, (Tallye) Tallie

Crosby, Hattie B.

Crosby, Mary Elizabeth

Crosier, Cheryl A.

Cross, (Helen) Estelle

Cross, Annie Bell

Cross, John

Cross, Joseph F.

Cross, Laura

Cross, Michael J.

Crossman, Cora A.

Crossman, Pearl T.

Crosswhite, Ezra

Crostic, Richard Glen

Crouch, Bertha

Crouch, Carl L.

Crouch, Charles E.

Crouch, Jack

Crouch, Robert A.

Crouch, William M.

Crouther, Charles F. Jr.

Crow, Mary Alice

Crow, Robert Walter

Crowder, Anna M.

Crowder, Clara A.

Crowder, Martha

Crowder, Noah

Crowdis, Olga

Crowe, Anna M.

Crowe, Florence M.

Crowe, Joseph M.

Crowe, Lucy

Crowe, Myrtle

Crowe, Richard E.

Crowe, Richard Gorman

Crowell, Ben

Crowell, William Wayne

Crowley, John J. 'Pete' 8/16 p

Crudup, John T.

Cruise, Anna

Crump, Carrie

Crump, Catherine Gertrude

Crump, Eura Clark

Crump, Herbert

Crump, Leslie D.

Cruncleton, Anna Melissa

Cruncleton, Harry E.

Crusius, Anna

Crusius, Lina Mae

Crutcher, Harold E.

Crutcher, William A.

Crutchfield, Tommie

Cruz, Thomas Bernard

Csernak, Irene

Cucchi, Camilla

Cuccia, Frank

Cuddy, Harold Joseph

Cuguzzi, Joseph

Cuidon, E

Culbertson, Olive O.

Culbertson, Roy

Culbreth, Fern H.

Culkin, Lawrence

Cull, Andrew Paul

Cull, Louis A.

Cullen, Catherine Ann

Cullinan, John P.

Culp, William H.

Culp, Woodrow W. 'Mutz' 2/20 p

Culpepper, Margaret

Culver, Amanda

Culver, Joan C.

Culver, Joan Marie

Culver, Una M.

Culwell, Blanche D.

Cummings, Eleanor Frances

Cummings, Enola

Cummings, John L. Sr.

Cummings, Leonard G.

Cummings, Steve E.

Cummings, Velma

Cummins, Eleanor F.

Cummins, Elma C.

Cummins, Robert Allen

Cummins, Theresa

Cundiff, Glenn

Cune, Adele

Cunningham, Alberta E.

Cunningham, Ana

Cunningham, Bud

Cunningham, Coy

Cunningham, Jeanette

Cunningham, Lovye

Cunningham, Mary C.

Cunningham, Robert E. Sr.

Cunningham, Thomas

Cunningham, Zepa S.

Curb, Jennie

Curd, Craig

Curlee, Elise

Curlee, Estella

Curley, Daniel M.

Curley, John P.

Curphey, Flora R.

Curran, Edna

Curran, Ellen N.

Curran, Elmer J.

Curran, Francis O.

Curran, Mary

Curran, William J.

Currat, Delmar H.

Curren, Jessie G.

Currie, Joe Curley

Curry, Bessie

Curry, Edward Martin

Curry, Mable

Curry, Muriel

Curtice, Rose Lela

Curtin, Helen T.

Curtis, Beatrice

Curtis, Emma

Curtis, Gladys

Curtis, Silas Jr.

Curtis, Wilbert

Curtright, Delbert L.

Cushing, Fanny

Cushman, Homer

Custodio, (Dr.) Isidro

Cusumano, Mary

Cutright, Charles

Cutter, Beckie

Cytron, Dora S.

Cyznski, Ann

Czarlinsky, Ida Mary

Czarnopys, Joseph V. Sr.

Czerney, Mary

Czezenska, Edward G.