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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabibbo, Lydia A.

Cable, Roy

Cable, William A.

Cade, William

Cadenbach, Charles M.

Cadney, Magnolia

Cady, Calvin

Cady, Claude Elbert

Cady, George Calvin

Cady, James J.

Caemmerer, Magdalena

Caesar, Emma A.

Caffey, Hardy

Caffey, Laccie Lee

Caffrey, Mary Catherine

Caggiano, Margaret

Cagle, Mark

Cahdeayne, Josephine J.

Cahill, Addie

Cahill, Catherine

Cahill, Francis Richard 'Bud' 2/5 p

Cahill, Frank J.

Cahill, Irene

Cahill, Lillie Cornet

Cahill, Louis B. 'Bill' 11/21 p

Cahn, Helen S.

Cain, Alice J. Miltenberger

Cain, Anna

Cain, Emma M.

Cain, Ernestine

Cain, Hallie G.

Cain, Lena Mae

Cain, Louise

Cain, Thomas W. Jr.

Cairns, Jessie E.

Cairns, Mamie

Caito, Mary J.

Calame, Ernest L.

Calamia, Charles C.

Calandro, Angeline

Caldwell, Calvin C.

Caldwell, Pinkie

Caldwell, Russell S.

Calfee, Margaret

Calhoun, (former Judge) John W.

Calhoun, Anna

Calhoun, Leslie David

Calhoun, Myron F.

Calhoun, Rosie Lee

Caliendo, Ralph

Calkins, Elizabeth Barkley

Call, Marvin Floyd

Callahan, Anna

Callahan, Eleanor

Callahan, Henry J.

Callahan, John J.

Callahan, Lawrence Anthony

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, Sylvester D.

Callander, Mattie

Callaway, Alex

Callaway, Theodore

Callice, Gregorio 'Leo' 10/25 p

Callicotte, Marie L. 'Mary Lou' (nee Stanowski)

Callies, Bertha

Calloway, Olive Lorene

Calssen, Frances

Calvert, Cornelia D.

Calvert, Kate W.

Calvert, Susie

Calvert, Viola

Calvin, Ann M.

Calvin, George A.

Calvin, Thomas Clyde

Calvin, Tom

Cambron, Nellie

Cameron, Charles P.

Cameron, Eloise

Cameron, Gladys A.

Cameron, Harry L.

Cameron, Lillie C.

Cammann, Frederick A.

Cammarata, Mary

Camp, Ella M.

Campbell, (Prof.) Forrest Turnbull

Campbell, Alfred

Campbell, Barbara

Campbell, Bryan C.

Campbell, Charles J.

Campbell, Clarence Jr. 'Boy' 6/24 p

Campbell, Douglas Lee

Campbell, Eva

Campbell, Evelyn

Campbell, Gordon A.

Campbell, James

Campbell, James Cephas

Campbell, Jessie G.

Campbell, Jim

Campbell, Joe

Campbell, John

Campbell, John Lee

Campbell, Josephine A.

Campbell, Keith Lamont

Campbell, Mamie

Campbell, Marguerite Virginia

Campbell, Marie Dillon

Campbell, Mary A.

Campbell, Mattie

Campbell, Merle E.

Campbell, Rosetta

Campbell, Russell D.

Campbell, Sarah Frances

Campbell, Sue

Campbell, William Wesley 'Wes' 1/12 p

Campe, Elmer

Campen, Augusta

Canada, Albert

Canada, Margaret H.

Canis, Harry

Canning, (Rev.) James P.

Cannon, (Rep.) Clarence

Cannon, Anna L.

Cannon, Carrie V.

Cannon, Elaine Stella

Cannon, Josephine

Cannon, Justine L.

Cannon, Louis C.

Cannon, Lucille

Cannon, Margaret

Cannon, Millie Mc Daniel

Cannon, Rubin O.

Cannon, Ruth C.

Caola, Louise P.

Caola, Silvio

Capasso, Antoinetta

Capehart, Mary

Capes, Ben

Capitano, Ignazio 'Jim' 8/20 p

Caplan, Doris G.

Cappel, Anna Josephine

Cappello, Anna

Caputa, Antonino

Carafiol, Alexander

Carberry, Elizabeth G.

Card, Edward F.

Cardwell, Elmer James

Carey, Anna Goe

Carey, Delores Jean

Carey, John T.

Carey, Joseph L.

Carey, Lillie

Carey, Lucia M.

Carey, Mary

Carey, Mary

Carey, Oscar Francis

Carey, Teresa

Carey, William J.

Carito, Mary

Carl, Bertha C.

Carl, Louis

Carlemy, William

Carlies, Willie

Carlson, Irene B. Mc Maines

Carlson, Robert V.

Carlton, Verna V.

Carmelo, Vincente

Carmikle, James

Carmody, Wilma

Carnaghi, Celeste

Carnahan, Newit M.

Carneal, Linda

Carnes, Jesse V. 'J.V.' 11/25 p

Carney, Robert J.

Carney, Rose Mary 'Dean' 4/16 p

Carnine, Ida Mae

Caron, Constance Mary

Carpenter, Agnes M.

Carpenter, Craig

Carpenter, Frank Leland

Carpenter, Jennie May

Carpenter, Joseph C.

Carpenter, Robert

Carpenter, Shelby

Carpentier, (Ill. Sec. Of State) Charles F.

Carpentier, J. Roy

Carper, Beatrice

Carper, Bee

Carper, George Andrew

Carr, (Sister) M. Vincent De Paul

Carr, Charles Yeatman

Carr, Elizabeth

Carr, Irene J.

Carr, Patrick

Carr, Paul T.

Carrauthers, John

Carraway, Segonia

Carrico, Lynwood

Carrico, Russell Ferdinand

Carrico, Virginia L.

Carrig, Florence M.

Carrillion, Frank Nicholas

Carroll, Ada C.

Carroll, Addie Mae

Carroll, Bertha Mae

Carroll, Charles

Carroll, Clara

Carroll, Daniel J.

Carroll, Edward Joseph

Carroll, Gladys

Carroll, Lee T.

Carroll, Mack Jr.

Carroll, May Lacey Frozine

Carron, Mary T.

Carrow, Marcella

Carrow, William F.

Carsib, Halvey R.

Carson, Elizabeth C.

Carson, Glenn

Carson, Halvey R.

Carson, Ida Mae

Carson, Mabel

Carson, Mattie

Carson, Sidney

Carstens, Laura Lee

Carstens, Lester L.

Carter, (Sister) Magdalen

Carter, Carolyn N.

Carter, Clarence

Carter, Clifford T.

Carter, Doloris Ann

Carter, Elwyn R.

Carter, Henry C.

Carter, James Hinman

Carter, John H. Sr.

Carter, Laura Elizabeth

Carter, Lena

Carter, Lenola

Carter, Martha

Carter, Stella

Carter, Susan K.

Carter, Voncile

Carter, William A.

Carter, Willie 'Will' *4/26 p

Caruthers, Anna T.

Caruthers, Annie B.

Caruthers, Maggie

Caruthers, Simon

Carver, Emma Hilda

Carver, Otha Harold

Casagrande, Martin J.

Case, Clifton F.

Case, Gerald Lee

Case, Lewis Bishop Sr.

Case, Maggie Elvira

Case, Maude

Casey, (Sister) Mary Dorothy

Casey, Catherine

Casey, Kenneth Lee

Casey, Louise

Casey, Rebecca

Casey, William F.

Cash, Eldonia

Cash, George W.

Cash, William A.

Casion, Theresa

Casiraghi, Armida

Caskanett, Louis

Caspar, Grover R.

Caspar, William M.

Casper, Adams Wesly

Casper, Anna

Cass, Martha

Cassani, Frances

Cassani, Louis J. 'Skinny' 9/27 p

Cassani, Rose C.

Cassell, Stella

Casserly, Annie

Cassidy, Emma J.

Cassidy, John Charles

Cassidy, Josie

Cassserly, Annie J.

Cassulo, Theresa

Casteel, Mable P.

Castelli, Bart Sandy

Castelli, Gaetana

Castelli, Gina

Castelli, Guiseppine

Castelli, Josephine

Castelli, Saverio

Castello, Blanche

Castello, Helen K.

Casterling, Bernice M.

Castile, Dorothy M.

Castillon, Charlotte

Castleman, Kathleen L.

Castleman, Leona

Caswell, Murney E.

Catalano, Anna

Catalano, Frank Brass

Catanzaro, George Cosimo

Catanzaro, Mary J.

Catanzaro, Peter G.

Catanzaro, Tony 'Morgan' 1/4 p

Cate, Catherine C.

Cate, Clarence Lester

Cates, Edith

Cates, Emma Louisa

Cates, Julia I

Cathcart, Virginia E.

Cathey, Ruby Mae

Catlin, Daniel K.

Catlin, Theodore B. Jr.

Catlow, Florence E.

Caudle, Anna W.

Caulfield, Joseph W.

Causey, Clavin E.

Cavanagh, Anna Gibson

Cavanagh, William

Cavanaugh, Carolyn

Cavanaugh, Edwin

Cavanaugh, Sylvester

Cavanaugh, Thomas H.

Cave, Earl A.

Cavett, Carrie

Cavins, Mary

Ceasar, Mable

Cebuhar, Barbara

Cecil, Catherine C.

Cella, Rose A.

Cella, Vernon L.

Cento, John

Cento, Marie M.

Cento, Santa

Cepicky, Mary Catherine 'Peggy' (nee Papez)

Ceries, Richard E. 'Dick' 8/11 p

Ceriotti, Caterina A.

Ceriotti, Natalina

Cerny, Edna

Certa, Leonarda

Cervantes, Antonio

Chadbourne, Emily Crane

Chadbourne, Emily Rockwell

Chadeayne, Josephine J.

Chadwick, Etta

Chadwick, Joseph F.

Chaffin, Larry

Chalker, Aline Risque

Chally, Elenor C.

Chamberlin, Jennie M.

Chambers, Charles Walter

Chambers, Ella

Chambers, J. P.

Chambers, Maggie

Chambers, Manuel

Chambers, William T.

Chamblin, George Wilbur

Chamblin, Joyce Ann

Chancellor, Mamie

Chancey, Louise Maria Mathilda

Chandler, Alma Mabel

Chandler, Annie

Chandler, Geneva

Chandler, Newton J.

Chandler, Roy B.

Chandler, Willie

Chaney, Clay D.

Chaney, Ida May

Chaney, Marilyn N.

Chaney, Will

Chapel, Sarah Gertrude

Chapin, Katherine E.

Chapis, Ann

Chaplin, Albert C.

Chaplin, Steven

Chapman, Ellsworth T.

Chapman, Goldie

Chapman, John Milton

Chapman, Larry

Chapman, Maud M.

Chapman, Peter John

Chapman, Willie

Chapman-Cameron, Lillie C.

Chappell, Ethel

Chappell, Forest J.

Chappius, Leslie Joseph

Chappius, Thomas William

Chapple, Leroy

Chardin, Louise

Chariton, Nellie Jane

Charle, Mary Hazel

Charleville, Rose

Charlton, Bessie A.

Chartrand, George N.

Chase, Carolyn

Chatillion, Aletha

Chatman, Charley R.

Chaudron, Charles J.

Chavers, Camilia

Chavis, Arlevia

Cheatham, Catharine

Cheatham, Daisy

Cheatham, Lawyer

Cheatham, Roy

Cheatham, Wilton

Cheek, Melvin William

Chenery, James Stephen

Chernaskey, Daniel J. Sr. 'Danylo' 8/22 p

Cherry, Judy Ann Fosher

Chervitz, Bluma

Cheseldine, Dorothy Canfield

Chesley, Leland L.

Chesney, Gertrude E.

Chesney, Rose M.

Chester, George

Chestnut, Martha M.

Chestnutt, Jerry H. Jr.

Chew, Nellie E.

Chewning, Charlottie Ann

Chiarenza, Stella

Chick, Mary Juanita

Chickadaunce, James Emmett

Chier, Robert Emmett 'Bob' 11/16 p

Chilcutt, George Alexander

Childers, Thomas Patrick

Childress, John Francis 'Frank' 1/17 p

Childs, Alex

Childs, Amy

Childs, Anna Ethel

Childs, Cluster

Chiles, Gertrude S.

Chimento, Joseph Charles

Chisholm, Myrtle

Chiste, Vitale B.

Chitwood, Cecil A.

Choat, Charles E.

Choat, Essie

Choate, Carl J.

Choate, Edna F. 'Mickie' 10/18 p

Choate, Frank

Chojnacki, Frances

Chorzel, John

Chorzelewski, John F.

Chostner, John H.

Chott, Emma

Chott, Emma M.

Chott, Henry J.

Chott, Josephine

Chott, Mary C.

Chott, Neoma

Chott, Peter L.

Chouquette, Catherine S.

Chrismer, Edward Carl

Chrismer, Minnie

Christ, Amanda

Christ, Fred

Christian, Lena R.

Christian, Mable

Christianer, Eva A.

Christie, Byron F.

Christie, Richard Lawrence

Christine, Earl Wesley

Christman, Bertha F.

Christman, Mathilda M.

Christopher, Charley Edward

Christopher, Grace B.

Christopher, Paul T.

Christopher, Wilbut Irving

Christrup, Albert W.

Christy, Floyd K.

Christy, Louise Dorothea

Chromoga, Andrew Jr.

Chrzanowski, Helen H.

Chum, Mary

Church, Cecil Elmer

Church, Leola M.

Church, Margaret L.

Cibulka, Vera N.

Cicerich, Josephine

Cichelero, Maria

Cichon, Joseph

Cicskelero, Maria

Cihak, Harvey J.

Ciluffo, Theresa

Cindrick, Emma A.

Cinelli, Antoinette

Cira, Mary L.

Cissell, (Dr.) Robert J.

Cissell, Bertram Francis

Cissell, Thomas A.

Cizek, Mamie

Clabaugh, Katheryn E.

Clabby, Mary A.

Clady, Mattie

Claggett, Zora M.

Clapp, Marjorie Morfit

Claridge, (Rev.) Sylvester Leroy 'Roy' 5/12 p

Claridge, Clyde Julius Jr.

Clark, (Dr.) James Frederic Wright

Clark, Addie A.

Clark, Agnes Belle

Clark, Albert Cullen

Clark, Anna G.

Clark, Carroll William

Clark, Cecil C.

Clark, Clara

Clark, Clarence Jr.

Clark, Delorts L.

Clark, Donna

Clark, Dorothy

Clark, Edward J.

Clark, Edward Lynn

Clark, Elizabeth

Clark, Frances C.

Clark, Geneva

Clark, Harvery Lee

Clark, Harvey J.

Clark, Isabelle

Clark, John

Clark, Joseph

Clark, Katherine

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mary E.

Clark, Mildred

Clark, Myrtle E.

Clark, Ninette

Clark, Oscar M.

Clark, Otis

Clark, Owen

Clark, Phillip

Clark, Randle

Clark, Raymond A.

Clark, Richard

Clark, Robert L.

Clark, Robilee H.

Clark, Rose Isabell

Clark, Ruth I.

Clark, Samuel

Clark, Sarafield W.

Clark, Stella

Clark, Stella E.

Clark, Will

Clark, William C.

Clark, Willie H.

Clarke, Buford Rowland Sr.

Clarke, Flavia

Clarke, Joseph W.

Clarkson, Hope Elvin

Clasquin, Andrew L.

Class, Sarah

Classen, Frances

Classen, Otto

Classen, Wilhelmina C.

Clauder, Mary E.

Clausen, Della

Clausen, Elsie Lee

Clausen, Katherine J.

Clausner, Mary V.

Clavenna, Frank

Clavenna, Julia

Clay, Blanche

Clay, Effie

Clay, Ferdinand

Clay, James

Clay, Lois

Clay, Mamie Mary

Clay, Nathaniel

Clay, Rudolph Sr.

Clayton, (Dr.) Samuel Dillon

Clayton, (Rev.) T. Boyd

Clayton, Bessie

Clayton, Caroline 'Carrie' (nee Ott)

Clayton, George L.

Clayton, Mattie

Clayton, Pearlie

Clayton, Russel

Claytor, Fred C.

Claytor, Oscar R.

Claywell, Laura Lee

Cleary, Francis A. 'Frank' 1/24 p

Cleary, John J. Sr.

Cleaves, Nadgie

Cleaves, Oscar

Cleer, Joseph Wm.

Clegg, Mary Josephine

Clemens, Effie Thornton

Clemens, Hilda

Clemensen, Frank Marvin

Clement, Benjamin Irving

Clement, Bessie

Clements, Joseph Emery 'Bud' 9/19 p

Clemons, Essie

Clemons, Robert

Cleneay, Rucker

Clerc, Pierre L.

Clermont, Clara

Cleveland, Bonnie Belle

Cleveland, Eunice Eli

Cleveland, Mack

Clevenger, Cloyd P.

Clevenger, Mary R.

Click, Sophronia

Clickener, Hazel Marie

Clifford, Edith

Clifford, Helen Gier

Clifford, Josephine A.

Clift, Verna

Clifton, Carrie

Clifton, Clara

Cline, Dena

Cline, Glenn W.

Cline, Ima F.

Cline, Richard G.

Clinton, Dewitt

Clipner, Mable

Clippard, Jessie Margaret

Cloch, Rose

Clodius, Fred

Clohessy, Ruth

Close, Tad Raymond

Clucas, Harry Fair

Clucas, Thomas G.

Clusker, John Peter

Cluss, Chistina

Clyburn, Toney Roscoe

Clyde, Margaret E.

Coates, John Thomas

Coates, Sam

Cobb, Euby L.

Cobb, Frieda A.

Cobb, Gertie Lee

Cobb, Guy W.

Cobb, Henry Heilman

Cobb, Maggie W.

Cobden, Goldie

Cobillas, Bernard M.

Coble, Elizabeth M.

Cobler, Elizabeth

Coburn, John

Cochran, Cordon D.

Cochrane, Edith I.

Cocker, Ida H.

Cockrell, Eva

Cockrell, Waldo

Cody, Ann V.

Cody, Mary B.

Cody, Verme Ann

Coen, Essie Mae

Coffelt, Velvia Isic

Coffey, Arline E.

Coffman, Beatrice Lee

Coffman, James M.

Coffman, Lois Caroline

Coffman, Lucille A.

Coffman, Samuel H.

Cogan, Verna V.

Cognata, Mary

Cohen, Abe

Cohen, Clara

Cohen, Lena

Cohen, Paul

Cohen, Rachel

Cohen, Rebecca

Cohen, Robert

Cohen, Rose

Cohen, Rose

Cohen, Sadie

Cohen, Sarah

Cohn, Eva

Cohn, Michael

Cohron, James Edgar

Cointin, Anna E.

Coker, Iona

Colbert, Daniel Ray

Colbert, Lelia

Colbert, Tommy Joe

Colbert, William Leonard

Colburn, Lucy A.

Colcun, Julia

Coldrick, Marie G.

Cole, Clarence R.

Cole, Clyde C. Jr. 'Bill' 11/27 p

Cole, Earlene

Cole, Edward M.

Cole, Helen R.

Cole, Herbert Floyd

Cole, John C.

Cole, John E.

Cole, John 'Ed' 6/29 p

Cole, John G.

Cole, John Henry

Cole, John W.

Cole, Leona M.

Cole, Levy

Cole, Margaret Ann

Cole, Robert L.

Cole, Rudy

Cole, Samuel M.

Coleman, Bernard M.

Coleman, Bridget Gennie

Coleman, Clyde Calvin

Coleman, Emily J.

Coleman, Flora

Coleman, Francis

Coleman, Frank L.

Coleman, Hadley Samuel

Coleman, Harley

Coleman, Ignatius J.

Coleman, Isaac C.

Coleman, J. C.

Coleman, Joseph Wallace

Coleman, Lila

Coleman, Mae

Coleman, Margaret

Coleman, Mariah

Coleman, Mosco L.

Coleman, Thomas J.

Coleman, Vernon H.

Colesanti, Isaia I.

Coley, Alfred

Colgrave, Margaret Ruth

Colin, John Harvey A.

Collett, Mary Hoolan

Colletti, Joseph Albert

Collias, Catherine

Collier, Harriet Georgina

Collier, Kenneth D.

Collier, Vivian Dion

Collins, (Sister) Mary Claren

Collins, Anna Marie

Collins, Brydie C.

Collins, Charles

Collins, Doris Lee

Collins, Earl H.

Collins, Edgar W.

Collins, Edna

Collins, Edward

Collins, Esther Anna

Collins, Eunice R.

Collins, Hilda L.

Collins, Janie

Collins, Jennie Virginia

Collins, John Dale

Collins, Judy

Collins, Julia Regina

Collins, Margaret M.

Collins, Marie

Collins, Marie A.

Collins, Mary Agnes

Collins, Olean S.

Collins, Paul Patrick

Collins, Richard Lee

Collins, Timothy Edwin

Collins, Willie Mae

Colmer, Harold C.

Colombo, Charles A.

Colombo, Dellia

Colombo, Louis

Colonius, (SSgt) Lee R.

Colt, Jerome F.

Colter, Lissie

Colter, Thomas E. 'Tootsie' 6/13 p

Columbini, Caroline

Colvin, Frances A.

Colvin, John Allan

Colvin, Lauretta Viola

Colvin, Odie May

Colwell, John C. Jr.

Combs, Emma

Combs, Henry L.

Combs, Royce B.

Comer, Mary Ann

Comer, Mary Martha

Comfere, John Carl

Comfort, Ellen

Compton, Lavon H.

Conahan, Charles A.

Conant, Eleanore G.

Condie, Churchill C.

Condiff, Charles W.

Cone, Pearl E.

Congo, Irene

Conklin, Calvin T.

Conklin, Maude E.

Conley, Essie

Conley, Mary A.

Conneely, Patrick H.

Connell, Ella

Connell, James J.

Connell, William

Connelley, Arch A.

Connelly, Florence Augustine

Connelly, Mayme

Connelly, Michael Francis

Connely, Bernice M.

Conner, (Dr.) Earl M.

Conner, Ella

Conner, Lydia A.

Conner, Oris E. Sr.

Conner, Robert H. Sr.

Conner, Robert L.

Conner, William D. Sr.

Conners, Margaret L.

Connor, Burton F.

Connor, Helen Catherine

Connor, Helen Griffith

Connor, Oree M.

Connors, Margaret T.

Connors, Olive

Conrad, Anna

Conrad, George C.

Conrad, Ida

Conrad, Mollie

Conrad, William P.

Conroy, Julia M.

Conroy, Sarah Margaret 'Sadie' (nee Melvin)

Consedine, Joseph E.

Consley, Minnette

Constantin-Vangel, Stephanie

Contini, Paul A.

Converse, Frank Earl

Conway, Anna May

Conway, Deborah A.

Conway, Deborah A.

Conway, Grover Cleveland

Conway, Harry A.

Conway, Jack T.

Conway, John J.

Conway, Katherine E.

Conway, Leo J.

Conway, Louis W.

Conway, Teresa C.

Conyers, George

Conzet, Rufus W.

Coogan, Jeannette Williams

Cook, (Dr.) Jerome E.

Cook, Alice Margurette

Cook, Anna

Cook, Anna Mary

Cook, Bessie P.

Cook, Catherine

Cook, Clara H.

Cook, Eugene F.

Cook, Lurley

Cook, Mae G.

Cook, Mildred Grace

Cook, Minerva

Cook, Minnie E.

Cook, Miriam W.

Cook, Mollie

Cook, Nellie Mary

Cook, Robert H.

Cook, Rozzela H.

Cook, Stella

Cook, Virginia

Cooke, R. R.

Cookson, Albert

Cooley, Dalton H.

Coon, Cloe J.

Coon, Daniel David

Cooney, Terrence R.

Cooper, Birdie E.

Cooper, Evelyn Jean

Cooper, Florence T.

Cooper, Fred

Cooper, Fred S.

Cooper, George H.

Cooper, Gertrude K. Grace

Cooper, Jessie

Cooper, John Gray

Cooper, Lillie E.

Cooper, Lloyd Edward

Cooper, Lonnie J.

Cooper, Lou I.

Cooper, Mabel

Cooper, Madelyn Simpson

Cooper, Maggie

Cooper, Margaret

Cooper, Mary Jessica

Cooper, Maydella

Cooper, Minnie

Cooper, Morrie

Cooper, Nell D.

Cooper, Pinkie

Cooper, Samuel E.

Cooper, Stewart E.

Cooperman, Elizabeth

Copeland, Arena

Copeland, Billie Palmer

Copeland, Gracie Pearl

Copeland, Judi Beth

Copeland, Lillian

Copland, Marie Noack

Copley, Daisy Adeline

Copp, Frank W.

Coppage, Michael J. 'Joe' 4/23 p

Coppolino, Annunziara D.

Corbett, Eleanor

Corbett, James D.

Corbett, William B.

Corbin, Louise Kissner

Corcoran, Eileen

Corcoran, Gerald J.

Corcoran, Margaret A.

Cordes, Harry B.

Cordes, Mercedes

Cordia, Mary Louise

Cording, Edward

Coreman, Emile

Corey, Edward

Corey, Lacey S.

Corglat, Pearl Ione

Corless, (Cpl., USMC) David H.

Corless, Maude

Corley, Laura E.

Corley, Mary D.

Corley, Shirley Jean

Corley, Tirzah

Corneli, Anna

Cornelius, Lorren E.

Cornelius, Rose

Cornell, Harold W.

Cornell, Lori Ann

Cornell, Mary Catherine

Corney, Jessie

Cornitius, Horace

Cornoyer-Prives, Dorothy 'Dora' (nee Soetebler)

Cornwell, Henrietta Jackes

Cornwell, John W.

Corp, Ella

Corporon, John R.

Corrigan, John F.

Corrigan, Marie

Corso, Carlotta

Corso, John

Corso, Margherita

Cortner, Theodora

Cortopassi, Rose

Cory, Elizabeth A.

Corzine, Myrtle

Cosby, Catherine C.

Cosby, Columbus

Cosby, Helen Fruehe

Cosgrove, Joseph M.

Costanzo, Anthony

Costanzo, Tony 'Kiddo' 1/19 p

Costello, (Rt. Rev. Msgr.) Michael

Costello, Agnes

Costello, Cecile C.

Costello, Cyril J. Sr.

Costello, Mary Anna

Costello, Mayme E.

Costello, Nellie Agnes

Costello, Vincent A.

Costes, John Thomas

Cotesanti, James Isaia

Cotham, Mearitt O. Jr.

Cothern, Sherman E.

Cotlar, Blanche

Cottle, Richard Lloyd

Cottons, Samuel Lee

Couch, Humbert C.

Couch, Rita Theresa

Couch, Walter R.

Coughlin, Charles Bernard

Coughlin, Emily H.

Cougot, Mary

Council, Eliza Ann

Council, Joseph P.

Counts, Ernie

Counts, Goldie R.

Courtaway, Theodore J.

Courtney, (Dr.) Paul E., D.O.

Courtney, Corrine C.

Courtois, Julian A.

Courtois, Lucy

Courtois, Mary Ann

Courtway, Lucy N.

Courvoisier, Emma

Cousley, Ella Johnson

Coussens, Mary Royster

Covell, Elizabeth

Coverson, Lucille Carey

Covert, Hazel May

Covert, Marlette C. 'M. C.' 'Tus' (photo)

Covington, Eddie Mae

Covitz, Harold

Cowan, Mary Lou

Cowans, Elmer L.

Coward, Willis

Cowee, Lucy N.

Cowell, Anna

Cowell, Ella

Cowen, L. Bradley

Cowles, Helen Louise

Cox, Adelaide M.

Cox, Carl E.

Cox, Celia Ann

Cox, Daniel J.

Cox, Della J.

Cox, Flora Una

Cox, George P. Sr.

Cox, Georgia W.

Cox, Gilbert F.

Cox, Goldie A.

Cox, Hastings Patrick 'Red' 3/8 p

Cox, Ida Mae

Cox, John W. Sr.

Cox, Kenneth H.

Cox, Lee H.

Cox, Margaret

Cox, Maridella

Cox, Mary Helen

Cox, Mary L.

Cox, Theodore

Cox, Velmer I.

Cox, William

Coxen, Mary

Coyle, Roy T.

Coyne, Catherine E.

Coyne, Julia

Coyne, Thomas J. 'Freddy' 2/24 p

Cracchiolo, Louise

Craddock, Livy

Craddock, William Ezra

Craft, Ralph B.

Craig, Ida Mae

Craig, Letty

Craig, Mary Jane

Craig, Minnie

Craig, Walter N.

Crain, Jeff Hughie

Crain, Nancy

Cramin, Jake

Crancer, Arthur A. Sr.

Crandell, Albert Dixon

Crane, Delia Agnes

Crane, Emily

Crane, Ruth

Cranmer, Bert

Crary, Henrietta

Craven, Mary Thomas 'Tommy' (nee La Nier)

Crawford, Carrie M.

Crawford, Denver Albert

Crawford, Ella M.

Crawford, George

Crawford, Giles Gilbert

Crawford, James J.

Crawford, Lillie

Crawford, Mary

Crawford, Willard Lester

Crawford, William Ramon

Crawley, Rachel

Crawshaw, Della May

Creamer, Lea

Creamer, William J. Jr.

Creane, (Sister) M. Stanislaus

Creason, George Edward

Creasy, Nannie

Crecelius, Felix

Crecelius, Laurence George

Creech, William Haydon

Creed, Irene C.

Creek, William Jackson

Creelman, James A.

Creely, John B.

Creely, Mayme

Crehore, Harriet L.

Cremer, Rebecca

Crenshaw, Clyde R.

Cressey, Maria I.

Cresswell, Wesley Doran

Creswick, Esther N.

Crets, Clara

Crets, Mary Clara

Crews, Catherine

Crews, Grace

Crews, Kathleen Rebecca

Crews, Leona

Crews, Stella

Cribbin, Emily

Crickman, Noreen A.

Crider, Charles Vanis

Crider, Edna Martin

Crigler, Effie Viola

Crim, William Clinton

Crimes, Lizzie 'Elizabeth' *7/31 p

Crimson, Hazel M.

Criner, (Rev.) Benesbia

Crinnion, Margaret

Crippen, Lessie D.

Crisel, Geneva

Criss, Lonell

Criss, Ralph Leo

Criswell, James W.

Critchfield, Celia

Critchfield, Edward A.

Crites, Edward D.

Critten, Michelle

Croak, Mary E.

Croce, Mathilda

Croci, Carolina

Crocker, Lee E.

Croft, George H. Sr.

Croft, Mae

Croft, Sylvan P.

Croghan, Alma Wright

Cromer, Gertrude

Crommie, Mary L.

Crone, Brilla

Cronheim, Rose

Cronin, Eleanor M.

Cronin, John F.

Cronwall, William A.

Crook, Annie

Crosby, James P.

Crosby, Thomas J.

Crosby, Will

Cross, (Mrs. Samuel E.)

Cross, Bertha M.

Cross, Elmer C.

Cross, Kenneth Almont

Cross, Lillian C.

Cross, Lyle E.

Cross, Mary M.

Crouch, Mable

Crouch, Maurine Opal

Crouchell, Julia A.

Crow, Fred

Crow, Margaret Clare

Crow, Robert Philip

Crow, Sally L.

Crow, Timothy Michael

Crowder, Agnes

Crowder, Arthur F.

Crowder, Beatrice

Crowder, Lillie C.

Crowder, Patrick W.

Crowder, Robert

Crowe, (Sister) Teresa Martin

Crowe, Anna

Crowe, Caroline A.

Crowe, Frances Elizabeth

Crowe, Harry C.

Crowell, Dorothy

Crowley, Annie

Crowley, Jessie

Crowley, Lillian O.

Croy, Samuel G.

Crumble, Josephine

Crume, John W.

Crumley, Mark Anthony

Crump, Calvin E.

Crump, Dan

Crump, James

Crumpton, Harvey

Crun, Martha

Cruouse, Blanche

Crusoe, Georgia

Crutcher, Mary

Crutchfield, Willis Alvin

Crutsinger, Florence H.

Crwoder, Patrick W.

Cucchi, Dellia

Cucco, Emma

Cuchetti, Josephine

Culbertson, Cornelia May

Culig, Ivan C.

Culis, Cecil Faye

Cull, Florence Mae

Cullen, Catherine A.

Cullen, Genevieve

Cullen, John William

Cullen, Marguerite V.

Cullen, Mary C.

Cullen, Mildred Afton

Cullinane, Hazel Adams

Culliton, Ann L.

Culp, Roy Allen

Culpepper, Edgar

Culver, Florence Estelle

Cummings, Clara

Cummings, Claudie

Cummings, Estella M.

Cummings, Georgia

Cummings, Jimmie Lee

Cummings, Mary Agnes

Cummings, Peter

Cummings, Rose

Cummins, Charles David

Cummins, Claudius S.

Cummins, Florence

Cummins, Francis Taylor

Cummins, Hazel M.

Cummins, Mabel C.

Cummins, Robert P.

Cummiskey, Georgia

Cummiskey, William Leo

Cuneo, Anthony A.

Cunetto, Giuseppe 'Joseph' 9/8 p

Cunio, Janie

Cunio, Leslie Emmet

Cunniff, Delia

Cunniff, Walter J.

Cunningham, B. W.

Cunningham, Catherine A.

Cunningham, Charles M.

Cunningham, Cletus L.

Cunningham, Corin

Cunningham, Cornelia

Cunningham, Donald W.

Cunningham, Ernest

Cunningham, Ernest C.

Cunningham, Flossie E.

Cunningham, Georgia A.

Cunningham, Herman Del

Cunningham, Hilda

Cunningham, Ivy

Cunningham, James Henry Jr.

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Maude Nellie

Cunningham, Minnie

Cunningham, Rose Marie

Cunningham, Ruth

Cunningham, Sarah Hagen

Cunningham, William Randall

Cuppy, Michael Gerald

Curran, Elizabeth

Curran, Gertrude H.

Curran, Josephine

Curran, Marion Tennet

Curran, Mary

Currie, Helen

Curry, Daniel R.

Curry, Frank

Curry, Paul A.

Curry, Tommy Dale

Curtain, Thomas F.

Curtin, Hannah

Curtin, Margaret V.

Curtin, Mary B.

Curtin, Milton Scott

Curtin, Thomas F.

Curtis, Agnes L.

Curtis, Florence Louise

Curtis, Isabel Wallace

Curtis, La Volda Beatrice

Curtis, Lula

Curtis, Maria Berry

Curtis, Ronnie D.

Curtis, Willie Leona 'Billie' (nee Wheeler)

Curvey, Flora E.

Cusack, George W.

Cushing, Edward Patrick

Cushing, Ethel Clark

Cushing, Mary L.

Custer, Mary

Cusuamno, Concetta

Cusumano, Sara T.

Cygan, Stanley Walter

Cygan, Wladyslaw 'Walter' 2/7 p

Cystrunk, John

Czapaitis, Ann

Czemerynski, Michael 'Mikolaj' 8/27 p