Surnames beginning with Y

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Yaeger, Elizabeth

Yaeger, Fred W.

Yahl, William H.

Yahn, Mary

Yaker, Victor N.

Yancy, Evelyn Rivers

Yarberough, Catherine

Yarbrough, Chester

Yarbrough, George

Yarbrough, Joseph S.

Yardley, Finley A.

Yarger, Cecil Ray 'Pete' #8/13 p

Yates, Dwayne G.

Yates, Ethel

Yates, Evangeline

Yates, Frances

Yates, James Edward

Yates, Mae M. Bremer

Yates, Mary C.

Yates, Nettie S.

Yates, Olga C.

Yates, Paul O.

Yavorsky, John

Yawitz, Lena

Yeager, Ella M.

Yeager, George

Yeager, Robert L.

Yeager, W. F.

Yeast, Thomas

Yeck, Wilson E. 'Fat' 1/18 p

Yehlen, Henry Oliver Sr.

Yelton, Daisy E.

Yelton, Minnie J.

Yenck, Helen Alice

Yengst, Alice R.

Yenicek, Edward Joseph

Yenicek, Frank A.

Yenker, Julia E.

Yeo, Elmer Durwood

Yerby, Thurston S.

Yesberg, William J.

Yim, Shirley Ann

Yochim, Anna Marie

Yokley, Catherine E.

Yorg, Clerus A.

Yorger, Ella E.

York, Benjamin F.

York, Nellie May

York, Zackery

Yost, Rose

Yotter, Emma

Yotter, Francis R.

Young, Andrew

Young, Anna R.

Young, Anthony

Young, Arthur R.

Young, Bertha A.

Young, Caroline 'Carrie' (nee Behnen)

Young, Charles D.

Young, Clarence Lee

Young, Claude A. 'Art' 4/1 p

Young, Cornelia

Young, Deborah Ann

Young, E. F. 'Ed' 3/17 p

Young, Eli

Young, Ella

Young, Ernest R.

Young, Gail Louis

Young, Georgia Patricia

Young, Hattie

Young, Hayden H.

Young, Janet C.

Young, John

Young, John W.

Young, Julia G.

Young, Leo

Young, Lillian Geneva

Young, Lisette Emma 'Sadie' (nee Streit)

Young, Lloyd

Young, Louise L.

Young, Martha

Young, Marvin Erskin

Young, Mary E.

Young, Nicholas

Young, Olive Montgomery

Young, Ozzie

Young, Ralph E.

Young, Rebecca

Young, Richard Banks

Young, Robert C.

Young, Rosa L.

Young, Rudolph

Young, William J. Sr.

Young, William P.

Young, Willis

Youngbauer, John

Younger, Jacqueline

Younger, Perca M.

Younghouse, Annie

Yount, Agnes

Yount, George James

Yowell, Virginia G.

Ypma, Margaret

Yuchs, Wilbert C.

Yuede, George

Yule, Mildred Ann

Yungermann, Alice Laura

Yurchak, John

Yust, Agatha