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Surnames beginning with Y

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Yaeger, George P.

Yaeger, Joseph V.

Yaeger, Melvin G.

Yaekel, Rose

Yager, Louise J. 'Lula' 5/29 p

Yahn, George P.

Yakovitz, Abraham

Yakutis, Stanley Sr.

Yanick, May

Yanish, Edna

Yankowski, Walter

Yanousek, Dora

Yanskey, Adolph

Yanskey, Samuel Joseph

Yarber, Eugene

Yarbrough, Elmer Ova

Yarbs, Lela B.

Yargus, Jessie Viola

Yarke, Emil Herman

Yashuk, Thomas W.

Yates, Louis Hawkins

Yeager, John Harry

Yeleneich, Fred Thomas

Yelton, Gertrude M.

Yenicek, Mary A.

Yenny, Charles E.

Yetze, Mary J.

Yevak, Mary

Yoch, (Rev.) Theodore E.

Yocum, George A.

Yocum, Ida M.

Yoest, Oscar J.

Yonker, Henry L.

York, Alice M.

York, Fay

York, Sherman E.

Yost, Walter Burt

Young, (Dr.) Leo P.

Young, Arthur

Young, Artie W.

Young, Bell

Young, Bessie Scott

Young, Betty Lois

Young, Buford R.

Young, Carrie J.

Young, Catherine A.

Young, Charles W.

Young, Emma

Young, Ernest E.

Young, George

Young, James A. 'Doll' 4/7 p

Young, James C.

Young, John

Young, John A.

Young, Katie Catherine A.

Young, Lillian

Young, Louis Leon

Young, Louise 'Lulu' 9/10 p

Young, Lucy Ann

Young, Margaret Etta

Young, Martha Emily

Young, Maude A.

Young, Robert Jr.

Young, Robert William 'Bob' 9/16 p

Young, Roosevelt

Young, Sadie Lee

Young, Timothy Michael

Young, Veronica E.

Young, Volen Thomas Sr.

Young, Walter A.

Young, Walter J.

Young, Willard O.

Young, William

Young, William George

Youngblood, Mary

Younger, Joseph S.

Youngman, Charlotte

Youngman, Margaret B.

Yount, Grace Pearl

Yount, Henry H.

Yule, John W.

Yung, Joseph L.

Yung, Nickolas

Yurock, Hazel A.

Yust, William G.