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Surnames beginning with W

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Wachter-Oxnam, Anna

Wack, John

Waddle, Elizabeth J.

Waddy, Maude Ganzady

Wade, Agnes

Wade, Dorothy M.

Wade, Lilly L.

Wade, Minnie

Wade, Sylvester

Wader, Catherine E.

Wader, Katie

Waechter, Harry

Waeckerle, Edwin A.

Waelke, Adolph

Wagenblast, Kate

Wagener, August F.

Wagener, Charles O.

Wagener, Margaret

Waggoner, Athol Leonard

Waggoner, Leefa Olive

Wagner, (Chief Deputy Constable) Daniel R.

Wagner, Adolph G.

Wagner, Agatha

Wagner, August Jr.

Wagner, August M.

Wagner, Barbara

Wagner, Bertha

Wagner, Caroline K.

Wagner, Carrie

Wagner, Charles D.

Wagner, Clara

Wagner, Clara E.

Wagner, Clara M.

Wagner, Edgar George

Wagner, Edwin F.

Wagner, Elizabeth

Wagner, Emma W. 'Emily' (nee Eves)

Wagner, Eugene Robert

Wagner, Florence

Wagner, Frank E.

Wagner, John F.

Wagner, Katie Catherine A.

Wagner, Margaret

Wagner, Margaret T. 'Daught' (nee Woods)

Wagner, Mary

Wagner, Minnie

Wagner, Othelia

Wagner, Raymond J.

Wagner, Sadie

Wagner, Sarah

Wagner, William J.

Wagner, William Phillip

Wagnner, Daniel R.

Wagoner, Edward V.

Wagoner, Grace M.

Wagoner, Marcella F.

Wagstaff, Andrew Jackson

Wagstaff, Anna C.

Wahl, George B.

Wahl, Henry D.

Wahlbrink, Minnie F.

Wahle, Joseph B.

Wahlstrom, Viola R.

Waidmann, William

Waigand, Emily

Waingate, Victory

Wainright, Melba M.

Wair, Lucille

Waite, (Sm/Sgt.) Harold C.

Waite, Olive Reeve

Wakefield, Shirley E.

Wakeford, Alvin O.

Walbert, Lee E.

Walbourn, James W.

Walchshauser, Frank X.

Walczyk, Mary

Waldau, Harry E.

Walden, Laura K.

Waldmann, Albert R.

Waldmann, Arthur F.

Waldren, Viola G.

Waldvogel, Frieda

Walentia, Anthony

Waley, Ida

Walk, Everett A.

Walkenhorst, Henry H.

Walkenhorst, Henry W.

Walkenhorst, Ida

Walker, (Sister) Rose Miriam

Walker, Alpha

Walker, Bennty

Walker, Bessie

Walker, Betty

Walker, Dorothy M.

Walker, Edna

Walker, Elizabeth

Walker, Glen Wayne

Walker, Glenn L.

Walker, Harold Lee

Walker, Hattie B.

Walker, Helen Marie

Walker, Jack

Walker, James

Walker, James H.

Walker, John

Walker, Johnnie

Walker, Katie

Walker, Lula

Walker, Marcelle

Walker, Mary Blanche

Walker, Maud K.

Walker, Mina

Walker, Mollie Ann

Walker, Montgomery

Walker, Neoma N.

Walker, Ollie R.

Walker, Oscar W.

Walker, Paul E.

Walker, Robert C.

Walker, Robert L.

Walker, Roland T.

Walker, Samuel W.

Walker, Viola

Walker, Walter L.

Walker, William F.

Walkonis, Joseph J. Sr.

Wall, Charlotte Meyer

Wall, Chesley

Wall, Emma Mae

Wall, Fred

Wall, Katherine F.

Wallace, Abram

Wallace, Anna Elizabeth

Wallace, Boyd Nathan

Wallace, Charles A.

Wallace, Elizabeth

Wallace, Frank J.

Wallace, Genevieve Angela

Wallace, Grace A.

Wallace, Hannah

Wallace, Herman

Wallace, Ida

Wallace, James W.

Wallace, Louise

Wallace, Mary K. Walczyk

Wallace, May

Wallace, Monroe T.

Wallace, Nora

Wallace, Pearl

Wallace, Robert G.

Wallace, Russell

Wallace, William R.

Wallace, William 'Scotty' 6/4 p

Wallace, William W.

Wallach, Jacob

Wallen, Lottie

Wallenbrock, Emma S.

Waller, (Mrs. Press P.)

Wallhauser, Lois

Walling, Nellie

Wallis, Jim E.

Wallis, Thelma O.

Walls, Nancy

Wallstein, Josephine B.

Wallweber, Lena C.

Wally, Saul S.

Walpen, George Joseph 'Corey' 4/4 p

Walser, Emma

Walsh, Ada Angeline

Walsh, Adah

Walsh, Agnes C.

Walsh, Alfred Timothy

Walsh, Anna S.

Walsh, Anne

Walsh, Edgar Jr.

Walsh, Florence

Walsh, Fred J.

Walsh, George Thomas

Walsh, Gertrude E.

Walsh, Irene M.

Walsh, James F.

Walsh, John A. 'Jack' 3/12 p

Walsh, John Thomas

Walsh, Joseph L.

Walsh, Katherine

Walsh, Lloyd R.

Walsh, Martin T.

Walsh, Mary

Walsh, Miley C.

Walsh, Richard C.

Walsh, Thomas

Walsh, Thomas J.

Walsh, Victoria Ann

Walston, Frank Efferd

Walter, Anna

Walter, Augusta

Walter, Emma A.

Walter, Francis A.

Walters, Ann

Walters, Anne C. 'Geen' (nee Laumand)

Walters, Joseph J. Sr.

Walters, Leroy H.

Walters, Richard

Walters, Rose Edna

Walther, (Sister) Bernadine

Walther, Ferdinand A.

Walther, Ferdinand H.

Walther, Mary

Walthers, Fred H.

Waltke, Lydia

Waltmann, Edwin John

Walton, Dorothy W.

Walton, Edgar

Walton, George Alvin

Walton, Goldie

Walton, Hardy

Walton, Harriet

Walton, Hughie

Walton, Lillie

Walton, May

Walton, Mildred

Walton, Savador

Walz, (Dr.) August F.

Walz, Minnie

Wambach, Barbara

Wambach, Clara

Wamhoff, Nellie

Wamhoff, William F. Sr.

Wammack, Margarett

Wampler, Glenda

Wand, Clara M.

Wander, Laura

Wandling, Russell L. Sr.

Wanger, Maria Pauline

Wanger, Pauline

Wangler, Clara

Wann, Grace

Wann, Olivia

Wappelhorst, Edward

Ward, Adam

Ward, Anna

Ward, Arthur A.

Ward, Betty Jean

Ward, Charles H.

Ward, Edna Mae Smith

Ward, Hattie L.

Ward, Landery

Ward, Lee Orrin

Ward, Leonard Oscar

Ward, Lester

Ward, Mattie

Ward, Paul R.

Ward, Rhoda K.

Ward, Robert

Ward, Robert L.

Ward, Simon

Ward, Virgenious

Ward, Winnie

Wardan, Charles Monroe

Warden, Roscoe H.

Wardenburg, Henry

Ward-Kerlagon, Lusetta

Ware, Celestia

Ware, John Allen

Ware, Margaret L.

Warfel, William Lee

Warfield, Clara L.

Warfield, Seling

Waring, Henry A.

Waring, Leroy Arthur 'Lee' 5/20 p

Waring, Myrtle M.

Warma, Mr. & Mrs. Herman G.

Warmann, Anna M.

Warmann, Lena M.

Warmann, William Andrew Sr.

Warmbold, Johanna H.

Warner, John Buckner Sr.

Warner, Munroe F.

Warnhoff, Edgar W. Sr.

Warning, Louise 'Lulu' 4/23 p

Warren, Alvin C.

Warren, Annie B.

Warren, Calvin Anderson

Warren, Charles L.

Warren, Clifford

Warren, Edna M.

Warren, Gertrude Marie

Warren, Hanna

Warren, Hazel

Warren, Isabell

Warren, Josephine M.

Warren, Mattie

Warren, Nettie

Warren, Robert

Warren, William

Warshauer, Mary Ann Veronica

Warth, Bertha M.

Warzala, Joseph

Washabaugh, Raymond G. Sr.

Washburn, Faye M.

Washford, Alvin

Washford, Kate

Washington, Booker T.

Washington, Edward

Washington, Gertrude

Washington, Jessie

Washington, Joanna

Washington, John

Washington, Laura

Washington, Mack

Washington, Melvin

Washington, Pearl

Washington, Rachel

Washington, Richard

Washington, Thomas

Washington, Tommy

Washington, William H.

Wasle, Katherine H.

Wasmer, Anna K.

Wassell, Minnie

Wasserfall, Otto J.

Wasserman, Lillian

Wassmund, Minnie K.

Wasson, Ella May

Water, Donald

Waters, Charles

Waters, Christine

Waters, Donald T.

Waters, Hazel

Waters, Lang

Waters, William L.

Wathen, Joseph A.

Watke, Joseph

Watkins, Della E.

Watkins, Dora

Watkins, Elizabeth A.

Watkins, Frank E.

Watkins, Irene

Watkins, James W. Sr.

Watkins, Lula Mae

Watkins, Mary

Watkins, Oliver Walter 'Cap' #1/2 p

Watkins, Ollie E.

Watkins, Tennessee

Watson, Celeste

Watson, Eddie

Watson, Ernest

Watson, Faye A.

Watson, George W.

Watson, Glenn

Watson, Graling

Watson, James Alexander

Watson, Jennie

Watson, Lester James

Watson, Loyal B.

Watson, Margaret F.

Watson, Ruth

Watson, Stella

Watson, Vennie M.

Watson, William R.

Watters, Frances N.

Watters, Helen

Watts, Alexander Hamilton

Watts, Ethel

Watts, George S.

Watts, Lisa Ann

Watts, Mae L.

Watts, Mary Ann

Watts, Olive M.

Watts, Ruby Emily

Waugh, Fred E.

Wayant, Alexander

Waymire, Theodora

Wayne, Willie

Waynick, Mattie

Weatherly, Frank E.

Weathers, (Rev.) Henry

Weathers, Callie

Weathers, U. V.

Weathersby, John J.

Weatherwax, Edna A.

Weaver, Archie

Weaver, Calvin

Weaver, Claude Nelson

Weaver, Edith May

Weaver, Florence

Weaver, George

Weaver, Joe

Weaver, Melba E.

Weaver, Setha Lee

Webb, Charles H.

Webb, Estella

Webb, George A. 'Jerry' 7/31 p

Webb, Hi

Webb, Hildegarde

Webb, Ida

Webb, James Chelsia Jr.

Webb, Jess A.

Webb, Jessie

Webb, Katherine

Webb, Nebraska

Webb, Olive Catherine

Webb, Richard Wayne

Webb, Russell

Webb, Willie

Webber, John

Webelhuth, Louise

Weber, Andrew Sr.

Weber, Aurella Ruth

Weber, Barbara J.

Weber, Blanche V.

Weber, Cecelia

Weber, Christ H.

Weber, Earl K.

Weber, Elizabeth A.

Weber, Elizabeth C.

Weber, Emma

Weber, Ernestina

Weber, George Michael

Weber, Hattie

Weber, Ida K.

Weber, Irene

Weber, John S.

Weber, John Thomas

Weber, Joseph

Weber, Joseph G.

Weber, Katherine

Weber, Lewis A.

Weber, Lillian Leona

Weber, Lloyd

Weber, Louis E.

Weber, Louise L.

Weber, Mary

Weber, Mary

Weber, Mildred Selena

Weber, Montzila Beaumont

Weber, Richard

Weber, Robert E.

Weber, Rose

Weber, Rose E.

Weber, Theodore E.

Weber, Viola C.

Weber, William E. 'Ned' 10/16 p

Weber-Baum, Bertha E.

Weber-Dennison, Iva Lee

Webster, Bertha A.

Webster, Carolina 'Lena' (nee Wolf)

Webster, Georgia Schaefer

Webster, Henry Clay

Webster, Martha

Weck, Adolph

Weckback, Charles L.

Wedemeier, Emilie

Wedemeier, Ernst E.

Wedemeyer, William

Weden, Cecelia

Wedes, Walter J. Sr.

Wedig, Frank

Wegehoft, Herman W.

Wegener, Margaret

Weggenmann, Emil G.

Weggenmann, Lawrence J.

Weggenwood, Harry

Wegman, Anthony L. 'Andy' 7/19 p

Wegman, George P.

Wegner, Jon

Wehde, Diederich Stephen 'Dick' 12/21 p

Wehking, Alvina O.

Wehling, Hannah

Wehmeier, Ella E.

Wehmeier, Jessie T.

Wehmeyer, Anna

Wehmeyer, Evelyn

Wehmeyer, Waldo Kenneth

Wehn, Katie

Wehner, Albert F.

Wehner, Fred

Wehner, Leo R.

Wehr, Katie

Wehrheim, Clifford F.

Wehring, Charles H.

Wehrle, Harry W.

Weible, Lula

Weiblen, Charles

Weick, Helen

Weidemann, Alice K.

Weidemann, Emma

Weidenauer, August J.

Weidinger, Laura A.

Weidlich, Edward J.

Weidman, Edwin O.

Weidner, Anna F.

Weidner, Ellen C.

Weidner, Harry H.

Weigel, August A.

Weigel, Lydia

Weigelt, Oswald H.

Weigert, Karl M.

Weigle, Mildred L.

Weihe, Agnes

Weihe, Clara

Weihl, Archie P.

Weik, Janet L.

Weil, Irving R.

Weil, Margery Harris

Weil, Oscar

Weil, Stella

Weiland, Mary S.

Weilbacher, Anna M.

Weilbaecher, Anna T.

Weiler, Helen Lee

Weiler, Jeff Alan

Weiman, Pauline

Weimann, Elizabeth

Weimer, Alma F.

Weimer, John J.

Weinberg, Celia

Weinberg, Rebecca

Weinel, Cay Robert

Weiner, Amelia

Weiner, Belle

Weinert, Eva E.

Weingaertner, Anna

Weingardt, John

Weingartner, (Sister) Cecilia Marie

Weingast, Lena M.

Weinhold, Frances Nadine

Weinholt, Johanna K.

Weinig, Elizabeth Cecelia

Weinmann, Pauline A.

Weinrich, Eleanor Henrietta 'Nonie' (nee Tiemann)

Weinrich, Louise

Weinrich, Otto Ernest

Weinschenk, Ellen

Weinschenk, Eva Ella

Weinstein, Joseph

Weinstein, Tobby

Weinsting, Frank

Weinzeirl, (Rev.) Herman Ed.

Weir, Leaette Mary

Weir, Robert E.

Weirich, Eli 'George' 10/16 p

Weis, Barbara Ann

Weis, Elizabeth

Weis, Ellen U.

Weis, Elmer M.

Weisbrod, Joseph A.

Weise, Catherine B.

Weisels, Martha B.

Weisenburg, Bertha M.

Weisenburg, George F. 'Bink' 12/31 p

Weisenburger, Augusta

Weisert, Richard

Weisman, Betty Goldenberg

Weismantle, Marie A.

Weiss, Albert J.

Weiss, Amelia L.

Weiss, Arthur A. Sr.

Weiss, Augusta M.

Weiss, Dorothy E.

Weiss, Esther

Weiss, Frances

Weiss, Hedwig

Weiss, Magdalena

Weiss, Margarette

Weiss, Marko

Weiss, Mathilde

Weiss, Melvin D.

Weiss, Theodore R.

Weiterer, Augusta

Weithop-Kompst, Blanche

Weitkamp, Richard Albert

Weitrig, Leo 'Lee' 8/8 p

Weitz, Emma

Weitz, Harry

Weitzel, Hattie

Weitzel, Lena

Wekenman, (Rt. Rev. Msgr.) Frederick A.

Welby, Mary Margaret 'Marie' 12/20 p

Welch, Aleatha A.

Welch, Florence May

Welch, George

Welch, Gertrude

Welch, Herman Budkey

Welch, John Cleveland

Welch, John F. Sr. 'Jack' 12/22 p

Welch, Lee J.

Welch, Mildred Margaret

Welden, Margaret Cecelia

Weldon, Kathryn

Welker, Carl Douglas

Welker, Clara M.

Welker, Emilie S.

Welker, Louise C.

Welland, Carmella

Welling, Essie

Welling, Hilda G.

Wellingkamp, Clara

Wells, Arthur A.

Wells, Essie Mae

Wells, Harold H.

Wells, Helene

Wells, Lowell F.

Wells, Margaret

Wells, Pearl E.

Wells, Roxie

Wells, Sidney

Welsch, William H.

Welsh, Albert Fred

Welsh, Edith

Welsh, Mathilda D.

Weltich, John

Weltin, Frank Joseph

Weltlich, Eva Emma

Weltlich, John

Welton, Agnes C.

Welz, Della E.

Wemhoener, Emil Frederick

Weminghaus, Elmer J.

Wempe, (Rt. Rev.) Aloysius Anthony

Wempner, Gladys

Wencker, Fred H.

Wende, Minnie

Wendel, Andrew

Wendel, Elizabeth

Wendel, Josie E.

Wendel, Marie

Wendler, Meta M.

Wendling, Florence E.

Wendt, Bertha Annie

Wendt, Katherine

Wenger, Josephine C.

Wengler, Emma

Weniger, Elizabeth L.

Wenk, Linda Mary

Wenom, Katie

Went, Ottilla

Wentzel, Arthur Frederick

Wentzel, Ferd H.

Wenzel, (Sister) Mary Brendan

Wenzel, Nicholaus

Wenzel, Sarah E.

Werder, Sophie

Werdes, Gertrude

Werdes, Walter J. Sr.

Werges, Hilda V.

Werkmeister, Dorothy A.

Werland, Joseph J.

Werley, Dora C.

Werley, Pearl Caroline

Werminghaus, Elmer John

Werner, Anna E.

Werner, Frances

Werner, John W.

Werner, Laura W.

Werner, Mabel

Werner, Marie

Werner, Martha E.

Werner, Mary A.

Werner, William J.

Wernse, Roberta Cecilia

Wernsing, Emma C.

Werremeyer, Johanna

Werth, Mabel Gould

Wertich, Glenda C.

Werz, Ernest Elmer

Werz, Ernie

Weseman, Eva B.

Wesley, Oscar

Wesling, Clara

Wesmey, Gustave J.

Wesolowski, Justine

Wesolowski, Tommie

Wess, Bernice V.

Wessbecher, Egmont Ralph

Wessel, Alice

Wessel, Cora M.

Wessel, Ethlyn Talbot

Wessel, Roland Louis

Wesselman, Vivian F.

Wessels, Edward

Wessels, Herman H.

Wessels, Herman J.

Wessels, Marie W.

Wessling, Harry H.

West, Anna

West, Bernice L.

West, Charles

West, Clark

West, David Louis

West, George Allen

West, Grace

West, Hallie

West, Lullu

West, Margaret Ann

West, Otis L.

West, Otis L.

West, Pearl Ellis

West, Thelma

West, William

Westbrock, John W.

Westbrook, Rose

Westbrook, William Nathan

Westbury, Lucille E. Ross

Westendorf, Frances M.

Westerhoff, Wilhelmenia 'Minnie' (nee Lammert)

Westerholt, Harry F.

Westerman, Adele W.

Westermann, Emma Elizabeth

Westermayer, Gaye Susan

Westermeyer, Andrew John

Westervelt, Cleo C.

Westhoff, Katherine

Westhold, Sophia Klausman

Westing, August

Westrich, Joseph H.

Wetta, Erna

Wetterer, Ida Louise

Wetterhahn, Erick

Wettig, Anna K.

Wetzel, Anna

Wetzel, Henry Joseph

Wetzel, Margareta

Wetzel, Mary

Wetzel, Mary 'Mamie' *11/15 p

Wetzel, Theresa

Wetzler, Nikolaus

Weyermann, Marie J.

Weyermann, Melba M.

Weyers, Joseph N.

Weyrauch, Elmer M.

Wez, Ernie

Whalen, Margaret T.

Whalen, Martin J.

Whalen, Saul T.

Whaley, Anna M.

Whaley, Harriet Turner

Whaley, John T.

Whaley, Tillman C.

Whalin, Ethel E.

Wheatley, Charles Harry

Wheatley, James Ralph

Wheeler, Cornelia

Wheeler, Dalton Eldridge 'Al' 12/9 p

Wheeler, James Everett

Wheeler, Jean

Wheeler, John F.

Wheeler, Rebecca

Wheeler, Rocinda

Wheeles, Ida

Wheelis, Zona Fay

Whelan, Alice

Whelan, James R.

Whelan, Marie Louise

Whelan, Mary E.

Wherry, Antoinette

Whetsel, Edward G.

Whiddon, Delmer Ray

Whipple, Elizabeth Louise

Whipple, John Oscar

Whistler, Mary Effie

Whitaker, Alice Ruth

Whitcraft, Robert M.

White, (SSgt., USAF) Neal A.

White, Ada P.

White, Alberta

White, Alice

White, Andre

White, Belle

White, Billy Alberta

White, Carrie

White, Charlotta

White, Dennis Mc Clung

White, Ed

White, Edith

White, Elizabeth

White, Ella S.

White, Ethmer M. 'Johnny' 5/13 p

White, Florence E.

White, Frances D.

White, George C.

White, Harry

White, Haywood

White, Helen

White, Helen B.

White, Julia

White, Lavinie

White, Lewis B. Sr.

White, Lillian D.

White, Luella

White, Madeline

White, Marion

White, Nancy

White, Olive V.

White, Oliver

White, Otto

White, Paris P.

White, Ruth

White, Sherman

White, Susie

White, Susie V.

White, Therman James

White, Virginia S, M. Cullam

White, Walter

White, William F.

White, William H.

White, William Harry

White, William Irvin

Whitecraft, Robert M.

Whitehead, D. Grant

Whitehead, Lulu Mary

Whitehead, Merle E.

Whitehear, Joe Mae

Whitehurst, Jennie V.

Whitelaw, Helen C.

Whiteman, Anna

Whitener, Doyle E.

Whitener, George N. 'Bud' 8/23 p

Whitener, Gordon Bernard

Whitenhurst, Eliza V.

Whiteside, Louis M.

Whitfield, Arthur

Whitfield, Fred

Whitfield, Judge

Whitfield, Melissia

Whitis, Roy

Whitley, Homer E.

Whitlock, Della Mae

Whitman, Joe Louis

Whitman, John David

Whitmer, Grace Olga

Whitmire, Mabel C.

Whitmore, Andrew

Whitmore, Annette

Whitmore, Clara Edna

Whitmore, John J.

Whitmore, Spencer H.

Whitney, Harvey

Whitney, Maggie

Whitsett, John Oren

Whitson, Shirley

Whitt, Allie Christina

Whittaker, Jesse

Whittall, John Thomas

Whittington, Louis

Whittington, Marie

Whittington, Samuel Edward

Whittington, Wayne

Whittle, Guy M.

Whittle, Margaret Etta

Whitton, William Harvey

Whitworth, Oliver L.

Whitworth, Virgil Ross

Whyers, John Henry

Wibbing, Harry H.

Wich, Anna K.

Wichern, Louise M.

Wichlenski, Mary

Wichman, Michael Joseph

Wichmann, Genevieve

Wichmann, Ida Anna

Wichmann, Michael Joseph

Wichmann, William

Wichmann, William J.

Wichmer, Anna

Wichmer, Elizabeth

Wichmer, Mathias Francis

Wick, Mary

Wicke, Frances Agnes

Wicke, Wallace R. Sr.

Wicker, Vennie M.

Wickett, Regina Elizabeth

Wickey, Helen C.

Wickham, Katherine

Wicklund, Ruth

Wicks, Anne

Wicks, Lillie

Wideman, Maude D.

Wideman, Rose B.

Widmer, Caroline M.

Wiebracht, Delia

Wiedmann, Albert Otto

Wiedmann, Annie

Wiedner, Corine

Wiegand, John A.

Wiegand, Katherine

Wiegel, Ralph E. Jr.

Wieger, Elizabeth

Wiegers, Emma S.

Wiegman, Myron Edison

Wiegmann, Hulda

Wiehe, Henrietta C.

Wieland, Harold F.

Wieland, Harry

Wieland, Laura Louise

Wieldt, Bernice G.

Wieman, Viola Del

Wiemann, Mary

Wienecke, Elizabeth

Wierhake, Raymond

Wiesbecher, Michael

Wiese, Laura M.

Wiese, Lydia

Wiese, Mary

Wiese, Rosalie A.

Wiese, William Carl

Wiesehan, Mary

Wieselman, George

Wieselthier, Sadie Hattie

Wieser, Anna Cyrilla

Wieser, Ida Josephine

Wiesner, Andrew Sr.

Wiesniewski, Walter

Wiethop, Albert L.

Wiethop, Blanche

Wiethop, Charles 'Collie' 11/7 p

Wiethop, Mary

Wiethuchter, John H.

Wigand, William A.

Wiget, Frank J.

Wiggins, Miriam

Wightman, Ada

Wightman, Milo E.

Wiker, Charles

Wilbert, Bernice

Wilbert, Josephine Sophie

Wilbert, Rose P.

Wilborn, Isaac

Wilburn, Pinkie

Wilcox, Hazel

Wild, Elmer E.

Wild, Emma Mae

Wild, Joseph J.

Wilder, John W.

Wilderman, Jacob J.

Wiles, Harold Lester

Wiley, Hattie

Wiley, Henry

Wiley, Lillian

Wiley, Vitula

Wilfong, Selena

Wilhelm, Christian

Wilhelm, Emma J. 'Nell' (nee Zanitsch)

Wilhelm, Grover

Wilhelm, Helen

Wilhelm, Margaret A. 'Marge' (nee Saffa)

Wilhelms, Hannah

Wilhelmy, Alma

Wilhite, Kenneth

Wilhite, Lawrence E. 'Larry' 7/23 p

Wilholt, Estella

Wilimek, Mary M.

Wilke, Lillian

Wilke, Mary T.

Wilken, Agnes

Wilken, Wilhelmina J. 'Minnie' 4/6 p

Wilkening, Catherine A.

Wilkening, Orlando Harry

Wilkening, Warren C.

Wilkerson, Charles Chester

Wilkerson, Florence

Wilkerson, Ouida Mae

Wilkerson, Pearl Junior

Wilkerson, Ruth

Wilkins, Anna F.

Wilkins, Hattie 'Harriet?' Belle

Wilkins, Minnie

Wilkinson, Anna L.

Wilkinson, Annerta

Wilkinson, Denney Burt

Wilkinson, John G.

Wilkinson, Susie E.

Wilkinson, Walter B.

Will, Edward W.

Will, William

Willenburg, Carl August

Willenburg, Helen

Willer, Alma

Willhauck, John Illis Sr.

William, Albert Nathaniel Jr.

William, John R.

Williams, Adeline

Williams, Albert

Williams, Alice

Williams, Alinzo Roosevelt

Williams, Anna D.

Williams, Anna Marie

Williams, Annie

Williams, Austin

Williams, Beatrice

Williams, Becky

Williams, Bennie

Williams, Catherine C.

Williams, Charles William

Williams, Charlotte

Williams, Chester A.

Williams, Cornelia S.

Williams, Donie

Williams, Dudley E.

Williams, Dwight Oliver

Williams, E. Cliff

Williams, Edward Bryan

Williams, Edward Vest

Williams, Effie

Williams, Elbert

Williams, Ella

Williams, Elmer

Williams, Elmer Clyde

Williams, Elmer E.

Williams, Emma L.

Williams, Essie

Williams, Eugene

Williams, Floraine

Williams, Florence W.

Williams, Fred

Williams, Fred L.

Williams, Fred Victor

Williams, George

Williams, Gregory

Williams, Guy

Williams, Harrison John Jr.

Williams, Helena E.

Williams, Henry

Williams, Henry H. Sr.

Williams, Herbert

Williams, Homer

Williams, Homer E.

Williams, Ida

Williams, Imogene

Williams, Irene

Williams, James

Williams, James O.

Williams, Jay A.

Williams, Jess L.

Williams, Jessie Mae

Williams, John Carey

Williams, John R.

Williams, Johnnie

Williams, Julia Ann

Williams, Julius W.

Williams, Lee

Williams, Lena

Williams, Leon David

Williams, Leona S. 'Helen' 9/25 p

Williams, Leonard Oliver

Williams, Lillie Dennis

Williams, Lilyan

Williams, Lou Emma

Williams, Louis

Williams, Louise Lee

Williams, Luada

Williams, Luther Jr.

Williams, Mabel

Williams, Mabel

Williams, Mabel Agnes

Williams, Mabel E.

Williams, Margaret Taylor

Williams, Marie Imogene

Williams, Mary

Williams, Mary

Williams, Mary E.

Williams, Maude

Williams, Merlissier

Williams, Nathaniel

Williams, Nathaniel H.

Williams, Oscar

Williams, Oscar Julius

Williams, Pearl Pauline

Williams, Polk Floyd

Williams, Raymond Walter

Williams, Rheaba Lucille

Williams, Robert

Williams, Robert V. Jr.

Williams, Rolla B.

Williams, Rolla F. Sr.

Williams, Sally

Williams, Samuel Van D.

Williams, Shirley Rea

Williams, Simuel

Williams, Stella Anna

Williams, Tan

Williams, Theodoshia

Williams, Thomas C.

Williams, Tom

Williams, Viola

Williams, Walter

Williams, Wesley Winfield

Williams, Willard Frank

Williams, William

Williams, William A.

Williams, William M. 'Dillie' 4/5 p

Williams, William W.

Williamson, (Rev.) Louis R.

Williamson, Anastasia 'Anna' 2/6 p

Williamson, Anna

Williamson, Annie

Williamson, Katharine J.

Williamson, Lawrence H. 'Bill' 6/6 p

Williamson, Mildred E.

Williamson, Wilette

Willig, Carrie A.

Willingham, Bertha Marie

Willingham, Edna Earle

Willingham, Lynette W.

Willis, Ann

Willis, Charles A.

Willis, Clyde M.

Willis, Felicia

Willis, Fred

Willis, John A.

Willis, Mary Ellen

Willis, Nellie

Willis, Virginia Ellen

Willison, Zeph

Willman, Betty

Willman, James Donald

Willmann, Emilie V.

Willmann, Pearl W.

Willmann, William R.

Willmore, Clara M.

Willott, Mary Frances

Wills, Cynthia Ann

Wills, Lillie

Wills, Lucille C.

Willy, Lena

Wilmas, John H.

Wilmer, Minnie

Wilmes, Leonard Henry

Wilmesherr, Ethel Hazel

Wilsman, Isabelle

Wilsman, Lena B.

Wilson, Agnes

Wilson, Aileen M.

Wilson, Albert Jesse

Wilson, Allen

Wilson, Bennie

Wilson, Burnetta

Wilson, Carrie C.

Wilson, Charles A.

Wilson, Dave Samuel

Wilson, Delbert James

Wilson, Donna Lynn

Wilson, Dorothy

Wilson, Edith A.

Wilson, Edna C.

Wilson, Edward James

Wilson, Ella

Wilson, Ephraim F.

Wilson, Frank

Wilson, Frank B.

Wilson, Frieda J.

Wilson, Genevieve Medora

Wilson, Gertrude A.

Wilson, Gladys

Wilson, Hugh W.

Wilson, Jessie

Wilson, Josephine

Wilson, Julia

Wilson, Lanora

Wilson, Lige A.

Wilson, Lillie

Wilson, Louise M.

Wilson, Maceola

Wilson, Mamie

Wilson, Marion

Wilson, Marjorie George

Wilson, Mary

Wilson, Mary Alice

Wilson, Maurice M.

Wilson, Nancy Lee

Wilson, Nannie

Wilson, Nellie E.

Wilson, Nellie Evalena

Wilson, Nettie

Wilson, Noda J.

Wilson, Perry D.

Wilson, Pierre Henry

Wilson, Raymond

Wilson, Robert C.

Wilson, Robert Glen

Wilson, Robert Lee

Wilson, Rose B.

Wilson, Sarah Caroline

Wilson, Thomas D.

Wilson, Vera Mae

Wilson, Virginia Anne

Wilson, Ward W.

Wilson, William

Wilson, William Houston

Wilson, William N.

Wilson, Willie W.

Wiltmann, William F.

Wilton, Floyd W.

Wilucki, Anna M.

Winans, A. E.

Winchell, Clara

Wind, Clara Caroline

Wind, Ernestine

Windisch, La Vera V.

Windler, Emilie C.

Windmoeller, Carl H.

Windmoeller, Katherine C.

Windmoeller, La Verne A.

Windom, James A.

Wine, Margaret

Wineke, John L.

Wingerter, Johnnie

Winheim, Kenneth S.

Winius, Enno De Witt

Winius, Julia

Winkel, Anna

Winkelmann, Emma

Winkelmann, Joseph John

Winkelmann, Odile

Winkelmann, William John

Winker, Karl

Winkler, Anthony J.

Winkler, Arthur E.

Winkler, Emma

Winkler, Erna Ida

Winkler, Gertrude Rita

Winkler, Helen M.

Winkler, John Ben

Winn, Maurice Willard

Winningham, Edna Earle

Winningham, James O.

Winsby, Harry W.

Winsby, Minnie H.

Winstead, Herbert W.

Winsted, Viola A.

Winston, Alice M.

Winston, Alma

Winston, Ida

Winston, Ollie H.

Winter, Antoinette Wherry

Winter, Emma

Winter, Joseph 'Dick' 12/16 p

Winter, Minnie K.

Winterer, John

Winterer, Maria A.

Winterhoff, Maude Emma

Winterle, Lucille E.

Winters, Florence Margaret

Winters, Jennie

Winters, R. Allen

Winters, Rollo D.

Winzen, Anthony M.

Winzer, George A.

Wiott, Nellie

Wipke, Pauline H.

Wirthlin, Johanna

Wischern, Melvin L.

Wisdom, Beatrice

Wisdom, Helen V.

Wisdom, V. Helen

Wise, Charles H.

Wise, Charlie

Wise, Cora A.

Wise, Decenia

Wise, Kate

Wise, Lillian M.

Wise, V. G.

Wiseley, Marie

Wiselogel, Emma

Wiseman, Sylvester

Wishmeyer, Dolores Ann

Wislon, Marjorie George

Wismann, Helen M.

Wismar, Martha

Wisniewski, (Rev.) Casimir

Wisniewski, Walter 'Cherry' 7/16 p

Wiss, William N.

Wissinger, Frank

Wissinger, Purcell H.

Wissler, Nell B.

Wissmann, William

Wissore, Sadie E.

Withers, Amelia A.

Withers, Charles

Witherspoon, Kim D.

Withinton, Ellen

Withuechter, Gus

Witler, Edward

Witsken, (Sister) Mary Berno

Witt, Edna M.

Witt, John F.

Witt, Peter G.

Witte, Agnes D.

Witte, Henrietta Marie 'Marian' 5/24 p

Witte, Hilda K.

Witter, Katherine J.

Wittgenstein, Henry J.

Wittmann, Elvira

Wittmann, Vivian

Wittneber, Louise E. J.

Wittneber, Mary Britton

Wittrock, Sadie Eifert

Witty, Ray C.

Witzofsky, Marie M. 'May' (nee Kraemer)

Wochele, Elizabeth

Wodicka, May Caroline

Woehler, Louise M.

Woehlert, Minnie K.

Woehrle, John D.

Woehrmann, Henry F.

Woeke, Bertha M.

Woelfel, Anna

Woelfel, Mamie

Woelfer, William L. Sr.

Woerther, John Gilbert

Wofford, Billy Joe

Wofford, Nancy Katherine

Wogtech, Julia A.

Wohldmann, Viola M.

Wohlschlaeger, Augusta Eva

Wohlschlaeger, Lena A.

Wohltman, Randolph C. Sr.

Wojcirchowski, Frank

Woker, Anna A.

Wolbrink, Erna I.

Wolbrink, George R.

Wolder, Ada B.

Wolf, Addie V.

Wolf, Alanda

Wolf, Amelia Rose

Wolf, Anna

Wolf, Anna Mary

Wolf, Carolina

Wolf, Catherine

Wolf, Clara, RN

Wolf, George F.

Wolf, Herman M.

Wolf, Hilda

Wolf, Jennie

Wolf, Joseph

Wolf, Lillie A.

Wolf, Marvin W.

Wolf, Max B.

Wolf, Minnie B.

Wolf, Ruth Marie

Wolf, Simon A. Sr.

Wolf, Timothy Ray

Wolf, William J.

Wolfarth, Agnes

Wolfbrink, George R.

Wolfe, Nellie Naomi

Wolfe, Sarah

Wolfe, Viola

Wolff, (Dr.) Edward P.

Wolff, Abraham H.

Wolff, Anna Greenblatt

Wolff, Elsie

Wolff, Emma

Wolff, Harry Reinhold

Wolff, Lena

Wolff, Louise Marie

Wolff, Marie P.

Wolff, Philip L.

Wolff, Rose M.

Wolff, Russell E.

Wolfframsdorf, George J.

Wolfner, Violet Bidwill

Wolfram, Christy E.

Wolframsdorf, George J.

Wolfsberger, Bertha C.

Wolfsberger, C. Henry

Wolfsberger, Leonard J.

Wolgast, (STLFD, Capt., ret.) Herman

Wolhuter, Frederick J.

Wolk, Alois L.

Wolk, Catherine

Wollgast, Katherine

Wollmershauser, Louis F.

Wolshock, Josephine

Wolter, Robert A.

Woltering, Clara

Wolters, Josephine

Wolters, Sophie

Womack, Florence

Womack, Geneva L.

Wombold, Florence V.

Wondra, Frank

Wones, Theresa

Wonsewitz, Aloys A.

Wonsewitz, Clara

Wood, (Prof.) Lyman J.

Wood, Charles J.

Wood, Clarence

Wood, Cynthia Marie

Wood, David S.

Wood, Ella Louise

Wood, Elma

Wood, Ethel B.

Wood, Ewell Lee

Wood, Frances

Wood, Herman R.

Wood, John Willard

Wood, Kathryn

Wood, Lena G.

Wood, Marie G.

Wood, Noble Ronald

Wood, Sarah Francis

Woodard, Katie

Wooden, Cliff

Woodfin, Annette

Woodfin, Wendell H.

Woodley, Ralph D.

Woodrow, Charles E.

Woodruff, (Dr.) Frederick Eno

Woodruff, Hattie Louise

Woodruff, John A.

Woodruff, Maude Lee

Woodruff, Sophia L.

Woodrum, Diane

Woods, Charles J.

Woods, Delia

Woods, Edith L.

Woods, Ellis

Woods, Gladys Collins

Woods, Harry J.

Woods, Irma M.

Woods, James R.

Woods, James Roger

Woods, Jennie M.

Woods, John 'Chauncey' 1/10 p

Woods, John F.

Woods, John L.

Woods, Lee J.

Woods, Leroy

Woods, Lula Mae

Woods, Maggie

Woods, Margaret T.

Woods, Mary T.

Woods, Maude

Woods, Otey

Woods, Robert Allen

Woods, Ronald Gregory

Woods, Rose Anna

Woods, Thelma

Woods, Tommy

Woods, William F.

Woods, Willie

Woods?, Robert

Woodside, Lenora Mae

Woodsworth, Mary Sophia

Woodward, Alice

Woodward, Calvin P.

Woodward, Elle Bower

Woodward, Raymond E.

Woodworth, Helen M.

Woodworth, Margaret

Woody, Claudia L.

Woody, Lou E.

Woodyer, John Thomas

Wooldridge, Roley H.

Woolen, Enos W.

Woolford, Clarence Ray

Woolley, Frank N.

Woolverton, Louise

Wootten, Daisy Evelyn

Wootton, Walter G.

Woracek, Thomas W.

Worce, William A.

Worden, Catherine

Worden, Etta M.

Workman, Walter

Worland, Cecil Vincent

Worrell, James J.

Wors, Ronald Edward

Worstell, William W.

Wortman, Anna H.

Wortman, Sam

Wotawa, Mary M.

Wotka, Marie

Wozniak, Frances Jane

Wrablik, Anna R.

Wransky, Raymond

Wrausmann, Anna M.

Wray, Ethel Belle

Wren, Josephine M.

Wren, Nathaniel

Wren, Ola Frances

Wren, Roy F.

Wren, Ruby L.

Wrice, Ada

Wright, Arlyne

Wright, Bessie

Wright, Daniel

Wright, Dorothy Jean

Wright, Edith

Wright, Ezra

Wright, Fannie

Wright, Florence

Wright, Gardner

Wright, George

Wright, George C.

Wright, George Edward

Wright, Harold H.

Wright, Henry M.

Wright, Hilda Anna

Wright, Hugh T.

Wright, John E.

Wright, Lexie S.

Wright, Margaret

Wright, Nettie Mae

Wright, Russell Raymond

Wright, Sadie

Wright, Virlee

Wright, William M.

Wright, Willie

Wrigth, Cherie

Wrisberg, Esther O.

Wroblewski, Peter Paul

Wroblewski, Thelma Gladys

Wroblewski, Theresa

Wuchter, George Thomas

Wuebbens, Carrie

Wuebbold, Melba

Wueller, Herman C.

Wuensch, Lea L.

Wuerz, August C.

Wuerz, William

Wukasch, Clara Marie

Wulfemeyer, August H.

Wulfert, Ruth M.

Wulff, George J. L. Sr.

Wulff, Paul A.

Wulfkuehler, Lillian Elizabeth

Wunderlich, Frances

Wunderlich, George

Wunderlich, Paul G.

Wunderlin, Anna Frieda

Wunderluch, George

Wunnenberg, Clara I.

Wunnenberg, Virginia

Wunsch, Anna C.

Wunsch, Hazel May

Wunsch, John A.

Wunsch, John J.

Wunsch, William L.

Wurl, Lauriana T.

Wurth, John S.

Wuschke, Mary

Wuthrich, Irma W.

Wyant, Harry Leroy

Wyatt, Bertha Day

Wyatt, Frank Delano

Wyatt, James Bennett

Wyatt, Mamie Clanton

Wyatt, Mary

Wyatt, Roscoe

Wycoff, Anna

Wycoff, James A.

Wylie, Allister

Wylie, Ruth Lena

Wyly, Ella B.

Wynn, Albert

Wynn, Caroline Elizabeth

Wynn, Hazel Catherine

Wynn, Henry

Wynn, James

Wynn, Martin W. Sr.

Wynn, May

Wysocki, Joseph F.

Wyss, Olive M.