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Surnames beginning with Y

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Yaeger, John H.

Yaeger, Ralph Allan

Yaeger, Ury Louis

Yaggi, Ida

Yakimo, Katherine

Yales, Margaret

Yampolsky, Albert M.

Yancey, Jack E.

Yancy, Agnes M.

Yanger, Joseph H.

Yarbrough, Beatrice O.

Yates, Cora E.

Yates, Elizabeth May

Yates, Joseph W.

Yates, Robert E.

Yates, Robert T.

Yates, Susie

Yates, William M.

Yatras, Phillip

Yeager, Jessie M.

Yeary, William Henry

Yeats, Oliver Bell

Yedlin, Minnie

Yehlen, George Oscar

Yellin, Harry

Yengst, Mary

Yenieer, Barbara

Yeomans, Marcia C.

Yerkes, Florence

Yerkes, Lathy Jr.

Yesberg, Carrie K.

Yiatras, Pete

Yochim, Andrew N.

Yochum, Philip

Yocom, (Patrolman) Clifford H.

Yocum, Susan A.

Yohe, Earl M.

Yokely, Minnie V

Yokley, John C.

Yore, Augustus P.

Yore, Byrd Anne

York, Gladys

York, John W.

York, Marie

Yother, Edgar

Young, (Dr.) Max O.

Young, Adah Maureen

Young, Albert M. Sr.

Young, Andrew

Young, Anna

Young, August M.

Young, Bertha K.

Young, Betty

Young, Caroline Vogler

Young, Charles

Young, Clara E.

Young, Claudine

Young, Elizabeth B.

Young, Emelie

Young, Emmett J. 'Bob' 10/16 p

Young, Fern L.

Young, Florence

Young, Henry

Young, Horace

Young, John A.

Young, Joseph William

Young, Katherine Watson

Young, Lee Chester

Young, Lillian

Young, Lois

Young, Michael K.

Young, Ozzie

Young, Pete Sr.

Young, Roberta Suber

Young, Rose

Young, Samuel

Young, William

Young, Willie

Young, Zilphia

Yuede, Edmund Richard

Yuede, Virginia J.

Yuen, Leong Yick

Yunge, John A.

Yurkovich, Mike

Yurock, Cornelia

Yusman, Sophie