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Surnames beginning with O

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Oatman, Fred Lorenzo

Oatman, Kenneth L.

Oberbeck, Emma

Oberbeck, Frederick H.

Oberfeld, Nellie

Oberhaus, Louise

Oberheide, William John

Oberle, (see Mrs. David A. Peterein)

Oberman, David Barrish

Oberman, Mary Hoffman

Oberman, Mollie

Obermann, Amanda W.

Obermann, Marvin D.

Obermeier, Ann

Obermeyer, Charlotte Ann

Obermeyer, Ellen N.

Obermeyer, Ida P.

Obermeyer, Nellie

Obermiller, Benona Thompson 'Bee' 4/11 p

Obermiller, Robin E.

Obermoeller, William A.

Oberrieder, Arthur L.

Obert, George P.

Obert, William J.

Oberwinder, John Ferd

Obremski, Frank V. Sr.

Obremski, Helen

O'Brien, Arthur James Jr.

O'Brien, Cecelia

O'Brien, Cornelius D.

O'Brien, Daniel E.

O'Brien, Estelle Elizabeth

O'Brien, Ethel

O'Brien, Helen Marie

O'Brien, Lucille E.

O'Brien, Magdalen M.

O'Brien, Matthew B.

O'Brien, May

O'Brien, Mildred M.

O'Brien, Peter J.

O'Brien, Philip Carl

O'Brien, Robert Charles

O'Brien, Robert M.

O'Brien, Thomas J. Jr.

O'Brien, William J.

O'Brien, William Thomas

Obrock, Elizabeth

O'Bryan, Jeannine A.

O'Bryan, William

Obrycki, John

Ocheltree, Anna M.

Ochsenfeld, Regina

Ocom, Clifford H.

O'Connell, (Dr.) John

O'Connell, Esther Dorothy

O'Connell, Jermiah

O'Connell, Jerry

O'Connell, Katherine

O'Connell, Michael J.

O'Connell, William J. Sr.

O'Connor, Annie

O'Connor, Catherine

O'Connor, Catherine F.

O'Connor, Clara Christine

O'Connor, Diana Florence

O'Connor, Edward W.

O'Connor, Garnett B. 'Mike' 9/23 p

O'Connor, James J.

O'Connor, James William

O'Connor, Loretto A.

O'Connor, Marie

O'Connor, Nora

O'Connor, Rose E.

O'Day, Anna

O'Day, Annabell

O'Day, Margaret Mary

Odenwald, Karl

O'Donnell, Don G.

O'Donnell, Elizabeth G.

O'Donnell, Francis P.

O'Donnell, John Glennon

O'Donnell, John J.

O'Donnell, Mabel Margaret

O'Donnell, Margaret

O'Donnell, Mary Bridgett

O'Donnell, Patricia B.

Odum, Lora

Oehl, Ana

Oehmsted, Alice

Oelger, Edward L.

Oelkers, Henry Christ

Oelklaus, Hilda

Oellerman, Lizzie A.

Oertig, Louis G.

Oesch, Christian R.

Oessina, Joseph

Oestereich, Anna

Oestereich, Rose M.

Oesterreicher, Bertha

Oesterreicher, Viola B.

Oetzel, Frederick W.

Oetzel, William F.

Oexner, Frieda

Offer, Emma P.

Offerman, Alvina

O'Flyng, Paulina

Ogden, Rose

Ogelsley, Henry

Oger, John G.

Ogilvie, Radie M.

Ogle, August Samuel

Ogle, Izella

Ogle, Lella May

Ogle, Marvin E.

Ogle, Richard J.

Ogle, William J.

Ogles, John M.

Oglesby, Clyde F.

Oglesby, David Francis Sr.

O'Gorman, James

O'Hanlon, Joseph

O'Hara, Ida May

O'Hara, Rubie

O'Hare, Robert H.

O'Hearn, Ellen Mc Guire

O'Hearn, John Lawrence

O'Heron, Dorothy M.

O'Heron, Josephine

Ohlandt, Edward A.

Ohlemeyer, August C.

Ohlemeyer, Mae

Ohlendorf, Dorothy

Ohlhausen, Frank J.

Ohlms, Mary Margaret

Ohm, Etta

Oitzinger, John

O'Keefe, Clare Margaret

O'Keefe, Florence O.

O'Keefe, James L.

O'Keefe, Marcella

O'Keeffee, (Rt. Rev. Msgr.) Michael C.

Okenfuss, Gladys J.

Olden, James

Olden, Louise A.

Oldenburg, Olga A.

Oldendorf, Albert W.

Oldendorph, Herman G.

Oldenwald, Karl

Oldfather, William R.

O'Leary, Lois C.

Olendorff, Elizabeth

Oliphant, Harold

Oliver A. Sloan

Oliver, Cicero

Oliver, Emma

Oliver, Everett E.

Oliver, Frank

Oliver, Lawson J.

Oliver, Lewis

Oliver, Margaret

Oliver, Mary

Oliver, Samuella Sue

Olliges, William J.

Olmsted, Mildred

Olney, Mary S.

O'Loughlin, David M.

O'Loughlin, William James

Olsen, Joseph J.

Olsen, Otto T.

Olson, Arthur T.

Olson, Frank C.

O'Malley, Annie M.

O'Malley, Cecelia

O'Malley, John Thomas

O'Malley, Margaret Curran

O'Malley, Mary R.

O'Malley, Thomas P.

Ome, Walter Casey

O'Meara, Nancy

O'Meara, Thomas Joseph 'Bud' 4/11 p

Omohundro, Walter L.

O'Neal, Chester A.

O'Neal, Emma

O'Neal, James L.

O'Neal, Mattie

O'Neil, Captola Mc Call

O'Neil, Carrie

O'Neil, John P.

O'Neill, Annie E.

O'Neill, Catherine

O'Neill, Katherine I.

O'Neill, Lillian Ann

O'Neill, Mae B.

O'Neill, Marie

O'Neill, Mary A.

O'Neill, Patrick J.

Onstott, Laura

Opallach, August M.

Opara, Eva Sarah

Oppeland, Edward H.

Oppermann, Anthony E.

Oppermann, Emma

Oppliger, Irene

Orchard, Ruth

Ord, Elsie O.

Ordrop, Margaret A.

Orebaugh, Rosa

O'Reilly, Francis Joseph 'Frank' 5/26 p

O'Reilly, Margaret

O'Reilly, William Bernard

Orel, Annetta Florence

Orenstein, Rose G.

Orgeich, Christina

Orlando, Angelina

Orlando, Salvatore 'Sam' 10/21 p

Orlemann, Josephine M.

Orme, Walter Casey

Ormsby, Floyd Clarence Sr.

O'Rourke, Agnes

O'Rourke, John T. Sr. 'Jack' 8/4 p

O'Rourke, Katherine I.

O'Rourke, Mary C.

Orr, Alice Anderson

Orr, Margaret

Orrego, Fernando S.

Orrel, Willie Lee

Orrell, Maggie Bertie

Orsech, Wallace B.

Ort, Minnie C.

Ort, Minnie Christina

Orthwein, Alice

Orthwein, Alice

Ortmann, Henry

Ortwerth, August

Ortwerth, Hubert C.

Osberghaus, William F.

Osborn, William

Osborne, Will

Osburn, Ernest A.

Osby, David

Osdieck, Mary L.

Oseland, Nettie D.

O'Shea, Jacqueline R.

O'Shea, Mary A.

Osiek, Charles W.

Osiek, Lola M.

Osiek, Marie E.

Osinski, Veronica

Osseck, Ida C.

Ossian, Satrag 'Sam' 1/3 p

Ost, Alfred E.

Osterholtz, Theresa A.

Osterich, Alvina A.

Ostermeier, Caroline

Ostermeier, Elizabeth

Ostrich, Jerry J.

O'Sullivan, Cornelius J.

Oswald, Caroline E.

Oswald, Orland Ira

Oth, Bertha H.

Oth, Edward M.

Othmer, Emma A.

O'Toole, Catherine V.

O'Toole, James J.

O'Toole, Mae

O'Toole, Margaret

O'Toole, Thomas P.

Ott, Barbara

Ott, Frank Sr.

Ott, Henry

Ott, Rose

Otte, Vera M.

Otte, Wilhelmina

Otten, Christopher J.

Otten, Henry Bernard

Ottenad, Elaine

Ottenburger, Frieda M.

Ottensmeyer, Louise A.

Ottensmeyer, Matilda C.

Otting-Westendorf, Jennie S.

Otto, Augusta M.

Otto, Ben

Otto, Caroline E.

Otto, Clara

Otto, Katherine H.

Otto, Marie O.

Otto. Otto G.

Ottomeyer, Benjamin F.

Otz, Katherine

Outman, Ida E.

Outt, Elizabeth Mary

Overhauser, Harry R.

Overlease, Anna

Overstolz, Aida M.

Overstreet, Clara

Owen, Iona M.

Owen, Oscar S.

Owens, Ardith

Owens, Bernice

Owens, Charles Lee

Owens, Daisy M.

Owens, Elsie Louise

Owens, Frank M.

Owens, Henry L.

Owens, Howard Jr.

Owens, Joseph

Owens, Katie Lena

Owens, Leona A.

Owens, Lillian

Owens, Lola B. Napper

Owens, Louise

Owens, Margaret Lillian

Owens, Martha Isora

Owens, Nellie

Owens, Ola Eileen

Owens, Thomas

Owens, Tony

Owens, Walter

Owensby, Melba May

Owns, Henry Clarence Lee

Oxenfeld, Cordelia Eleanor

Oxnam, Elsie G.

Oyler, Lilly E.

Ozee, Clara Belle

Ozee, Miles S.