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Surnames beginning with Y

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Yackey, Clarice C.

Yackey, George R.

Yaeger, Grace H.

Yagge, Clara

Yaker, Fred

Yakutis, Frank

Yancey, Albert

Yanda, Matilda

Yandell, Bennie

Yanez, Fericio P.

Yanoschek, Stephen

Yanushitis, Joseph J.

Yanvey, Edroy

Yarberry, Donald R.

Yarbrough, Jack Sr.

Yarbrough, Oda N.

Yard, Chrystal

Yard, Herbert E. Sr.

Yates, Amzie W.

Yates, Blanche

Yates, Louise

Yates, Minnie

Yates, Vernon

Yawitz, Adolph

Yeager, Ella

Yeager, Grace Harriet

Yeager, Maggie Dean

Yealy, (Sister) Francis Xavier

Yeater, Margaret

Yenawine, Elizabeth

Yenzer, Joseph Paul

Yeomans, Earl O.

Yin, Charles Eng

Yinger, Raymond Russell

Yochim, Theresa

Yoder, Allen L. Sr.

Yoos, Frederick W.

Yordt, William

York, Marguerite Carroll

York, Robert

York, William Alan

Yost, Anna A.

Yost, Emma

Yost, Helen

Yosti, Mary L.

Younce, Genevieve D.

Young, Albert Sr.

Young, Alberta

Young, Alice Latheria

Young, Anna

Young, Anna

Young, Annabelle

Young, Arazola

Young, Benjamin F.

Young, Bernadine

Young, Bessie

Young, Blanche

Young, Boyd G.

Young, Calvin

Young, Carrie

Young, Clara C.

Young, Clarence Hunter

Young, Clay

Young, Cornelius

Young, Dorothy

Young, Floyd B.

Young, Frank

Young, Isrel

Young, Ive

Young, Jacob

Young, James

Young, John

Young, Louis

Young, Lua

Young, Lucinda

Young, Margaret C.

Young, Mary Elizabeth

Young, Millie

Young, Nelson Leon

Young, Richard

Young, Robert L.

Young, Sophia C.

Young, Susie

Young, William

Younger, Harry J.

Youngman, Ollie M.

Yount, Romie A.

Yount, William Evans

Yowell, Jacob

Yuchs, Margaret H.

Yuchs, William H.

Yung, George ‘Buck’ 9/30 p

Yunge, William Henry

Yunk, Charles W.