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Surnames beginning with J

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Jablonski, Josephine

Jablonsky, Phoenix Byron

Jaccard, Edith N.

Jaccard, Helen M.

Jackalone, Victoria J.

Jackman, Anna Barkley

Jackson, Archie W.

Jackson, Artie Mae

Jackson, Beulah

Jackson, Bonnie Mae

Jackson, Carrie B. ‘Blossom’ 6/27 p

Jackson, Charles F.

Jackson, Clara C.

Jackson, Dee

Jackson, Edward E.

Jackson, Elizabeth

Jackson, Ernest

Jackson, Gertrude

Jackson, Hattie

Jackson, Henrietta Reichardt

Jackson, Ida

Jackson, Ida Mae

Jackson, James

Jackson, John G.

Jackson, John S.

Jackson, Josephine ‘Jessie’ (nee Schoettler)

Jackson, Lena

Jackson, Leona M.

Jackson, Loretta L.

Jackson, Louis

Jackson, Lubertha

Jackson, Maggie Mae

Jackson, Mamie

Jackson, Margaret

Jackson, Minnie

Jackson, Moses

Jackson, Nora M.

Jackson, Pete

Jackson, Richard Daniel

Jackson, Robert Lee

Jackson, Roy D.

Jackson, Selma

Jackson, Tillie

Jackson, Tommie

Jackson, Vernel

Jackson, Viola L.

Jackson, Virginia

Jackson, William

Jaco, Arthur L.

Jacobi, Jerome P.

Jacobi, Louisa Jane

Jacobi, Richard O.

Jacobs, Adeline A.

Jacobs, Charles F.

Jacobs, Deloss Milo

Jacobs, Gorda L.

Jacobs, Heim A.

Jacobs, James W.

Jacobs, John

Jacobs, Luther F.

Jacobsmeyer, Annie

Jacobsmeyer, Clifford L.

Jacobson, Stella

Jacoby, Mildred C.

Jacques, Stella

Jaeckel, Cecil Mae

Jaeger, Anna E.

Jaeger, August H.

Jaeger, Helen G.

Jaeger, Joseph Sr.

Jaeger, Kathryn

Jaeger, Oscar

Jahn, Clara

Jahnsen, Minnie

Jakle, Adella

Jakoubek, Walter S.

Jamerson, Clyde

James, Ada

James, Anna

James, Anthony J.

James, Berry Lee

James, Buddy

James, Etta

James, Georgette

James, Jennie

James, Leola

James, Leonard J.

James, Lillian Spence

James, Lottie

James, Louisa Jane

James, Merle Jr.

James, Ollie

James, Oscar

James, Robert

James, Sheldon Keith

James, Willie

Jameson, May K.

Jamieson, Bessie Fyffe

Jamieson, James W.

Jamison, Eliza

Jamison, Willie M.

Jamroz, Stella A.

Janca, Elmer E.

Janda, Alois

Janek, Louis

Janes, Anthony J.

Janis, Helen Louise

Janisch, Frank Sr.

Janisch, Joseph Sr.

Jankowski, Vincent

Jansen, Herman ‘Whitey’ 4/13 p

Janssen, George U.

Janssen, Jennie B.

Janssen, Oscar

Jantzen, (Msgr.) R. E.

Jantzen, Jean

January, Dorothy Ann

January, Jack

Januchowsky, Albert W.

Jaocbs, Elise

Jara, Archie

Jaros, Anna

Jarrett, Beulah

Jarrett, Le__

Jarvis, Lillian C.

Jarvis, Pauline

Jarvis, Virginia Sue

Jasinski, Ceacilia S.

Jasinski-Frost, Mary

Jasper, (Dr.) Lester H.

Jasper, Anna M.

Jasper, Delbert

Jasper, William Henry

Jaster, John

Jeans, James William

Jedlink, Frank J.

Jefferies, Erle

Jeffers, Missouri

Jefferson, Essie

Jefferson, Jeanette Margaret

Jefferson, John

Jeffery, Harry

Jeffery, James Clapp

Jeffries, Bertha D.

Jeffries, Clarence

Jeffries, Lou Phenia

Jeffries, Nancy S.

Jeffs, Catherine

Jehle, Alma T.

Jehling, William

Jehling, William L.

Jehne, Harriet M.

Jellison, Elizabeth

Jellison-Taylor, Elizabeth Horan

Jenicek, Julia

Jenicek, William A.

Jenkins, (Dr.) Joseph M.

Jenkins, Alonzo

Jenkins, Christine

Jenkins, Clara

Jenkins, Clara Louise

Jenkins, Clyde

Jenkins, Eligah

Jenkins, Elizabeth

Jenkins, Elmer H.

Jenkins, Franklin Stephen

Jenkins, Fred Ivy

Jenkins, George Arthur

Jenkins, Luand

Jenkins, Maude A.

Jenkins, Pertella E.

Jennemann, (Rev.) Vincent L.

Jennewein, Anna C.

Jennewein, Edgar J.

Jennewein, Kenneth A.

Jennings, Alvin C. C.

Jennings, Francis G.

Jennings, Inez

Jennings, John Edward

Jennings, Joseph E.

Jennings, Laura P.

Jennings, Madeline Lindsey

Jennings, Naomi

Jennings, Virginia

Jennings, William Augustine

Jeschke, Edward G.

Jeschke, Olga

Jeska, Laura Ameline

Jesko, Katherine

Jester, Doris

Jester, Martin E.

Jetmar, Marie

Jett, Charlie T.

Jett, Haligan

Jett, Harold

Jett, Ollie

Jeuermann, Fred Anthony

Jiggotts, Willie L.

Jinkens, Martha

Jinks, Joseph O. ‘George’ 6/26 p

Joachim, E. Linton Sr.

Jobb, George P. ‘Dave’ 6/21 p

Jobe, Francis

Jobe, Melvin Y.

Jobe, Ray E.

Jobsky, George P.

Jockens, Katherine

Jodd, Margaret

Joergenson, Mary E.

Joern, Albert C. Sr.

Johannes, Gertrud

Johannes, Louis H.

Johanning, Emma

Johanningmeier, Emma

Johanningmeier, Selma

Johannsmeyer, Beulah

Johanson, Joseph E.

Johler, Louis

John, Mathew J.

Johndrow, Gregory L. ‘Bud’ 10/3 p

Johne, Harriet May

Johner, Frank P.

Johno, Antowine

Johns, David

Johns, Louise Martin

Johnson, Ado

Johnson, Alex

Johnson, Alice

Johnson, Amelia Ehrich

Johnson, Andrew B.

Johnson, Annie

Johnson, Arthur W.

Johnson, Augusta E.

Johnson, Belishes

Johnson, Benjamin F.

Johnson, Beulah Mae

Johnson, Calvin C.

Johnson, Cecilia A.

Johnson, Charles Lee

Johnson, Charles W. Sr.

Johnson, Christine Fordyce

Johnson, Clara

Johnson, Cora

Johnson, Craig

Johnson, Daisy G. Lutts

Johnson, Daniel

Johnson, Darlien L.

Johnson, Dave

Johnson, Diel J.

Johnson, Drusilla Wycoff

Johnson, Earl

Johnson, Edward

Johnson, Edward H.

Johnson, Elizabeth

Johnson, Elmer

Johnson, Elnora

Johnson, Elvena Mae

Johnson, Emil T.

Johnson, Emma

Johnson, Emma M.

Johnson, Excie

Johnson, Flossie M.

Johnson, Forest H.

Johnson, Frances

Johnson, Fred

Johnson, Geneva

Johnson, George E.

Johnson, Georgia

Johnson, Georgia

Johnson, Geraldine C.

Johnson, Grace

Johnson, Gussie

Johnson, Hallie Lee

Johnson, Hardy

Johnson, Harold

Johnson, Harvey

Johnson, Henry

Johnson, Henry Harry H.

Johnson, Irene

Johnson, Irving

Johnson, James

Johnson, James Everett

Johnson, Jesse S.

Johnson, John C.

Johnson, John W.

Johnson, Joseph E.

Johnson, Katie Williams

Johnson, Leatha

Johnson, Leo C.

Johnson, Leo F.

Johnson, Leroy

Johnson, Lindsay

Johnson, Lizzie

Johnson, Loskco

Johnson, Lucille

Johnson, Lula

Johnson, Mabel G.

Johnson, Mabel Kuhlman

Johnson, Mae

Johnson, Mahlon

Johnson, Malcom

Johnson, Mamie

Johnson, Margaret Mary

Johnson, Mary Anna

Johnson, Mary Catherine

Johnson, Matilda May

Johnson, Matthew

Johnson, Mattie

Johnson, Mattie S.

Johnson, Mina M.

Johnson, Minnie

Johnson, Nettie Will

Johnson, Ossie

Johnson, Pearline

Johnson, Peter

Johnson, Phodia

Johnson, Rhoda Washington

Johnson, Robert J.

Johnson, Romie T.

Johnson, Rose Iola

Johnson, Roselee

Johnson, Rugus

Johnson, Sadie E.

Johnson, Sam

Johnson, Samuel

Johnson, Sidney J.

Johnson, Simon P.

Johnson, Spencer

Johnson, Thomas D.

Johnson, William

Johnson, William Cloyd

Johnson, William H.

Johnson, William T.

Johnson-Fetsch, (Dr.) Darlien I.

Johnston, (Dr.) Charles G.

Johnston, Agnes

Johnston, Bertha

Johnston, Charles H.

Johnston, Ella

Johnston, Ella M.

Johnston, Henry E.

Johnston, Levi Thomas

Johnston, Paul E.

Johnston, Thomas Flavorn

Johnstone, Colin H.

Johnston-Mc Cann, Julia C.

Johnston-Welch, Ella

Joiner, Rosie

Jokerst, Lina

Jokisch, Charles E.

Jonak, Mary

Jones, (Mrs. D. Calhoun)

Jones, Alexandria

Jones, Alice

Jones, Amie

Jones, Ann

Jones, Anna

Jones, Anna E.

Jones, Anna M.

Jones, Annie

Jones, Archie ‘Jack’ 6/5 p

Jones, Arnola

Jones, Belle

Jones, Benjamin August

Jones, Betty

Jones, C. B.

Jones, Carson

Jones, Catherine M.

Jones, Cecil Harworth Sr.

Jones, Cecil Ray

Jones, Charles Fletcher

Jones, Charlotte Thornton

Jones, Cherry L.

Jones, Clara V.

Jones, Clemmie D.

Jones, Cleveland

Jones, Collins

Jones, Cordelia M.

Jones, Curtis G.

Jones, Daisy

Jones, David J.

Jones, Davie W.

Jones, Delia E.

Jones, Dell

Jones, Eddie

Jones, Emerson Jr.

Jones, Estella V.

Jones, Esther

Jones, Ethel E.

Jones, Ethel Ruth Patton

Jones, Fannie

Jones, Frank H.

Jones, Freddie

Jones, George

Jones, Gertrude Mae

Jones, Harry Sr.

Jones, Harvey Clendioan

Jones, Hazel A.

Jones, Henry W.

Jones, Hugh Mc Kittrick

Jones, Ike

Jones, Irene

Jones, J. Elbert

Jones, James

Jones, James B.

Jones, James Chester

Jones, Janice R.

Jones, Jasper

Jones, Jasper N.

Jones, Jime

Jones, John Ben

Jones, John D.

Jones, John Leroy

Jones, John Perry

Jones, John S.

Jones, Julius

Jones, Katherine

Jones, Katie Lillian

Jones, King S.

Jones, Liddie

Jones, Lillie

Jones, Lillie M.

Jones, Lillie Tipton

Jones, Lonnie

Jones, Loretta M.

Jones, Mabel Webster

Jones, Madeline Lindsey

Jones, Martha M.

Jones, Mary Ellen

Jones, Mary Johnnie

Jones, Matthew J.

Jones, Mona D.

Jones, Monroe

Jones, Morris R.

Jones, Nancy Ellen

Jones, Paula

Jones, Perry Lee Sr.

Jones, Picola

Jones, Ralph Eugene

Jones, Robert L.

Jones, Ruth Bulkley

Jones, Sarah Branch

Jones, Stanley

Jones, Stanley K.

Jones, Tommie

Jones, Viola

Jones, Viola N.

Jones, Virgil

Jones, Walter

Jones, Walter Lee

Jones, Warner Paul

Jones, Will

Jones, William

Jones, Willie

Jordan, Amanda M.

Jordan, Archie

Jordan, Charles D.

Jordan, Evelyn

Jordan, Fred

Jordan, Grace

Jordan, Marie

Jordan, Mary Curran

Jordan, Mc Lissie A.

Jordan, Nell

Jordan, Silas H.

Jordan, Stella E.

Jordon, Ada

Jorn, Clarence I.

Jorns, George

Josar, Frank J. Jr.

Jose, Melissa Maude

Joseph, Effie M.

Joseph, Michael L.

Jost, Anna

Jost, Blanche

Jost, Carl F.

Jost, Elizabeth

Jost, Joseph Patrick

Jost, Lena

Jost, Michael

Jost, Richard O.

Jost, Ruth

Jouet, Lawrence V. ‘Larry’ 10/1 p

Jourdan, Robert Lee

Joyce, Edward H.

Joyce, Gerald

Joyce, Louis E.

Joyce, Marie Frances

Joyce, Raymond William Sr.

Joyner, Johnnie

Jozuiak, Eva

Judd, George Cauldwell

Judd, Walter F.

Judge, Elba D.

Judge, Emma E.

Judge, Joseph M.

Judlin, Lotta

Judy, Margaret

Juelich, Katherine

Juengel, Chrystie L.

Juengel, Mary E.

Juengel, Mathilda

Juengel, Theodore Henry

Juengerman, Agnes A.

Juengst, Theodore

Juergens, Irma

Juergens, Nora

Jugloff, Dimitre G. ‘Uncle Jim’ 12/8 p

Jugovic, Frances

Juhlin, George L.

Jukl, Mary T.

Juliet, John S.

Julks, Samuel Lee

Jump, (SSgt, AAC) Haynes C. “Burial Services for Air Force Men” #3/7 p

Jumper, Charles

Jung, Eva

Jung, George R.

Jung, Katharina

Jung, Mary

Jung, Mary H. ‘Minnie’ (nee Overkamp)

Jung, Reinhardt ‘Hardy’ 10/22 p

Junge, William E.

Jungermann, Amanda Dorothy

Jungewaelter, Mary M.

Jungk, (Dr.) Carl G. W.

Jungling, Harry J.

Jungman, Joseph A.

Jungmann, Bertha

Jungmann, Fanny

Junkens, Martha

Jurcic, Frank

Jurcic, Louis A. Sr.

Jurkiewicz, Julia J.