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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabell, Frank Murray

Cabrilliac, Maude A.

Caby, Henry E. Sr.

Cade, James Michael

Cadlwell, Elsie V.

Cadwallader, Lee C.

Cadwell, Kevin Wayne

Cadwell, Robert

Caen, Zora E.

Caesar, Hermine A.

Caesar, Louise W.

Caffey, Ann J.

Caffrey, Frank

Cagliano, Colorgero

Cagna, Mary

Cahalin, Mary E. ‘Mayme’ (nee Tierney)

Cahill, Cora B.

Cahill, Henrietta N.

Cahill, Jane T.

Cahill, Virginia A.

Cahillane, Patrick

Caho, William E.

Caimi, Louis

Cain, (Ens., USNR) William W.

Cain, Gertrude

Cain, Thomas W. Sr.

Cairns, Blanche A.

Caito, Ann

Caito, William

Calcaterra, Angelo

Caldwell, James Franklin ‘Pop’ 4/19 p

Caldwell, L. C.

Caldwell, Lizzie E.

Caldwell, Margaret Della

Caldwell, Nathaniel

Caldwell, Rosia Belle

Caldwell, Tracy Wynn

Calef, Charles E.

Calendar, William Jr.

Calhoun, Corinne F.

Calhoun, Earl J.

Calhoun, Ella Lockhart

Cali, Vito

Calif, Stella May

Call, Emma F.

Call, Henry Ray

Callahan, James Marion

Callahan, Joseph M.

Callahan, Mary A.

Callahan, Mary E.

Callahan, Mary Jane

Callahan, Shirley

Callahan, Veronica Robinson

Callahn, Mary

Callen, Luke Seth

Callender, Annabelle

Callicott, Frankie

Callicotte, Clyde H.

Callier, (Capt., Community FD) Robert J.

Callier, Daniel

Callier, Willie F.

Callies, Caroline

Callison, Mary Ann

Calloni, Angelo T.

Calloway, Etta

Calmease, Sam Jr.

Calmese, Hill Jr.

Caloia, A. Thomas

Calpin, Goldie

Calvert, Nell E.

Calvin, Barbara Sue

Calvird, Bertha A.

Calwell, Wanda Sue

Cambron, Mary Ann

Cameron, Annie B.

Camfield, Ernest Esco

Camp, Elmer

Campbell, (Chief) Alex M.

Campbell, Anna Mae

Campbell, Beatrice Hurley Anyan

Campbell, Birdie May

Campbell, Canna A.

Campbell, Catherine

Campbell, Clearo

Campbell, Edna

Campbell, Estelle

Campbell, Eugene O.

Campbell, Harold B.

Campbell, James

Campbell, James J.

Campbell, John E.

Campbell, John J.

Campbell, Katherine

Campbell, Lelia

Campbell, Manzie George

Campbell, Margaret

Campbell, Nanie Beatrice

Campbell, Neal

Campbell, Neal Payton

Campbell, Octavia A.

Campbell, Schaeffner C. Sr.

Campbell, William Robert Jr.

Campion, Pete A.

Campo, Stefano

Canada, Margaret L.

Canan, (Dr.) Edward J., DDS

Canegallo, Joseph

Canepa, Katherine R.

Canepa, Louis

Canfield, Hattie May

Canfield, May

Cange, Clarence S.

Canis, Laura

Canitto, Nancy

Canmann, Charles B.

Cannito, Louis ‘Luciano’ 12/10 p

Cannito, Nancy

Cannizzo, Phyllis

Cannon, John F.

Cannon, Robert

Cannon, Roma R.

Canter, Margaret F.

Cantillon, Annie

Cantillon-Laible, Mary T.

Cape, Wilber W.

Capen, (see Boarman, Mrs. Alexander)

Capen, Charles Pond

Caplan, Benjamin H.

Caplan, David

Capobianco, Marianna

Capone, Josephine M.

Capozzo, Maria

Capra, (Capt., Creve Coeur FD) Donald J.

Capra, Auguso ‘Gus’ *11/3 p

Capra, Gus P.

Capstick, Harry

Capstick, Rose K.

Caradine, James T.

Caravello, Marion

Card, Velma J.

Cardwell, Claud R.

Cardwell, Margaret Ellen

Care, Catherine M.

Carenza, Minnie G.

Carey, Agnes V.

Carey, Dorothy A.

Carey, Louise

Carey, Theresa

Caringer, Alton William

Carl, James I.

Carl, Paul

Carleton, Guy

Carley, Ora

Carlie, Rose

Carlin, Clarence

Carlin, Clarence C.

Carlin, Joseph A.

Carlin, Margaret L.

Carline, Arthur E.

Carlisle, (Mr. & Mrs. John W.)

Carlisle, Grace

Carlisle, John W.

Carlisle, Maudie B.

Carlson, Adolph Forby

Carlson, Anna

Carlson, Anna C.

Carlson, Rodney C.

Carman, Kathryn Frances

Carman, Tom

Carman, Walter L.

Carmickel, Lee B.

Carmody, (STLPD, ret.) Edmond

Carmody, Delia

Carmody, Hannah

Carmody, Hazel

Carmody, Margaret

Carmody, Theodore J.

Carnaghi, Cesare

Carnaghi, Ida

Carnes, Eula Mae

Carney, Annie

Carney, Edward W. ‘Curley’ 12/20 7C, *12/21 p

Carney, Frances

Carney, Helen

Carodine, Ora Lee

Carollo, Agnes

Carpenter, Emma C.

Carpenter, George A.

Carpenter, Hattie V.

Carpenter, Mary Noel

Carpenter, Rose Marie

Carpenter, Roy E.

Carpentier, Robert J.

Carper, Roy J.

Carr, Clara

Carr, Cora

Carr, Gusta

Carr, James

Carr, Juanita J.

Carr, Margaret

Carr, Robert

Carr, William Andrew

Carrara, Peter

Carras, Ella

Carrigan, Hugh S.

Carriker, Rose

Carrol,, Lula B.

Carroll, Anna K.

Carroll, Clara

Carroll, Eleanor M.

Carroll, Jeannette

Carroll, Lula

Carroll, Mary E.

Carroll, Rodger

Carroll, Sleana

Carroll, Susan Balson

Carrow, Albert L.

Carrow, Emil Jacob

Carrow, Joseph L.

Carrow, Mary Ellen

Carruthers, Sophia

Carson, Frank

Carson, George J.

Carson, Mary A.

Carson, Viola

Carstensen, Henry N.

Cartan, Robert

Carten, Hattie

Carten, Mary Ellen

Carter, (SSgt, AAC) Samuel F. “Burial Services for Air Force Men” #3/7 p

Carter, Dora

Carter, Earl V.

Carter, Edna

Carter, Ella J.

Carter, Elma Mary

Carter, Eugene I.

Carter, Frances A.

Carter, Frederic W.

Carter, George William

Carter, Irella C.

Carter, James

Carter, Jesse V.

Carter, John E.

Carter, Juanita

Carter, Kathryn

Carter, Lawrence J.

Carter, Lewis J.

Carter, Mary Jo

Carter, Mattie

Carter, Mildred

Carter, Nathan

Carter, Nilah

Carter, Robert

Carter, Virginia Dollie

Carter, William Ray

Carter, Zack

Cartledge, John Hayes

Carver, Aratha

Carver, Laura

Carver, Violet Leinger

Carvik, Mary A.

Cary, H

Casazza, Caterina Pezzoli

Casby, William Allen

Casciaro, Eugino

Casey, Annie

Casey, Archell

Casey, Catherine Mc Dermott

Casey, Clara

Casey, Lossie L.

Casey, Mary M.

Casey, Melba M.

Casey, Minnie

Casey, Robert A.

Cashel, Edward

Caslin, Russell F.

Cason, Oliver

Cass, Katie B.

Cass, William A. ‘Rocky’ 7/26 p

Cassidy, (Dr.) Leslie D.

Cassidy, Adele E.

Cassidy, Helen Mary

Cassidy, Mae

Cassiedy, Dorothea Leona

Cassiedy, Joseph V.

Cassilly, Harriett Sutter

Cast, Hyacinth J.

Cast, William A.

Castanis, John

Castellano, Phillip

Castens, Sophie

Castleberry, Joe

Caston, T. C.

Castsigianis, Otto P/ (St.L. Co.)

Catalano, Anna B.

Catalano, Dora

Catalano, Rose

Catalfio, Agnes

Catching, Octavia

Cates, Harry R.

Cathcart, Archie

Cathcart, Hattie L.

Cathcart, Jerry E.

Cathcart, Joseph R. ‘Ren’ 7/23 p

Catherine, Samuel C.

Catlin, Ella R.

Catlin, Theron E.

Catsigianis, Otto P. ‘Oddiseus’ 1/20 p

Cattaneo, John P.

Catti, Dante A.

Cattron, Jo-Ann

Caudle, Brenda Lee

Caudle, William T.

Caufield, Elva Lucy

Cauley, Michael

Cavanagh, Edward P.

Cavanaugh, Helen

Cavanaugh, Joseph A.

Cavos, Annibal J.

Cawley, James E.

Cayse, Linden T.

Cazaux, Anthony A. Sr.

Cebe, Frank

Cecil, James C.

Ceglinski, Mary

Celaney, Katherine

Celeslie, Charles Sr.

Cella, Catherine

Cepak, Elizabeth Helen

Cerf, May H.

Cerny, George V.

Cerny, Mary

CerStandig, Jessie D.

Cerutti, Maria

Cervenka, Fred

Cervenka, Mary

Chacey, Ella M.

Chaloupsky, Barbara F.

Chalupny, John J.

Chamberlain, Robert E. Sr.

Chamberlain, Sam N.

Chamberlain, Smiles K.

Chamberlin, Mabel H.

Chamberlin, Phillip Sanford III

Chambers, Elizabeth

Chambers, Ernest

Chambers, James

Chambers, Minnie

Chambers, Minnie M.

Chambers, Myrtle L.

Chambers, Stuart M.

Chambers, William L.

Chamblin, Lulu

Chance, George W.

Chandler, Edmund S.

Chandler, Terry

Chaplin, Sarah E.

Chapman, Audrey

Chapman, Blanche

Chapman, Catherine M.

Chapman, Elizabeth Jane

Chapman, Francis

Chapman, John Samuel

Chapman, Luella

Chapman, Mary Jane

Chapman, Russell A.

Chapman, William A.

Chappell, (Dr.) Laura Nichols

Chappins, Leo F.

Chappius, Leo

Chapple, Turley

Charak, Rose I.

Charbulack, Arthur H.

Chardin, Lucetta L.

Charles, Richard B.

Charles. William Thomas

Charlton, Ruth Mae

Chartrand, Annie

Chartrand, John

Chartrand, Margaret M., RN

Chase, Harold John L. Sr. ‘Hal’ 11/8 p

Chase, Peter

Chassaing, Lucy

Chatching, John

Chatham, Leonard Paye

Chaudet, Esther

Chauncey, (Mrs. W. B.)

Chavis, Joseph A.

Chazen, Abraham

Cheatam, Luke

Cheers, Fannie Mae

Chehowski, Mary

Cheney-Spiegel, Mamie

Chernus, Lena

Cherot-Dunaine, Marie Louise

Chervitch, Joe T.

Cheston, Charles Steele

Chesus, Barney

Chew, Cleotha Clifton

Chew, Madge S.

Chiaborel, Shari S.

Chiapel, John Eugene

Chiatto, Fausta Piazza

Chihoski, Mary

Childs, David

Childs, Frank I.

Childs, Violet S.

Chiles, Effie

Chinnici, Rocco

Chiodini, Maria

Chirco, Ignazia ‘Katie’ (nee Palmisano)

Chism, Frank M.

Chism, Jane G.

Chitta, Fausta Piazza

Chitty, William Howard Sr.

Chmielewski, Thomas

Chobanovitz, Elizabeth

Choisel, Mary M.

Chomeau, Virena

Chott, Andrew Frank

Chouquette, Julia

Chouteau, Elise

Chouteau, Marie C.

Chrisco, Otis

Chrisman, Elizabeth Sarah

Chrismer, Charles C.

Chrismer, Frieda C.

Chrismer, Mamie C.

Chrismer, William H.

Christ, Anna E.

Christ, Ellen

Christen, Joseph C.

Christen, Margaret

Christenberry, Vergil

Christensen, Christ I.

Christian, Earl

Christian, Fred Earl

Christian, Katherine

Christian, Robert B.

Christman, Bessie L.

Christmann, Katherine

Christmann, Minnette M.

Christopffersen, Olivia J.

Christopher, John

Chronister, Dora

Chronister, Effie

Chubb, Percival

Chulick, Josephine

Chumbley, Thomas C.

Chura, Lena

Church, John W.

Church, Leo E.

Churchill, Helen

Ciecalone, Calogera

Cieselmann, August T.

Cigno, Donnia M.

Cigrand, Anna M.

Cintel, Alfred M.

Cissell, Earl K.

Cissell, Elmo V. ‘Fred’ 1/13 p

Cissell, Joseph ‘Curt’ 11/26 p

Citkovich, Rudolph

Clacher, Martha B.

Claerebout, Gabrielle J.

Clanahan, Julia

Clancy, Lottie B.

Clanton, Ida Jane

Clarahan, Rosa Elizabeth

Clardy, John Clark ‘Jack’ 4/11 p

Clardy, Zeno B.

Clark, (Dr.) Reuben T.

Clark, (Mrs. John)

Clark, Alfred J.

Clark, Alguy

Clark, Alvin B.

Clark, Amelia

Clark, Arva Marie

Clark, Bessie T.

Clark, Catherine A.

Clark, Clara

Clark, Clara

Clark, Clarence Noels

Clark, Dominick F. Sr.

Clark, Ellen Catherine

Clark, Eloize Augusta

Clark, Elton C. Jr.

Clark, Ernest William

Clark, Frederick

Clark, Frederick

Clark, Genevieve M.

Clark, George Washington

Clark, Harry L. Sr.

Clark, Helen S.

Clark, Hugh L.

Clark, Ida

Clark, James A.

Clark, John H.

Clark, Laura

Clark, Lela

Clark, Lillie M.

Clark, Lulu Ethel

Clark, Marion

Clark, Marion J.

Clark, Mary Elizabeth

Clark, Maud J.

Clark, Myrtle Laverne

Clark, Nancy

Clark, Nettie

Clark, Otto H.

Clark, Philip J.

Clark, Raymond Cleo

Clark, Robert E.

Clark, Robert L.

Clark, Ruth

Clark, Thomas

Clark, Walter J.

Clark, Willie

Clarke, (Attn.) Chauncey H.

Clarke, (Sister) Dorothy

Clarke, Ettia Amelia

Clarke, Olive

Clarkson, Agnes

Clarkson, Alice Esther

Clarkson, Elizabeth L. Hewlett

Classes, Raymond

Clausen, Alma H.

Clavin, Martin O.‘Pudge’ 6/15 p

Clay, Eloise

Clay, Katie

Clay, Lenell

Clay, Mae C.

Clay, Mamie

Clay, Robert P.

Clay, Willie

Clayton, Albert B. ‘Jack’ 1/13 p

Clayton, Alice Arreene

Clayton, Effie

Clayton, John

Clayton, Maude A.

Clayton, Sarah

Claytor, Carl Richard

Cleary, Clara B.

Cleary, Consie Lezell

Cleary, Thomas T.

Cleghorn, Annie

Clemens, Charles A.

Clemens, Erma B.

Clemens, George A.

Clemens, John

Clement, Edmund James

Clement, Frederick Joseph

Clement, Jennie L.

Clement, Phillippina J.

Clement, Reno H. ‘Clem’ 2/14 p

Clements, William

Clemmons, Elmer

Clemmons, Mary

Clemons, Charles

Clemons, Roscoe J.

Clemons, Will

Clendenin, Henry Clay

Cleveland, Aurelia P.

Cleveland, Vera B.

Clevenger, Eleanor L.

Cliff, Pansie M.

Clifford, Anna M.

Clifford, Berthoud

Clifford, Leo Phayer

Clifford-Scott, Marguerite

Clifton, Willie E.

Clinard, Claude Lee

Clinard, Roland

Cline, Tommie

Clinton, Robert

Clithero, Grace C.

Clodius, Carl F.

Clohessy, Christopher C.

Clohesy, Veronica

Clonts, Otis L.

Cloosterhuis, Mildred Wills

Cloud, James M.

Clouss, Marie L.

Cloutier, Ernest

Cluny, Emery E.

Coates, Ann L.

Coates, Julia Ann

Coates, Nadine

Cobb, Alice Marie

Cobb, Danny Ray

Cobb, Elbert ‘Monk’ 6/20 p

Cobb, Ida Mae

Cobb, Ida R.

Cobb, John E.

Cobb, Mabel M.

Cobbe, Belle M.

Cobbs, John E.

Coby, Leonard L.

Cocheff, Thomas George

Cochran, Minnie

Cochran, Ruth

Codding, Clinton S.

Coddington, Walter Bruce

Cody, Christopher M.

Coep, Walter M.

Coffel, Marion

Coffey, Elizabeth M.

Coffey, Emma

Coffey, Juneous

Coffin, Harry E.

Coffman, Kyle G.

Coffman, Leroy Brown

Coffman, Lucille C.

Coghlan, Blanche

Cohan, William M.

Cohea, Archie S.

Cohen, Anna

Cohen, Anna Abrams

Cohen, Bess

Cohen, Bessie

Cohen, Jeanette

Cohen, Leroy

Cohen, Mary

Cohen, Max

Cohen, Meyer

Cohen, Wolf Ben

Cohn, Lillian Fremder

Cohn, William

Cohoon, Arthur

Coibion, Frank

Coibion, Theodore Frank

Coker, Mable C.

Colbert, William Thomas

Cole, (STLPD, ret.) Willard G. ‘Bill’ 2/10 p

Cole, Bertha W.

Cole, Blanche Virginia

Cole, Clyde Clarence Sr.

Cole, Daniel

Cole, Delzie H.

Cole, Edith

Cole, Edward Lester

Cole, Ellen E.

Cole, George W.

Cole, Lemock Wiley

Cole, Maggie May

Cole, Melvin L.

Cole, Raymond W.

Cole, Rose A.

Cole, Saxon

Cole, William H.

Coleman, Beulah

Coleman, Dora B.

Coleman, Edna Jeanne

Coleman, George W.

Coleman, Henry Lee

Coleman, Ida M.

Coleman, James

Coleman, Lawson

Coleman, Lura

Coleman, Margaret

Coleman, Margaret N.

Coleman, Pauline A.

Coleman, William R.

Colemen, James M.

Coley, Julia

Colihan, Arthur A.

Collet, Hugo A.

Collet, Marie Lorette

Collett, Loretta Ann

Colley, Louis C.

Colley, Pearl

Collier, James E.

Collies, Caroline

Collinane, James J.

Collins, (MSgt.) John H.

Collins, (Rev.) Joseph A.

Collins, Albert

Collins, Annie

Collins, Bessie M.

Collins, Carrie

Collins, Catherine M.

Collins, Dale H.

Collins, George

Collins, Henry

Collins, Jane Brown

Collins, Jefferson J.

Collins, Juanita Louise

Collins, L. D.

Collins, Louis

Collins, Margaret

Collins, Mary Waters

Collins, Norman Earl

Collins, Rosa

Collins, Susan A.

Collins, Theodore Taylor

Collins, Thomas E.

Collins, William F.

Colman, Clara

Colomb, Erma

Colombano, Agnes

Colombine, Pauline

Colombo, Batista ‘Bob’ 8/9 p

Colombo, John ‘Giovanni’ 8/27 p

Colombo, Maria

Colonial, James

Colvin, Jesse L.

Colvin, Ray Grimes

Colyer, (Dr.) Robert E.

Colyer, Lorene L. ‘Tobey’ (nee Buller)

Combs, Arthur G.

Comer, Delia

Cometto, Batista John

Cometto, James T.

Commetto, James T.

Commons, Alonzo B.

Commons, Chester

Compas, Frank

Compton, Byrta

Comte, Leo Joseph

Concannon, Ellen

Condellire, Frances

Conder, Cecelia

Condon, Edith

Condon, Oscar P.

Conell, Earl W.

Conkin, William L.

Conley, Charles W.

Conley, Eva F.

Conlin, Gary Edwin

Conlon, Mary Ellen

Connel, Clinton

Conner, Alvina

Conner, Katherine G.

Conners, Charles

Connolly, David

Connolly, Edward

Connolly, Leopold P.

Connolly, Sarah

Connolly, Thomas J.

Connor, Agnes Mae

Connor, Anna N.

Connor, Mary E.

Connor, Nellie May

Connor, Robert J.

Connor, Terrell T.

Connors, Bridget

Connors, Mary Elizabeth

Connoyer, Elmer L.

Conoy, William L.

Conrad, Benjamin H.

Conrad, Eugene W.

Conrad, Mary

Conrades, Florence L.

Conroy, Ellen V.

Conroy, Laura

Conroy, William L.

Consolino, Domenica

Constantin, Alex

Conterio, Matt

Conwell, Eleanor

Cook, Anna

Cook, Bertha Ryness

Cook, Edmund L.

Cook, Eva V.

Cook, George J.

Cook, Gladys

Cook, Harry

Cook, Helen L.

Cook, Ida C.

Cook, John A.

Cook, John E.

Cook, Leroy

Cook, Mary L.

Cook, Robert

Cook, Rose L. Mc Kenna

Cook, Ruel O.

Cook, William A.

Cooke, George J.

Cooke, Josephine

Cooke, Laura Boone

Cooke, William Mordecai

Cool, Kenneth L. Jr.

Cooley, Anna Caroline

Coombes, George William Sr.

Coon, Paul H.

Cooney, Barbara Ann

Cooper, Albert

Cooper, Cornelia

Cooper, Edgar M.

Cooper, Eliza

Cooper, Estelle

Cooper, Georgia P.

Cooper, Louise

Cooper, Manuel

Cooper, Myrtle Belle

Cooper, Olivia

Cooper, Sarah Minkowitz

Cooper, William

Cope, Nora Ethel ‘Betty’ 11/4 p

Cope, Walter M.

Copeland, Benton C.

Copeland, Clarence Albert

Copeland, Elizabeth

Copeland, Elsie A.

Copeland, Joseph F.

Copeland, Richard A.

Copeland, Rose M.

Copley, Catherine Lewis

Copp, C. W.

Coppage, Elizabeth

Coppinger, John Francis

Coppock, Georgia

Coran, Steven Kirk

Corbett, Elmer Lee

Corbett, Margaret A.

Corcoran, Caroline

Corcoran, Dorothy M.

Corcoran, Julia F.

Corcoran, Marguerite Pearl

Corcoran, Michael J.

Cordell, Jennie Maude

Cordell, Sara Hobbs

Cordes, Catherine

Cordes, Lillian W.

Cordes, Margaret M.

Cordes, Mary

Cordes, William

Cordia, Paul E.

Corey, Dana P. Sr.

Corley, Joseph Moore

Corley, Vernon A.

Cornbleet, Hyman

Cornelius, Ruth S.

Corrigan, Hugh S.

Corrigan, William T.

Corrington, Minnie E.

Corruthers, Will

Cortopassi, Romeo John ‘Raymond’ 5/23 p

Corwley, Margaret

Cory, Clyde Joseph

Cory, Josephine

Cosby, Clara

Cosby, Eva Ellen

Costa, Modesta Sarah

Costanza, (Sister) Mosley

Costello, (Attn.) R. Emmett Sr.

Cote, Dorothea ‘Dora’ 5/1 p

Cottam, Audrey

Cottle, William T.

Cottner, Shirley Ruth

Cotton, Evie

Cotton, Jim

Cotton, Mary Ella

Cotton, Mattie

Couch, Milton R.

Couch, Paula M.

Coughlin, Elizabeth

Coughlin, James W.

Coughlin, John J.

Coughlin, Lillian G.

Coughlin, Mary Ann

Coulter, Cornelia C.

Coulter, M. Ethel

Council, Mabel M.

Counts, Doyle Edward

Counts, Hazel Olive

Couplin, Irene C.

Couplin, Leroy E.

Coursen, Jessie M.

Coursen, William N.

Courson, George W.

Court, August

Courte, Francis Ellsworth

Courtney, Della

Cova, Achille ‘Louis’ 6/20 p

Cover, Olivia Hodgson

Covert, Pearl L.

Covetts, Elizabeth A.

Covington, (MSgt.) Clarence B.

Covington, Cora

Covington, Rupert W.

Covinsky, Myrtle

Cowan, J. Edward

Cowan, Lillian C.

Cowell, Elmer August

Cowhey, Julia Kenneth

Cowie, Leland K.

Cowley, Edward William

Cox, Alva C.

Cox, Bernadette E.

Cox, Cecile Imogene

Cox, Clarence C.

Cox, Edna Marie

Cox, Effie

Cox, Joseph B.

Cox, Margaret

Cox, Meredith

Cox, Mittie B.

Coxall, Fred T. ‘Bud’ 6/24 p

Coyle, (Dr.) Maurice J.

Coyle, Dora

Coyle, Marie

Cozz, Attilio P. ‘Tillie’ 7/14 p

Crabb, Elizabeth

Crabtree, Adell

Cracchiola, Salvatore Sam

Craden, Leo G. Sr.

Craden, Lyons Mary

Cradon, Charles Francis

Craft, Dolores

Craft, Vickie Ruth

Crafton, Anna

Crafton, Aubrey Lee

Crafton, Mary S.

Crago, John Hughes

Craig, Clyde E.

Craig, Edgar

Craig, Eugene L.

Craig, George

Craig, Julia V.

Craig, Lee Roy

Craig, Lilly

Craig, Mary C.

Craig, Stella

Craig-Mc Cosh, James Thomas

Crain, Alice G.

Crain, Wilhelmine ‘Minnie’ (Mrs. Hartwell)

Cralwell, Beverly

Cramer, Muriel Valeria

Crane, David Alonzo

Cranston, William Leo

Craver, Charles Henry

Crawford, Burns

Crawford, Cora

Crawford, Della

Crawford, Ethel M.

Crawford, Helen R.

Crawford, Hettie E.

Crawford, James D.

Crawford, James Emmett

Crawford, James Wesley

Crawford, King

Crawford, Mack

Crawford, Mary T.

Crawford, Maude Amanda

Crawford, Queenesther

Crawford, Roy

Crawley, Royal

Creamer, Bernice A.

Crean, Mary A.

Creane, Rose Mary

Creason, Delores M.

Crecelius, Dorothy Mathilda

Creech, Imogene

Creech, William R.

Creecy, Marie P.

Creed, Sarah R.

Creek, Allan J.

Creely, John J.

Creely, Olive Claire

Creen, William B.

Creglow, Gertrude

Creighton, James H.

Creighton, Laura

Creighton-Spiess, Anna Marie

Creley, Jennie Z.

Crelly, James G.

Cremin, (Dr.) Douglas E., DDS

Crenshaw, Elizabeth

Crenshaw, Ola Mae

Cressler, Kerr Murray

Crets, Rose

Crews, Albertha

Crider, Ollie B.

Crider, Ruby

Criglar, Eugene

Crigler, Joseph W.

Crim, Earl W.

Crimi, Angelina

Crimmins, (Rev.) Harry B.

Crimmins, Daniel M.

Crimmins, John Aloysius

Crimmins, Nora A.

Cripps, Orville Clyde

Cripps, Stella

Crisel, Lewis

Criss, Charles H.

Critchfield, Samuel

Crites, Juita C.

Crittenden, Morris

Croak, John A.

Croce, Carmen M.

Crocker, Berniece M.

Crockett, Benjamin

Crockett, Clytie

Crockett, James T.

Croft, Marguerite

Croissant, George

Cromeans, Minnie P.

Cromer, Joseph

Cromwell, George H. Jr.

Cromwell, Grace

Cronan, Norman T.

Crone, Amelia H.

Cronin, Alma

Cronin, Margaret C.

Cronin, Olene

Cronister, Effie

Cronk, William H.

Cronley, Mabel V.

Crook, Betty Sue

Crooks, John A.

Cropp, Ida

Croquart, Agnes

Crosby, Elizabeth D.

Crosby, Elizabeth Mae

Crosby, Kathryn

Crosby, Mary V. ‘Lulu’ 7/30 p

Crosby, Vazie Lee

Crosby, Wanda

Croson, Naomi

Cross, Anna

Cross, Bertha E.

Cross, Elvena Mae

Cross, Emma

Cross, Fleming R.

Cross, Jacob C.

Cross, Lee C.

Cross, Michael T.

Cross, Turzie K.

Cross, Velma Jane

Crossman, Myron Hall

Crouch, Annabel

Crouch, Doc

Crouch, Howard Charles

Crouch, Laura F.

Crouch, Philene

Crouppen, Jacob Joseph

Crouther, Barbara

Crow, Claud R.

Crow, Verna

Crowder, Virna H.

Crowe, (Mother) Helen

Crowe, Amelia H.

Crowe, Catherine

Crowe, Frank T.

Crowe, Parthena M.

Crowe, Ruth V.

Crowe-Algeo, Catherine

Crowell, Florence M.

Crowley, Cornelius J. ‘Pop’ 9/6 p

Crowley, Francis D.

Crowley, John E.

Crowley, Leo D.

Crowley, Margaret

Crowley, Mathilda A.

Crowley, Michael D.

Croxton, Harry Joseph

Crum, Emma Dorothy

Crumb, Berenice

Crumley, Marcin S.

Crump, Fred M.

Crump, James Leslie

Crunk, Emma

Cruse, Mindie

Crutcher, William A. Jr.

Crutchfield, Martha

Crutchfield, Minnie E.

Cruvand, Pearl

Cruvant, Ben

Crystal, Sarah

Csuma, Andrew Sr.

Cuba, Gabriel G.

Cuchetti, Angeline

Cueto, Josephine

Cuffman, Elsie Landau

Cuguzzi, Mary M.

Cuidt, August W.

Culberson, Everett L.

Culella, Lucille C.

Culella, Lucille C.

Culella, Lucille C.

Cullen, James J.

Cullen, Theodore J.

Culley, Lewis

Cullinane, Alice Esther

Cullinane, James J.

Cullinane, John P.

Cullman, Ethel B.

Cullon, Jennie

Culpepper, Vinnie

Culumber, Claude L.

Cumberland, Mary A.

Cumble, George

Cummings, George Morton

Cummings, Lewis E.

Cummings, Minnie K.

Cummings, Pearl M.

Cummings, Sarah E.

Cummins, Constance O.

Cummins, Ellen

Cummins, John J.

Cummins, Margaret

Cundall, Lloyd A.

Cuneo, Louis A.

Cuneo, Peter

Cunningham, Charles E.

Cunningham, Dorothy M.

Cunningham, Fred L.

Cunningham, Joseph T.

Cunningham, Lyda

Cunningham, Mary E.

Cunningham, Otis Paul

Cupp, Linda Diane

Curdt, August W.

Curia, Anna

Curless, Lubie H.

Curley, Annie

Curley, Hannah M.

Curley, Marie E.

Curran, Daniel F.

Curran, John J.

Curran, Mary

Curran, Mary C.

Curran, Nellie

Curran, Rose Ann

Currat, Jewell M.

Current, Margaret

Curry, Daniel D.

Curry, Eleanor J.

Curry, Josephine A.

Curry, Julia

Curry, Lee S.

Curry, Moses

Curry, Nancy

Curry, Watson F.

Curtis, Dora

Curtis, Francis J.

Curtis, Margaretta B.

Curtis, Mary Alice

Curtis, Nell Irene

Curtner, Robert C.

Cusack, Martha E.

Cushman, Eddie R.

Cusick, William J.

Cusumano, Andrew A.

Cusumano, Lena

Cusumano, Rose

Cusumano, Sara

Cutter, Louise

Cuttler, Bertha

Cycyzk, Rose

Cyr, Abel Z.

Cytron, Sol I.