Surnames beginning with Y

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Yackey, Edward ‘Pete’

Yaeger, Catherine

Yaeger, Matthew ‘Max’

Yaeger, Pauline

Yancey, Anna D.

Yancy, Irene

Yarber, George

Yarbrough, Della

Yarbrough, Shirley M.

Yarnike, Mary

Yates, (Sgt, AAC) Selby L.

Yates, Etta

Yates, Sophie W.

Yates-Gannon, Louise

Yawitz, Jennie Greenblatt

Yeager, (Lt., AAC) Hugh Jr.

Yeager, Clara

Yeaman, Emma Fishback

Yeargain, (Dr.) George Wesley

Years, Louis M.

Yed, Albert H.

Yedlin, Toba ‘Tillie’

Yeida, John Oliver

Yeo, Albert H.

Yerkey, Rose

York, (Lt., AAC) James M. Jr.

York, (Staff Sgt) Samuel A.

York, Albert W.

York, Charles C. Sr.

York, Earl

York, Emery

York, Fred F.

Young, (MM

Young, (PFC) Burr Lynch

Young, (PFC, USMC) Charles W.

Young, (Pvt) Louis E.

Young, (Tech. Sgt., Alton E.

Young, Anna

Young, Arthur R.

Young, Cecilia

Young, Chester W.

Young, Clarence

Young, Clyde Jr.

Young, David Paul

Young, Emily

Young, Eugene E.

Young, Florence A.

Young, Frances R.

Young, George E.

Young, Harry H.

Young, Hattie L.

Young, Irene

Young, John C.

Young, Katherine

Young, Katy

Young, Louis

Young, Malinda

Young, Mary Ann Winton

Young, Mose

Young, Nancy

Young, Nellie Leola

Young, Philip

Young, Ruby

Young, William

Young, Willie Mae

Youngman, (Dr.) Adam G.

Youngman, (Lt, AAC) Allen R.

Yount, Elvera

Yuede-Marohn-Buettner, Christine

Yung, John A.

Yungermann, William C.