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Surnames beginning with O

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O達annon, Helen L.

O達annon, Virgil Parkhurst

O達lennis, Otis S.

O達rien, (Dr.) Cornelius A.

O達rien, (PFC) Bernard G.

O達rien, Alice Jane

O達rien, Anna

O達rien, Barbara

O達rien, Beulah

O達rien, Bridget

O達rien, Elizabeth

O達rien, James

O達rien, Jeannette

O達rien, John

O達rien, Katherine A.

O達rien, Lillian Inez

O達rien, Mary E.

O達rien, Michael

O達rien, Stella C.

O辰allaghan, Nellie

O辰onnell, Agnes

O辰onnell, Margaret

O辰onnell, Margaret

O辰onnell, Mary

O辰onnell, Norah Ann

O辰onnell, William 賎ary

O辰onner, Catherine

O辰onner, Robert E.

O辰onnor, Bridget

O辰onnor, Emma

O辰onnor, James J.

O辰onnor, Mary Agnes

O辰onnor, William J.

O奪ay, Flora

O奪ay, Marjorie Mc Donald

O奪onnell, (Lt) Frank C.

O奪onnell, Catherine

O奪onnell, Delia

O奪onnell, Johanna M.

O奪onnell, John J.

O奪onnell, Julia Earnor

O奪onnell, Mabel A.

O奪onnell, Nancy Hook

O奪onnell, Patrick

O奪onnell, Sarah

O奪onnell, William

O奪onovan, (Lt., AAC) John J.

O巽allon, Sabina L.

O巽arrell, James E.

O竪allagher, James

O竪rady, Mary M.

O辿are, Adele

O辿earn, John S.

O辿eim, Marie A.

O狸eefe, Frank J.

O狸eefe, Johanna

O狸eefe, Loretta

O鱈aughlin, John F.

O鱈aughlin, Margaret

O鱈eary, Carrie

O鱈eary, Frank

O鱈eary, James W.

O鱈eary, John D.

O鱈oughlin, Daniel

O樽alley, (Cpl., AAC) Robert Byrne

O樽alley, Bridget M.

O樽alley, Catherine

O樽alley, Delia Nester

O樽alley, Mary

O樽ara, Anne

O樽ara, William M.

O樽eara, Patrick Marquette

O誰eal, Catherine

O誰eal, Edward

O誰eal, Mamie

O誰eil, Eliza

O誰eil, Mary E.

O誰eill, Bertha Margaret

O誰eill, Edmund J.

O誰eill, James A. Sr.

O誰eill, Mary

O坦ala?, Maureen

O坦eilly, Margaret

O坦ourke, Katherine A.

O坦ourke, Loretta

O坦ourke, Robert Sr.

O担haughnessey, Lillian Josephine

O担haughnessy, (PFC) Jeremiah J.

O担haughnessy, Katherine

O探oole, Rose

O探oole, Sarah

Oakerson, William M.

Oakley, (Circuit Judge) Ernest F. (photo)

Oakley, William F. 詮rank

Obenauer, Lizzie

Ober, Edward A.

Oberbeck, Anna A.

Oberbeck, Charles

Oberbeck, Mary

Obergoenner, Fred

Oberhaus, Henry

Oberhaus, Lillie E.

Oberheide, Louisa

Oberkircher, Katherine

Oberlay, Rose

Oberle, Bernhard

Oberman, Harry

Obermeier, (PFC) Richard F.

Obermeyer, Carl W.

Obermeyer, Louis H.

Oberriether, Charles O.

Oberschelp, (PFC, USMC) Clifford C.

Oberschelp, (T-5, AAC) Raymond H.

Oberts, Emma L.

Obrecht, Merl C.

Ochs, (Lt., AAC) Leroy

Ochs, Anna

Ochs, Augusta

Ochs, Catherine

Ochs, Louis F.

Ochs, Tillie

Odell, Imogene

Odom, A. L.

Oehler, Edna M.

Oehler, Fannie J.

Oehler, Iona

Oehler, Otto C.

Oehlert, Amalia F.

Oelkers, Henry C. Sr.

Oellermann, Leo A.

Oerly, Henry W.

Oertle, Opal

Oesch, Emilie C.

Oesterie, Elizabeth

Oesterle, Rosa

Oetjen, Marie

Oetter, Mathilda L.

Oetzel, Clarence W.

Oetzer, Mathilda L.

Offelmann, Minnie

Offerman, Charlotte

Ogden, Roberta 腺erta

Ogle, Harley A.

Ogle, Nellie

Oglesby, John S.

Oglesby, Roscoe T.

Ohein, Marie Adele

Ohken, Christine A.

Ohlendorf, Anna A.

Ohler, (PFC) Adolph G.

Ohlim, Marie Adele

Ohmes, Cletus B. Sr.

Ohmeyer, A__e

Ojeman, Oliver R.

Okenfuss, Adolph

Oldani, (Sgt) Henry L.

Oldenburg, Christian L.

Olds, Alabama E.

Olfe, Josephine M.

Oligschlaeger, Frand

Oligschlager, Sybilla

Olinger, Pauline

Oliver, (Cpl) Robert R.

Oliver, Fannie

Oliver, James A.

Oliver, Lula E.

Oliver, Velma L.

Oliver, Willie

Oliveri, Christina

Olliges, Theresa

Ollinger, (Dr.) N. J.

Ollsen, Bertha A.

Olovitch, Harry

Olsen, Nancy

Oman, Allie

Omodeo, Charles C.

Onder, Hilda

Oonk, (Lt., AAC) Donald A.

Operle, Julia

Operschall, Joseph

Oppeau, Jacques

Oppelt, John J.

Oppermann, Michael

Oppermann, Michael

Oppland, Louise

Orabka, Joseph A.

Orbousek, Anna

Orbuldy, Mike

Ordaz-Munoz, Julia Gano

Ordinachev, Marko

Ordrop, (Staff Sgt) Emil V.

Orlando, Angelina

Orlando, Rosemary

Orlick, Joseph

Orms, Dora

Orner, Catherine

Orphan, Louis A.

Orr, (PFC) Smiley A.

Orr, Fannie

Orr, James W.

Orr, William

Orrick, Allen C.

Orr-Schimmelpfennig, Theresa

Orsan, Peter

Orth, Joseph W.

Ortles, Hannah Elizabeth

Ortmann, Elizabeth

Ortner, Elizabeth

Orwin, (Pvt) Donald)

Orzel, Stanley

Orzell, Alexander

Osborn, Rose L.

Osborne, Belle

Osborne, David M.

Osborne, George M.

Osborne, Lemmie

Osborne, Walter H.

Osburn, (S

Osby, Lettie

Oser, Gertrude

Osher, (Mrs Raymond A.) Gladys

Osher, Anna Marie

Osherow, Hannah

Osmak, Elizabeth

Osman, Timothy

Osnak, Barbara

Osseck, (WT

Ossieck, Anna H.

Ost, George 遷ack

Oster, Andrew J.

Oster, Emma T.

Oster, Margaret

Oster, Margaret M.

Oster, Wilhelmina

Ostermann, Gustave Fredrich

Ostermayer, George

Ostermueller, Mary

Osterwald, Charles A.

Ostman, Herman

Ostner, Carrie S.?

Ostroth, Maria R.

Oswald, Mary Elizabeth

Oswald, Sophia

Ott, Addie

Ott, Anton F.

Ott, Daniel A.

Ott, John J.

Ott, Leonard C.

Ott, Mary

Otte, Fred

Otte, Julia H.

Otte, Rosemary

Ottenheimer, Daniel A.

Ottenmeyer, Fred

Otten-Timm, (Lt.) Robert J.

Ottermann, Fred W.

Ottinger, Franklin C.

Ottmann, Catherine

Otto, Charles

Otto, Frank G.

Otto, John Leo

Otto, Josephine M.

Otto, Lydia

Otto, Minnie

Otto, Robert

Otto, Seth Sr.

Outknecht, Frieda

Overbeck, Anna A.

Overberg, Agnes

Overby, Lula

Overmann, John H.

Overstreet, Mary A.

Overstreet, Mary Brandt

Overton, Justina

Overton, Robert B.

Overy, Edwin H.

Overy, Eugenia

Owen, (Maj) William H. Jr

Owen, Bolivar P.

Owen, Joseph Howard

Owens, (PFC) Andrew B.

Owens, (Platoon Sgt, USMC) Frank F.

Owens, (Pvt) Eugene M.

Owens, Emma

Owens, Esther

Owens, John

Owens, John W.

Owens, Lizzie

Owens, Martha

Owens, Vina

Owens, Walter

Owens, William A.

Oxenfeld, George

Oxford, Alda V.

Ozment, Charles V.