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Surnames beginning with I

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Iannicola, Maria Grace

Ibbotson, Henry Cranwill Dorion

Ide, Arthur

Idler, Anna Moll

Idoux, (PFC, USMC) Paul L.

Igel, August

Igoe, Ellen

Ikemeier, Emma T.

Ikin, Ida

Ilges, (S

Ilisch, John

Imada, Tokuhei Ted

Imhoff, Kathryn Cann

Imhulse, Fred

Imig, Irma L.

Immer, (Lt., AAC) Edward Carpenter

Immer, Albert P.

Impellizzeri, Angelina

Indelicato, (Cpl) Ralph

Indelicato, (Pvt) Lester J.

Indelicato, Rose

Ineram, Virginia

Ingalls, William S.

Inge, Alfred

Inglin, Alois A. ‘Tony’

Inglis, Mary Elizabeth

Ingram, Alice

Ingram, Cora

Ingram, Fred

Ingram, Margaret

Inman, (PFC) James R.

Inman, Josephine

Innes, Ann

Intagliata, Rosie

Intendente, Charles E.

Intravia, Serafina

Iott, Mary Rose

Irion, William

Irvin, Billie T.

Irving, Harry

Irving, Lucinda

Irwin, Annie

Irwin, Thomas J.

Isaacson, Jeanette Pasternak

Isaacson, Julius E.

Isadora, George R.

Isard, Wallace M.

Isbell, James Gordon

Isele, Anna B.

Isenhut, Caroline

Isenman, (Staff Sgt) Oscar

Isermann, (Pvt) Edward A. Jr.

Isermann, Mary

Iskra, Joseph

Isom, Howard Lee

Isom, Sallie

Israel, (PFC) Phillip S.

Isselbacher, Emma

Istock, A.

Italian, Lillie

Italiano, Isabella

Ittig, Irma K.

Ivancich, Mary

Ivers, Ada

Ivers, Margaret E.

Ivers, William H.

Iverson, Charles

Ives, (Lt., AAC) Epke T.

Ivester, Merrit L.

Ivicsics, Rose Ann

Ivory, Rachel

Izenstein, Abe