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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabbanne, Aurial

Cable, Suzanne

Cacciatore, Alfonsa

Caddelis, Viola

Cade, Ben Alais

Cadenabch, (PFC) Walter L. Jr.

Cadonau, Minnie

Cadwell, Elva

Cady, James Edward

Cafferata, Mary A.

Cager, Charles Jr.

Cagle, Edna L.

Cahell, Henry

Cahill, Anna

Cahill, Margaret M.

Cahill, William A.

Cain, (Sgt., AAC) Hallie G.

Cain, Elizabeth

Cain, John B.

Cain, Nancy M.

Caine, Charles E.

Caine, May

Cairl, Walter S.

Cairns, Belle

Caito, (PFC) Joe

Caito, Anthony Jr.

Caito, Rosa

Caldewey, William

Caldwell, Annie Gertrude

Caldwell, Catherine

Caldwell, Charles V.

Caldwell, Dixie B.

Caldwell, Emeral J.

Caldwell, Ethel

Caldwell, Mary

Calendi, Madaline

Caler, Thomas

Calhoun, Galdys D.

Calhoun, Viola E.

Callahan, (FO) Herbert W.

Callahan, (PFC, USMC) James T.

Callahan, George A.

Callahan, Lillian Josephine

Callahan, Margaret E.

Callahan, Nellie A.

Callahan, William K.

Callahn, (Mother) Nellie

Calliotte, John D.

Callon, Nellie

Calloway, Margaret J.

Calnane, Mary E.

Calnane, Mary F.

Caloia, Rosa

Calvert, (Staff Sgt) James E.

Calvert, Elizabeth

Calvert, James B.

Calvert, Mary B.

Calvin, (Pvt., AAC) Merlin R.

Calvird, Marie A.

Camacho, Francisco

Camarata, (Pvt) Vincent J.

Cambron, Esther Ruth

Cambron, Luther R.

Cameron, Alexander F.

Cameron, Catherine A.

Camien, Freda J.

Camp, Joseph H.

Campbell, (PFC) James O. Jr.

Campbell, (Pvt) Delmar W.

Campbell, (Sgt, AAC) Ralph E.

Campbell, Alfred

Campbell, Anna

Campbell, Benjamin C.

Campbell, Benjamin L.

Campbell, Bertha A.

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, Cl__ton

Campbell, Clarence L.

Campbell, Dolores

Campbell, Edith G.

Campbell, Edward W.

Campbell, Ella

Campbell, Guy L.

Campbell, Henry

Campbell, James

Campbell, Kate

Campbell, Lucius M.

Campbell, Milton S.

Campbell, Minerva

Campbell, Rose

Campbell, William T.

Camper, Laura Ann

Campise, Vencenza

Canaday, Nell A.

Canavan, Edward J.

Canavan, Russell

Canavera, Maria

Candy, Abigail S.

Canepa, William J.

Cann, (PFC) Stephen J.

Cann, Kathryn

Canneda, Amanda

Cannon, Carl P.

Cannon, Henry

Cannova, Grazia

Cantini, Ursula

Cantino, Eugene S.

Cantino, Nancy

Cantoni, Amilia

Cantrell, (Lt., AAC) Eugene H.

Cantwell, Mary Ann

Caola, (PFC) John

Caplan, Mary

Cappel, Mary Elizabeth

Capstick, Parker J.

Caquelard, Romuald A. ‘Frenchy’

Caradonna, Tony

Carbery, Anna M.

Carboni, George

Carder, Howard

Cardwell, James P.

Carey, William L.

Cargo, Jesse

Carie, Myrtle C.

Carl, Od_

Carlin, Mary Byrne

Carlin, Olivia

Carlson, Gunner

Carlson, Rose E.

Carlson-Gilleran, Elizabeth

Carlton, Mathew J.

Carlyle, William A.

Carmack, Charles

Carmen, (Pvt., USMC) Beauford L.

Carmichael, Bessie

Carmody, Emmet Michael

Carmody, William J.

Carnegy, Nannie

Carnes, Alberta R.

Carney, (Dr.) Roscoe P. Sr.

Caron, Roger Lee

Carona, Tony

Caroncino, Vincenzo

Carpenter, Charlie

Carpenter, Edward C.

Carpenter, Elsie

Carpenter, Jane Wallace

Carpenter, Willis

Carr, (Lt., AAC) Ernest R.

Carr, (PO

Carr, (Sgt) Floyd T. Jr.

Carr, Cecil

Carr, Daniel B.

Carr, Green

Carr, James J.

Carr, William H.

Carrawell, Jerome C.

Carrico, Elizabeth

Carrico, Howard W.

Carrico, Hue

Carriger, Ernest A.

Carriker, (S

Carrington, Peter

Carr-Krallmann, Anna

Carroll, (PFC) John J.

Carroll, (Sgt., USMC) Robert Desmond

Carroll, Annie

Carroll, Ben

Carroll, Bridget

Carroll, Edward W.

Carroll, Emma

Carroll, Frank A.

Carroll, Hamid R.

Carroll, Herbert S. ‘Jack’

Carroll, Hondra

Carroll, Jessie L.

Carroll, Katherine

Carroll, Maggie

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Mary J.

Carroll, Maurice

Carroll, Monte O.

Carroll, Nellie

Carroll, Nellie J.

Carroll, Thomas P.

Carroll, Virgil

Carroll, William A.

Carroll, William T.

Carrow, Harvey J.

Carry, Emma E.

Carson, Alice E.

Carson, Charles E.

Carson, Phyllis A.

Carstens, (Lt) Keith F.

Carswell, Joseph W.

Carter, (PFC) John J.

Carter, Bettie? J.

Carter, Emma

Carter, Forest

Carter, La Verne

Carter, Lillian

Carter, Margaret J.

Carter, Marie

Carter, Maud

Carty, Louise D.

Caruso, (Pvt) Vincent

Caruthers, Lillie

Cary, Albert J.

Casamento, Serafina

Case, Lucille

Case, Sam A.

Casey, Blanche B.

Casey, Frank

Casey, Jerome P.

Casey, Margaret

Casey, Margaret B.

Casey, Mary

Casey, Mary Ellen

Casey, Michael J.

Casey, William W.

Cash, (MMM

Cash, (Pvt., USMC) William C.

Cash, Emma S.

Cash, Frank

Cash, Theodore O.

Cashell, Mary E.

Cashen, Michael J.

Cashin, Michael

Cashman, Mary E.

Caslman, Mary E.

Caspari, Harry Ames

Casper, Ella May

Caspestro, Mary

Cass, Ann Theresa

Cass, Chauncey C.

Cassery, Anna M.

Cassidy, Robert E.

Castaldi, Rose

Castello, Josephine

Castello, Paul J. Jr.

Castiaux, Flora Jean

Castleman, Nan

Cates, Carrie

Catlin, Leroy E.

Catron, Jessie Faye

Caughell, (Dr.) Frank H.

Caulfield, James F.

Caulfield, Mary

Causa, (Pvt) Luke

Cavanagh, (PFC) Francis P.

Cavanagh, Daniel V.

Cavanaugh, (Tech. Sgt.) Carl

Cavanaugh, Annie E.

Cavanaugh, Loretta

Cavanaugh, Margaret M.

Cavanaugh, Thomas A.

Cavin, (PFC) Maurice

Cavitt, (WT

Cawley, Raymond Walker

Cayse, Margaret ‘Maggie’

Caywood, Willis A.

Cazalet, Kenneth

Cease, Joseph Alvin

Cease, Joseph William

Cecil, Elizabeth

Ceklic, Ruza O.

Celine, Millie

Centa, Marjorie B.

Cento, Angelina

Ceranich, Bosko

Ceresia, Charles P.

Cerf, Julius B.

Cernicek, Frank

Certa, (PFC) Antonio J.

Cerva, (S

Cervenka, Mary

Chacey, Ezra Cline

Chalk, Bernice I.

Chally, Conrad

Chamber, Ira M.

Chamberlain, Mary Ellen

Chamberlin, Mary

Chambers, (PFC) Allen F.

Chambers, Alfred J.

Chambers, Beulah

Chambers, Grace M.

Chambers, Jennie

Chambers, John A.

Chambers, Valeria

Chamness, Evelyn E.

Chandler, Charles G.

Chandler, Harry J.

Chandri, (Sgt., AAC) Joseph J.

Chaney, Alfred

Chaney, Clifton E.

Chaney, Earl

Chapin, Wells C.

Chapman, (GM

Chapman, (Lt., AATC) Clark E.

Chapman, (PFC) Paul R.

Chapman, (Pvt) Francis E.

Chapman, (Sgt., AAC) Lee E.

Chapman, (Staff Sgt) Charles E.

Chapman, Ada

Chapman, Elnora

Chapman, Lawrence

Chapman, Lottie

Chapman, Randall N.

Chapman, Thomas A.

Chapman, William Marvin

Chapoton, (Rev.) Alexander

Chappell, (Dr.) Elmore C.

Chappell, Mary Virginia

Chappins, Frank

Chard, Lela

Charles, (Brother) Brendan

Charles, Frances

Charles, Nancy Horne

Charleville, Catherine ‘Kate’

Charleville, Frank J.

Charleville, Louis D.

Charleville, Vina

Charlton, Edward

Charlton, Leonard L.

Chartrand, Edward V.

Chartrand, Myrtle

Chase, Marjorie

Chatlofsky, Leopold

Chaudet, (Dr.) Louis A.

Cheatham, Joseph Winston

Cheek, John H.

Cheek, Theodora A.

Chekanoff, Jack

Chenault, Linell

Chene, Bertha

Chenue, Cora Penney

Chermock, Anna

Cherry, David

Chiadek, Barbara

Chiara, Alfonsa

Childers, William R.

Childs, Benjamin

Chiles, Flora B.

Chin, Lung Y.

Chinnici, (Pvt) Philip

Chinsky, Esther

Chinsky, Jacob

Chiodini, (PFC) Rudy

Chiotti, Anton

Chisholm, May

Chism, Carrie

Chitwood, Charles

Chitwood, George W.

Chiz, Onufry

Chladek, Barbara

Choinacki, Mary

Chorlinsky, Sarah

Chott, Alice

Chouquette, Florence

Chrisiner, Ben

Christ, Mary

Christen, Elizabeth

Christensen, Sarah Hester

Christian, David

Christian, Willie H.

Christie, (USMM) Edward H.

Christiensen, Martin C.

Christman, Edward W.

Christman, Jake

Christmann, Josephine M.

Christoff, Elia

Christophel, Alexander E.

Christopher, Alice Agnes

Christy, (Cpl) Harry H.

Christy, (Dr) Chester W.

Christy, Eugene W.

Christy, Han__h L.

Christy, William J.

Chrostowski, (Sgt) John F.

Church, Amelia Ida

Church, Edward C.

Church, John

Churchill, Mabel Harlakenden Hall

Churchill, William E.

Cibulka, Paul

Ciesielski, Rose

Cinary, Mamie

Cinder, Delia

Cirode, Letitia Palmer

Cisiewski, Josephine

Cissel, (PFC) Meredith F.

Claes, Bertha E.

Claggett, Eleanor Evana

Clamors, Fred C.

Clancy, Mary T.

Clarborne, John

Clare, (Capt) Thomas H.

Clare, Fred

Clark, (Maj.) Clyde N.

Clark, (Pvt) Roy

Clark, (Sgt) Harvey M.

Clark, Addie T.

Clark, Agnes

Clark, Anna Louise

Clark, Cecil

Clark, David F.

Clark, Ed

Clark, Edith

Clark, Elizabeth

Clark, Ella

Clark, Emma M.

Clark, Evelyn

Clark, Florence V.

Clark, Frank B. Sr.

Clark, George E.

Clark, Harry

Clark, Herbert E.

Clark, Ira

Clark, Isaiah

Clark, Janet Ann

Clark, Jarvis G.

Clark, Jesse

Clark, John P.

Clark, Leonard ‘Buzz’

Clark, Lilla Cunningham

Clark, Lydia

Clark, Marcus B.

Clark, Margaret

Clark, Margaret

Clark, Margaret Mary

Clark, Maria

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mollie Mae

Clark, Rosa

Clark, Terrence J.

Clark, Walter

Clark, Wilhelmina C. ‘Mayme’

Clark, William H.

Clarke, (Maj.) Clyde N.

Clarke, Grace Goode

Clarke, James R.

Clarke, John

Clarke, Mary Ellen

Clarkson, William H.

Claspill, Jesse F.

Classe, Louisa

Clathorne, Clarence

Claton, Anna

Claude, Mary

Claunch, Jerry M.

Claus, (Capt., Chaplain) Alfred Byron [died in service-KS] #10/18 p

Claus, Louis

Clausen, Julia

Claussen, George

Clavin, Carrie

Clay, Elsie

Clayborn, Martha

Clayborne, Cecelia

Claypool, (Rev., Gen, CSA) John Milton

Clayton, Ada Jane

Clayton, Janice Rene

Clayton, Katherine

Clayton, Robert J.

Clear, James

Cleary, Mamie

Cleary, Mary Elizabeth

Cleary, Timothy

Cleaver, Eunice B.

Cleff, Mae J.

Clemens, Irene

Clement, (Staff Sgt., FAF) Georges

Clement, Josephine

Clement, William Roberts

Clements, Andrew J.

Clements, William

Clemets, Hilda

Clemmens, Ellen

Clemson, Ellen H.

Clendenin, Ola Bell

Cleveland, (Lt. Col., Chaplain) Arthur Vern

Clifford, Bellefield

Clifford, Edward T.

Clifford, Minnie

Clifton, (Lt.,AAC) Leonard A.

Clifton, (Pvt) Robert

Cline, William A.

Clinton, Velma E.

Clispys, Henrietta

Clithero, Anna Letitia

Clohecy, John Henry

Clonts, (PFC) Kelly

Clopton, Ella

Close, Charles H.

Clostermeyer, Mary

Clubine, Jay H.

Clyde, George

Clymer, Addie Hausman

Co_iak, Paul

Coad, Elizabeth

Coakle, Charles A.

Coan, Edward

Coar, Mary L.

Coates, Fannie

Coatey, Henrietta

Coaty, Era

Cobb, (S

Cobb, (Sgt. AAC) Robert E. Jr.

Cobb, Alverta Mae

Cobb, Bryan

Cobb, George H.

Cobb, Napoleon

Cobb, Susie

Cochran, Cora

Cochran, Hannah S.

Cochrane, Mary A.

Cocke, P. Sterling ‘Pete’

Cocron, Menyhert

Coddington, Leo I.

Codwell, Willie

Cody, (Pvt) William J.

Cody, Annie M.

Cody, Elsie

Coe, Harry L.

Coe, William H.

Coello, Pete

Coerver, Celia

Coerver, Irma L.

Coffler, (CBM) Fred V.

Coffman, Ruth M.

Coffman, Sarah

Cogan, Margaret E.

Cogan, William A.

Cohen, Anna

Cohen, Betty

Cohen, Harry

Cohen, Jacob Joseph

Cohen, Jacob L.

Cohen, Mollie

Cohen, Nettie

Cohn, (Cpl) Jack

Cohn, Alverta Mae

Cohn, David Meyer

Cohn, Ida

Cohn, Jennie

Cohn, Nettie

Cohn, Philip

Cohnberg, Sarah

Cointin, Frank ‘Quanty’

Coker, Virginia

Coldewe, Frank B.

Cole, (Cpl) Charles

Cole, (Lt., AAC) Thomas

Cole, (Mrs. R. A.)

Cole, (Pvt., USMC) Richard L.

Cole, (Staff Sgt., AAC) Fred W.

Cole, Annie W.

Cole, Edward J.

Cole, Elmo P.

Cole, Fannie Anna

Cole, Gladys M.

Cole, Isabella

Cole, Jacob A.

Cole, Millie

Cole, Olive A.

Cole, William G.

Coleman, (Dr.) Charles E.

Coleman, (Dr.) Henry T. ‘Harry’

Coleman, (Pvt) Francis J.

Coleman, Charles

Coleman, Eben ‘Barney’

Coleman, Elisha

Coleman, James

Coleman, Loretta

Coleman, Martha Jane

Coleman, Mary E.

Coleman, Patrick M.

Coleman, Robert

Colin, Elmo

Coller, Anna C.

Coller, Anthony

Coller, Clara H.

Collett, Laura Ida

Collie, Louise

Collier, (FO) Clarence B.

Collier, (Pvt) Ernest E.

Collier, Benjamin W. Jr.

Collier, Mary

Collins, (PFC) Jessy K.

Collins, (Pvt) James E.

Collins, Alfretta M.

Collins, Annie

Collins, Bessie P.

Collins, David H.

Collins, Delilah A.

Collins, Douglas Ford

Collins, Edith

Collins, Freeman

Collins, James W.

Collins, Joe

Collins, John J. Sr.

Collins, Joseph P.

Collins, Mattie J.

Collins, Richard A.

Collins, Russell Lee

Collins, Thomas J.

Collins, William

Collins, Willie Lee

Collins, Willie Mae

Collinsworth, Henry W.

Collis, Pearl M.

Collmeyer, William C.

Collora, Joseph

Colman, Jennie Genevieve

Colombo, Louis

Colson, Daisy May

Colter, Elijah

Colvan, Ezekiel B.

Colyar, (CSK) Edney L.

Colyer, Horace P.

Combs, Annie

Combs, Lelia

Comer, Sallie Virginia

Comer, Thomas M.

Commack, Lester

Compton, (PFC) John Parker

Compton, Lytton R. ‘Pete’

Compton, Mathew

Compton, Stephen Bates

Compton, Susan

Comstock, Eva

Comstock, Virginia M.

Conant, (Cpl., USMC) Judson Bemis

Conant, Darrell I.

Concannon, Jeremiah ‘Jerry’

Condren, Josephine A.

Cones, Willie Mae

Conion, Pearl

Conklin, (Pvt) Rowland E.

Conklin, Cora

Conkling, Cora M.

Conkling, Matthew R.

Conley, (Mother) Margaret

Conley, Emma

Conley, Eva H.

Conlon, Catherine A.

Conlon, Mary

Conlon, Pearl

Conlon, Sara M.

Conn, Michael Robert

Connally, Thomas

Connell, (S

Connell, Edith

Connell, James Daniel

Connell, Louise

Connelly, Joseph T.

Connelly, Mary A.

Conner, Clara

Conner, Claude

Connolly, Anna

Connolly, Dorothea Mae

Connolly, Joseph V.

Connon, Charles L.

Connors, Charlotte A.

Connors, Hannah P.

Connors, James Joseph

Connors, Katherine E.

Connors, Mary

Connors, Michael J.

Conrad, (PFC) Henry Arthur Jr.

Conrad, (Pvt) Joseph R.

Conrad, Emma

Conrad, George J. Jr.

Conrad, Mary Jane

Conrad, Peggy Sue

Conrad, Rosa

Conrad, Selma

Conrad, Sophia

Conrath, Charles P.

Conrath, Ida

Conrath, Janette Vietch

Conroy, (Lt. Col., British Army) Martin P. [railroad accident-India] #4/12 p

Conroy, George H.

Constantine, Demetra

Constantino, Antoline

Constanz, Charles

Convy, Margaret M.

Conway, Alphonsus Henry

Conway, Catherine T.

Conway, Christine

Conway, Edward E.

Conway, Ira Wesley

Conway, Patricia

Conway, Rosa Marie

Conwill, (Lt., AAC) Joseph D. Jr.

Conzelman, (Dr.) Theodore W.

Conzelman, Jane Good

Cook, (Lt) James Albert

Cook, (S

Cook, (Sgt) Bruce S.

Cook, (Staff Sgt) Paul R.

Cook, Ada Aline

Cook, Alex

Cook, Andrew

Cook, Anna May

Cook, Bert E.

Cook, Catherine Weston Fuller

Cook, Gertrude

Cook, Jake

Cook, Laura

Cook, Magdalena

Cook, Mary

Cook, Nanna

Cook, Roscoe E.

Cook, Thomas

Cook, W. W.

Cooke, Lizzie A.

Cooke, Nellie

Cooke, Olive_

Cooks, Edward H.

Cooksey, Vernest C.

Cool, William A.

Coolbaugh, Anna Young

Cooley, (PFC) Clyde K.

Cooley, Francis J.

Cooley, Zollie E.

Coons, Clyde E.

Cooper, (Cpl) Leroy Gilbert

Cooper, (Sgt, AAC) Harold

Cooper, Ann Duddy

Cooper, Barbara S.

Cooper, Ethel

Cooper, Garry M.

Cooper, John Jr.

Cooper, Joseph Sr.

Cooper, May

Cooper, Rose M.

Cooper, Sadye

Cooperwood, Blanche

Coose, Michael

Cope, (Staff Sgt., AAC) Wesley A. Jr.

Copeland, Edward G.

Copeland, Emma

Copeland, Horace

Copeland, John

Copeland, Robert D.

Copley, Ada B.

Coplin, Jennie M.

Copp, George F.

Copple, Sabato ‘Samuel’

Corbett, Harry P.

Corbett, Mary

Corcoran, (Pvt., USMC) Thomas P.

Corcoran, (Staff Sgt, AAC) Philip M.

Corcoran, Sarah ‘Sadie’

Cordell, Jerry

Corder, Alpheus

Cordes, Joseph D.

Cordes, Martha M.

Corfiatis, Renee

Corless, Frances Addie

Corless, Frank

Corley, John L.

Corley, Michael J.

Corlis, George L.

Corne, Thomas

Cornejo, Susan Lea

Corneli, Hectar Ford

Cornelius, (Sgt) Ray

Cornman, Lulu F.

Corrie, William E.

Corrigan, Anna M.

Corrigan, Edward M.

Corrigan, James

Corrigan, John J.

Cortell, Jessie B.

Cortez, Antonio

Corum, Harrison Lee

Corwin, Braley

Cory, George A.

Cosby, Lottie Letcher

Cosgrove, Delia

Cosgrove, John J.

Costa, Leo L.

Costain, Tom

Coste, George

Costello, (Pvt) Edmund M.

Costello, Catherine

Costello, John P.

Costello, William F.

Costephens, Maude E.

Cotiedge, Asa

Cotner, Mary

Cotney, Florence May

Coto, (Cpl) Edmund Jr.

Cottle, (PFC., USMC) William A.

Cottle, Delia

Cottle, Louis

Cottle, Stella

Cottner, (Lt) Raymond W.

Couch, (Lt) George

Couch, (Pvt) Winford G.

Couch, Ora Oakley

Couch, Roland C.

Coudy, Edith D.

Coughlin, (Dr.) Bert

Coughlin, David J.

Coughlin, Hannah

Coughlin, Ora

Cougot, Henry D.

Coulson, Beatrice

Council, Hazel

Counte, Joel H.

Counts, (PFC) Harold

Courar, Louise

Courley, Richard

Courrier, M. Anna

Coursen, Violet Mae

Courson, Lucille

Court, Mary

Courte, Martha M.

Courtial, Edward J.

Courtney, Alice

Courtney, Anna M.

Courtney, Lillian

Courtney, William J.

Cover, Margaret

Cowart, Robert W.

Cowden, Elizabeth

Cowell, (Staff Sgt., AAC) Earl F.

Cowell, Martin

Cowlishaw, Mary B.

Cowman, Benjamin Frank

Cox, (FM) Robert Charles

Cox, (Pvt) Loyd E.

Cox, Arthur Stanley ‘Mickey’

Cox, Catherine

Cox, Earl

Cox, Ernest James

Cox, Fred F.

Cox, Herbert W.

Cox, John

Cox, Merle D. ‘Dick’

Cox, Olive

Cox, Sarah Irene

Cox, Stella

Coxey, Shirley Jean

Coy, Berry B.

Coy, Henry A.

Coyle, Dorothea M.

Coyne, Mary E.

Coyne, Thomas

Crabtree, Clara E.

Craden, Frances

Crafer, Nellie

Craggs, Evelyn E.

Craig, Belle

Craig, Clara E.

Craig, Darryl W.

Craig, David

Craig, Emily

Craig, Esther

Craig, Keith C.

Craig, Martha Jane

Craig, May E.

Craighead, Mae E.

Crain, Donald Lee

Cramer, (Dr) William

Cramer, (PFC) Erwin A.

Cramer, Annabelle J.

Cramer, Annie E.

Cramm, Clara B.

Crane, (Capt) William M.

Crane, Margaret O’Laughlin

Crane, Sarah

Crane-O’Laughlin, Margaret

Crapo, Wilhelmina

Crasilneck, Sara

Cratty, Jeremiah

Craven, John H.

Craven, Berry B.

Crawford, (ENS) Edwin C.

Crawford, (Sister) Alice De Ste Anne

Crawford, Alta J.

Crawford, Catherine

Crawford, David

Crawford, Elizabeth Belle

Crawford, Grace E.

Crawford, Mary

Crawford, Viola

Crawford, William C.

Crecelius, Alvina

Crecelius, Caroline

Crecelius, Henry T.

Crecilius, Clara

Creech, (S

Creech, Dorothy

Creed, Hanna

Creek, Thomas

Creekmore, Ray

Creel, Belle S.

Creely, Jennie E.

Creely, Marie

Creglow, William

Creighton, Martin

Creighton-Kautz, Barbara

Crelly, Carie M.

Crepps, (Pvt, USMC) Paul

Crepps, (Tech Sgt., AAC) Donald L.

Cress, (Avia OM

Creswell, Etta

Creuzbauer, Louisa

Crews, Henry Thomas

Crews, Ida

Crews, John A.

Criger, Everett W.

Crigler, Kate

Crimi, Antonina ‘Anna’

Crisler, Lula E.

Crisman, Sandra

Crisp, Joan

Crispin, Wilber A.

Crites, Charles

Crittenden, Kate

Crivelli, Louis

Crnkovich, Michael Sr.

Crocker, Harry

Crocker, Rose

Crockett, Ezekiel

Crockett, John Grattan

Croghan, Susan M.

Croissant, Lulu

Crompton, James Herbert

Cromwell, Anna

Cronin, Catherine

Cronin, John M.

Cronkhite, (PFC) Robert C.

Crook, Harry

Crook, Horace S.

Crooks, John

Crooks, Velva Marie

Crooks, William

Cropper, (CPO, USN, ret) Philip L.

Croquart, Alexander

Crosby, Della

Crosley, (Pvt) Ernie

Cross, (Pvt) Charles K.

Cross, (Staff Sgt., AAC) Joseph

Cross, Burt

Cross, Lillian B.

Cross, Louise

Cross, William D.

Crossman, Dora L.

Crossnoe, Candis

Crosson, John L.

Crothers, Elizabeth M.

Crouch, (Lt., AAC) Raymond J.

Crouch, Henry C.

Crouse, George C. Jr.

Crouther, Julia

Crow, (Attn. Gen., MO, ret) Edward C.

Crow, A. P.

Crow, Alvira J.

Crow, Carl

Crow, Ida Rose

Crowder, George W.

Crowder, Sam Jr.

Crowley, Carrie

Crowson, Loretto

Crumble, Lucinda

Crump, (Lt.) William Joseph

Crump, Boysie

Crump, Susie

Crunden, Kate E.

Crunk, Arthur C.

Crunk, Jessie

Cruse, Catherine E.

Crutcher, (Staff Sgt) William W.

Cuddy, Margaret

Cujic, Mildred

Culbertson, Mary E.

Cull, Ellen

Cull, Madie

Cullen, Winifred T.

Culpepper, Martha M.

Cummings, Cornelius E.

Cummings, Ed

Cummings, Frank

Cummings, James P.

Cummings, John

Cummings, Louise

Cummings, Mary E.

Cummings, Nellie J.

Cummings, Raymond

Cummings, Robert S.

Cummins, (Pvt) Harold

Cummins, Elfie G.

Cummins, Meyer

Cummiskey, Mary Godfrey

Cunningham, (Lt., AAC) Robert F.

Cunningham, (Off., STLPD) John H.

Cunningham, Atlean

Cunningham, Emmett R.

Cunningham, Frances

Cunningham, Frank G.

Cunningham, Jeanette Sarah

Cunningham, John W.

Cunningham, Joseph A.

Cunningham, Lilla

Cunningham, Mabel

Cunningham, Margaret M.

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Mary J.

Cunningham, Norma A.

Cunningham, William M.

Curcuru, Meri

Curilovic, Tony

Curlee, Anise

Curlee, John M.

Curley, (Cpl) Everett C.

Curran, Charles E.

Curran, Timothy

Currat, (Lt., AAC) Carl J.

Currey, Alice C.

Currey, Mary

Curry, Alice

Curtis, (Lt., AAC) Robert E.

Curtis, (Mrs A. H.) Emma M.

Curtis, Carey

Curtis, Charles

Curtis, Henrietta May

Curtis, James H.

Curtis, William P.

Curtman, Ida

Cushing, Daisy L.

Cusumano, Domenico

Cutaindoll, Annie

Cutchfield, Andrew

Cuthbertson, Charlotte M.

Cutler, Sam

Cutwirth, Emma

Cuzamer, William M.

Cytron, Ethel

Cytron, Norris

Cyvin, Anna

Czarnecky, Elizabeth S.

Czerwinski, Mary A.

Czizewski, Leo