Surnames beginning with Y

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Yadon, Frank

Yadow, Frank

Yaeger, Frederick

Yaeger, William

Yager, Mary Jane

Yagge, Mary

Yale, Lucius P.

Yalem, (AAVCAD) James H.

Yanak, Alexander

Yancey, Mammie

Yangemann, Kunigunda A.

Yanow, Manuel

Yarbrough, Lois

Yassick, Mary P.

Yates, Harold

Yates, Robert H.

Yates, William

Yawitz, (1st Lt, AAC) Frank L.

Yawitz, Esther Vallie

Yeager, Augusta L.

Yeargain, Marie Kelley

Yehlen, Louisa

Yelton, Carrie

Yengst, Jacob

Yengst, Louis E.

Yerkes, John

Yodal, Marie

Yoest, John E.

Yolkman, Louis F.

Yonkers, Anna

Yore, James Lawrence ‘Larry’

Yore, Lillian Eastwood

Yorger, Annie

Young, (Cpl) Claud T.

Young, (Cpl., USMC) William E.

Young, (Pvt) Thomas S.

Young, (Staff Sgt) Raymond F.

Young, (Tech. Sgt, AAC) Luther M.

Young, Albert

Young, Anna M.

Young, Arthur C.

Young, Bessie M.

Young, Catherine

Young, Cecilia

Young, Fannie

Young, Flora L.

Young, Herman

Young, J. Philo

Young, Josephine

Young, Katherine

Young, Le Dorris N.

Young, Mary

Young, Mary Alice

Young, Mary Ellen

Young, Mary Jane

Young, Mary May

Young, Mollie

Young, Oliver Beebe

Young, Pat

Young, Paul W.

Young, Peter P.

Young, Phillip

Young, Richard

Young, Robert E.

Young, Rose

Young, Roxie

Young, Walter W.

Young, William E.

Young, William T.

Younger, Caroline

Youngman, (Dr.) J. Andrew

Yowell, Walter Lee

Yuhas, Barbara

Yurcaheck, John

Yuskels, George

Yusman, Frank