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Surnames beginning with W

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W__s, Percy

Wachtendorf, Herbert A.

Wachter, (Lt., AAC) John A.

Wachter, Elisa

Wachwitz, (Cpl) Edward

Wack, Damon de Blois

Wack, Wilhelmenia ‘Minnie’

Wacker, Emil Sr.

Wackwitz, (Cpl) Edward C.

Wadas, Josephine

Waddell, Addie I.

Waddell, Irene

Waddell, John F.

Wade, Boyd

Wade, Cora

Wade, Edwin T.

Wade, Fanny Lee

Wade, Florence

Wade, Marvin M.

Wade, Mattie

Wade, Patsy Ann

Wagenbreth, William H.

Wagener, (Sgt) Melvin H.

Wagener, Emilie C.

Waggoner, Ruth O.

Wagner, (ENS) Anthony Charles

Wagner, (PFC) Howard W.

Wagner, (Pvt) Floyd E.

Wagner, (Rev.) Herman

Wagner, Anthony Charles

Wagner, Anton

Wagner, Betty Marks

Wagner, Catherine

Wagner, Charles G.

Wagner, Clinton Robert ‘Bob’

Wagner, Effie J.

Wagner, Elizabeth Anna

Wagner, Florence

Wagner, Frederick W.

Wagner, Gertrude P.

Wagner, Ida

Wagner, Jennie

Wagner, John F.

Wagner, Julia E.

Wagner, Lena

Wagner, Loretto

Wagner, Mary Antoinette

Wagner, Mettia E.

Wagner, Michael J. Jr.

Wagner, Robert

Wagner, Robert G.

Wagner, Rosa

Wagner, Thomas G.

Wagner, Wilhelmine

Wagner, Zoe C.

Wagoner, Ivandale

Wagstaff, Anna L.

Wagstaff, Emma C.

Wagstaff, George H.

Wagster, Roy

Wahl, Carl Jr.

Wahl, Ida M.

Wahlbrink, George F.

Wahl-Brockmann, Louisa

Wahle, Louise

Wahlert, Anna

Wahlig, August

Waible, Jacob J.

Waing, Joseph P.

Waite, (Sgt., USMC) William J. Jr.

Waite, George E.

Walbridge, George L.

Walde, Elizabeth

Waldeck, Minnie

Walden, Fred H.

Walden, Mollie

Waldmann, Edward H.

Waldon, Margaret C.

Waldorf, Henry

Waldorf, Jacob

Waldron, Earl A. ‘Bud’

Wales, Florence

Walka, (PFC) Harold C.

Walkenhorst, Bridget

Walkenhorst, Marie A.

Walker, (PFC) John W.

Walker, (Pvt) Eura I.

Walker, Arthur

Walker, Drucilla

Walker, Elizabeth

Walker, Ellen

Walker, Ernest Victor

Walker, Eustace L.

Walker, Harry L.

Walker, Henry

Walker, Ida E.

Walker, James

Walker, Jeanie Margaret

Walker, Jess L.

Walker, John C.

Walker, Katie B.

Walker, Letitia

Walker, Lonie

Walker, Mattie

Walker, Regina

Walker, Rufus

Walker, Samuel J. Jr.

Walker, Thomas J.

Walkley, (PFC, USMC) Edwin

Wall, Earl

Wall, Edward E.

Wall, Frank Walter

Wall, Ruth

Wall, William R.

Wallace, (Pvt) Frank James

Wallace, Anna

Wallace, Birdie

Wallace, Callie B.

Wallace, Dena

Wallace, Dona

Wallace, Emily Alice

Wallace, Ernst M.

Wallace, James

Wallace, Jennie

Wallace, Max

Wallace, Viola

Wallach, (Pvt., USMC) Arthur F. or W.

Wallach, Joseph

Wallenbrock, George H.

Waller, Catherine

Waller, Elizabeth

Waller, Herbert Lee

Wallers, William

Wallerstedt, Charles F. Sr.

Wallerstedt, Hilma Amelia

Wallhermfechtel, Anna

Wallis, Laura

Wallis-Stoltman, Sophia

Wallner, Catherina

Walls, Charlie

Walls, Earl

Walls, Florence

Walls, Norman Lee

Walo, Esther

Walsh, (1st Lt., AAC) Jerome T.

Walsh, (Pvt., USMC) John P. Jr.

Walsh, (Staff Sgt., AATC) Robert

Walsh, Catherine

Walsh, Catherine M.

Walsh, Edward

Walsh, Edward J.

Walsh, Grace L.

Walsh, Julia

Walsh, Julia

Walsh, Julia M.

Walsh, Marit_

Walsh, Mary

Walsh, Mary A.

Walsh, Mary Cecelia

Walsh, Mary Elizabeth

Walsh, Mathew G.

Walsh, Matthew J.

Walsh, Nellie

Walsh, Rose

Walsh, Winifred

Walsh-Mc Coard, Martha E.

Walter, (SF) Francis A.

Walter, Augusta

Walter, Calhoun O.

Walter, Charles H.

Walter, Edward

Walter, Edwin F.

Walter, Emily

Walter, Fredrica

Walter, John

Walter, Lizzie A.

Walter, Mary Jane

Walter, Otto Cyril

Walters, (Dr.) R. A.

Walters, (S

Walters, Fern M.

Walters, Irwin D.

Walters, John

Walters, Levina Euzeb

Walters, Rosie

Walters, William

Walther, Adolf

Walther, Alida K.

Walther, Bertha E.

Walther, Irwin L. Sr.

Walton, Emily L.

Walton, Grace

Walton, Lucretia J.

Walton, Mary

Walton, Olive M.

Walton, Walter W.

Walton, William Howard

Waltz, Caroline M.

Waluska, Joseph

Walwe, Alvina

Walz, (MMM) Raymond R.

Wamer, Charles

Wamser, Eleanor

Wangerin, (Rev.) Gustav. F.

Wanke, Julia B.

Wanko, (Sgt., AAC) Nicholas J. Jr.

Wanner, Margaret

Wanner, Robert P.

Waples, Angie

Ward, (Lt. AAC) Johnny Anthony

Ward, (Pvt, USMC) Donald Edward

Ward, Clara B.

Ward, Dorothy Mae

Ward, Emma

Ward, Hazel

Ward, Hubert

Ward, James J.

Ward, Mary E.

Ward, Will

Warder, Senie

Ware, Carolyn

Ware, Florence M.

Ware, Hattie

Ware, Jewell Allen

Ware, Lottye

Ware, Mary E.

Warfel, William D.

Warfield, Rose

Warman, Leonard W.

Warner, (PFC, USMC) Charles M.

Warner, (Senator) Frank B.

Warner, Adeline

Warner, Elsie Hormell

Warner, John Kendrick

Warner, Nancy T.

Warnke, Michael

Warnke, Viola

Warnock, Ella

Warren, Blanche

Warren, Ernest E.

Warren, Everett

Warren, Farrell M.

Warren, Goldie

Warren, Harry

Warren, John W.

Warren, Julius W.

Warren, Margaret

Warren, Margaret T.?

Warren, Velmon

Warren, William K.

Wartman, Robert T.

Warttig, Fred

Warzycki, (PFC, USMC) Joseph

Washburne, Charles B.

Washington, Clarence

Washington, Elaine

Washington, Henry

Washington, Larry F.

Washington, Lawrence F.

Washington, Mildred

Wasserman, Meyer

Wassilak, (COX) Frank

Wassilak, Frank G.

Wassler, Catherine

Wassmer, Albert M.

Wassmund, Fred H.

Wassmund, Ida D.

Water, Augusta

Water, John

Waters, (Lt) R. J. ‘Dick’

Waters, Agnes

Waters, Jessie

Waters, Letitia B.

Waters, Loretta

Waterson, Julia

Waterson, Wilson W.

Watkins, John F.

Watkins, Mary

Watkins, Roberta

Watson, (Capt.) John E.

Watson, (Lt, AAC) William L.

Watson, Allen Stanley

Watson, Fannie A.

Watson, Frank D.

Watson, H. A. ‘Roy’

Watson, Herbert G.

Watson, Irene

Watson, Nellie

Watson, Robert Lee

Watson, Rose

Watson, Terether

Watt, (Sgt., AAC) Joseph B.

Watt, Nellie Martha

Watters, Mary

Wattig, Herman

Watts, Benjamin F.

Watts, Beulah

Watts, Emma Jane

Watts, Harry V.

Watts, Helen C.

Watts, Laura

Watts, Luella

Wawrzyniak, (Cpl) Joseph J.

Wax, Abraham

Waxman, August Sr.

Way, William E.

Wayant, Sandor

Wayatt, Joseph D.

Waye, Minnie

Wayman, Edgar H.

Wayman, Ella

Wayne, (PFC) Richard L.

Wayne, Jennie

Wayne, Mary

We__es, Henry L.

Weakes, Roger

Weakley, Pete

Wease, Cora T.

Weatherford, Bert Morley

Weatherly, Nettie

Weathers, Emily M.

Weathers, Harrison B.

Weaver, Arthur L.

Weaver, George S.

Weaver, Myrtle E.

Webb, Adolphus F.

Webb, Augustus G.

Webb, Emma C.

Webb, George

Webb, William A.

Weber, (PFC) Richard R.

Weber, Anna

Weber, Anna O.

Weber, Augusta Caroline

Weber, David

Weber, Edna

Weber, Edward

Weber, Emil T.

Weber, Fred H.

Weber, Frederick William

Weber, George J.

Weber, Grace

Weber, Henry F. ‘Heine’

Weber, Herman F.

Weber, Ida

Weber, Josephine

Weber, Julius

Weber, Katherine

Weber, Lillie

Weber, Mamie J.

Weber, Marie

Weber, Martha M.

Weber, Michael

Weber, Minnie D.

Weber, Rudolph

Weber, Sigmund C.

Webster, (ENS) Harry R. Jr.

Webster, __re Ruth

Webster, Anna Lambert

Webster, Francis H.

Webster, James H.

Webster, Manuel

Webster, Sheridan

Wechsler, Margaret A.

Weck, (Lt., AAC) Raymond S.

Wedel, Anna M.

Wedel, Louise A.

Wedel, Sylvia Garmen

Wedemeyer, Clementine

Wedig, Carrie

Wedler, George H.

Weeke, John William

Weeks, Samuel B.

Weemes, Carl E.

Wefterkamp, Edna A.

Wegener, August Sr.

Wegener, Elizabeth

Wegman, (Rev.) B. F.

Wegman, (Staff Sgt) Irvin Joseph

Wegman, Margaret

Wegmann, George

Wehlermann, Bertha

Wehling, Amanda

Wehmann, Anna Caroline

Wehmeyer, (Pvt) Ray

Wehmeyer, Henry E.

Wehner, Henry D.

Wehrenberg, William

Wehrenbrecht, Emilie M.

Wehring, (PFC) Edwin C.

Wehrle, (Sgt., AAC) Richard F.

Wehrle, Jacob

Wehrle, Marie

Wehrman, Carolina

Weiblen, Isabel C.

Weick, Elizabeth

Weida, Millard F.

Weidener, Margaret

Weidinger, Agnes Marie

Weidknecht, John Henry

Weidle, Ben

Weidlich, (Lt) Marshall J.

Weidner, Clyde

Weiermueller, Pauline

Weigand, Barbara

Weigast, Dora

Weigel, Albert M.

Weihermueller, Dorothy Martha

Weihlen, Isabel

Weiker, Anna Marie

Weil, Agnes

Weil, Effie

Weil, Mattie

Weil, Max

Weil, Robert

Weiland, Clara F.

Weilbacher, Katherine

Weilbacher, Leona L.

Weiler, Jennie

Weiler, Lena

Weinacht, Joseph

Weinberg, Oscar J.

Weinbrecht-Simon, Mary

Weinbrenner, Minnie C.

Weindel, Ruth C.

Weinerth, Elizabeth

Weinfurth, Edward J.

Weingaertner, Henry F.

Weingaertner, Ignaz

Weingart, Mary

Weingartner, Carrie

Weinhardt, (Lt) Henry C.

Weinhoener, Elizabeth

Weinick, Clara J.

Weinig, (Rec.) Charles A.

Weinreich, Augusta

Weinsberg, Oscar J.

Weinshelbaum, Rose

Weinzettel, (PFC) Roy L.

Weir, (Pvt) Larry R.

Weir, Anna M.

Weir, Daniel J.

Weir, Joseph P.

Weis, Christ E.

Weis, Edward A. Sr.

Weis, Theresa Mary

Weisburd, Clara

Weiser, Mary

Weiser, Virginia B.

Weiskirch, Walter N.

Weisler, Charles J.

Weisman, Benjamin P.

Weiss, Amalia

Weiss, Anna

Weiss, Darrell Lester

Weiss, Edna Anna

Weiss, Emilie

Weiss, Emma L.

Weiss, Jake

Weiss, John

Weiss, Leo Sr.

Weiss, Louisa W.

Weiss, Paul David

Weiss, Sidney

Weiss, William H.

Weissmann, Fred

Weisstein, Sophie

Weiters, Emma

Weitz, Bertha

Weitzel, Walter W. ‘Lefty’

Weitzman, Charles C.

Weizel, Frank X.

Wejremnerh. William

Welby, Catherine

Welby, Jane

Welch, Austin Edward

Welch, James E.

Weldon, Nellie E.

Welfenberg, Caroline

Welge, Hattie

Weling, (PFC) George W.

Welkobroskey, Anthony T.

Welkobroskey, Katherine A.

Wellbacher, Katherine

Wellenbrink, Louise

Welleroth, Charlotte E.

Wellinghoff, Lillian C.

Wellpot, Henry C.

Wells, (Col., AAC) Cecil

Wells, (Cpl) Robert B.

Wells, (former Mayor) Rolla

Wells, Abram D.

Wells, Agnes

Wells, Carl

Wells, Luther

Wells, Mary E.

Wells, Nannie E.

Wells, Walley Joe

Welsch, Josephine M.

Welsh, (TM) William H.

Weltin, Rose

Weltman, (Sgt., AAC) Marvin

Welty, Artie F.

Weltz, Anna D.

Wendel, Bettie

Wendel, Mary E.

Wendling, John E. ‘Hans’

Wendt, Elizabeth

Wendt, Oscar J.

Wenger, Mary

Wentruba, Mary

Wentz, Agnes

Wentz, Anna

Wentz, John Henry

Wenzel, Bertha

Wenzl, Fred B.

Werder, Senie?

Werges, (PFC) Rayond W.

Werling, (PFC) George W.

Wermann, Emilie

Wern, Charles J.

Werner, Adeline

Werner, Charlotte

Werner, Juanita

Werner, Katherine

Werntz, John Henry

Werries, Louise

Wersching, Elizabeth

Werthmueller, Christine

Wertich, Joe

Weseloh, Henry P.

Weseman, Minnie

Wesley, Marie

Wesley, Ralph G.

Wessel, Genevieve M.

Wessels, Agnes

Wessling, Agnes

Wessling, Teresa K.

West, (PFC) James A.

West, (PFC., USMC) James M.

West, (Pvt) Roy

West, (Staff Sgt., AAC) Warren E.

West, Elizabeth J.

West, Harold A.

West, Ida Hazel

West, Irene

West, John

West, Lucinda

West, Nona

West, William G.

West, Willie Mary

Westbrook, Charles Henry

Westenberg, Julius L. Sr.

Wester, Alice Ruth

Wester, William A.

Westerbeck, Herman F.

Westerman, Charlotte

Westermann, Adelaide B.

Westermann, Frederick George

Westhoff, Agnes T.

Westlake, James L.

Westman, Lydia L.

Wetherell, Hugh C.

Wethermueller, Dorothy Martha

Wethmuller, Christine

Wetroff, Annie

Wetshoff, Agnes T.

Wetteroth, Charlotte Eleanor

Wettig, Herman

Wetzel, George Joseph

Wetzel, Helen K.

Wevers, Joseph H.

Weyand, Rual ‘Pete’

Weyl, William Henry

Weymouth, Emma

Whalen, Anna H.

Whalen, Catherine

Whalen, Daniel E.

Whalen, Elizabeth

Whalen, Leo F.

Whaley, (Tech.

Wheadon, George

Wheelhouse, James V.

Whelan, Ellen

Whelan, Katherine

Whelan, Sarah

Whiat, Robert I. ‘Bobby’

Whiley, Robert T.

Whirley, Sadie

White, (Cpl) Harold W.

White, (Cpl, AAC) James E. Jr.

White, (Sgt., AAC) James R.

White, (Tech. Sgt.) Marvin A.

White, Adell

White, Albert

White, Albert E.

White, Carrie H.

White, Catherine

White, Clara F.

White, Cloehe

White, Cora L.

White, Daisy Catherine

White, Edna Merrell

White, Eva L.

White, Flim G.

White, Gene P.

White, Ida

White, Irene

White, Jessie

White, Julia

White, Kathryn

White, Katie Mae

White, Lura

White, Margaret

White, Nora

White, Posey Woodside

White, Rebecca

White, Veronica G.

White, Vivian

White, William Burton

White, William Peyton

Whitehead, (ENS) Powell Jr.

Whitehead, Fannie H.

Whitehead, J. Albert

Whitehead, Joseph S.

Whiteley, (Lt., USMC, pilot) E. B.

Whiteley, (Sgt, AAC) William F.

Whitener, (Pvt) Jennings E.

Whiteside, George

Whiteside, Lelia Mc Cord

Whiteside-Murphy, Oma

Whitfield, Guss

Whitfield, Leo__ S.

Whitfield, Oscar

Whitfield, Theodora

Whiti_, Janet

Whitley, Joseph M.

Whitlock, (Cpl) John

Whitlock, Augusta M.

Whitlor, Mary T.

Whitman, Carl F.

Whitmer, (Dr.) Anna Belle

Whitmire, Addie

Whitmore, Samuel Lawrence

Whitney, Esther Louise

Whitney, Laura

Whitsell, RoyV.

Whittemore, Eleanore E.

Whittemore, Ray R.

Whittemore, Robert Blackwell

Whittenburg, Sarah Adelia

Whittington, (2nd Lt, USMC, pilot) Willis J.

Whittle, Margaret A.

Whitworth, Franklin

Why, Grace

Wi_field, William

Wiber, Margaret Bell

Wichlinska, Stella

Wichmann, Frances Margaret

Wick, Pearl M.

Wicklein, Elmer

Wicks, Ella C.

Wideman, Fannie E.

Wideman, Gladys

Wideman, Jesse J.

Wideman, Mary J.

Wider, William Henry

Widergreen, Bertha

Widman, Edna C.

Widmann, (Dr.) Rudolph

Widmann, Barbara

Widmann, Louise M.

Widmer, Elizabeth

Widmer, Matilda J.

Wiegand, Dorothy W.

Wiehe, Charles H.

Wieland, (PFC) Harold W.

Wieland, (Pvt) G. Milton

Wieman, (Pvt.) Robert

Wieman, (Pvt., USMC) Robert W.

Wieman, Maude Tweed

Wieman, Wilbur

Wiemers, Mary

Wienhoff, Lena

Wienstroer, Gerhard A.

Wier, Walter

Wiersema ,Richard J. ‘Dick’

Wierzchowski, Walter

Wiese, Ann M.

Wiese, Caroline

Wiese, Elizabeth C.

Wiese, Elsie

Wiese, Emma

Wiese, Fred F.

Wiese, Wilhelmina

Wiesehan, Edward

Wieseman, Fred

Wieser, August E.

Wiesner, Marvin T.

Wiethaupt, Emma

Wiethop, (Sgt, AAC) Richard G.

Wiethop, Arrillia

Wiethop, Herman H.

Wiethuechter, Henrietta Anna ‘Etta’

Wigge, Mary F.

Wiggins, (Av. OM

Wiggins, Hattie J.

Wiggins, Mc Clelland C.

Wigginton, Della

Wilbanks, Priscilla

Wilburn, Ava

Wilcox, Frances

Wilcox, Henry W.

Wilcox, Nancy Jane

Wild, (PFC) Warren J.

Wilde, Ernst

Wilderman, (2nd Lt., USMC, pilot) Le Roy Louis Jr.

Wildermuth, John F.

Wildman, Thomas

Wiley, (Staff Sgt) Fred

Wiley, Andrew Doras

Wiley, Mary

Wilheim, Hazel R.

Wilhelm, (Sgt., AAC) Lawrence

Wilhelm, Albert H.

Wilhelm, Charles J. Sr.

Wilhelm, John P.

Wilhelm, Julia C.

Wilhelm, Mathias ‘Mace’ OR ‘Mack’

Wilhelms, August E.

Wilke, Ella

Wilke, Frank

Wilkening, William L.

Wilkens, Elizabeth M.

Wilkens, John H.

Wilker, Theodore

Wilkerson, Clarence P.

Wilkerson, Lillie C.

Wilkerson, Snow O.

Wilkes, Sarah

Wilkey, Nathan V.

Wilkins, John H. III

Wilkinson, Sarah ‘Sadie’

Wilkinson, Wallis W.

Will, William D. Sr.

Will__, Marcus C.

Willard, (Lt, AAC) Dale

Willard, Augusta Caroline

Willard, Martha A.

Willbrinck, Caroline

Wille, Lydia

Willen, Raymond B.

Willer, Dominick

Willer, Johanna

Willett, Annie B.

Willett, Mason

Willford, Clara

Willhousen, (Staff Sgt) George R.

Willi, Anna Marie

William, Roy

Williams, (Col) Randolph P.

Williams, (Dr.) David Edward

Williams, (Lt) Glen B.

Williams, (PFC) Ray O.

Williams, (Pvt) Harry J.

Williams, (Rev.) Louis Henderson

Williams, (Sgt.) George King

Williams, (Staff Sgt., AAC) Paul M.

Williams, Agnes Carstens

Williams, Andrew

Williams, Arthur

Williams, Bertha

Williams, Cain

Williams, Caroline

Williams, Caroline

Williams, Charity J.

Williams, Charlene

Williams, Charles

Williams, Charles B.

Williams, Clara

Williams, Cora

Williams, Cora E.

Williams, Cora T.

Williams, Daisy

Williams, Daniel

Williams, Douglas

Williams, Edmonia D.

Williams, Edward

Williams, Edward B.

Williams, Elijah

Williams, Ella

Williams, Ella M.

Williams, Ernest J.

Williams, Evan R.

Williams, Ezekiel

Williams, Frances

Williams, Fred

Williams, Fred M.

Williams, George

Williams, George B.

Williams, George W.

Williams, Gussie-May

Williams, Hannibal

Williams, Harriet Loretta Eames

Williams, Harry

Williams, Hattie Bisco

Williams, Henry

Williams, Isabelle

Williams, Jacqueline

Williams, Jerry

Williams, Jesse D.

Williams, Jim M.

Williams, John

Williams, John Joseph

Williams, John L.

Williams, Josephine

Williams, Julia

Williams, Julius A.

Williams, Laura

Williams, Laura J.

Williams, Leopold

Williams, Leroy S.

Williams, Lillian

Williams, Lillian

Williams, Lizzie

Williams, Lucille M. or M.

Williams, Lucy

Williams, Lula M.

Williams, Lulu

Williams, Luther

Williams, Mack

Williams, Margaret

Williams, Maria

Williams, Martha E.

Williams, Mi__e

Williams, Mittie

Williams, Nancy

Williams, Nellie

Williams, Orien

Williams, Pearlie M.

Williams, Percy

Williams, Rainey

Williams, Rebecca

Williams, Rosanna

Williams, Rose M.

Williams, Roy E.

Williams, Samuel

Williams, Will


Williamson, (AO

Williamson, Howard W.

Williford, Cansada Elizabeth

Williford, Clara

Willingham, Julius J.

Willingter, George

Willis, (Tech. Sgt.) Perry R.

Willis, Carrie

Willis, Lloyd Thomas

Willis, Mandie

Willis, Wilie

Willits, James H.

Willman, (PFC) Harold L.

Willman, Gussie John

Willmann, Elsie

Willmann, John

Willmann, Sarah L. ‘Jimmie’

Willmsen, Carl

Willner, (Lt) Irvin

Willoughby, Ben J.

Wills, Walter P. C.

Willson, Sidney L.

Willy, Louise T.

Wilms, Katherine

Wilmsmeier, Louis C.

Wiloman, Thomas

Wilser, Albert

Wilser, Caroline

Wilson, Guy R.

Wilson, (1st Lt., AAC) Woodrow W.

Wilson, (Dr.) Charles Frederick

Wilson, (Rev.) Charles

Wilson, (Seaman) Burton

Wilson, (Sgt., AAC) Robert H.

Wilson, (Staff Sgt., AAC) Bernard A.

Wilson, (Tech. Sgt., AAC) Thomas W.

Wilson, (Tech. Sgt., AAC) Victor III

Wilson, Anna B.

Wilson, Anna F.

Wilson, Betty Jane

Wilson, Burlon ‘Red’

Wilson, Byron

Wilson, Charles

Wilson, Charles H.

Wilson, Cora E.

Wilson, Cora Pearl

Wilson, Cornelia Duffiedl

Wilson, Donna Faye

Wilson, Dorothy W.

Wilson, Ecy E.

Wilson, Frank

Wilson, Frederick

Wilson, George O’Brien

Wilson, George W.

Wilson, Hannah

Wilson, Hattie

Wilson, Hughie L.

Wilson, James

Wilson, James L.

Wilson, John

Wilson, John H.

Wilson, John T.

Wilson, John W.

Wilson, Josephine

Wilson, Julia A.

Wilson, Leonard S.

Wilson, Mabel R.

Wilson, Martha

Wilson, Mary

Wilson, Mary Jane

Wilson, Mary M.

Wilson, Mattie

Wilson, Mayme K.

Wilson, Newton

Wilson, Orville

Wilson, Raymond

Wilson, Rose Ellen

Wilson, Roy

Wilson, Stratton

Wilson, Sylvia

Wilson, Thomas A.

Wilson, Virginia

Wilson, William A.

Wilson, William R.

Wilson, William S.

Wilson, William T.

Wilund, Charles A.

Wilund, Minnie

Wimms, Mollie

Winchester, Betty Marie

Wind, Anna C.

Wind, Mary May

Windberg, Katherine G.

Windecker, Lester Tipton

Windegger, Mary K.

Winder, Cecelia M.

Winder, Earl C. Jr.

Winders, (Pvt) George W.

Windisch, Rose M.

Windsor, Mary Lee

Winer, Amanda J.

Winer, Isaac

Winers, Rachel M.

Winfield, Nancy

Winfre, Claude T.

Winfrey, (PFC) Wiley J.

Winfrey, Claude Tupper

Winge, Martha

Winheim, Louise

Wink, Anna C.

Wink, Caroline

Winkeler, (Lt, AATC) Albert H.

Winkelman, Alex

Winkelmann, William

Winkels, Mary

Winker, (PO) Erwin W.

Winkle, Mary Monica

Winkleman, Emilie M.

Winkler, Anna

Winkler, Augusta F.

Winkler, Emma Marie

Winkler, Frank F.

Winkler, Fred

Winkler, Jerome

Winkler, Margaret

Winkler, Mary E.

Winnet, Emma

Winningham, Missouri Ann

Winschel, (PFC) Linus R.

Winschel, (Pvt) Kenny J.

Winsor, Albert E.

Winstanley, Nathaniel J. ‘Jerry’

Winstead, (PFC) Orville

Winston, Leo D.

Winston, Maude B.

Winter, (Pvt) Edward J.

Winter, (QM

Winter, (QM) William A.

Winter, (Staff Sgt., AAC) Okey L.

Winter, Charlotte

Winter, Florence

Winter, Frederick F.

Winter, Joseph

Winter, Lura

Winter, Mary

Winter, Rose

Winterbauer, Martha

Winterberg, Lorena E.

Winterberg, Lorena F.

Winterfield, August L.

Winterhoff, Theodore M.

Winters, (Seaman) Herbert Ralph

Winters, Charles

Winters, Elizabeth

Winters, Harry

Winters, Henry

Winters, Mary

Winters, Rosena

Wintz, Catherine A.

Wipperman, George A.

Wipping, Fed.

Wippler, Irma E.

Wippo, Mary

Wirfs, Francis X.

Wirt, William A.

Wirth, Albert C.

Wirth, Beverly Blanche

Wirth, Elizabeth

Wirthensohn, Aloisia

Wirthlin, Louis H.

Wirtz, (Capt.) Elmer C. Jr.

Wirz, Louise

Wischmeyer, Minnie

Wischmeyer, Minnie

Wischmeyer, William F. Sr.

Wise, (Sgt., USMC) Robert E.

Wise, Charles L.

Wise, George F.

Wise, Joseph F. Wisniewski)

Wise, Pauline Skrainka

Wise, Pearl

Wishon, (Pvt) James H.

Wisk, Anna C.

Wisniewski, Joseph F.

Wisniewski, Michalina

Wissler, Irma E.

Witcher, Olga N.

Withall, Frances Lois

Withington, Myrtle H.

Withington, Nathan Peoples

Withington, Nellie Ziegler

Withman, (Pvt) Louis W. Jr.

Witler, Mamie

Witt, (Capt.) Eugene M.

Witt, (PFC) Buford

Witt, John

Witt, William

Wittbrodt, Lena

Witte, Agnes

Witte, Edna Anna

Witte, Gustav A.

Wittgenstein, Rena

Witthaus, Glenn

Wittich, Albert

Wittker, Adelheid

Wittler, Victor D. A.

Wittmann, Robert

Wittmeyer, Mary A.

Wittmeyer, Mildred K.

Witzig, August J.

Wladyka, Frank

Wo_siek, Albert

Wobben, Elizabeth

Wodicka, William L.

Woehler, William

Woelfert, Herman

Woelfert, Otto W.

Woelfle, Hugo S.

Woerheide, Elizabeth

Woermann, Elizabeth H.

Woermann, Minnie

Woerner, Mary

Woerther, Margaret

Woerther, Philip

Wofford, Walter E.

Wohanka, John W.

Wohl, (Lt.) David P. Jr.

Wohlert, Ruth S.

Wohlschlaeger, Caroline S. ‘Lena’

Wohr, Alfred L.

Wojcik, (Tech. Sgt.) Walter J.

Wojewodka, Mary

Wojnar, John

Woker, Susanne

Wolenberger, Elizabeth

Wolering, (Sister) M. Almeda

Wolf, Carrie L.

Wolf, Frank H.

Wolf, John T.

Wolf, Lena

Wolf, Mary

Wolf, Mary

Wolf, Mary

Wolf, Mary F.

Wolf, Mary F.

Wolf, Matilda

Wolf, Oscar C.

Wolfarth, Lillie

Wolfe, Catherine Fern

Wolfe, Nellie A.

Wolff, (Cpl, USMC) Norman A.

Wolff, Anna M.

Wolff, Anthony J.

Wolff, Clarence L.

Wolff, David

Wolff, Emma E.

Wolff, George M.

Wolff, Ida P.

Wolff, Minnie Victor

Wolff, Robert P.

Wolfner, Mary

Wolford, Mattie

Wolford, Van

Wolfort, (Lt., AAC) Joseph

Wolfort, Frances

Wolfsberger, (Sgt., AAC) Clarence F.

Wolf-Weiss, Emilie

Wolinski, Susanna

Wolk, Johanna

Wolke, Bertha

Wolken, Frank R.

Wollbrinck, Caroline

Wollenberg, August

Woltering, (Sister) Mary Almeda

Wolters, Minnie

Wolz, Anna

Wolzendorf, Emil J.

Wolzendorf, Herman G.

Wolz-Scherer, Elizabeth

Womack, Raymond L.

Womack, Sam

Wombacher, Joseph J.

Wombe, Herman L.

Wommack, Marie

Wood, (Pvt) George F.

Wood, Bessie L.

Wood, Caroline

Wood, Catherine

Wood, Katheryn

Wood, Marguerite B.

Wood, Mary E.

Wood, May

Wood, Sallie K.

Wood, Sarah J.

Wood, Waldo W. Jr.

Woodard, (Lt., AAC) Earl E.

Woodard, Lilly M.

Woodbridge, Jesse T.

Wooddell, Lillie

Wooddell, Marvin E.

Woodford, Penry

Woodford, Penry Sr.

Woodhouse, Nancy

Woodhouse, Rebecca

Woodring, Joseph E.

Woodruff, (Lt., jg., pilot) Thomas J.

Woodruff, Charles W.

Woodruff, Clementine

Woodruff, Minnie R. Cartwright

Woods, (Staff Sgt) William E.

Woods, Andrew

Woods, Edith

Woods, Harry

Woods, Harry G.

Woods, James L.

Woods, John F.

Woods, John W.

Woods, Laura C.

Woods, Leonard W.

Woods, Mary E.

Woods, Nat

Woods, Roy Holmes

Woods, William E.

Woodson, (PFC) Donald O.

Woodson, John

Woodward, Laura

Woody, Mary

Wooford, Loengennia

Wooldridge, Elsie Eleanor

Woolf, Murray W.

Woolfie, Hugo S.

Woolsey, James F.

Wootton, (Dr.) William T.

Wordracheck, Lillian J.

Worful, Richard E. Jr.

Works, Charles C.

Worley, Irene

Worley, Mary

Wormington, Nancy H.

Worscek, Fannie

Worseck, Emma

Worst, William Charles

Worth, Fred W.

Worthey, William Louis

Worthington, William

Wortman, William Joseph

Wortmann, Anna

Wortmann, Evelyn

Wozniak, Mike

Wrablik, Leo A.

Wray, Florence

Wren, Walter

Wright, (FM

Wright, Allie

Wright, Arnold L. ‘Kirk’

Wright, Caroline

Wright, Charlotte

Wright, Edwin A.

Wright, Elizabeth

Wright, Ella J.

Wright, Essie

Wright, Eula

Wright, George

Wright, James William

Wright, Jennie

Wright, Jessie

Wright, Joseph R.

Wright, Leona

Wright, Lillie

Wright, Louis

Wright, Mabel

Wright, Martha A.

Wright, Robert

Wright, Rufus

Wright, Thomas

Wrobell, Pelagia

Wroblewski, Pelagia

Wuebbens, George J.

Wueger, (Sgt_ Frank

Wuellner, William C.

Wuertle, Elizabeth

Wuertz, Mary S.

Wuestefeld, Joseph B.

Wuesthoff, Wilhelmine

Wuland, Mary Jane

Wulfekammer, (PFC) Ross H.

Wulfmeier, William H.

Wunderle, Elsie

Wunderlich, Katherine

Wunsch, Elizabeth

Wunsh, Alvina ‘Ollie’

Wurm, Minnie

Wurtz, (Lt., AAC) Nelson A.

Wurtz, (PFC) Melvin C.

Wurtz, Della

Wyard, Nancy Overton

Wyatt, Anne

Wybrant, George W.

Wycoff, James F.

Wycoff, Lola

Wyman, John

Wyner, Bertha

Wynn, Mary Jane

Wynn, Peter H.

Wynokofsky, Mike

Wyrne, Anna

Wyrozynski, Mary

Wysocka, Mary