Surnames beginning with Y

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Yaeger, Helena B.

Yaeger, Marie

Yaeger, William C.

Yaffe, Ben

Yaffe, Sophie

Yager, Marie

Yagnall, Benjamin

Yakel, Louise

Yaker, Sol

Yalem, Esther Rosenberg

Yaley, Charles M.

Yancey, Robert D.

Yanni, Antonio

Yarbro, Rosie

Yarbrough, (Seaman) Nelson Allen

Yarbrough, William O.

Yarbrough, William Warren

Yarnall, Benjamin D.

Yassar, Irene B.

Yates, Archie Jr. ‘Sonny’

Yates, Ella

Yates, Emma I.

Yates, J. Albert

Yates, Mary

Yaw, Ted Alwyn

Yawitz, Esther P.

Yawitz, Pinchus F.

Yeager, Augusta

Yeager, Grover

Yeager, Helena B.

Yeager, Naomi

Yeargan, Anna

Yearwood, Susie

Yehling, Ernest F.

Yeoman, Dorothy Charlotte

Yeoman, Lorenzo L.

Yeoman-Hogane, Annie Laurie

Yerger, Hattie

Yerling, Ernest F.

Yetter, William C.

Yim, Leong

Yocca, Katherine

Yoch, Martha A.

Yokum, James

Yore, John K.

Yore, Nellie Mary

Yorger, Ada

York, Mary Jane

Yorty, Paul Leon.

Yost, Eva Johnson

Youart, Maude B.

Young, Albert

Young, Albert J.

Young, Andrew J.

Young, Anna

Young, Ben

Young, Bernard D.

Young, Charles A.

Young, Earl William

Young, Frank H.

Young, George Sr. ‘Jack’

Young, Glast

Young, Gustav W.

Young, Harry E.

Young, Harry G.

Young, Ida M.

Young, Irene

Young, James Murray

Young, Jennie W. ‘Granny’

Young, Louise

Young, Louise E.

Young, Lydia

Young, Martha

Young, Mary

Young, Maudie

Young, Mildred S.

Young, Sue H.

Young, Thomas

Young, Walter S.

Young, William E.

Younger, Rosalia

Youngker, Emily

Younker, Margaret

Yung, Elizabeth

Yung, Walter