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Surnames beginning with T

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Taaffee, George B.

Taake, Daisy

Tabacek, Paul

Tabor, Michael

Tabor, Stanislaw Jacob

Tackaberry, Mary Estelle

Tacke, Clara E.

Taege, Anna Mary

Taetz, Mary

Taff, Eleanor

Taggart, James

Tague, (Seaman) Joseph A.

Tailies, Clotilde I.

Tainter, (Dr., ENS, USN, ret) George Washington

Takasch, Barbara S.

Talbert, William

Talbot, Anna Hedges

Talbot, Mary

Talbott, Blanche Louise

Talleur, Catherine

Talleur, Fred W.

Talley, Beatrice

Talley, Claude E.

Talley, Jean Marie

Talley, Kay

Tallman, Alice

Tallman, Alice

Tallon, Bridget

Taltpraeus, John P.

Tancill, Walter M.

Tankersley, George F.

Tankersley, Mary Jane

Tannenbaum, Morris

Tanner, James

Tanner, Murray Quinn Sr.

Tanner, Virgil G.

Tannhauer, Charles

Tansbe__ker, Helena B.

Tansil, Eli A.

Tanstel, Thomas

Tante, Wilhelmine C.

Tanzer, Henrietta

Tanzer, Philip

Tapp, (Pvt) Newton Jr.

Tapp, Gus

Tarde, Henrietta

Tarkington, Charles

Tarlton, G. Locke

Tarrant, Oliver

Tarter, Agnese A.

Tashler, Gabriel

Tass, Seraphine B.

Tate, (FM) Frank Raymond

Tate, Katherine J.

Tate, Mary Shore

Tate, Orville

Tatum, Catherine

Tatum, Lois

Taubman, Frieda

Taus, Frances

Tauschel, Josephine

Taussig, (Dr.) Frederick J.

Tautphaeus, John P.

Taxis, Mary

Taylor, (2nd Lt, AAC) James G.

Taylor, Amanda

Taylor, Callie

Taylor, Carlee C.

Taylor, Clifford

Taylor, Cyrus

Taylor, Dorsey

Taylor, Earnest

Taylor, Edward R.

Taylor, Ellsworth

Taylor, Eugene

Taylor, Frank

Taylor, Frank V.

Taylor, Frank X.

Taylor, George Edwin

Taylor, George J.

Taylor, Georgia

Taylor, Goldie

Taylor, Harry

Taylor, Hattie

Taylor, Henry

Taylor, Ida E.

Taylor, Irma

Taylor, John H.

Taylor, Kathryn D.

Taylor, Laura

Taylor, Lead

Taylor, Lottie

Taylor, Mae C.

Taylor, Margaret

Taylor, Margaret

Taylor, Mary Belle

Taylor, Mary Ellen

Taylor, Matthew C.

Taylor, Maxine H.

Taylor, May

Taylor, William E.

Taylor, William M.

Tayoan, Alice

Tayon, Hupolite

Tayon, Mary S.

Teague?, Booth

Teasdale, Mary Ann

Tebbe, William F. Jr.

Tebeau, Sidney S.

Teckemeyer, Harry W.

Tegethoff, Annie E.

Tehan, (ENS, NAC) Robert

Telle, Anna

Telle, Anna G.

Teller, Hannah S.

Tellman, Rose C.

Temme, Elizabeth J.

Temme, Henry H.

Temme, Lena

Temme-Brammier, Minnie

Temmelmann, John

Ten Broek, Maurine G.

Tendick, Myrtle E.

Tennelly, James

Tensley, Ida

Tentor, John B.

Tepe, Anna

Teper, Louis

Teriaca, (Pvt) Melvin J.

Terrell, Celeste

Terry, Clark

Terry, Louisa

Terry, Lulu E.

Terry, Tom

Tesroe, Alvina

Tesson, Clarence Ashley

Tesson, Elizabeth Alice

Teuscher, Ernest A.

Teuteberg, Arnold

Teutenberg, Philippa Jay

Tewell, Harold

Thake, Esther B.

Thatcher, Frank

Thayer, Albert

Thayer, Hazel A.

Theaurer, Louis E.

Thebald, Henry

Thein, Alice

Theis, Emma H.

Theis, John J.

Theiss, August O.

Thelke, Hattie M.

Thener, Louise J.

Theobald, Agnes

Theobald, Johanna

Theper, Becky

Theresa, Scalia Angela

Theurer, Louis E.

Theurer, Trent W.

Thiel, August H.

Thiel, Lorenz

Thiel, Magdalena

Thiele, Emma

Thiele, Rosa

Thielecke, Walter George

Thielemann, Anna

Thiemann, John C.

Thiemeyer, William ‘Edward’

Thierbach, Louis

Thieret, Theodore

Thierjung, Fillipp

Thies, Charles

Thies, Cornelius R.

Thies, Emma

Thimmig, Marie A.

Thirolf, Mary

Thissel, (Lt) Ralph D.

Thoeben, Anna

Thoele, William C. Sr.

Thoman, Gertrude

Thomann, John B.

Thomas, (Dr.) Esther L.

Thomas, (Tech. Sgt., AAC) Wallace

Thomas, Alice C.

Thomas, Allie

Thomas, Annie

Thomas, Armstead

Thomas, Beverly

Thomas, Charlie A.

Thomas, Clarice

Thomas, Connie Eugene

Thomas, Cora

Thomas, Cora Edna

Thomas, Della

Thomas, Eddie

Thomas, Eli

Thomas, Esther

Thomas, Floyd

Thomas, George

Thomas, George A.

Thomas, Gertrude

Thomas, Hanorah M.

Thomas, Harry

Thomas, Henry P.

Thomas, Jack

Thomas, James

Thomas, James Edwin

Thomas, Jesse Jr.

Thomas, Jessie

Thomas, John

Thomas, Margaret E.

Thomas, Mary A.

Thomas, Mattie

Thomas, Minnie

Thomas, Ollie

Thomas, Ophelia

Thomas, Richard Fletcher

Thomas, Spicy

Thomas, Theresa Regina

Thomas, Thurman

Thomas, William

Thomas, William A.

Thomas, William H.

Thomas, William James

Thomas, Zelma

Thomason, Clarence L.

Thompson, Andrew

Thompson, Azie

Thompson, B. E. ‘Ned’

Thompson, Caroline

Thompson, Catherine

Thompson, Clarence

Thompson, Eli

Thompson, Emma Katherine

Thompson, Evaline

Thompson, Frank Covert ‘Tommy’

Thompson, Frank F.

Thompson, G. Frank

Thompson, Gilbert Jr.

Thompson, James A.

Thompson, James Henry

Thompson, Jesse J.

Thompson, Katherine

Thompson, Laura Rodeman

Thompson, Luretta

Thompson, Ollie

Thompson, Ray A.

Thompson, Sarah A.

Thompson, Sarah M.

Thompson, Sherry G.

Thompson, Sydney H.

Thomson, Celeste P.

Thomson, Norah

Thomson, Sydney H.

Thomure, Bernice Agnes

Thomure, Gertrude R.

Thomure, Harry E.

Thomure, Hazel

Thomure, Isabelle Mary

Thomure, John B.

Thon, Elizabeth

Thorn, Amelia

Thornburgh, Susan

Thorne, John W.

Thornhill, Fannie Tate

Thornhill, Willis H.

Thorpe, (F

Thorpe, Georgia

Thorpe, Mary

Thorpe, Olivia B.

Thouren, George

Thouviner, Katherine

Thrallkill, John L.

Thrallkill, Rachel

Threatt, Landera Jr.

Threlkeld, Harry

Thuel, August H.

Thuerwachter, Katherine

Thuet, Victor

Thulaske, Sophie

Thum, Augusta

Thumser, Oswald

Thurber, Clara

Thurman, Frank

Thurman, Milbern R.

Thurman, Sam

Thurmond, John C.

Thyer, John

Tiarks, Katherine W.

Tibbs, Susie

Tice, John H.

Tichacek, Frances A.

Tichel, Henry

Tidwell, Nancy I.

Tiede, Cora M.

Tiedemann, William George

Tieman, Margaret

Tieman,(Seaman) Elmer

Tierney, Martin J.

Tietjens, Paul

Tiffs, Dora

Till, Theresa

Tillis, Amanda

Tillman, Carrie

Tillman, Isabella

Tillotson, Leonard

Timlin, Elizabeth

Timlin, Mary Ann

Timmer, Emily

Timmerberg, Catherine

Timmerberg, Charles H. A.

Timmerberg, Clemens J.

Timmermann, Catherine A.

Timmons, Charles E.

Timmons, Dorothy

Timmons, Mamie

Timmons, Ophelia

Timpone, Agnes

Tinker, Jerry

Tinkler, William

Tinsley, Ida

Tinsley, Sarah

Tipton?, Melissia

Tirmann, Ollie I.

Tisato, Anthony

Tisch, John

Tisch, Louis

Tischler, Joseph J.

Tisius, James W.

Titone, Giacamo

Titone, Gicamo

Tittel, Minnie Wilhelmina

Tivoli, Francesco

Toal, Lawrence E.

Toal, William K.

Tobias, Pauline

Tobin, Anna L.

Tobin, Elizabeth

Tobin, Elizabeth A.

Tobin, Marie E.

Tobinson, Jessie

Tobnick, Jennie

Tock, (Pvt) John H.

Tockstein, Edward A.

Todd, Elizabeth A.

Todd, Olivia ‘Ollie’

Todd, William

Todd-Tallman, Alice

Todd-Volluz, Katherine

Toel, William A.

Toelke, Hattie

Toelle, Anton H.

Toepfer-Poser, Gladys

Tolias, Vasilios ‘Bill’

Tolin, George Monroe

Tolkacz, Mary

Tompras, George A.

Tonga, Pearl

Tonis, Celia Luetta

Tonnson, John G.

Tonsick, (Cpl) Steve

Toohey, Margaret

Toole, Julia

Tooley, Charles P.

Tooley, Douglas

Toomer, William E.

Toomey, Fred A.

Toomey, Mary

Toomey, Mary Ann

Toothman, Charles P.

Topolian, George

Topp, Sylvester W.

Topping, Elizabeth B.

Toran, Grace

Toran, Ralph

Torlina, Russell

Toroian, Rose

Torretta, Angelina

Toth, Bridget

Toth, Michael

Toth, Paul

Totton, Mary Isabella

Toube, William

Tourville, George S. Sr.

Tourville, Susan

Touzinsky, Frank V.

Towers, Joseph G. A.

Towns, Mildred L.

Townsend, Frederick Lucien

Townsend, T__e D.

Townsend, Willetta

Trachte, Dietrich F. ‘Dick’

Trachtenberg, Fred

Tracy, Clara A.

Tracy, Joseph

Tracy, Lou

Tracy, Shirley May

Tracy, William A.

Trader, Margaret Mary

Tramaine, Frederick E.

Tramel, Carrell

Trampe, Henry W.

Trampier, Frank J. Sr.

Trantina, Mary

Trappe, Elizabeth Mary

Trares, Frank M.

Trask, Martha Woodruff

Traski, Sophie

Traub, Margaret

Traudt, Marie E.

Traum, Susanna

Trautwein, Emma Julia

Travagliante, Fortunata ‘Fannie’

Travelstead, (S

Travis, James

Traxler, Mary

Traylor, Nona

Treacher, Jessie

Treadway, James Thomas

Treadway, Mabelle

Trecic, Maude Ann

Treece, (Tech Sgt., AAC) George A.

Trefflich, Albert

Treinen, William

Tremaine, Frederick E.

Tremayne, George J.

Trenholm, Caroline

Trenholm, Catherine

Trentmann, Mary

Trentmann, Mary E.

Tress, Fred

Tretter, Josephine ‘Sophie’

Tretter-Mc Laughlin, Ida

Tribout, Catherine

Trice, Georgia

Trigg, George P.

Tringi, Barbara Theresa

Triplett, (FM

Tripodi, Eufemia

Tripodi, Theresa

Tripp, William V.

Trippett, Katherine

Triquet, Mary

Troeckler, Theresa

Trorlicht, Clara

Trorlicht, Henry A.

Trosch, Josephine M.

Trosch, Josephine M.

Trost, Anna C.

Troup, Wilhelmina

Troupe, Helen Aneta

Troutman, Mary

Trowbridge, William T.

Trower, Norma Lee

Trube, Florence

Trudzinski, (Seaman) Stanley Joseph

True, Elizabeth Ann

Trueblood, William Robert

Truel, August H.

Truelsen, Sarah M.

Truesdell, Cora

Trulaske, Sophie

Trulove, Joseph Earl

Trump, Emma A.

Trumper, (Lt., AAC) William

Truszkowski, Leopold

Tsajeff, Michael

Tschann, Paul

Tubbesing, George A. Sr.

Tubbesing, Mary

Tubin, Nellie

Tucker, (Rev.) Jasper P.

Tucker, Beulah Bolton

Tucker, Cora

Tucker, Dorothy

Tucker, Ella B.

Tucker, James Harvey

Tucker, Joseph A.

Tucker, Lawrence P.

Tucker, Martena M.

Tucker, Michael

Tucker, William A.

Tuelle, Anton

Tueski, Leon

Tuholake, Edna

Tuhro, Hanna

Tulloch, Ida N.

Tullock, Armina

Tullock, Nina O.

Tuma, Frances

Tumminia, Sam

Tumulty, James A.

Tune, Mary Belle

Tunks, Nancy A.

Tunstead, John

Tureczek, Anna

Tureen, Belle

Turley, Jeff

Turley, Ruth Ann

Turnbull, Rita Belle

Turner Lilly Bell

Turner, (Pvt) Howard J.

Turner, Charles S.

Turner, Derve

Turner, Ethel

Turner, Evelene

Turner, George

Turner, Isaac

Turner, Isador

Turner, James

Turner, John

Turner, Kenneth Emanuel

Turner, Lolah H.

Turner, Nelson

Turner, Preaston

Turner, Sam

Turner, Vivian

Turner, William E.

Turnipseed, Gennett

Turpel, Julia

Tutt, Ruth Ardella

Tuvil, Joseph S.

Tuvil, Minnie

Twelker, Ella Margaret

Twenhafel, Lena

Twillman, Clarence E.

Twist, Adelia A.

Twist, Oliver

Twomey, Fred A.

Tyler, Beulah

Tyler, John

Tyler, Margaret C.

Tyler, William H.

Tyndall, Clarence ‘Curly’

Tyner, Roy W.

Tyrone, (Sgt., RCAF) Grodon Louis

Tyrrell, Harry E.