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Surnames beginning with C

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Cadwallader, David

Cady, Beulah Mae

Caffall, Louise C.

Cafferata, Louise

Cafferata. Elizabeth

Caggiano, William

Cahalin, Sarah

Cahill, James P.

Cahill, Richard P.

Cahle, Elsie L.

Cain, Jackie

Cain, Robert B.

Caine, Clara

Cajori, Elizabeth E.

Calamia, Frank

Calcaterra, Christina

Caldwell, Ada Way

Caldwell, Gertrude R.

Caldwell, Isabella S.

Caldwell, Julia

Caldwell, Mabel E.

Caldwell, Oliver

Caldwell, Thomas J.

Cale, Evelyn

Calhoun, George W.

Calhoun, William W.

Calkins, Frank M.

Call, Harold Henry

Callahan, Gertrude T.

Callahan, James A.

Callahan, John J.

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, Michael

Callahan, Peter D. Jr.

Callahan, Veronica

Callahan-Wagner, Della

Callan, Julia

Callan, Lessie M.

Callaway, Laura

Callaway, William

Callico, Paul

Callier, Mary L.

Calmer, Edgar V.

Calohan, Caroline Priscilla

Calohan, George Burdette

Calvert, Esther M.

Calvin, Elizabeth

Calvin, Harry J.

Cambron, Laura

Camensien, Louisa

Camenzind, Mary

Cameron, Curley B.

Cameron, Eleanor

Cameron, John

Cameron, Mille A.

Camp, Elizabeth

Camp, Joseph W.

Camp, Laura

Camp, Lizzie

Campbell, (Rev. Dr.) George Alexander

Campbell, Ben B.

Campbell, James Patrick

Campbell, Laura

Campbell, Marion Carmen

Campbell, Mary Emma

Campbell, Mary Eugenia

Campbell, Nettie Alice

Campbell, Robert E. ‘Bob’

Campbell, Saidee

Campbell, Tever

Campbell, Theresa

Campbell, Thomas H.

Campbell, Wilbur R.

Campbell, William

Campen, Anna

Camper, John

Campese, Luigia

Camus, Lillie

Canceller, Margaret Theresa

Canda, Anna

Candy, Bertha

Candy, Leroy

Cangemi, Pasquale

Canman, Amanda

Canmann, Alvie R.

Cann, Clara S.

Canning, Mary F.

Cannon, Elizabeth

Cannon, James T.

Cannon, Virginia

Canova, Mary ‘Mayme’

Cantrell, Statie or Stodie Bell

Canziani, Steve

Caola, Guiseppe ‘Joseph’

Caorsi, John Peter

Capehart, Claude T.

Capizzi, Fortunata

Capone, Anthony G.

Cappelle, Florence J.

Capps, Paul Thomas

Caputo, Josephine

Carabelli, Mary

Caraway, Loretta

Carbellion, Frank

Carbonetti, Frank

Carder, Alice

Cardwell, Catherine F.

Carey, Alfred

Carey, Anna B.

Carey, Finley G.

Carey, Jane

Carey, Mary

Carey, Mitchell

Carey, Rebecca

Carey, William

Carico, Earl

Caringer, Jennie

Carioscia, Jerry John

Carl, Minard

Carlin, Anna S.

Carlisle, Sallie

Carlson, Oscar Julius

Carlton, John

Carmack, Louise

Carman, William ‘Dude’

Carnaghi, Joseph

Carnahan, Marcia Lenore

Carneal, Joe M.

Carnes, Brenda

Carney, (Lt) James R.

Carney, James J.

Carney, John M.

Carney, Richard James

Carnie, Margaret

Carnoske, Agusta A.

Carol, Michael

Carpenter, (Lt., AAC) Marvin Earl

Carpenter, Annie M.

Carpenter, Elnora

Carpenter, George H.

Carpenter, Mary Bell

Carpenter, Nettie

Carpenter, Pleasant W.

Carpenter, Richard

Carpenter, Willis C.

Carpentier, Alice J.

Carr, Elizabeth C.R.

Carr, Ernest E.

Carr, James A.

Carr, Mabel

Carr, Mary

Carr, Mary

Carr, Mary F.

Carr, May Ann

Carr, Patti

Carr, Peyton Thompson Sr.

Carr, Robert C. ‘Bud’

Carr, William Willis

Carraher, Elizabeth

Carraher, Johanna

Carrick, James

Carrigan, Mary A.

Carroll, Ethel F.

Carroll, George R.

Carroll, Horace

Carroll, James E.

Carroll, James R.

Carroll, Joe

Carroll, John

Carroll, John J.

Carroll, John R.

Carroll, John T. Sr.

Carroll, Joseph

Carroll, Julia Ellenor

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Nellie F.

Carroll, Patrick

Carroll, Roger T.

Carroll, Sarah T.

Carroll, Thomas J.

Carrozzo, Anna Elizabeth

Carskadon, Robert P.

Carson, Ann

Carson, Fred

Carson, Gertrude Wayman

Carson, Ida May

Carson, Retta

Carson, Robert R.

Cartan, Mary

Carten, Arthur W.

Carten, Mathew W.

Carter, Ann Elizabeth

Carter, Anna

Carter, Caroline

Carter, Fred

Carter, Harry Lee

Carter, Isa

Carter, John

Carter, John F.

Carter, John H.

Carter, Joseph

Carter, Laura

Carter, Leon E.

Carter, Luther

Carter, Margaret

Carter, Virginia

Carter, William Porter

Carter-Melvin, Edith V.

Carthy, Harry G.

Cartwright, Ola Mae

Carver, Joseph Earl

Cary, Charles

Casad, (ENS) Herbert N.

Case, (COX) Kenneth A.

Case, Edwin M.

Case, Emma

Casey, Barbara

Casey, Charles W.

Casey, Clarence M.

Casey, Daniel A.

Casey, Daniel M.

Casey, Iva Mae

Casey, John F.

Casey, Katherine B.

Casey, Lula

Casey, Mary ‘Mamie’

Casey, Nora

Casey, Thomas William Sr.

Casey, Vincent P.

Cash, (FM

Cash, Alpheus

Cash, Laura Bell

Cashel, Mary

Caspar, Andrew

Casper, George

Cass, Mary

Cass, Minnie Gertrude Raupp

Cassel, Isidor

Cassell, Mildred

Cassidy, Jennie E.

Cassidy, Lorraine

Cassilly, Harry H.

Castelli, Joseph

Castleman, Ben

Castles, Frank

Castori, Eugene

Castro, Domiano ‘Mike’

Catanzaro, Lorenzo

Catanzaro, Lucia

Cather, James T.

Cathey, Elizabeth

Catterton, William T.

Caughran, Ralph

Cavan, Nellie M.

Cavanagh, Charles T.

Cavanagh, James J.

Cavanaugh, Charles T.

Cave, Ralph Moll

Cavender, Raymond C.

Cawi, (Cpl., ACE) Victor A.

Cawper, Willa Mae

Caynor, Ross Beamer

Cedeck, John

Cejka, Anna J.

Cepelka, Francis

Ceplecha, Sable

Ceresero, Michael

Chaffin, (Seaman) Alve James

Chain, Albert J.

Chaix, John

Chalfant, Hildreth Addie

Chalupa, (Aviation EM) John David Jr.

Chamberlain, Charles W.

Chamberlain, Lewis A.

Chamberlain, Mary Lydia

Chamberlain-Talleur, Catherine Theresa

Chamberlin, Ada

Chamberlin, Alice Adams

Chamberlin, Charles W.

Chamberlin, George E.

Chambers, Columbus

Chambers, Linda Belle

Chambers, Lula

Chambers, Mae

Chambers, Magdalena

Chambers, Mary Delphine

Champ, Frank

Champion, Alex

Champlin, (WAFS) Jane

Chandler, Eugenia M.

Chandler, James

Chandlers, Yelma

Chanitz, Julia

Chanlis, Julia

Chapman, Alfred A.

Chapman, Alice M.

Chapman, Anna Sallie

Chapman, Annie

Chapman, Elizabeth Jane

Chapman, Ewell

Chapman, Fred Sr.

Chapman, William

Chappelow, Branch Karl

Charlens, Anna

Charleville, Harry M.

Charley, Chris

Charlier , Justine Elizabeth

Chartrand, Mary

Chartrand, Mary Ella

Chase, Clauda M.

Chase, Frank

Chase, Jennie F.

Chase, John Edward Sr.

Chassaing, (Staff Sgt., AAC) Joseph E.

Chastain, Jennie

Chatman, Edward

Chavaux, Mary L.

Cheatham, Harry V.

Cheatham, Jessie

Cheatum, Ora

Checksfield, James W.

Chefus, Joseph

Cheklich, Dusan ‘Dan’

Cherie, Alleen Clara

Cherot, Margie

Cherry, Curtis

Cherry, James

Cherry, Joseph

Cherry, Molly S.

Cherry, Phoebe

Chesney, Frances P.

Chesnick, Tillie

Chestnutt, James W.

Chicks, Clarence

Childers, Roscoe E.

Childers, Sallie H.

Childers, Spencer

Childres, Hiram La Roy

Childress, Franklin

Childress, Juber

Childs, Eula

Chiles, (Cpl) Herbert C.

Chilese, August

Chisholm, George R.

Chism, Earl B.

Chism, George

Chism, Marble

Choate, Iora Craver

Cholet, Cecilia

Chorvat, Elizabeth

Chotinsky, Anna

Chott, (Sgt) Ambrose A.

Chott, Theresia M.

Chotte, Katharine

Chouteau, (Capt., RAF) Henri

Chouteau, Ferdinand

Chrisco, Andrew Adam

Chrisman, Grace G.

Chrisman, Horace O.

Chrismer, Alberta L.

Chrismer, John F.

Chrismer, Lulu

Christ, Emil

Christ, Oscar J.

Christanta, Thomas David

Christensen, George H.

Christer, Louise

Christian, Fred

Christian, John Rails

Christman, (Off, STLPD) Charles W.

Christman, Helen

Christmann, (Sgt) Robert L.

Christoph, Elisabeth

Christopher, Mamie

Christopher, Minnie

Christopher, Robert J.

Chumbley, Samuel

Church, Annie Virginia

Church, Mary

Churchill, Anna L.

Cianciolo, Lorenzo

Cibley, Nathan L.

Cibulka, Anna

Cibulka, Mary

Cierpiot, Helen

Cisnocha, Frances P.

Cissell, Dennis Joseph

Claggett, Mary Boyle

Clapp, Augustus M.

Clapp, Charles

Clarahan, Mary

Clark, Anna Marie

Clark, Beatrice

Clark, Camillie

Clark, Carrie

Clark, Catherine

Clark, Charles W.

Clark, Clant

Clark, Clarence

Clark, Daisy Barbee

Clark, Delilah

Clark, Dorothy

Clark, Edward Lee

Clark, Elizabeth

Clark, Ellen T.

Clark, Eugene

Clark, Eva

Clark, Frank

Clark, Fred

Clark, Iona

Clark, Jennie L.

Clark, John

Clark, John S.

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mildred Helen

Clark, Miriam Marsh

Clark, Neille

Clark, Noah W.

Clark, Oscar

Clark, Roy S.

Clark, Ruth

Clark, Stella E.

Clark, Thomas

Clark, Thomas P.

Clark, William C.

Clarke, Laura P.

Clarke, Nancy

Clarke, Rose C.

Clarkson, George W. Jr.

Clary, Elmer E.

Clasell, Irwin

Claspill, Albert

Clatterbaugh, Charles Lee

Clavenna, Jack

Clay, Andrew

Clay, Clara

Clay, Dixie

Clay, Edward

Clay, Jessie

Clay, Thomas Allen

Clayton, Clarence

Cleary, James J.

Cleary, Minnie

Cleary, Timothy Frances

Cleaver, Josephine

Cleere, Fannie

Clehocki, Sophie

Clemens, (Tech. Sgt., AAC) Fred J.

Clement, Agnes

Clement, Frances

Clement, Irene E.

Clements, Catherine E.

Clements, Joseph L.

Cleveland, Bettie

Cleveland, Ida A.

Cleveland, John Robert

Cleveland, Josephine B.

Clevis, Velma

Clifford, James

Clifford, James P.

Clifford, William C.

Clifton, Clarence W.

Clingan, Elmer E.

Clinton, George William

Clinton, Lee C.

Clipper, Louise Mary

Cloninger, (Seaman) Lyndle Bryan

Clonnan, Edward A. Sr.

Cloonan, Edward A.

Clooney, NellieV.

Clora, Arthur

Closs, George H.

Clostermeyer, Oscar E. Jr.

Clouse, Richard H.

Cluckey, Ruby

Clymer, Josephine

Coakley, Mary A.

Coates, Alice Bertha

Coates, Annie

Coates, Bertha

Coates, Grace V.

Coates, John M.

Coates, Martha

Cobb, Catherine S.

Cobb, Ottilda

Cobb, Pleas Hope

Cobb, William H.

Cochran, Ellen

Cochran, Hazel May

Cochran, Jane

Cochran, William T.

Cochrane, Warren

Codding, Nelson Miller

Coddington, Mary D.

Cody, Margaret C. or V.

Cody, Mary

Coe, William A.

Coffee, Pleasant W.

Coffee, William B.

Coffer, Arthur Richard

Coffey, (Sister)Mary Patricia

Coffey, Perthina

Coffey, Rose J.

Coffman, (Dr.) George W.

Coffman, Mary Jane

Cogan, Catherine ‘Cassie’

Cogan, Mary

Coghill, Fannie Tate

Cohen, Avis

Cohen, Dave

Cohen, Harry

Cohen, Harry A.

Cohen, Honora

Cohen, Meyer

Cohen, Morris J.

Cohen, Sarah

Coibion, George M.

Cointepas, Emilie Marie

Colbeck, William P.

Colbert, Helen Joan

Colboin, Peter

Colborn, Orilda

Colclasure, (2nd Lt., USMC, pilot) Melvin

Cole, Arthur H.

Cole, Florence V.

Cole, Lorraine

Cole, Marie M.

Cole, Matilda Jane

Cole, Minna

Cole, Robert

Cole, Sarah

Cole, William H.

Cole, Willie Mae

Coleman, Albert

Coleman, Benjamin

Coleman, Bridget

Coleman, Ella

Coleman, Ernell

Coleman, Evelyne

Coleman, Goldie

Coleman, Henry

Coleman, Joseph

Coleman, Margaret

Coleman, Mary

Coleman, Peggie A.

Coleman, Romeo

Coley, Timothy

Coley, William R.

Colgan, Louise

Colin, Elsie

Coll, Samuel O.

Colleran, Catherine

Collier, John Granville

Collier, Maggie

Collier, Richard John

Collins, (Dr.) Lisle L.

Collins, (GM) David Hogan

Collins, (Sgt) William A.

Collins, Clarence H.

Collins, Elizabeth L.

Collins, Eunice

Collins, Frankie

Collins, George

Collins, Helen

Collins, Helen

Collins, James Allen

Collins, John

Collins, Josephine

Collins, Kate C.

Collins, Lottie

Collins, Luvenia

Collins, Martin S.

Collins, Marvin E.

Collins, Mary L.

Collins, Nora

Collins, Nora M.

Collins, Richard Gano

Collins, Thomas

Collins, Thomas E.

Collins, William A.

Collins, William J.

Colombo, Josephine

Colonius, Philemon A.

Colonna, Angelo

Colwell, Mary J.

Combs, (ENS) Robert Primm

Combs, Allen

Comer, Josephine A.

Comey, Ellen

Comissiong, Violet

Compora, John E.

Compton, Helen

Concannon, John T.

Condell, Ann

Condon, John ‘Jack’

Condon, Maud

Condon, Nell

Cones, Leroy

Conigliaro, Vita

Conklin, Elmer P.

Conklin, Harry J.

Conklin, Labonde

Conlee, Kathleen Jo

Conley, Cecil John

Conley, Timothy Joseph

Conling, Elmer P.

Conlisk, James M.

Conlon, Bernard P.

Conlon, Rosemary

Connally, Ann C.

Connell, John W.

Connelly, Anna T.

Connelly, Daniel

Connelly, John E.

Connelly, Margaret A.

Connelly, Mary

Connelly, Patrick

Conner, Edgar R.

Connery, John

Connolly, John T.

Connor, Francis A.

Connor, Hollywood

Connor, Jacke

Connor, Pauline C.

Connor, Ruth

Connors, James H.

Connors, John F.

Connors, Mary

Connors, Mary Francis

Connors, Nellie

Connors, Thomas William

Conover, N. Coburn

Conover, Peter P. H.

Conrad, Charles A.

Conrad, Linda

Conrad, Rose

Conrad, Sophia

Conrey, Mattie

Conroy, Edgar H.

Constance, Edward Cartwright

Constantine, Elizabeth

Conway Nellie F.

Conway, (Cpl) Eugene

Conway, Aline

Conway, Elizabeth

Conway, Ellen G.

Conway, Thomas P. ‘Pat’

Conwell, Joseph C.

Conzelman, Louise E.

Cooch, Louise Estel

Coogan, Josephine

Cook, (Dr.) Isaac G.

Cook, Albert

Cook, Edward

Cook, Elmer John

Cook, Emma Pearl

Cook, Fred

Cook, Gertrude

Cook, Henry B.

Cook, Henry J.

Cook, Ida Mae

Cook, James

Cook, John R.

Cook, Sallie R.

Cook, Tennie L.

Cooke, Charles M.

Cooksey, Joyce

Cooksey, Lillian

Cooley, Anna H.

Cooley, Gerald

Cooley, William C.

Coon, Benjamin E.

Coon, Mary E.

Coon, Sylvamus Charles

Cooney, Nellie V.

Coonrad, Mary A.

Coop, Kate

Cooper, Amanda I.

Cooper, Anna Marie

Cooper, Edward

Cooper, Ella

Cooper, Ella Mae

Cooper, Elmore

Cooper, Ida

Cooper, Isaac Fred

Cooper, John

Cooper, Kye

Cooper, Margaret

Cooper, Mattie

Cooper, Winona Harvey

Copeland, Hattie

Copeland, Marion G.

Copeland, Martin L.

Copeland, Nellie

Coper, Elizabeth

Copher, George Leroy

Copilevitz, Sam

Coplen, Mary

Copley, Elmer J.

Copley, James Albert

Copley, Mae L.

Copper, Luella

Corbett, Elizabeth M.

Corbishley, Azlee

Corcoran, Cornelius

Corcoran, Frances

Corcoran, Mary Carroll

Corcoran, Michael J.

Corcoran, Sadie

Corcoran, William H. Sr.

Corda, James

Cordes, Charles F.

Corell, Elizabeth

Corey, Charles

Corley, (Dr.) Joseph B.

Corley, Anna

Corman, Sarah

Cornbleth, Rose

Cornelius, Sarah Alice

Cornell, James

Cornell, Minnie

Cornet, Annie Chapman

Cornill, John A.

Cornish, Violet G.

Cornwall, Ferra G.

Cornwell, Ferrel Gay

Corrigan, (Rev. Father) Raymond

Corrigan, Mary Veronica

Corrigan, Nellie A.

Corrubia, Angelo B. M.

Corte, (Lt. AAC) Vincent J.

Cortell, Ama E.

Corwin, Mary Helen

Coryell, (Dr.) John B.

Cosby, Lucy

Cosgrove, Jonh ‘Kane’

Cosgrove, Robert E.

Cossmann, Anna Marie

Costa, Louis J.

Costa, Louis W. ‘Hoppie’

Costa, Maybel M.

Costello, Catherine B.

Costello, Ida ‘Eda’

Costello, John A.

Costello, Martha C.

Costello, Thomas C.

Costigan, Edward A.

Costigan, Edward J. Sr.

Costulis, Nicholaos

Cotner, Alice

Cotner, Helen L.

Cottam, Cora E.

Cotter, Frances

Cotter, Joseph C.

Cottet, Mabel

Cotton, Jess D.

Cotton, John

Cottrell, Amelia Belle

Couch, Charles

Couch, Louise Estell

Coudy, Dora Catherine

Coughlin, (Sgt., STLPD) Thomas E.

Coughlin, Anie

Coughlin, Ellen

Coughlin, Mary

Coughlin, Thomas Francis

Couillard, Myron F.

Coulter, Rebecca

Courar, Anna B.

Courleux, Alphonse ‘Frenchy’

Court, Hulda

Court, Thomas B. Sr.

Courtney, Elizabeth J.

Courtney, Mary A.

Courtois, Margaret Mary

Coverson, Rosetta

Covington, Emily C.

Cowan, Alice

Cowan, Hattie

Cowan, Jean

Cowan, Mary

Cowden, Catherine

Cowden, Ella A.

Cowdery, Homer F. ‘Murphy’

Cowen, Laura M.

Cowens, Rebecca Sue

Cowhey, Cornelius T.

Cowling, Dora M.

Cox, Arthur

Cox, Carlya

Cox, George

Cox, George W.

Cox, Ida M.

Cox, Nell T.

Cox, Perrion S.

Cox, William E.

Cox, William J.

Coy, Ella

Coyle, Ida Mary

Coyle, Mary A.

Coyne, Elizabeth Leahy

Coyne, Irma

Coyne, Mary J.

Coyner, Clara Martin

Crabdree, Sedalia

Crabtree, (Pvt) Wayne A.

Cracchiole, Matte

Craden, Thomas J.

Craft, Maude

Craig, Edgar L.

Craig, Edmund L.

Craig, Frank E.

Craig, Karoleyn

Cramer, Dorothy M.

Cramer, Gertrude

Crandall, Ralph

Crane, Celeste

Crane, Frances R.

Crane, Frank

Crane, Gaston George

Crane, Martin

Crane-Weisheyer, Sophia

Cratin, William

Cratz, Fred

Craven, (Seaman) Louis

Craven, Rose Jane

Cravens, (Mrs) John S.

Craver, Iora

Crawford, Ada

Crawford, Charles E.

Crawford, Donald

Crawford, Elizabeth

Crawford, Emmett

Crawford, Ethel

Crawford, Mary

Crawford, Moses H.

Crawford, Olive

Crawford, Sophia M.

Craycraft, Ida B.

Creagan, Elizabeth

Crean, Richard W.

Creaves, Bennie Byes

Crecelius, Catherine

Crecelius, Eleanor E.

Crecelius, Emma L.

Crecelius, Gustave Jr.

Creech, Annie

Creech, Jesse A.

Creegan, John S.

Creegan, Mark L.

Creel, Dorothy Lee

Cregan, Michael M.

Crenshaw, Ella

Crespi, Amelia

Crew, John

Crewes, James B.

Crews, Theodore

Cribbin, (Mother) Mary Catherine

Criddle, Harry

Crider, Mary E.

Crimmins, Cornelius

Crimmon, John F.

Crinigan, Patrick

Crinnion, John J. ‘Cheese’

Crinnion, Thomas ‘Pike’

Crippin, Edna M.

Cristol, Edward

Crocker, (YM) Howard

Crocker, Everett

Crockett, Mollie

Crockett, William

Crockety, William Acton

Croessmann, Charles G.

Crofton, Lucille

Croissant, Harold Phillip

Croker, George A.

Cronacher, Oscar

Crone, Elmer N. Jr.

Crone, George John

Cronenbold, Helen

Cronin, (Sister) M. Anita

Cronin, (Sister) Mary Anita

Cronin, Anne

Cronin, George John

Cronin, Michael A.

Cronk, William F. Jr.

Cropp, Thomas

Crosby, Julia

Crosby, Robert Newton

Cross, Fred

Cross, Helen M.

Cross, Julia

Cross, Sandra J.

Crossman, (Mrs) James E.

Crossman, Louise N.

Crouch, Josiah Charles

Crow, (Lt.) Alexander Jr.

Crow, Clarence Graner

Crow, George F.

Crow, Ida A.

Crowe, Catherine F.

Crowe, Della S.

Crowe, Matthias T.

Crowe, William E.

Crowell, Marylin

Crowell, Sarah

Crowell, William

Crowley, Nellie V.

Crozier, Rachael E.

Crucknell, Charles H.

Crum, Clara

Crume, William E.

Crumm, Archie

Crump, James H.

Crump, Patricia Ann

Cruncleton, William

Crupe, (Seaman) Joseph Jr.

Cruse, Clara

Crusius, (Sister) Irene

Crutchfield, Bettie

Crutchfield, Eddie G.

Cudat, Della S.

Cuddy, George T.

Cudmore, James Frank

Culbeck, William P.

Culbertson, Asa A.

Culledge, Sylvester

Cullen, Frank W.

Cullen, Frank W.

Cullinane, Ellen ‘Lena’

Cullinane, John

Cullon, Bessie

Cullop, (Cpl) Roy

Culp, (Pvt) William L.

Culver, Kate

Cummings, Eva J.

Cummings, James

Cummings, Louise

Cummings, Margaret

Cummings, Mary

Cummings, Michael

Cummins, Adeline

Cummins, James

Cumminskey, Edward A.

Cuneo, Amelia

Cunningham, (Rev.) William Henry

Cunningham, Anna

Cunningham, Charles

Cunningham, Charles A.

Cunningham, Charles L.

Cunningham, Ella Milroy ‘Nellie’

Cunningham, Felix

Cunningham, George

Cunningham, Georgia Lee

Cunningham, James Henry

Cunningham, John L.

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Raymond F.

Cunningham, Tulis

Cupples, Charles J.

Cupples, Horace Greeley

Curaci, Vito

Curran, Malachy F.

Curran, Margaret

Curran, Meredith ‘Mert’

Curran, Michael F.

Curran, Michael Henry

Currie, Nick

Curry, Anthony

Curry, Charmie

Curry, Florence

Curry, Nora

Curry, Patrick J.

Curtin, Patricia

Curtis, (Dr.) Thomas A.

Curtis, Clarence A.

Curtis, James T.

Curtis, Louis J.

Curtis, Lucine

Curtis, Rilye

Curts, Ellen

Cusack, Elizabeth N.

Cushing, May

Cushman, Mary Ames

Cusick, Frank J.

Cutler, Arthur Clay

Cutler, Mary

Cutri, Eufemia

Cutter, Dorothy Jane

Cytron, Minnie Tuvil

Cytron, Rose

Czarnecki, Julius J. Sr.

Czerwenka, John