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Surnames beginning with O

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Oates, Mary

Obannon, Neoma J.

Obenhaus, Mary

Obenshain, Earl B.

Ober, Augusta

Ober, Mollie

Oberbeck, Minnie

Oberly, Mary B.

Obermann, Mary

Obermiller, Henry

Oberrieder, Minnie

Oberschelp, Anna

Obradovish, Katherine

O'Brien, (Dr.) Martin Y.

O'Brien, (Rev.) Robert Emmett

O'Brien, Anna E.

O'Brien, C. Neal

O'Brien, Catherine

O'Brien, David F.

O'Brien, Dennis

O'Brien, J.

O'Brien, Joanna A.

O'Brien, Johanna

O'Brien, John Leo

O'Brien, John W.

O'Brien, Mary

O'Brien, Mary

O'Brien, Mary A.

O'Brien, Nellie

O'Brien, P. C.

O'Brien, Thomas P.

Obrock, Freda W.

Obrock, Theresa M.

O'Callahan, T.

Ochs, Charles Frederick

Ochs, Elizabeth

Ochterbeck, Anna E.

Ockel, Anna M.

Ockenfels, Benedictus

Ockerhausen, Adolph

O'Connell, Anna

O'Connell, Catherine

O'Connell, Elizabeth

O'Connell, George L.

O'Connell, George N.

O'Connell, Hester

O'Connell, John

O'Connell, John M.

O'Connell, Joseph A.

O'Connell, Mary L.

O'Connor, (Rev.) Michael J.

O'Connor, Alice F.

O'Connor, Bridget

O'Connor, Daniel J.

O'Connor, Della

O'Connor, Elizabeth

O'Connor, H. J.

O'Connor, John J.

O'Connor, M.

O'Connor, Margaret

O'Connor, Mary

O'Connor, Mary A.

O'Connor, Mary J.

O'Connor, Michael

O'Connor, Robert E.

O'Connor, Robert Lloyd

O'Connor, Timothy

O'Daniels, J.

O'Day, Margaret

O'Day, Mary

O'Day, Michael

Oddy, Albert "42 Die of Heat ..." 7/13 p

Oddy, B. J.

Oddy, Mary

O'Dell, Margaret

Odom, J.

O'Donnell, Edward James

O'Donoghue, Anastasia

Oehler, Emil

Oellermann, Charles F.

Oellermann, Engel

Oemkes, Joseph

Oepping, 'Minnie' Wilhelmina M.

Oerter, Eva

Oertli, John A.

Oertli, Mollie C.

Oeschle, (infant)

Oesterlei, Clyde Theodore Jr.

Oeters, Emily

Oeters, Julia C.

Oetjen, John A.

O'Fallen, Annie J.

O'Fallon, John

O'Fallon, Julia

Ofenstein, William

Offer, William H.

Offutt, Florence

Ogden, Samuel Mc Gregor

Ogelsby, O.

Ogle, James W.

Oglesby, Charles E.

Oglesby, Jerry

Oglesby, R.

Oglesby, W.

O'Gorman, Honora

O'Grady, Mary

O'Halloran, Joseph

O'Halloran, Mary

O'Hanlon, Peter J.

O'Hare, Dorothy A.

O'Haver, Sarah J.

O'Hearn, John

Ohlman, Catherine

Ohlman, Edward Lawrence

Ohnesorge, R.

Ohrenschall, August

Ohtnshall, A.

O'Keefe, Bridget

O'Keefe, Edward

O'Keefe, Michael

O'Keefe, Patrick

Oldani, Cesare

Oldani, Enrico Harry

Olden, Jacob

Oldenburg, Ora

Oldendorph, Paul C.

Oldfield, John W.

Oldham, J.

Oldham, Pauline C.

Oldsman, Bessie

O'Leary, (Rev.) William J. "Head of St. Louis U. High ... Dies" #8/10 p

O'Leary, Joseph

O'Leary, Julia

O'Leary, Julia H.

Oleksy, Theo.

Oliver, Camille

Oliver, Dicy

Oliver, Edward

Oliver, H.

Oliver, Lucille

Oliver, Mary

Oliver, W.

Olliges, Mary

Ollinger, John

Ollinger, Louisa E.

Ollrog-Baubereck, Pauline

Olmsted, Julien T.

Olney, Herbert L.

Olson, Anna Albertina

Oltmann, (Off.) John C.

Olton, Bertha

O'Malley, Anthony

O'Malley, Nannie M.

O'Mara, Michael

Ombardo, W.

O'Meara, Patrick Henry

O'Neal, C.

O'Neal, F.

O'Neal, Frank

O'Neal, Kate F.

O'Neal, May

O'Neil, Ella

O'Neil, Marie

O'Neil, P.

O'Neil, Robert A.

O'Neill, John Francis

O'Neill, Kate

Oonk, Lydia M.

Oppermann, Cornelia V.

Oppy, Chester R.

Orcutt, H. W. 'Hub' 4/18 p

Orde, G.

O'Rear, Henry Clyde

O'Reilly, Stella

Oremovich, Steve

Oresman, Sophie

Orlando, Mike

Ormerod, Louella M.

Ormsby, William

O'Rourke, Elsie

O'Rourke, Michael J.

Orr, Frances

Orr, Mary Frances

Orr, Mary J.

Orr, William A.

Orrell, Mary Ann

Orsi, Aurelia

Os Bourn, Johanna

Osborne, David

Osborne, Elizabeth

Osborne, L. B.

Osburg, Fred

Osburg, Mathilda

Osburg-Zykan, Anna

Osgood, Effie

O'Shea, Ann

O'Shea, Thomas

Osseck, August

Ossenberg, Harry

Ostendorf, Mary F.

Ostenrieder, Mathais

Oster, Napoleon

Osterholt, A. C.

Osterholt, August B.

Osterholt, August H.

Osterkamp, Matilda

Osterli, Clyde Theodore Jr.

Ostermann, Mary

Ostermeyer, Mamie

Osteryoung, Lottie

Osthoff, Elizabeth

Ostott, Horace

Ostrak, Theresa

Ostrander, Louise

O'Sullivan, Daniel

O'Sullivan, H.

Oswald, Catherine

Oswald, Helen Lena

Oswald, L. A.

Oswald, William

O'Toole, Marcae Jean 'Toole' 5/1 p

Ott, Annie M.

Ott, Frank Sr.

Ott, Margaretha

Ott, Marie

Ott, Raymond B.

Otteman, Louise

Otten, (Rev.) Bernard J.

Otten, (Rev.) John

Otten, Henry

Otto-Voepel, Anna

Otz, John

Ouhrabka, Annie M.

Ouidor, George E.

Ousley, Dorsey

Overbeck, Caroline

Overbeck, Charlotte

Overbeck, Lottie

Overbeck, William John

Overmann, Fred

Overspeck, Mary A.

Overstreet, Ida

Overstreet, J. A.

Overton, Emily

Overy, Edna L.

Owen, Julia A.

Owen, Mamie I.

Owens, Arthur

Owens, J.

Owens, James William

Owens, Lou E.

Owens, Mary

Owens, Mary E.

Owens, Sue "Mother" (photo)

Owens, W. M.

Owens, Willie

Owsianka, Thomas

Owsley, C.

Owsley, Charles

Owsley, Dorothy

Oxley, Hattie Portis

Ozment, Lucy