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Surnames beginning with A

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Abbott, Harriett

Abel, (Pastor) Ernest

Abel, Josephel

Abeles, Samuel C.

Abernathy, Clara

Abington, John

Ablan, Norma

Abrahams, Seymour

Abrams, Henrietta

Abromson, Sol

Abshier, Florence E.

Absolom, James H. Jr.

Acker, Charles F.

Ackerman, Helen B.

Ackerman, J.

Ackerman, W.

Ackermann, Lizzie

Ackermann, Marie

Ackerson, John

Acompora, John

Adam, Edwin C.

Adam, Josephine

Adamek, Marie

Adami, Anna

Adams, Allen W.

Adams, Arthur

Adams, Delpha Lorine

Adams, Edward C.

Adams, Emanuel

Adams, Henry L.

Adams, Homer B.

Adams, Jennie A.

Adams, John

Adams, Josephine

Adams, L. M.

Adams, Leigh H.

Adams, Lucy

Adams, Mary E.

Adams, Pearl

Adams, S.

Adams, Sarah

Adams, Thomas

Adams, William James

Addison, Alberta

Addotta, S.

Adelsberger, Frank J.

Adelsdorf, David

Aderton, William T.

Adler, Harry "Worst Heat Wave ...

Adler, Herman

Adler, M.

Adrian, Josephine A.

Affolter, Frederick

Agee, W.

Ahern, J.

Ahlemeyer, Floyd L.

Ahlendorf, Rudolph

Ahner, Gustave

Ahner, H. W.

Ahner, Martin H.

Ahrens, Bernard J.

Ahrens, Helen

Ahrens, Henry

Ahrens, Thekla

Aiazzi, Natalina

Aichunas, Tony

Aikens, Pairlee

Ainley, Charles

Alagna, Ida

Albenesius, Frances

Albers, Henry

Albers, Henry J.

Albers, Meta

Albers, Wilhelmina

Albers, William

Albert, Estelle

Albig, Fred H.

Albrecht, Alice

Albrecht, Carl

Albrecht, Caroline

Albrecht, Caroline E.

Albrecht, Ernst T.

Albrecht, Katherina

Albrecht, Louise

Albrecht, Robert

Albrecht, Sarah

Alderson, Allie May

Aldrich, Ida May

Aldrich, Marvin M.

Aldridge, Charles

Aldridge, T.

Alemann, G. B.

Alex, Mamie

Alexander, (baby)

Alexander, A.

Alexander, Elsie

Alexander, Erma

Alexander, Gideon M.

Alexander, John

Alexander, Kate

Alexander, Mary

Alexander, S.

Alexander, Sterling

Alexander, William A.

Alfeld, Carrie

Algermissen, Kathryne

Alifandis, Tony

Aliman, Vera

Allan, Leita B.

Allbee, Sarah Jane

Allen, Arthur

Allen, B.

Allen, C.

Allen, Charles S.

Allen, Claude

Allen, Edward

Allen, Edward W.

Allen, Edwin C. Sr.

Allen, H.

Allen, Inez

Allen, J.

Allen, John

Allen, Laura

Allen, Leslie L.

Allen, Ollie

Allen, Pearl

Allen, R.

Allen, Sarah

Allen-Boone, Mary Elizabeth

Allen-Davis, Lulu

Allers, Robert

Alley, Tabitha

Allgeyer, Louise M.

Allman, Vera

Allred, W.

Allsup, Laura

Almer, Martin H.

Almus, Nancy A.

Alpers, Anna Maria

Alsheimer, Clara

Alsmeyer, Clara R.

Alston, J.

Alt, Anna

Alt, Harry

Alt, Margaret C.

Alt, Marie S.

Altdorfer, Elizabeth

Altekruse, Minnie

Altenbaumer, Amelia A.

Alter, Adam

Alter, Mary Eliza

Althage, Edward E.

Altherr, William

Altman, Sarah

Alumbaugh, Viola

Amann, Mary M.

Amato, Salvatore

Ambrose, (baby)

Ambrose, Annie L.

Ambrose, Mary

Ambs, Bertha I.

Ambus, baby

Ames, Mary Melvina

Amesbury, Frances

Amons, Judita

Amos, Henry O.

Amos, Lorena E.

Amos, Pearl

Amount, Maybelle

Ampelman, Margaret

Amrhein, Lulu H.

Amy, Millie

Anacker, Charles

Ancell, Roy

Andel, Carl W.

Andelfinger, Friederieke

Andello, Jean

Anderman, Sarah

Anderson, Albert G.

Anderson, Albert N.

Anderson, Anna

Anderson, Arthur Lee

Anderson, Bernice M.

Anderson, Charles

Anderson, Etta

Anderson, Fannie

Anderson, Frank

Anderson, Gertrude

Anderson, H.

Anderson, J.

Anderson, James

Anderson, James F.

Anderson, John S.

Anderson, Joseph H.

Anderson, L.

Anderson, Louise

Anderson, M.

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Mary C.

Anderson, Mary E.

Anderson, Mary Emily

Anderson, Millie

Anderson, Otey

Anderson, Roy

Anderson, Silvia

Anderson, Walter Otey

Anderson, William H.

Andeson, J.

Andres, Norma

Andresen, Amalia

Andrews, Ada Benedict

Andrews, Aileen

Andrews, Alice

Andrews, Anna Angell

Andrews, Ava

Andrews, D.

Andrews, H.

Andrews, L. M

Andrews, Morey Lee

Angalone, Frances

Angermeier, Melvin

Anglin, Margaret

Anglin, Mary A.

Anguish, Leonard

Anna, Johanna

Annan, Gusanna

Annis, Pauline

Anschutz, George T.

Ansell, Mildred P.

Anselm, Leo

Anselm, W. B.

Anslyn, David

Anslyn, Theodore Sr.

Ansyln, Edward B.

Anthony, Elizabeth

Anthony, Joseph Sr.

Antrainer, Phillip

Antrobius, Catherine

Anzalone, Annie Frances

Apel, Elizabeth

Apenbrinck, Maria

Apleman, Maggie

Appel, Adelaide Margaretha

Appelby, Mary

Appelt, Nellie

Appleman, Shirley Mae

Appler, Sarah Louise

Arado, Abe

Arbeiter, Amelia

Arbogast, Zayda Wertheimer

Archer, George Washington

Archer, Robert K.

Archer, William B.

Archer-Spiess, Marion A.

Areilesi, Caterina

Arendes, Gus M.

Arens, Gertrude

Arens, Henry

Arens, Homer B.

Arft, Elmer

Argus, Leonard J.

Arisman, Dorothy

Arman, L.

Armbruster, Irene

Armbruster, Nicholas W.

Armer, Robert Eugene

Armes, James

Armour, Lloyd L.

Armstettad, J. M.

Armstron, Annie L.

Armstron, Laura "Worst Heat Wave ...

Armstrong, C.

Armstrong, Eva Hattie

Armstrong, Evelyn

Armstrong, Mae

Armstrong, Maurice R.

Armstrong, Myrtle A.

Armstrong, William W.

Armstrong, Zoe H.

Arndt, Lissetta

Arndt, Tillie Marie

Arno, Loretta

Arnold, Ellen

Arnold, Ida

Arnold, Miriam

Arnott, David S.

Arnsmeyer, William D.

Aron, Betty L.

Aronoff, Sonia

Aronson, Gustave

Arrivee, Augusta J.

Arthur, Caroline V.

Arthur, Isabelle C.

Ashbrook, W.

Ashbrooke, James A.

Ashdown, Mary Jane

Asher, Johnnie E.

Ashley, Sarah

Ashworth, Inez

Ashworth, Teresa

Aslinger, Lawrence

Asmus, Hugo

Asten, Serena A.

Aties, M.

Atkins, J. W.

Atkins, Ludella

Atkinson, Donald

Atkinson, Harriett

Atkinson, Richard E.

Atkinson, T.

Atwell, Goldie J.

Atwell, Josephine

Atwood, Ed

Atwood, Lulu M.

Atwood, Morris P. "42 Die of Heat ..." 7/13 p

Aubuchon, Julia

Aubuchon, Mary

Aubuchon, Mary S.

Aubuchon, Ollie Eva

Aubuchon, Thomas

Auderheide, Frederick W.

Auel, Elizabeth Lide

Auel, Frances

Aufdembrink, Herman F.

Aufderheide, Louise

Aufderheide, Mary

Aufenberg, Ida

Aufricht, Theodore B.

Augromier, M.

Augustin, Otto H.

Augustine, Caroline

Aulbach, Mary

Aulgar, Delyla

Aumock, Simon P.

Austermann, B. Joseph

Austermann, William

Austin, Christine

Austin, T.

Averbeck, Alma F.

Avis, Gilmore R.

Awbrey, Mamie

Axen, Frederick S.

Axley, Thelma

Axt, Ernest

Aydelotte, Lucy W.

Ayers, Marie E.

Ayers, Victor N.

Ayres, Robert W.

Azar, Annie

Azar, Anthony

Azzomi, P.