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Surnames beginning with O

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Oatman, Annie

Oatts, J.

Obear, Frank

Obenhaus, Fred W.

Oberfoell, Adaline

Obergfell, Theodore Carl

Oberlander, Franz E.

Obermeyer, Grace Estella

Obermeyer, Joseph

Obermeyer, Mary

Obermeyer, Nickolaus

Obernhas, F.

Obmeyer, Catherine

Obrames, Grace

O'Brien, Anna

O'Brien, Annie

O'Brien, Catherine

O'Brien, Charles R.

O'Brien, Dorothy C.

O'Brien, Ellen West

O'Brien, J.

O'Brien, James P.

O'Brien, Johanna

O'Brien, John

O'Brien, John T.

O'Brien, Mary

O'Brien, Mary

O'Brien, Mary A.

O'Brien, Nellie

O'Brien, Patrick

O'Brien, Patrick C.

O'Brien, Patrick J.

O'Brien, Rose

O'Brien, Rosemary

O'Brien, William L.

Obrist, William H.

Obrock, Henry H.

Obst, Kate

Ochs, Henry III

Ochs, Magdalena

Ochterbech, Henry C.

O'Connell, Annie

O'Connell, Edward J.

O'Connell, Genevieve

O'Connell, Julia

O'Connell-Hayes, Catherine

O'Conner, Lo

O'Connor, Anna M.

O'Connor, Ellen

O'Connor, J.

O'Connor, James T.

O'Connor, John J.

O'Connor, Margaret

O'Connor, Mary

O'Connor, Nora Louise

O'Connor, Sarah

O'Conor, Katherine

O'Day, Julia

O'Donnell, (Kirkwood, Chief of Police) Patrick J.

O'Donnell, Annie

O'Donnell, Catherine

O'Donnell, Cecelia

O'Donnell, Edmund M.

O'Donnell, Elizabeth

O'Donnell, G. J.

O'Donnell, John

O'Donnell, Katherine

O'Donnell, Michael

O'Donnell, Thomas Joseph

Oehlbrecht, Anna F.

Oehler, (Sister) Marie Louise

Oelschlager, Anna

Oelze, John H.

Oerter, Barbara

Oeschner, Anton

Oestereich, Elizabeth

Oesterle, Ida May

O'Fallon, Henrietta

O'Fallon, Laurena M.

O'Fallon, Thomas J.

Officer, I.

O'Gallagher, Birdie V.

Ogar, Joseph

Ogden, Ida

Ogden, Mary Anna

Ogden, Sadie

Oge, Lena

Oger, Sophie

Ogle, Ivy L.

Ogle, Russell H.

O'Gorman, William R.

O'Hanlon, Felix P.

O'Hara, Patricia M.

O'Hearn, Catherine O.

O'Hearn, James

O'Hearne, Anna

Ohlemeyer, Anna

Ohlhausen, Mary

Ohmeyer, Holger F.

Ohnemus, Effie

Ohnimus, William

O'Keefe, Alice

O'Keefe, Margaret

O'Keefe, Mary

O'Keefe, Mary A.

O'Keefe, Michel J.

O'Keefe, P.

O'Keefe, Rosa

O'Laughlin, Katherine

Oldani, Josephine

Oldeg, Clara

Oldenhag, Nancy

Oldham, E. D.

O'Leary, Daniel J.

O'Leary, Florence

O'Leary, Fred M.

O'Leary, Katherine

O'Leary, T.

Olesinski, Anna

Olges, Anna

Olheide, Anna

Olivarri, Emma J.

Oliver, A. L.

Oliver, Alice

Oliver, Council

Oliver, Margaret

Oliverson, Minnie Knight

Olliges, Geraldine

Olmsted, Helen C.

Oloeg, Clara

Olson, Anna

Olson, Emma

Olson, John

Olson, Robert O.

Olszewski, Joseph

Oltman, George

O'Malley, Catherine

O'Malley, P. J.

O'Mara, John T.

Ommus, W.

Omrod, C.

Ondlermott, Katherine

O'Neal, Frank

O'Neal, Hattie

O'Neal, W.

O'Neil, Catherine

O'Neil, Collis Edward

O'Neil, E.

O'Neil, Edward

O'Neil, Elizabeth E.

O'Neil, Ellen

O'Neil, J. M.

O'Neil, Jane

O'Neil, Maria

O'Neil, R. A.

O'Neill, Arthur J.

O'Neill, Bridget Anna

O'Neill, Catherine

O'Neill, Charles J.

O'Neill, Helen

O'Neill, Helen A.

O'Neill, Mamie

Oonk, Christina H.

Opal, Lena

Openheimer, Rebecca

Opfer, Henry

Opitz, Caroline Essmueller

Oppermann, F.

Oppermann, John L.

Oppermann, Katharine

Oppermann, Mary F.

Orblitt, Max

Ordung, Christina

O'Reilly, F.

O'Reilly, Frank

Ornelas, Enrique

O'Rourke, Charles J.

O'Rourke, Mary

Orr, Charles

Orr, Elizabeth

Orr, George

Orrell, George F.

Ort, Caroline E.

Orth, Elizabeth

Orth, Louise

Orthwein, Fannie J.

Ortman, Elizabeth

Ortmann, Emma M.

Ortmann, Richard

Ortmann, Sophia M.

Ortt, Louisa

Osberg, Mary

Osborne, Addie

Osborne, Anna

Osborne, B.

Osborne, Douglas

Osborne, Mary S.

Osburg, Wilma Lucille

Osgood, Joseph Goddard

Osgood, Mary L.

O'Shea, Anna

O'Shea, Jermiah J.

O'Shea, Robert L.

Osiek, Minnie S.

Ostendorf, Dorothea E.

Ostendorf, Rose

Oster, Henry J.

Osterdorf, Dorothea E.

Osterhaus-Streuber, Jack H.

Osterholt, Ernest G.

Osterholt, Minnie C.

Osterman, Emma

Ostermann, Catherine

Ostermann, Jacob

Ostermann, Margaretha

Ostrander, Emma J.

O'Sullivan, Johanna

O'Sullivan, Mary

Oswitz, Anna

O'Tarvis, Emily

Otey, C.

O'Toole, Anna A.

O'Toole, Edward

O'Toole, Mary

O'Toole, Mary E.

O'Toole, Mary E.

O'Toole, Veronica Agnes

Ott, John G.

Ott, Louisa

Ott, N.

Otte, Minnie

Otten, Veronica

Otten, Walburga Minnie

Ottenad, Herman

Otting, Sylvester Leroy

Otto, Anna E.

Otto, Bernard

Otto, Bernard J.

Otto, Bridget

Otto, William

Ottomeyer, Hattie

Ouhrabka, Emily R.

Overall, Daisy D.

Overbeck, J. L.

Overbeck, Mary A.

Overkamp, Elizabeth

Overlease, William

Overmier, Hattie S.

Overstreet, Frank

Overton, W. V.

Owen, _. B.

Owen, Albert

Owen, Emily Collins

Owen, Ethel

Owen, Jessie L.

Owens, Anna

Owens, D.

Owens, Elizabeth Ann

Owens, Ethan A.

Owens, Imogene

Owens, J.

Owens, Maggie

Owens, Michael

Owens, N.

Owens, Nellie J.

Owens, Sadie

Owsley, Veola