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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabell, Hattie

Cade, Pauline

Cade, Stella Donna

Cadwallader, Emma

Cadwell, John H.

Cady, Nellie

Cady, William O.

Cagle, M.

Cahalin, Anthony

Cahill, Bernard M.

Cahill, James G. Jr.

Cahill, Margaret

Cahill, Norah B.

Cahill, Walter W.

Cahn, F.

Cahudet, William J.

Cain, Amelia A.

Cain, Fannie

Cain, John T.

Cain, Kimberlin Fannie

Cain, Lawrence

Cain, Lillie

Cain, Mary

Cainey, Johanna

Caito, Caroline Olinda

Calame, Paul V.

Calcaterra, James

Caldwell, Annie P.

Caldwell, S.

Calhoun, Clara L.

Calhoun, Samuel D.

Callahan, Anna

Callahan, Carrie

Callahan, Frances

Callahan, Joseph J.

Callahan, Margaret

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, Paul

Callahan, W.

Callen, Robert J.

Calliott, J. V.

Calmus, P.

Caloia, James J.

Caltaterra, E.

Calvert, Ada

Calvin, ___

Camenzind, Clara

Cameron, G.

Camozzi, Charles

Camp, Charles Dale

Camp, D.

Camp, Mary Etta

Campbell, (Dr.) Arthur V.

Campbell, Bridget

Campbell, C.

Campbell, Edward D.

Campbell, G. A.

Campbell, J.

Campbell, John W.

Campbell, Phyllis

Campbell, Priscilla

Campbell, R. W.

Campbell, S.

Campfield, Edward E.

Campfield, Gertrude

Campion, John L.

Campnell, Earma

Canada, P.

Canady, Robert E.

Canagan, Julia

Candela, F.

Candy, Wesley W.

Cane, Harriett

Canepa, Frank

Cange, Adolph

Cange, Dora

Cann, Mabel G.

Cannon, F. N.

Capasso, Alfred

Capelli, Amelia H.

Capelli, Mary Catherine

Capen, Frances Isabella

Caplan, Rose

Cappel, T. H.

Capra, Margaret

Capstick, Teresa E.

Caragher, James M.

Caratti, (Rev.) Luciano

Carbo, Nic

Card, Mae

Cardwell, Elizabeth Cornelia

Carenza, Dora M.

Carey, Elmo

Carey, Frances

Carey, Henry

Carey, Mary

Carey, Mary

Carey, Mary E.

Carey, Willie May

Cargile, William B.

Carlson, John

Carlson, John A.

Carlson, Mary A.

Carlton, R. E.

Carlyle, Orpha

Carman, Anna

Carman, Ida M.

Carman, Marie Adele

Carmen, Annie W.

Carmical, T. B.

Carmody, Ellen

Carmody, P.

Carnes, Albert H.

Carney, Hanna

Carney, M. J.

Carney, W.

Carp, Saul

Carpenter, Chloe F.

Carpenter, Elmer

Carpenter, John William

Carr, Angelica Yeatman

Carr, Bridget

Carr, Francis

Carr, J.

Carr, Katie H.

Carr, Otto

Carr, Robert C.

Carr, Willard Avery

Carr, William J.

Carrabelli, J.

Carradine, G.

Carragher, Catherine

Carraway, E.

Carraway, Mary J.

Carrico, Ben M.

Carrico, George W.

Carrington, A.

Carrolan, Sarah

Carroll, Annie

Carroll, Edward

Carroll, Eleanor Simms

Carroll, Ellen

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Mary E.

Carroll, Mildred

Carroll, N.

Carroll, Rosetta

Carroll, Winifred

Carrotti, (Rev.) Luciano

Carson, F.

Carson, Harry B.

Carson, John

Carson, Louise

Carson, Shirley Ann

Cartan, Marie Boisliniere

Cartan, Marie Elizabeth

Carter, B.

Carter, C.

Carter, Cannie

Carter, Elizabeth

Carter, Emma A.

Carter, G.

Carter, Gid

Carter, Hennie

Carter, J. S.

Carter, Jessie

Carter, Juitt

Carter, Laura

Carter, Lizzie

Carter, Lorraine C.

Carter, Luella C.

Carter, Ross

Carter, Sarah

Carter, W.

Carter-Lewis, Maud

Cartharn, A.

Caruso, Louisa

Caruthers, Maude Henderson

Carvatt, Margaret

Carver, Katherine S.

Carver, Maria

Case, _. H.

Case, F. E.

Casey, Bartholamew

Casey, John B.

Casey, Julia M.

Casey, Katherine

Casey, M.

Casey, Maggie

Casey, Mary A.

Cash, Eliza

Cash, Margaret

Cashel, Charlotte M.

Casherry, J.

Cashman, Essie

Casiraghi, Lena

Caspar, Charles R.

Caspar, Clara S.

Casper, Arthur C.

Casper, Bertha

Casper, Gurdy E.

Casper, Robert H.

Cassidy, Joseph L.

Cassidy, Maryetta

Cassillius, Katherine

Casteel, Louise

Castello, Catherine

Castian, J.

Castillo, James

Castle, Eula

Castraghi, Lena

Caswell, Elizabeth

Catanzaro, Charles

Cates, Antonette

Cather, Martha E.

Cato, N.

Cauri, Eliza

Causey, Oneta

Cavallo, Enrico A.

Cavan, Hanna

Cavanaugh, J. T.

Cavanaugh, Thomas

Caviens, H.

Cavy, H.

Cawthorn, Belvia

Caydos, G.

Ceasel, Mary

Cecil, Noah F.

Cella, Julia

Cerf, Lena

Cesnik-Bachman, Lillian

Chabr, Marie Mabel

Chaffin, James E.

Chalfant, William G.

Chalupny, Albert

Chamberlain, George

Chamberlain, Pauline E.

Chambers, Fannie Mae

Chambers, Millie

Chambers, Sarah

Chandler, Eddie

Chandler, John R.

Chandler, Mary E.

Chaney, Doris

Chapin, Lillian

Chapin, Loretta L.

Chapman, James Lewis Jr.

Chappell, Albert Reid

Chappell, Ella M.

Charbulack, Edward J.

Charles, R.

Charleston, L.

Charleville, L. D.

Chase, Bernice

Chase, G. R.

Chase, Mary

Chaudet, William J.

Cheappa, J.

Cheatham, Elizabeth

Cheatham, Frank W.

Cheeks, H.

Cheers, E.

Chenot, Louise

Chenot, Maude A.

Cherney, Anna

Cherry, Elihah

Chesley, Frances S.

Chesnek, Jennie

Chesnick, Mary

Chesnik-Bachman, Lillian

Child, Mary J.

Childer, Dorothy

Childers, Dora

Childers, Mary

Childers, Pope Clara

Childs, J. W.

Chilton, Janie

Chimel, J.

Chipion, Emil

Chipron, Emile

Chiswell, Joseph M.

Chittenden, Curtis L.

Chives, E.

Chomeau, Henri

Chouteau, Edward

Chrismer, Carrie

Chrismer, Pearl Margaret

Christ, Peter A.

Christ, Wilhelmina

Christ, William H.

Christen, Marcella

Christensen, Henrietta

Christensen, Peter Henry

Christiane, George

Christianson, J.

Christman, Michael

Christopher, Caroline

Christopher, Champ F.

Chromoga, Michael

Chrzanowski, Joseph

Church, John A.

Churchill, Lottie

Ciarniello, Evelina

Cierpiot, Henry J.

Cinder, Hugh M.

Cisco, Laura W.

Cissell-Kuebrich, Gertrude

Civill, Helen C.

Cizek, Frank

Cizek, Mathias

Claborn, May E.

Clack, P.

Clacker, Henry

Clagett, Henry Shipp

Claggett, H. S.

Claiborne, Elizabeth

Clair, Nettie

Clair, R.

Claire, (Dr.) Marie L.

Clame, Paul V.

Clancy, Florence

Clanton, W.

Clark, ___

Clark, A.

Clark, Anna

Clark, Catherine

Clark, Cecelia

Clark, Charles C.

Clark, Cummings C.

Clark, Edna M.

Clark, Edwin R.

Clark, Elma

Clark, F.

Clark, Fanny Todd

Clark, Frank

Clark, Gladys

Clark, Harry

Clark, Inza

Clark, J. D.

Clark, Jeanette

Clark, John

Clark, Joseph E.

Clark, Lela

Clark, Lena

Clark, Lewis S.

Clark, Lillian

Clark, Lois Anna

Clark, Louise

Clark, Maggie

Clark, Mary

Clark, Melvina

Clark, Nellie

Clark, Paralee Frances

Clark, Ralph Erwin

Clark, Rixy

Clarke, Ellen

Clarke, Emma Niehaus

Clarke, Frank Louis

Clarke, Mary

Clarkson, Wesley C.

Clark-Tucker, (Mrs. Lou B.)

Clarner, Augusta

Claudius, Henry

Claudy, Christine

Claus, (Dr.) Otto F.

Clausen, Anna C.

Clauson, baby

Claymore, William

Claypool, C.

Clayton, Emma

Clayton, T.

Claywell, Nellie

Cleary, Katherine J.

Cleary, Margaret

Cleary, Margery

Cleary, Sarah E.

Clemens, Ida M.

Clemens, Norbert H.

Clement, J.

Clement, Marie

Clendening, Emma F.

Clendening, Mary Etta

Cleveland, Annie

Clever, Bertha

Clifford, Catherine G.

Clifford, F.

Clifford, Julia

Clifford, Junette

Clifford, Mary

Clifford, Mary

Clifford, T.

Clifton, Wattie

Cline, C.

Cline, Rose Anna

Clinkingbeard, Nancy Jane

Clinton, Charles F.

Clinton, Christina

Clinton, Ethel

Clinton, James

Clipper, Mary

Clisikingbeard, Nancy J.

Clissold, Francis S.

Clodfelter, Betty L.

Cloedy, Elizabeth

Cloonan, David

Cloonan, Richard J.

Clouse, Anna Bertha

Cloutier, Godfrey

Clucas, George L.

Clucas, Thomas

Clutter, W. W.

Coad, Betty Ann

Coapes, C.

Coates, John E.

Cobb, Lenora

Cobine, Kenner Rice

Cobourn, William Davis

Cochra, Malinda

Cochran, M. W.

Cockrel, G.

Cockrell, Lillian E.

Codrington, William Frank

Cody, Mable E.

Cody, Margaret

Cody, Rose

Cody, William

Coe, Bella D.

Coe, Bertha E.

Coe, Mary M.

Coelln, Charles V.

Coen, Catherine

Coerver, Anna

Coerver, Ferdinand F.

Coever, F.

Coff, (Off., STLPD) James F.

Coffey, Augusta

Coggeshall, Carol H.

Coghill, Isabelle

Coghlan, Julia

Coghlan, Lida L.

Cohan, William J.

Cohen, Abraham

Cohen, Elizabeth

Cohen, F.

Cohen, Jacob

Cohen, Jacob H.

Cohen, Kate

Cohen, Louis L.

Cohen, Morris J.

Cohen, Rachel

Cohenour, Verli

Cohran, L.

Colan, Timothy J.

Colbert, James

Colbert, Marjorie

Colbourn, G.

Colburn, G.

Colclazier, Zachary

Colclozier, Z.

Cole, A. J.

Cole, Ann Agnes

Cole, Annie

Cole, Arminda

Cole, Edwin West

Cole, Frank D.

Cole, Hallie

Cole, Nancy L.

Cole, R. O.

Cole, T.

Cole, Viola Alma

Coleman, (Capt.) Lloyd 'Motz' #10/2 p

Coleman, A.

Coleman, Amelia J.

Coleman, Ann Agnes

Coleman, Bessie G.

Coleman, Elizabeth Edith

Coleman, Fannie

Coleman, Harold R.

Coleman, J.

Coleman, J. W.

Coleman, James

Coleman, Mary

Coleman, Mary Helen

Coleman, Nelia

Colfer-De Geer, Minnie

Coll, G. A.

Coller, Bernardine

Collier, Alice

Collier, Eva

Collier, Jennie

Collier, Katie

Collier, Nora E.

Collier, R. Jr.

Collignon, (Mother) Julia

Collins, ___

Collins, A.

Collins, A. J.

Collins, Amelia E. B.

Collins, Anna D.

Collins, Bertha

Collins, Clara

Collins, Dorothy M.

Collins, E.

Collins, Edward A.

Collins, Elizabeth

Collins, Ella

Collins, Ellen

Collins, Emily

Collins, Helen

Collins, John F.

Collins, July

Collins, July H.

Collins, Mamie

Collins, Marvin Richard

Collins, Mary

Collins, Nada

Collins, Nora

Collins, T. A.

Collyer, Mary Etta

Colonius, Agnes A. H.

Colonna, Hattie

Colonna, John D.

Colonna, Joseph

Colvin, David A.

Colvin, John E.

Colvin, John E.

Colyer, Robert Edgar

Combis, Johanna

Combs, Amanda Jane

Combs, baby

Combs, Edward Norman

Combs, Francis John

Combs, Lydia A.

Comer, Bridget

Comer, Katherine

Comotto, Joseph

Compton, H.

Compton, R. M.

Condomme, Lucien

Condon, Edward J.

Condon, John W.

Condon, Laura A.

Condress, D.

Conduitt, Mollie

Cone, Robert H. Sr.

Conklin, Charles

Conklin, G. R.

Conklin, Pearl

Conley, Catherine

Conley, Mary

Conley, May

Conley, Veronica

Conley, William

Conlin, May

Conlon, Catherine

Conn, Margaret

Connell, Francis C.

Connell, Kate

Connell, Margaret

Connelly, (Sgt. STLPD) Thomas

Connelly, Dorothy Wade

Conner, Aaron

Conner, George William Jr.

Conner, John

Conner, Juanita

Conners, G.

Connor, Hamilton

Connors, Agnes

Connors, Catherine

Connors, Margaret

Connors, Mary

Connors, Michael

Conrad, Florence

Conrad, Inez E.

Conrad, Jacob

Conrad, Theodor Louis J.

Conrades, Belmont C.

Conrads, Mary

Conran, Ann

Conrath, John L.

Conrod, Margaret

Conroy, J.

Conroy, Mary F.

Conroy, Patrick Edward

Convion, E.

Conway, Charles A. Jr.

Conway, Elsey

Conway, Margaret

Conway, R.

Conway, Sarah

Cook, (Dr.) John L.

Cook, A. W.

Cook, Edward B.

Cook, Francis Edmiston

Cook, Frank

Cook, Helen Grace

Cook, Ione Agler

Cook, Lee Howard

Cook, Lucy

Cook, Marie

Cook, Ralph

Cook, T.

Cook, T. J.

Cook, Tillie

Cooke, Henry S.

Cooke, William Mordecai

Cookson, Florence

Cookson, Frances Wilson

Cool, Sarah J.

Cooley, Mary L.

Coombs, Margaret

Coonan, John

Coons, Carol Louise

Coons, Elizabeth L.

Coons, Hilda

Coons, Mickel

Cooper, Daisy

Cooper, Dona Mae

Cooper, Eva

Cooper, J.

Cooper, L?

Cooper, Laura

Cooper, Margaret R.

Cooper, Marion Elizabeth

Cooper, Samuel M.

Cooper, Stacey N.

Cooper, William A.

Cooperwood, W.

Copeland, R.

Copley, Edith

Coppage, John Francis

Coppedge, Hettie

Coppedge, Saphronia E.

Corbett, Elizabeth

Corbett, Maurice E.

Corcoran, Alice

Corcoran, James J.

Corcoran, Mary

Corcoran, Peter

Corcoran, Robert M.

Cordell, Annie M.

Cordell, Mary I.

Cordell, William

Cordes, Elizabeth

Cordes, Harry

Cordes, Henry

Cordes, Herman

Cordis, Emma M.

Cordry, August Richard

Cordry, Merell J.

Corey, Adie Lee

Corkery, Margaret

Corkran, Milton W.

Corless, John C.

Corn, W.

Cornelius, D.

Cornelius, J.

Cornell, Adolph

Cornell, Elmer

Corona, Angelo

Corpew, Charles D.

Corrigan, Edward B.

Corso, Augustino

Corwin, John R.

Cory, Joseph P.

Cosentino, Frank

Costello, Anna

Costello, Cornelius C.

Costello, J.

Costello, Mary

Costello, Mary

Costello, Maxine

Cotel, Clotilde

Cotner, Alma

Cotsworth, Arthur T.

Cottam, Jessie

Cottohoff, Gertrude

Cotton, Claretta

Couch, Rosetta

Coughlan, Mary A.

Coughlin, Sarah

Cougot, Mary

Coulter, Minnie

Councel, Alta

Countie, Mary

Courisky, Rose

Courtney, Bridget

Cousins, Amelia

Couvion, Edward P.

Couvion, Lucy

Cova, Joseph

Covington, E.

Cowan, Emily

Cowan, William Hamilton Jr.

Cowen, A.

Cowen, William J.

Cowin, Emma

Cowles, Mary Elizabeth

Cox, A. L.

Cox, Anna

Cox, D.

Cox, Edna

Cox, Edward

Cox, Paralee Frances

Cox, William

Coyle, Emma J.

Coyle, John

Coyle, Mary A.

Coyne, Edward A.

Cozzens, Margaret

Crabb, Simon P.

Crabtree, Leslie E.

Cracchiolo, S.

Craddock, India

Crader, J.

Cradock, Martin F.

Craft, M.

Craft, William H.

Crafton, Joseph D.

Cragen, Katherine S.

Craig, Edwin

Craig, Jennie

Craig, Marnie

Craig, Mary

Craig, Mary Agnes

Craig, S.

Craig, Zola

Craig-Bardon, Sarah Jane

Craigo, Frank

Crain, Anna Josephine

Crain, Nancy E.

Crain, Vera

Crala, E.

Cramer, Fannie Hallock

Cramer, Louis A.

Cramer, Pauline

Crancer, Anna

Crane, Anna L.

Crane, John

Crane, Kate

Crane, Opal Katherine

Crane, Walter E.

Crawford, A. H.

Crawford, Annie A.

Crawford, Cary Russell

Crawford, Catherine

Crawford, J. I.

Crawford, Mary

Crawford, Mary

Crawford, Mary

Crawford, Thomas

Creamer, John A.

Creasman, J.

Crecelius, Lillian

Crecelius, W.

Crecelius, Waldemar

Crecelius, William C.

Crede, Oliver

Creed, Michael

Creel, Robert T.

Creely, Joseph J.

Creely, Ophelia M.

Creley, Teresa Odille

Crenshaw, Anna Celeste

Crenshaw, E.

Crenshaw, John C.

Crenshaw, R.

Creveling, De Witt

Creveling, Samuel C.

Crewe, Elizabeth

Crews, Moody

Crieson, C.

Crim, W.

Crinnion, Betty Joe

Cripps, Frances L.

Crisley, Anna M.

Criswell, W.

Croak, Mary A.

Crocker, Austin J.

Crodis, Emma M.

Crofton, Harry A.

Croghan, Joan H.

Crohn, Henry S.

Croll, Emma

Crone, William Edward

Cronin, Timothy P.

Cronin, William J.

Cronk, Barbara Flemming

Cronk, Wilmot B.

Cronkshank, J.

Crook, Ossie

Crook, P.

Crooks, Mary Mansfield

Croosman, H.

Crosby, Sarah J.

Crosby, T.

Crosland, Victoria

Crosnow, Myrtle

Cross, John

Cross, Rose

Crosse, W. E.

Crossketler, Anna

Crouch, B.

Crouski, Rose

Crow, (Judge) George A.

Crow, Martha G.

Crow, Pearl

Crow, Sophie Mitchell Gay

Crow, Waneeta

Crowder, Elizabeth

Crowder, James Edward

Crowe, Bernard

Crowley, Agnes

Crowley, Cornelius

Crowley, Sadie

Crowley, William F.

Croxton, Horace L.

Crucknell, Annie

Cruikshank, Lena

Crum, Cyrus N.

Crump, Rebecca

Crunk, Helen

Crusick, Margaret

Crutcher, C.

Crutcher, Vivian

Crutsinger, Mary W.

Crymes, Temple

Cuba, Francis J.

Cubberly, Susan Murrin

Cuddahee, Margaret

Cuidan, Pauiline

Cullen, J.

Culley, George C.

Cullmann, Daniel

Cullmann, Phillipina

Culp, Sarah Ann

Culver, Lizzie C.

Cummings, Elsie

Cummings, Helen A.

Cummings, Jennie R.

Cummings, Katie

Cummings, Maggie

Cummins, James G.

Cummins, John

Cummins, Martha

Cummiskey, William S.

Cundiff, Leo Anthony

Cuneo, Caroline

Cunniffe, Charles Lloyd

Cunningham, Josephine

Cunningham, Julia A.

Cunningham, Kate L.

Cunningham, Marion

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Mary E.

Cunningham, Maude

Cunningham, O.

Cunningham, Stella Donna

Cunningham, Thomas Roy

Cupp, G. W.

Curlee, Thomas M.

Curley, Anna

Curley, Margaret V.

Curotto, Arthur

Curran, Bertha H.

Currie, Helen

Currier, Annie

Curry, A.

Curtin, Margaret

Curtis, Ernest M.

Curtis, George B.

Curtis, Imogene

Curtis, W.

Cury, Gertrude

Cushing, Anne Branch

Cushing, Edward P.

Cushing, Margaret

Cushing, William P.

Cusick, Margaret

Cusick, Mary

Cussen, B. Josephine

Cusumano, Antoninetta

Cusumano, Grace

Cutter, Silvia

Cwiklowski, K.

Cyrus, L.

Czarniecki, Boleslaw 'William' 6/15 p

Czebrzinski, Florence