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Surnames beginning with C

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Cables, Millie

Cade, Theresa

Cadieux, C.?

Cadwallader, Mary Louise

Cadwell, Augusta

Cady, Kevin Ward

Caesar, John

Caffall, Florence

Caffrey, Delia A.

Caggiano, Mike

Cagney, Mary

Cahill, Elizabeth

Cahill, Hattie

Cahill, Jeremiah

Cain, George M.

Cain, Mary A.

Cain, Mattie

Cain, Patrick R.

Cain, Queen V.

Cain, S.

Caine, Catherine

Cairns, Thomas

Caldwell, D.

Caldwell, Edward

Caldwell, Mosely W.

Caldwell, Thomas J.

Cale, Charles Allen

Calhoun, ___

Calhoun, Cora E.

Calhoun, H.

Calhoun, Maggie

Calhoun, Mary Florence

Callahan, Ella M.

Callahan, Ellen

Callahan, Eugene

Callahan, Michael

Callahan, Rose

Callahan, Timothy C.

Callan, Lannie

Callanan, Edward Francis

Callanan, Francis Xavier

Callanan, Joseph J.

Calle, C.

Calliott, John V.

Calliotte, Mary

Callora, Rosie

Calloway, Charles

Calo, Nina

Calvert, William P.

Calvin, (Patrolman, STLPD) Webster F.

Calvird, Mary L.

Camack, Texana

Cambron, Emily

Cambron, Sylvester E.

Camden, Delilah

Camenden, Adelheid M.

Cameron, Grace

Cameron, Lillie Elizabeth

Cameron, Tilitha

Campalla, F.

Campbell, ___

Campbell, ___tta E.

Campbell, B.

Campbell, Catherine

Campbell, Donald

Campbell, Elizabeth

Campbell, Ivy

Campbell, John H.

Campbell, Margaret Mc Clure

Campbell, Rosa

Campbell, T. C.

Campbell, W.

Campbell, W.? J.

Canaan, W.

Canada, Emma

Canaris, Barbara

Canavan, John C.

Candy, Walter W.

Canfield, Mary E.

Cannady, J.

Cannady, Velma

Cannavo, Raffaele

Cannon, A. K.

Cannon, Nora

Cannon, William D.

Canova, Louise Marie

Cantanzaro, Sam

Canterbury, Attie

Cantillon, Edward

Cantillon, Maria

Cantoni, A.

Cantor, Max

Cantwell, Ellen

Canz, Louise

Capestro, Anthony

Capestro, Theresa

Capone, Philomina

Cappin, Sarah H.

Capps, Gloria Mae

Capuran, Daisy

Carapella, Angelo

Carbayeda, J. F.

Card, Chester

Card, Ninnier

Cardinal, Rose

Cardwell, Charles N.

Cardwell, Elizabeth

Carey, Edwin A.

Carey, Loretta Bernice

Carey, Nora

Carey, Peter J.

Carey, Theresa

Carey, Thomas F.

Carl, Caspar

Carl, George D.

Carlin, J. W.

Carlin, James J.

Carlin, Rosella

Carlisle, C.

Carlisle, Esther E.

Carlisle, Harold

Carlisle, infant

Carlisle, L. M.

Carlson, Andrew

Carlson, Anna C.

Carlson, C.

Carlyle, G.

Carmody, Flora Jean

Carmody, Margaret Devereaux

Carmody, Thomas J.

Carnaghi, Louis

Carney, Ann M.

Carney, Joseph J.

Carnon, Thelma

Carnovsky, Jennie

Carpenter, A.

Carpenter, Alexis J.

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, Lucy Virginia

Carpenter, William

Carr, Elizabeth

Carr, Julia

Carr, William H.

Carrico, Elizabeth A.

Carrico, G. W.

Carrigan, Mary

Carrigan, Mary

Carrigan, Neoma O.

Carrillion, Maria

Carroll, (Dr.) Adele Bakewell

Carroll, Catherine

Carroll, Elizabeth

Carroll, F.

Carroll, George

Carroll, Marie

Carroll, Michael

Carrow, Bruce Leroy

Carruthers, (Dr.) William Harvery

Carson, Saidle

Carson, Susan Ross

Carstens, H.

Cartall, W. J.

Carten, Edward

Carter, A.

Carter, Adaliza

Carter, C. E.

Carter, Carroll

Carter, Dora

Carter, Eunice B.

Carter, Fannie F.

Carter, Foetus

Carter, John S.

Carter, Johnny Mae

Carter, Mary C.

Carter, Melva D.

Carter, Rosetta J.

Carter, William O.

Cartile, G. H.

Cartland, Eugene V.

Carto, Theresa

Cartwright, Joyce

Caruthers, J.

Casale, Charles A.

Case, Delores

Case, Fannie G.

Case, John L.

Casentino, Frances

Casentino, M.

Caserly, Michael J.

Casey, Catherine

Casey, Edwin A.

Casey, Ellen

Casey, Florence Richardson

Casey, Hugh

Casey, L. M.

Casey, Loretta B.

Casey, Maggie

Casey, Martin B.

Casey, Mary

Casey, Mary Ella

Casey, Nellie B.

Cashion, (Sister) Romana

Cashion, Annie

Cashman, J.

Cason, William

Caspari, Charles

Casper, Henry J.

Cassani, F.

Cassani, Genevieve M.

Cassell, Minnie

Casserly, Catherine

Casserly, M.

Cassidy, Dorine

Cassidy, Ellen

Casson, Annabelle

Castanie, Clarence

Casteele, Fred

Casvitta, ___

Catalda, D.

Catanzaro, Sam

Cates, C.

Catlin, Malcolm

Catlin, Mary J.

Cato, Amanda

Cauin, Louis Paul

Caulfield, May

Cavanaugh, John J.

Cavanaugh, Margaret

Cavanaugh, William E.

Cave, Eliza

Cave, William H.

Cavell, Helen H.

Caven, Elizabeth

Cawood, Charles H Jr.

Cay, Rosa

Ceaser, Bettie

Cederstrom, Ida

Cedrick, Era

Ceglinsky, Regina

Cento, Agnes Prendergast

Cento, Nicholas

Ceola, Domenic

Ceosklawcke, baby

Cepparula, Gennaro

Cerny, Mary

Certken, L. J.

Cervantes, Louis

Cervenka, Magdalena

Cesal, J.

Cezekowska, Genevieve

Chaar, Anna

Chabadratz, Mary

Chacey, Genevia Josephine

Chaddock, Leona J.

Chaffin, Sadie

Chaffio, J. E.

Chafman, Charlotte A.

Chamber, Mary Lee

Chamberlin, Frances J.

Chamberlin, Irving

Chambers, Nannie A.

Chambers, William Lionel

Chamblin, Frank M.

Champagne, Felix J.

Chandler, Bessie

Chandler, Kelly R.

Chandler, Ruth M.

Chapin, Sarah

Chapline, Jeanette

Chapman, Alice Y.

Chapman, Ben

Chapman, Charles E.

Chapman, Elizabeth

Chapman, Gilbert M.

Chapman, Latour L.

Chapman, Marie

Chappuis, Suzanne

Charbulak, Anna

Charbulak, Benedick

Chariton, Ethel

Charleson, John

Charleville, Gertrude Bertha

Chartrand, Margaret

Chase, Christina

Chase, George

Chastain, Rufus

Chauvin, S.

Chavaux, Sarah

Chenoweth, William F.

Cherbonnier, Caleb Dorsey

Cherkoian, Nash

Cherkoian, V.

Chernucez, C.

Cherry, Larry E.

Chesine, Alice

Chester, Edna

Chester, W. C.

Childers, O.

Childers, Pauline

Chiles, Marcie

Chinn, George G.

Chippendale, C. E.

Chisholm, Clifton Arthur

Chisholm, Donald

Chisholm, Irving W.

Choc, (Pvt., USMC) Frank

Choen, Patti L.

Chott, Anna

Chott, Joseph Frank

Chouquette, Henry

Chrismer, Mary

Christ, Louise

Christejansen, Johanna A. M.

Christensen, Lena

Christian, Charles R.

Christian, Elizabeth

Christian, Mary Agnes

Christie, Harvey L.

Christmann, Margaret

Christoffersen, Raymond

Christopher, Hugo

Christopher, R.

Christopher, S.

Christophersen, Emma

Christrup, Herman E.

Christy, John

Chu, Quon

Chulick, Steve

Chung, William

Church, Charles A.

Church, E.

Church, J.

Churchill, Rosell R.

Churchill, Thomas J.

Cilles, Sophia

Cincur, G.

Cinder, Peter

Cinningham, N.

Cinquemani, Francesca

Cirkal, Frances

Cissell, Louis K.

Cissell, Mamie

Clabaugh, Emily J.

Clague, Anna Jane

Clar, Mary Ellen

Clark, Allen

Clark, Annie

Clark, Augusta

Clark, C. C.

Clark, Catherine Ann

Clark, Catherine Elizabeth

Clark, Charles

Clark, Charles Allen

Clark, Clemore

Clark, Clyde Wallace

Clark, Cortes C. ‘Pete’ 6/23 p

Clark, D.

Clark, Dorothy

Clark, Edward W.

Clark, Ella N.

Clark, Elsie

Clark, Fanny Mitchell

Clark, Henry

Clark, J.

Clark, J. H.

Clark, J. R.

Clark, Jennie

Clark, John Carroll

Clark, John F.

Clark, John P.

Clark, Johnnie

Clark, Julia

Clark, Mabel

Clark, Mattie

Clark, Roberta

Clark, W.

Clark, William

Clark, William Henry

Clark, William Richard

Clark, Willie

Clary, John

Clasen, Marie

Claus, Augusta

Clausen, William F.

Clauson, Margaret

Claussen, Louisa

Clay, _. L.

Clay, H.

Clay, M.

Clay, Myrtle

Clay, S.

Clay, Winnie

Clayton, Charlie

Clayton, J. A.

Clayton, Leavy A.

Cleak, _. H.

Cleary, Agnes

Cleary, Dorothy Agnes

Cleary, Edward

Cleary, Evalyn C.

Cleary, John

Cleary, Mary E.

Clemens, Dora

Clemens, Mary M.

Clement, Arnold P.

Clement, William

Clendenin, C. Murry

Cleveland, ___

Cleveland, E.

Cleveland, Lidia Austin

Cleveland, Lydia A.

Clifford, Dennis

Clinard, Zelma

Cline, Margaret

Clines, Mary Jane

Clinton, Rose

Clinton, Thomas

Clubine, R. W.

Clucas, Richard H.

Cluck, Joseph E.

Clutts, Pleasant F.

Coad, Michael M.

Cobb, Ben

Cobb, Charles W. S.

Cobb, Flora

Cobb, Nina

Cobb, Sarah H.

Cobert, Hilda

Cobine, Jacob

Cobine, Sadie

Coburn, Margaret

Cochran, Alexander Gilmore

Cochran, Elsie

Cochrane, Mary A. Gartland

Cochran-Kuehne, Elise

Coctello, Elizabeth

Coddington, Phoebe

Codemo, Olivia

Cody, Frances H.

Cody, John H.

Cody, Mary Elizabeth

Cody, Nellie

Coen, Harry

Coers, F. C. Domonic

Coerver, Catherine M.

Coffee, B.

Coffee, Lena

Coffee, Oline

Coffey, Elizabeth G.

Coffey, Joseph

Coffey, Mary

Coffey-Gruss, Elizabeth

Coffin, Asahel J.

Coffman, Charles Y.

Coffman, David C.

Coga, Pelestine

Cohen, Julius

Cohen, K.

Cohen, Kaiman

Cohen, Leonora

Cohen, Libby

Cohen, Morris

Cohen, Rose

Cohn, Clara

Cohn, Rebecca Saltzman

Cok, Joseph G.

Colborn, Cleve

Colby, Gladys M.

Colclazier, Sarah

Cole, Adele

Cole, Amelia V.

Cole, Bertha

Cole, Charles Briggs

Cole, Conswello

Cole, Elizabeth

Cole, James F.

Cole, Louisa M.

Coleman, ___

Coleman, Dorothy

Coleman, Ellis

Coleman, H.

Coleman, J.

Coleman, James O.

Coleman, Josie

Coleman, K. W.

Coleman, Ruthalee

Coleman, Thomas W.

Coleman, William

Colestock, William E.

Colley, Charles H.

Collier, John W.

Collier, Mary

Collier, Merenetta

Collier, Nora

Collier, Ollie M.

Collins, Anna G.

Collins, Catherine

Collins, Delia

Collins, Frank P.

Collins, Gitsemane

Collins, Jeanette C.

Collins, Julia Elizabeth

Collins, L.

Collins, Mary

Collins, Mary Brennan

Collins, Patrick E. K.

Collins, Raymond Leo Jr.

Collins, Richard P.

Collins, Samuel

Colman, Emma A.

Colvin, James T.

Colvis, Nicholas C.

Colwell, Sarah Benton

Colyer, Vivian L.

Combis, (Capt., STLFD) Cornelius A.

Combron, S. E.

Combs, James Norman

Combs-Dooley, Katherine

Comer, J. F.

Comerford, Margaret

Comfort, Charles D.

Compton, B.

Compton, Verley E.

Comstock, Grace Eleanor

Comstock, Marilla Eddy

Con Strobel, F. X.

Conary, John

Condon, Walter F.

Condrey, Minnie M.

Coner, Eliza B.

Congress, R.

Conic, Maddie

Conin, George

Conklin, Lillian

Conley, Ella M.

Conley, Ellen

Conley, Mary

Conley, Thomas

Conlon, John J.

Conn, F.

Connell, Kate

Connell, Stephen A.

Connellia, Mary T.

Connelly, Jennie H.

Connelly, Margaret

Connelly, Mary

Connelly, Mary

Connelly, William T.

Conners, Robert

Connolly, Annie E.

Connolly, Ellen

Connolly, Nellie

Connor, Elizabeth

Connor, Emma May

Connor, Josie

Connor, Patrick P.

Connor, William Harry

Connors, Anna B.

Connors, J.

Connors, Patrick

Conover, Frank C.

Conrad, Gus P.

Conrad, Gus P. Jr.

Conrad, Lizzie

Conrad, Nellie Plant

Conrad, S. M.

Conrad, Stella

Conrad, V. I.

Conrades, Emma

Conrady, Elizabeth

Conroy, Margaret C.

Consiglio, Thomas

Constant, Joseph H.

Convion, William

Conway, Charles A.

Conway, Davis W.

Conway, Margaret

Conway, Patrick

Conway. Margaret

Conwell, Anna M.

Conzelman, Theophilus

Coogan, Mary Z.

Cook, (Mrs. D. Dickson) Mary Elinor

Cook, Anna L.

Cook, C.

Cook, Carl

Cook, Charles Firmin

Cook, Clara

Cook, E. M.

Cook, Elizabeth

Cook, Ellis W.

Cook, Frank

Cook, George

Cook, John

Cook, Lutie

Cook, Margaret

Cook, Mathilda

Cook, Nancy

Cook, R.

Cook, Samuel M.

Cooke, Buena Vista

Cooke, Frances

Cooney, Bernard

Cooney, Catherine

Cooney, J.

Cooney-Heyman, Marie

Coonrod, Pauline

Coons, George T.

Cooper, ___

Cooper, Aggie

Cooper, Eleanor E.

Cooper, L. B.

Cooper, Louis

Cooper, Mathilda

Cooper, Mattie B.

Cooper, R. V. Jr.

Cooper, William

Coozan, F.

Cope, Sophit

Copeland, Caroline

Copeland, I. J.

Copie, Mary

Copley, Jennie E.

Copone, Philomina

Coppage, Frederick F.

Coppin, Sarah A.

Coran, Ralph A.

Corbett, John Martin

Corcoran, Andrew

Corcoran, Delia

Corcoran, E. Lillie

Corcoran, Rose A.

Corcoran, Thomas J.

Corcoran, W.

Cord, Minnie E.

Corda, Viola

Cordell, Katherine

Cordes, John D.

Cordry, Dorothy A.

Corey, Ellis

Corkery, Anna

Corley, Rose Ellen

Corneal, E.

Corneau, Stephen Douglas

Cornejo, Quadeluze

Cornelius, Charles H.

Cornell, Florida

Cornell, Marie

Cornelson, E. H.

Cornwall, Elma Grace

Correll, Betty J.

Cosby, I.

Cosby, Mary Ann

Cosentino, F.

Cosentino, Frances

Cosentino, Martino

Cosgrove, Jane

Cosgrove, John

Cosgrove, Kate

Cossar, Elizabeth

Cossoni, Amabali

Costa, Joseph

Coste, Thelma

Costello, Daniel T.

Costello, Elizabeth

Costello, John

Costello, June

Costello, Margaret

Costello, Nora

Costello, W.

Cotner, J.

Cottle, John

Couch, Ellen

Coughlan, Mary

Coughlin, C. J.

Coughlin, John

Coughlin, Mary E.

Count, Alfred Sr.

Countie, Louisa

Countz, Hazel

Courtney, Mary Margaret

Courtois, F.

Courtright, Harry Dale

Couvion, William G.

Covington, _. A.

Covington, Earnest

Cowan, Emily

Cowan, John

Cowan, Lutie Cook

Cowan, P.

Cowell, Samuel

Cowen, Elizabeth

Cowens, Eliza

Cowper, Beatrice R.

Cox, Aline

Cox, Arthur E.

Cox, Be__

Cox, Edward W.

Cox, Elva

Cox, Margaret

Cox, Riney A.

Cox, Rosa

Cox, Sarah C.

Cox, Theresa

Coxhead, Kate

Coyle, Edward J.

Coyne, Della

Crabbe, Mabel C.

Craden, Hanora

Craemer, Alfred C.

Craft, Alice P.

Craft, Martha A.

Craig, (see Mrs. J. Allen Sparks)

Craig, Maggie

Craig, Pearl L.

Cramer, Jay D.

Cramer, Louise

Cramer, Mary

Cramer, Otto

Cramer, Woodford G.

Cramme, Fred

Crangle, James

Crapp, (Rev.) William

Craskery, W.

Cratz, Virginia

Crause, Emily

Craven. Elizabeth

Craves, Mary

Crawford, Allen J.

Crawford, Andrew J.

Crawford, C. E.

Crawford, G.

Crawford, Hattie Marie

Crawford, Irene E.

Crawford, James

Crawford, Louise

Crawford, Marion H.

Crawford, Maude

Crawford, S.

Crawford, Uldine N.

Crawford, Viola

Craxton, R.

Creahan, Mary

Crean, Margaret

Creddon, Elizabeth

Creel, Betty

Creelman, Evelyn E.

Creely, Adolph

Creely, George

Creely, Julius T.

Creely, Simeon

Cremer, Mary A, (nee Gieseking)

Cremins, Timothy

Crenshaw, J.

Crenshaw, Nancy

Crep, Andrew E.

Cresau, T.

Cressey-Tighe, Mary

Cresswell, Laverna

Cressy, Mary

Crevas, Mary

Crews, Matthew J.

Crider, Mola R.

Cripzer, Grace

Crisan, Ely Trayon

Crispi, Joseph

Cristal, Edith

Critchfield, G.

Crites, Helen

Crnkovich, John

Crockett, Birgilna

Croft, G. W.

Croissant, Aida C.

Cromer, Charles

Cromwell, Farah

Cronin, J.

Cronin, Mary E.

Cronin, Thomas M.

Crosby, Margaret Murphy

Cross, Anita

Cross, Annie

Cross, Beulah

Cross, Edward F.

Cross, Fanny?

Cross, Henrietta

Cross, J. M.

Cross, Nathaniel

Cross, Saddie

Cross, Viola

Crossant, F.

Crosson, Sarah

Crouch, Marie A.

Crouse, Charles R.

Crow, Lillie M.

Crow, Mary Elizabeth

Crowder, __che

Crowder, William A.

Crowell, Paralee

Crowhurst, John T.

Crowley, Julia

Crowley, Tienie

Crown, J.

Crucknell, Howard Edwin

Crum, A.

Crum, D. P.

Crump, Margaret Mary

Cruse, Elizabeth

Crutcher, Lou

Crutcher, Mamie

Cruts, Julia

Crymes, F.

Crystal, E. M.

Crzybinski, E.

Cuba, Louisa

Cucui, George

Cude, Dorothy Jean

Cude, Ella

Cullen, Ann

Cullen, Annie

Cullen, Elizabeth Mc Carthy

Cullen, John J.

Cullen, Meda Grace

Cullen, Michael

Culli, Peter

Cullinane, Bridget

Cullins, Evelyn

Culmun, Lucille

Cummings, Agnes V.

Cummings, Clarence

Cummings, Ellen

Cummings, John F.

Cummings, Mary

Cummings, R.

Cummings, Richard

Cummings, Tom W.

Cummings, William H.

Cundiff, Mary L.

Cuneo, Dominica

Cunliff, Anna

Cunningham, Frederick G.

Cunningham, Joseph P.

Cunningham, Mary Hoey

Cunningham, Mary Jane

Cunningham, P. H.

Cunningham, Patrick M.

Cunningham, Willie

Cunninghma, W. H.

Cuntz, Frederic

Curella, Angelo

Currall, Louise J.

Curran, Elizabeth J.

Curran, Hugh L.

Curran, William

Curran, William J.

Currie, Dwight D.

Curry, Bessie?

Curry, Edgar F. Jr.

Curry, J.

Curry, Joseph J.

Curry, M.

Curry, Margaret

Curtain, ___

Curtin, Jane

Curtis, Alfred H.

Curtis, Christiana

Curtis, Edith

Curtis, Harry L.

Curtis, K.

Curtis, Martha

Cushing, Catherine

Cusick, Bridget

Cusick, James

Custer, Jacob J.

Cusumano, B. P.

Cutslinger, Harry L.

Cutts, P. F.

Cvengros-Sterba, Eleanora

Czarnecki, Ignac

Czerney, Mary

Czeschin, Myrtle F.

Czirak, Mary