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Surnames beginning with W

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Wachsman, Ernst

Wachtel, Theola E.

Wachter, August A.

Wachter, Dena

Wachter, Johanna

Wachter, Malinda

Wack, Herman

Wacker, Henry

Waddleton, R.

Wade, Anna

Wade, Festus J.

Wade, Martha E.

Wadlow, Esther

Wadlow, W.

Waechter, William

Waespi, Herman “Dies After An Operation”

Wagener, Louis

Wagenfelt, Minnie

Wagner, A.

Wagner, Adam

Wagner, D.

Wagner, Elizabeth

Wagner, Emiley

Wagner, Fred M.

Wagner, H. R.

Wagner, Johanna

Wagner, Louis

Wagner, Louis J.

Wagner, Minnie

Wagner, Nickolas

Wagner, R.

Wagner, Robert E.

Wagner, W.

Wagoner, L.

Wagoner, T.

Wagonhoeffer, Henry

Wagschal, Betty

Wagstaff, Arthur L.

Wahl, Frank C.

Wahl, Frieda E.

Wahle, Frank J.

Wahlig, George A.

Wahlschlaeger, Louisa F. W.

Wainwright, Dollie

Wainwright, John H.

Waite, Elizabeth

Waitkus, William

Waitowirz, S.

Wakefield, Ernest A.

Wakefield, Jean H.

Wakefield, Stella Swartz

Walburg, A.

Walch, Leona

Waldecker, Louis H.

Waldecker, Mary A.

Waldermeyer, Henry

Waldman, M. J.

Waldorf, Wesley J.

Walkenhorst, Charles H.

Walker, (Judge) Robert

Walker, _.

Walker, A.

Walker, Alice

Walker, C. A.

Walker, C. C.

Walker, Carrie

Walker, Charlotte

Walker, Christine

Walker, Clara

Walker, Dorothy

Walker, Eliza Bull

Walker, Elizabeth

Walker, Emma

Walker, Gaines M.

Walker, Genevieve M.

Walker, George A.

Walker, H.

Walker, Hazel M.

Walker, James Theodore Jr.

Walker, Jerry

Walker, Kate

Walker, Kate M.

Walker, Katie

Walker, L.

Walker, Laticia Grimes

Walker, Margaret

Walker, Mary

Walker, Mattie

Walker, Mildred Josephine

Walker, Pinkie

Walker, R.

Walker, T.

Walker, Violet

Walkerling, Mary

Walker-Newport, Hazel Marie

Wall, ___

Wall, ___

Wall, G. R.

Wall, James T.

Wall, Jimmy ‘the Minstrel’

Wall, Lawrence A.

Wall, Margaret

Wall, Margarete

Wall, Mary

Wall, Mary Elizabeth

Wallace, E. P.

Wallace, Ida

Wallace, Louisa S.

Wallace, N.

Wallace, Sophie M.

Wallace, Viola

Wallace, W. T.

Wallen, Mary Ann

Waller, Marie

Wallhaus, Henry

Wallis, James

Wallston, Effie

Wallweber, Robert

Wallweber, Tony

Walmsley, Sarah

Walrond, Thomas S.

Walsh, Agnes

Walsh, Bridget

Walsh, Elizabeth

Walsh, Helen

Walsh, James

Walsh, James Edward

Walsh, John P.

Walsh, Katherine

Walsh, Lawrence

Walsh, Leonard

Walsh, M. J.

Walsh, Margaret

Walsh, Margaret

Walsh, Mary

Walsh, Mary

Walsh, Mary

Walsh, Mary

Walsh, Mary Barley

Walsh, Mary C.

Walsh, Mary Varley

Walsh, Michael

Walsh, Michael J.

Walsh, Minnie

Walsh, Peter J.

Walsh, Thomas J.

Walshe, Mary

Walt, J.

Walter, Ben

Walter, Dorothy

Walter, Emma

Walter, John Lawrence

Walter, Louise

Walter, M. Katherine

Walter, Pearl C.

Walter, S.

Walter, S. B.

Walters, Dora

Walters, Lucille

Walters, Minnie

Walters, N.

Walther, Pauline

Waltke, Anna Dorathea

Walton, _.

Walton, James L.

Walton, Katherine Veronica

Walton, Martha

Walton, Sarah

Waltz, Philip

Waltzen, Jennie

Walz, C. M.

Walz, Julius E.

Wamhoff, Herman H.

Wamhoff, Lawrence B.

Wamhoff, Louise

Wamser, Anna

Wandel, F___

Waney, A.

Wann, Robert Edgar

Ward, (Off., STLPD) Thomas J.

Ward, Anna

Ward, C.

Ward, Dorothy M.

Ward, Francis J.

Ward, G.

Ward, Henry Albert

Ward, Martha

Ward, Mary

Ward, Michael J.

Ward, Phylis

Ward, S.

Ward, Sadie

Ward, Sallie L.

Ward, Sarah

Ward, Willie

Warden, Stella

Ware, Annie

Ware, J.

Ware, O.

Warfeld, S.

Warfield, F.

Warlen, _. J.

Warne, Ann

Warne, Julia F.

Warneke, Caroline L.

Warneke, Catherine

Warner, Charles S.

Warner, Chauncy S.

Warner, Jerome E.

Warren, ___

Warren, A.

Warren, C.

Warren, Emma Booth

Warren, Idella

Warren, J.

Warren, Marshall W.

Warring, Edward W.

Wash, baby

Washauer, L. E.

Washburn, Helen

Washburn, Thomas

Washington, ___

Washington, Bessie P.

Washington, Elizabeth

Washington, Ellis

Washington, J.

Washington, Louisa

Washington, Margaret

Washington, Mary

Washington, N.

Washington, S.

Washington, W.

Washington, William

Washinton, E.?

Wasle, Julia

Wason, Fannie H.

Wasserman, Jessie

Wasson, Liza J.

Waters, Cordelia J.

Waters, J. S.

Waters, Jennie L.

Waters, Sarah

Waters, Sarah E.

Waters, W. E.

Wathen, Alfred T.

Watkins, Lucille F. Powell

Watkins, Susie

Watson, Anne V.

Watson, Annie

Watson, Brodie

Watson, Eva

Watson, F.

Watson, Fannie H.

Watson, G.

Watson, G. S.

Watson, K. V.

Watson, Lillie R.

Watson, Mary

Watson, Nancy Ann

Watson, Winnie

Wattler, Alfred

Watts, Dona

Watts, Viola R.

Watzenborn, Louis

Waughop-Ruether, Lucille

Waulker, Christine

Wauschaffe, W.

Weakley, William M.

Wear, R. A.

Wease, Roy Lee

Weathers, Kitty

Weaver, Charles E.

Weaver, Clara H.

Weaver, Florence

Webb, (Attn.) Thomas M.

Webb, ___

Webb, Cora

Webb, Frances

Webb, Henry J.

Webb, J.

Webb, J. Anton

Webb, John

Webb, Katherine Walsh

Webb, Thomas

Webber, Mary K. T.

Weber, A.

Weber, Adrian R.

Weber, Anna

Weber, Augusta E.

Weber, Camille

Weber, Caroline

Weber, Caroline

Weber, Clarence J.

Weber, Emma M.

Weber, Floy Iva

Weber, Joseph

Weber, Lottie

Weber, Louie

Weber, Louis

Weber, Marie

Weber, Martha

Weber, Mary

Weber, Mary

Weber, Michael

Weber, Minnie

Weber, Minnie

Weber, Nettie E.

Weber, Walter Edward

Webster, ___y

Webster, George W.

Weck, Thelma M.

Wecker, John

Weckermeyer, Susan

Weddendorf, Alice E.

Wedeking, Emil

Wedel, Frederick

Wedemeier, Mamie

Wedig, Edna

Wedig, Elizabeth

Wedley, Mary

Weed, Belle W.

Weeke, Ida

Wegener, John Herman

Wegener, Otto A.

Weggin, Augusta

Wegman, Herman J.

Wegmann, William G.

Wegner, Adolph

Wehking, Elizabeth

Wehmeier, August William

Wehmeyer, __che

Wehmeyer, Elizabeth Koenig

Wehmeyer, Henrietta

Wehmeyer-Furstenfeld, Magdalene

Wehmiller, Fred H.

Wehr, Frieda

Wehr, Kate

Weibusch, Marie

Weick, Frank S.

Weick, Leonhardt

Weick, Mary

Weick, Pauline

Weidemann, Hans

Weidemann, Henry

Weidinger, Anna Margaret

Weidinger, Mary

Weidle, Joseph E.

Weidner, Augusta

Weiersmueller, Louisa

Weigel, Mary

Weih, William

Weil, Carrie Stix

Weil, Harry S.

Weil, I.

Weil, Joseph

Weiler, Mary Elizabeth

Weiler, Michael

Weiler, Theresa

Weilman, _. W.

Weinberg, Mollie

Weiner, Max

Weingand, William

Weinheimer, Edward

Weinheimer, William

Weinig, Rosina

Weinreich, Robert J.

Weins, Mary A.

Weinsberg, H.

Weinstein, Mary

Weir, D.

Weir, Edward H.

Weis, __h

Weis, Robert

Weis, W.

Weisenberger, Anna

Weisenburg, Fred

Weisenstein, Mary

Weisenstein, Mary

Weiser, G.

Weiser, William M.

Weishaar, George

Weismueller, Elizabeth

Weiss, Anna

Weiss, Elmer

Weiss, Herman

Weiss, Jacob

Weiss, Marie

Weiss, Sarah

Weiss, Ursula Columbia

Weissenberger, Emma Mary

Weissenborn, Hugh H.

Weissmann, Lottie

Weitkamp, Mathilda

Weitkemper, Frederick H.

Weitzel, Wilhelmina

Welch, H.

Welch, Mable Irene

Welhoelter, Minnie H.

Welker, Henry

Welker, Marie

Welle, Anna

Weller, Louise

Welling, Herman

Wellmann, Johanna Kosfeld

Wellmann, Lisette

Wellmeyer, Lillian

Wells, (Capt.) Charles H.

Wells, Mamie

Wells, Manda Margaret

Wells, Matilda Jane

Wells, R.

Wells, Rose Beatrice

Welp, Clara

Welsh, Christine Elizabeth

Welsher, Margaret

Weltie, Ester

Weltig, Bertha Clark

Wemhoener, John Henry

Wemke, C. W.

Wempen, Harry

Wendel, Carrie

Wendell, Cornelia

Wendeoth, G.

Wendt, Emma

Wendt, Mae

Wendt, Sarah C.

Wengler, Elizabeth Collins

Wenneker, Annie F.

Wenrick, Pearl

Wensel, Henry A.

Wentworth, Sophia

Wentzel, (Dr.) Emma C. F.

Wenz, Catherine

Wenzel, Albert

Wenzel, Ferdinand

Wenzel, Rose

Werden, Laurine

Werkmeister, Robert Sr.

Werley, Anna M.

Wermke, Charles W.

Wermore, James M.

Werner, Charles E.

Werner, Emma M.

Werner, Gilbert

Werner, Julia

Werner, Mary

Werner, Rose

Wernhoemer, J. H.

Werning, May

Wertich, Louise R.

Wertz, Anna E.

Weseler, F. W.

Wesley, D.

Wesley, J.

Wesner, Clara Bessie

Wessel, Fred W.

Wesseler, (Dr.) F. W.

Wessels, Anna Mary

Wessels, Henry Sr.

Wessels, Margaret

West, J. I.

West, Lena Mae

West, Mabel

Westbrook, J. Thomas Sr.

Westbrook, Nettie

Westbrooks, Lucien Howard

Westbrooks, M.

Westcott, Ethel

Westendorff, John D.

Westenhaver, George W.

Westerfield, H. S.

Westerhold, Clifford

Westervelt, Sarah J.

Westfall, Sarah Irene

Westhus, Ted Sr.

Weston, _.

Weston, Frederick A.

Wetteroth, Augusta

Wetteroth, Caroline

Wetze, Nora

Wetzel, Conrad A.

Wever, Floy

Weyls, S. Jr.

Whalen, Catherine

Whalen, Mary

Whalen, Peter

Whaley, Sidney C.

Whaley, W.

Wharton, Ida May

Wheatley, Samuel Hartley

Wheatley, Thomas

Wheelen, Josephine

Wheeler, (Judge) B. W.

Wheeler, Agnes R.

Wheeler, Daniel A.

Wheeler, Glaude L.

Wheeler, Gus C.

Wheeler, Neomi Malone

Wheeler, Susie

Whelan, Johanna

Whelan, Louisa Fitzsimmons Engle

Whelan, M. J.

Whelan, Ruby G.

Whett, W.

Whiles, William C.

Whisler, Mattie Lee

White, _. L.

White, _. M.

White, ___

White, Alfred

White, baby

White, C.

White, Cecil

White, E.

White, Ella

White, John Clark

White, Joseph

White, Julia

White, Julia

White, Mildred

White, Samuel

White, Viola

White, W.

White, William Milton

White, William P.

Whitelaw, Emma

Whiteley, John

Whitener, ___

Whiteside, J.

Whiteside, S.

Whitfield, J.

Whitfield, Maria

Whitfield, W.

Whitfield, Willie

Whitis, E.

Whitlack, Ida

Whitley, Alice

Whitlow, Lillian L.

Whitman, George H.

Whitman, Julia

Whitney, L. S.

Whitt, Wayne A.

Wi_son, A.

Wichard, Clara

Wichman, Elizabeth

Wichmann, Robert E.

Wichmann, Urban

Wicke, Mary

Wickert, Kenneth F.

Wickham, William F.

Wickline, Christine

Wickline, Susan

Widdicombe, Sid C.

Widmeyer, Rose

Widoe, Ella

Widoe, Mary C.

Wiebler, Josephine

Wieczorek, G.

Wiedenbroker, Julia

Wiedmann, Arthur G.

Wiedow, Bertha

Wieduwilt, Amelia

Wiegand, Caroline

Wiegert, Martha

Wiegert, Wilhelm

Wieke, Charles

Wieman, Anna

Wiemer, Raymond W. H.

Wiener, A.

Wiener, Bertha S.

Wieschire, S.

Wiese-Higgins, Lillie

Wiesenstein, Mary

Wieshaar, G.

Wiess, Elizabeth

Wiessman, William

Wiethaupt, Mervyn Edward Jr.

Wigand, Julia

Wigfill, C.

Wigge, Anna

Wigge, Frank

Wigge, Helen M.

Wiggs, Elizabeth F.

Wightman, Louise May

Wikete, Peter

Wilber, Henrietta Eliza

Wilborn, Mollie E.

Wilbur, Mazie

Wilburn, __ne

Wilburn, Minervia

Wilcox, Cora A.

Wild, Delia

Wilde, Rudolph

Wilder, Frank Ambrose

Wilhardt, August P.

Wilhardt, Julia

Wilhelm, Edward F.

Wilhelm, Julia

Wilhelm, Wilhelmina

Wilke, Catherine H.

Wilkener, G. H.

Wilker, Emma

Wilker, John

Wilkins, Alma

Wilkins, Anna

Wilkins, Emma

Wilkins, Smith

Wilkinson, Martha

Wilkinson, V.

Willard, Anna

Wille, Genevieve Ann

Wille, Josephine

Willems, Helen

Willemsen, Elise

Willer, H.

Willers, Albert A.

Willers, Anna

Willers, Helen

Willert, Anna Laura

Willett, Frieda

Willetts, Mark

Willey, Emily

Willhardt, A.

Williams, (Dr.) Lee R.

Williams, (Mrs. E. J.)

Williams, ___

Williams, ___ A.

Williams, A.

Williams, Anna America

Williams, B.

Williams, Bessie?

Williams, Beulah

Williams, C.

Williams, Catherine

Williams, Charles

Williams, Clarence H.

Williams, Edith

Williams, Elizabeth J.

Williams, Ella

Williams, Evelyn

Williams, Frederick A.

Williams, G.

Williams, G. B.

Williams, Georgia

Williams, H.

Williams, Harriett

Williams, Helen

Williams, Ira H.

Williams, Isaac

Williams, J.

Williams, J. C.

Williams, J. L.

Williams, Jaily

Williams, John

Williams, John

Williams, John W.

Williams, Katherine A.

Williams, Kitty

Williams, L.

Williams, Leona R.

Williams, Lizzie

Williams, Lorene

Williams, M.

Williams, Maggie

Williams, Mary O.

Williams, Matthew N.

Williams, Mattie

Williams, Maude

Williams, Montie M.

Williams, N.

Williams, Nellie

Williams, Parline

Williams, Pearl

Williams, R.

Williams, R. L.

Williams, Richard R.

Williams, S.

Williams, Susan Adeline

Williams, T.

Williams, Una L.

Williams, W.

Williams, William E. ‘Cub’

Williamson, Clara

Williamson, Eva L.

Williamson, Isabella

Williamson, Mary L.

Willie, Mary

Willig, Frederick A.

Willingham, B.

Willis, Burlu F.

Willis, Jeanette

Willis, Lela

Willis, Sarah C.

Willis, Susan Ann

Willits, Sarah Margaret

Willkomm, Nicholas

Willoh-Ellner, Frances

Willow, Eliza

Wills, Lulu M.

Wills, Sarah

Willson, George W.

Wilmarth, Jessie L.

Wilschire, Sandusky

Wilshusen, Lena

Wilson, Acie

Wilson, B.

Wilson, Bettie

Wilson, Betty Jo

Wilson, Carl “Funeral of Drowned Youth”

Wilson, Charles

Wilson, Charles W.

Wilson, D.

Wilson, Docia B.

Wilson, E.

Wilson, Edith Jeanette

Wilson, Edward

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wilson, Esther

Wilson, G.

Wilson, G. C.

Wilson, Henry William

Wilson, Irene F.

Wilson, J. A.

Wilson, J. H.

Wilson, James

Wilson, Jane

Wilson, Karl

Wilson, Lenora J.

Wilson, Lizzie

Wilson, Louis E.

Wilson, Lula

Wilson, M.

Wilson, Maggie

Wilson, Marie

Wilson, Mary

Wilson, Mattie

Wilson, Nellie

Wilson, Nonie J.

Wilson, Norman

Wilson, Ollie

Wilson, R.

Wilson, Roean

Wilson, Saide

Wilson, Samuel Graham

Wilson, Sarah E.

Wilson, T.

Wilson, Walter

Wilson-Huelsewede, Lola

Wilton, J. L.

Wilzin, Clara Nulsen

Wimmer, Frederick

Winchester, F. Cordelia

Winckler, Harold J.

Wind, F. W.

Windberg, Susana

Winder, Mary

Windermann, Amelia E.

Windsor, Harriet B.

Windt, Louisa

Winfield, W.

Winfrey, G.

Wing, Clara B.

Wingbermuehle, August

Wingham, Pauline

Winkelhoke, (Mrs. William)

Winkelmeyer, Nannie

Winkle, Eliza S.

Winkler, Catherine

Winkler, Emma

Winkler, Herman L.

Winkler, Katherine

Winkler, Olivia

Winkler, Theresa

Winn, Jane Frances

Winquist, Anna Marie

Winship, (Mrs. Edward)

Winson, Beulah

Winstead, George W.

Winte, Anna

Winter, (SSgt.) Albert J.

Winter, Frank B.

Winter, Gottfried

Winter, Henry Jr.

Winter, Mary

Winter, Mathilda Augusta

Winter, Peter J.

Winter, Rose

Winterberg, Henry W.

Winterer, Mary

Winterer, Otto L.

Wintering, Margareth

Winters, Joseph A.

Winters, Tibbie

Wintner, Mary

Wintrich, Elizabeth

Wipfer, Hilda F.

Wippo, Elizabeth

Wirfs, Annie

Wirries, Frieda

Wirtel, George

Wirtel, William E.

Wirth, Elizabeth

Wirth, George H.

Wirth, H. G.

Wirth, Johanna

Wirtz, Catherine

Wirz, Louisa

Wischer, Freida

Wise, (Sister) Louise

Wise, Eleanor Dryden

Wise, Laura

Wise, Mary

Wisnich, Mike

Wisniewski, Frank

Wiss, Gertrude

Wissik, Clara

Wissler, Elenora

Wissman, Lottie

Wissmann, Christian

Wissmann, Rosa Frances

Withers, Elmer John

Withers, J. E.

Witmore, J. M.

Witt, Jettie

Witt, Rosina

Witte, Catherine G.

Witte, Ellen

Witte, Ernst A.

Witte, Mary A.

Wittenberg, Flora

Wittie, G.

Wittling, Harry M.

Wittmaier, Anna Marie

Wittwer, M. Katharina

Witzig, Anna M.

Wobben, Adelheid

Wocet, John A.

Woehheide, Wilhelmina

Woehler, Alvina

Woerner, Amelia

Woerner, Franciska

Woerner, Joseph Sr.

Woeste, Mary

Wohlforth, Margaret

Wohlschlaeger, Fred J.

Wohlwend, Wilhelmina

Woitchek, Dorothea

Woitzikowski, Augusta

Wolf, A.

Wolf, Barbara

Wolf, Barbara

Wolf, Charles B.

Wolf, Charles J. Jr.

Wolf, Clarence C.

Wolf, Elizabeth Thompson

Wolf, Gus Edward

Wolf, Henry J.

Wolf, Julia

Wolf, Mary

Wolf, Mary Cecelia

Wolf, Rose

Wolf, Rudolph

Wolf, Wilhelmina G.

Wolfe, James

Wolfe, L.

Wolfe, P.

Wolff, ___

Wolff, Amy Edith

Wolff, Gerard

Wolff, John Henry L.

Wolfmeyer, William

Wolfort, Louis

Wolfram, ___

Wolfson, Olga

Wolgast, Walter F.

Wollbrinck, Johanna

Wollcher, J. F.

Wollenberg, Frank S.

Wolshock, Rose

Wolters, Dora

Wolz, Hilda

Wolz, Philip

Wondra, Gertrude

Wood, A.

Wood, Addie

Wood, Amelia Irene

Wood, Dolores A.

Wood, Joseph W.

Wood, Lillian L.

Wood, Lula Shackelford

Wood, Mable Irene

Wood, Martha Agnes

Wood, Mary

Wood, Nellie

Wood, Violet

Wood, William

Woodburn, J.

Woodcock, C.

Woodley, Alleen Betty

Woodlock, J.

Woodrow, J.

Woodruff, Cecile

Woodruff, Lillie

Woodruff, Minnie

Woods, ___

Woods, Charles

Woods, David

Woods, Edna M.

Woods, George B.

Woods, Ida May

Woods, James E.

Woods, Jimmie

Woods, Katherine T.

Woods, Mary

Woods, Mary A.

Woods, Mary Rebecca

Woods, Mattlee

Woods, Mildred

Woods, Ralph J.

Woodward, C.

Woodward, Helen

Woody, J. R.

Woolams, Minnie

Wooldridge, Osborne J.

Woolenberg, Frank S.

Wooley, Emma

Word, H.

Worel, Michael

Work, Agnes H.

Worland, ___

Worn, Marten W.

Worsham, John Jennings

Wotawa, Anna

Wotka, Stanley

Wrenn, Catherine

Wright, Anvil N.

Wright, Bridget

Wright, C.

Wright, G.

Wright, H. H.

Wright, Harry G.

Wright, J. D.

Wright, Lunie K.

Wright, Mary

Wright, May E.

Wright, Millard

Wright, Thelma

Wright, Truman George

Wright, William Gee

Wuelle, Anna

Wuensch, Elizabeth

Wuest, Mina

Wulfmeyer, George H.

Wuller, John B.

Wundrack, William Sr.

Wunsch, Frederick

Wurm, Lorenz

Wurmb, Theodore H.

Wurslin, Charles H.

Wurslin, Rebecca Logan

Wurst, P.

Wurth, William A.

Wuschke, Marie

Wutte, Johanna

Wygmans, A.

Wyman, Frank C.

Wyman, Mary Manny

Wynn, H. Jr.

Wynn, Maria

Wynn, William A.