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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Brien, Alice

O’Brien, Catherine

O’Brien, Elizabeth

O’Brien, F.

O’Brien, Harriet

O’Brien, J.

O’Brien, John J.

O’Brien, John W.

O’Brien, Joseph J.

O’Brien, Josephine

O’Brien, Julia Steinbach

O’Brien, Kate

O’Brien, Martin

O’Brien, Mary E.

O’Brien, Mary F.

O’Brien, Patrick

O’Brien, Patrick J.

O’Brien, Thomas J.

O’Brien, Timothy

O’Bryant, Bessie Ella

O’Connell, Catherine

O’Connell, Daniel F.

O’Connell, Dennis

O’Connell, Harry

O’Connell, Kate

O’Connell, Katherine

O’Connell, Mary

O’Connell, Morgan Armstrong

O’Connell, William D.

O’Connor, Bridget

O’Connor, Johanna

O’Connor, Josie A.

O’Connor, Martin

O’Connor, Mary

O’Connor, T.

O’Connr, Mary

O’Dell, Elmer

O’Donnell, Gertrude

O’Donnell, Mary

O’Donnell, Mary

O’Donnell, Mary

O’Donnell, Mary A.

O’Donnell, Stasia

O’Dowd, T.

O’Fallon, Mary

O’Flaherty, Matthew

O’Hara, Elizabeth

O’Hara, Ellen

O’Hare, Thomas M.

O’Haren, Delia

O’Hearn, Catherine

O’Hearn, Margaret

O’Keefe, Charles

O’Keeffe, Annie

O’Kief, Agnes

O’Leary, ___

O’Leary, Betty

O’Leary, Eugene Joseph

O’Leary, Firman L.

O’Leary, Harry H.

O’Leary, James

O’Leary, Mary T.

O’Leary, Maurice

O’Leary, William P.

O’Malley, Ellen

O’Malley-Hays, Mathew E.

O’Mara, Ellen

O’Mara, Patrick

O’Meara, Delia

O’Meara, Ofmund

O’Mera, Mary

O’Neal, Ruth Gill

O’Neil, Annie

O’Neil, Daniel

O’Neil, Margaret

O’Neil, Mary

O’Neil, Mary

O’Neil, Mary A.

O’Neil, Mary Stanton

O’Neil, Mattie

O’Neill, (Off., STLPD) James F.

O’Neill, Bridget

O’Neill, Maria Bohan

O’Neill, Mary

O’Neill, Mary

O’Neill, Mary Ann

O’Neill, Mary F.

O’Reilly, Mary

O’Reilly, Thomas F.

O’Rourke, T.

O’Rourke, Cuma

O’Rourke, Edward

O’Rourke, Ellen

O’Rourke, John J.

O’Rourke, John T.

O’Rourke, Nellie

O’Rourke, Sarah

O’Rourke, Thomas F.

O’Shea, Margaret

O’Shea, Patricia Julia

O’Toole, Mary R.

O’Toole, Peter

O’Toole, Richard B.

Oates, ___

Oatman, Melba Alice

Obenauer, Frank

Obenhaus, Elizabeth

Obenhaus, Florentine

Ober, Josephine

Ober, Will H.

Oberbeck, Anna J. O.

Oberbeck, Augusta L.

Oberbeck, Caroline

Oberbeck, John H.

Oberbeck, Rose

Oberding, Margaretha

Oberhaus, Louisa

Oberjeurge, Gordon

Oberkramer, William F.

Obermark, Mary E.

Obermeyer, Henry A.

Obermeyer, Josephine

Obermeyer, Sophia L.

Obermoeller, Herman

Oberrether, Madeline

Obert, Valentine

Obez, Lizzie

Obies, Josephine

Obremski, Frances

Obrock, Ida

Obrock, Sophia J.

Obst, Florence

Oburn, Alzie

Ochotnicky, ___

Ochs, Kate

Ochsner, Joseph Jr.

Ochson, J.

Ochterbeck, infant

Odell-Fanning, Elmer E.

Odenwalder, Albert D.

Oderkirk, Minnie May

Odesha, F.

Odewalt, Mabel

Odom, ___ Jr.

Odom, Alva

Oehler, Lizzie

Oellermann, Fred

Oelze, Olinda

Oertle, C.

Oertle, Minnie

Oestereich, Joseph E.

Oesterle, Rose M.

Oesterle, Rose Mary

Oeters, George C.

Oetjen, John F.

Oetting, Louise

Offer, Emma

Offer, Wilhelmina

Offerjost, Anna

Ogden, Kate

Ogden, Sadie

Ogle, A. J.

Ogle, Bridget

Ogle, Samuel

Oglien, Sadie

Ohlandt, Elizabeth

Ohlemeyer, Christ

Ohlmeyer, Mary

Ohnimus, Bernard

Ohsiek, Ethel Gladys

Ohstick, Ethel G.

Oker, Ernst

Oldani, D.

Oldiges, Nickolas

Olesen, August

Olevari, James

Olive, John

Oliver, baby

Oliver, L. A.

Oliver, Lee

Oliver, Lula

Oliver, Mary Jane

Olliges, Florence

Ollinger, Barbara

Olm, Sophia

Olmsted, Ella

Olschwanger, Dora

Olsen, Caroline

Olsen, Emma

Olsen, Oscar W.

Olson, Bertha

Olson, E.

Olson, Earl A.

Olson, Eric

Olson, T.

Olszewski, August

Olszewski, Frank

Oltrogge, William

Oman-Vickers, Mary

Omolto, S.

Onimus, L.

Onions, Anna

Opfer, Louisa

Oppeau, Albert E.

Oppermann, Margaretha

Oranstein, Bessie

Orchard, Leopold

Orlandi, Angelo

Orlando, F.

Oronson, Aaron

Ort, ___

Orthwein, Frederick Charles

Ortmann, Dolores

Ortmann, Joseph Sr.

Osborn, Edward F.

Osborn, George W.

Osborn, Mary O.

Osborn, Rachel

Osborne, Margaret

Oschwald, Caroline

Osley, Bobby

Ossing, Lizzing

Ossowsky, Clara

Ost, Johanna

Ost, Magdalena

Ostendorf, Elizabeth

Ostendorf, Louise

Osterholt, Rosalia

Osterkamp, Christine

Ostermann, William H.

Ostermeyer, Edward H.

Ostermeyer, Mary Rose

Ostertag, Frank M.

Oswald, Madeline

Otey, J.

Ott, C.

Ott, Christine

Ott, Gertrude

Otten, Mary S.

Ottenad, Adolph B.

Otto, Anna M.

Otto, Bernard H.

Otto, Christine

Otto, Frances

Otto, Henry

Otto, Louise

Otto, Marie Gladis

Ouslander, J.

Overbeck, ___

Overbey, Kate

Overy, Louis

Owen, Annie

Owen, Elizabeth

Owens, Elizabeth

Owens, Katie

Owens, Lucille

Owens, Lucy D.

Owens, Mary Elizabeth

Owens, Mattie

Owens, R.

Ownby, Chester W.

Owsley, William F.

Oxnam, Eileen H.