Surnames beginning with C

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Cabrilliac, Virginia

Cade, N.

Cadek, Marie

Cadwell, George J.

Caesar, Mary

Cahill, (Off., STLPD) John B.

Cahill, Mary

Cahill, Susan

Cain, Annie

Cain, Catherine Margaret

Cain, Joseph E.

Cain, Lenora

Cain, Lynette

Cain, Nan L.

Cain, Patrick

Cain, Patrick J.

Cairns, James F.

Calcaterra, Charles

Calczynski, L. J.

Caldwell, Barbara R.

Caldwell, S.

Cale, Mary Ann

Calhoun, Hannah

Calhoun, Mary

Calhoun, Sallie

Callahan, Edward

Callahan, Eileen R.

Callahan, Margaret

Callahan, Martin

Callahan, Thomas

Callahan-Solari, Minnie

Calligan, Mary

Calliotte, Frank

Calvert, Annie M.

Calvert, Charles Edgar

Calvert, Cora

Calvert, Katherine

Calvin, Louisiana

Calvin, William

Cameron, J. C.

Cameron, John Munro

Camien, H. C.

Camp, William E.

Camp_, Louise

Campau, Mary E.

Campbell, (former Lt. Gov., Judge) Robert Alexander

Campbell, Bell A.

Campbell, Catherine

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, Christiana

Campbell, Cristianna

Campbell, Deliah Jane

Campbell, F.

Campbell, J.

Campbell, John F.

Campbell, Lillian E.

Campbell, Mary Eleanor

Campbell, Mary V.

Campbell, Mary Virginia

Campbell, T.

Campbell, Victor

Campbell, William

Campion, K. John

Campnel, R. A.

Candy, Mildred

Canepa, George L.

Canepa-Marre, Catherine

Cankroute, Rose

Cannon, Alice

Cannon, Gladys

Cannon, J. W.

Cannon, Orline M.

Cantrell, H.

Canty, Thomas J.

Capps, Addie

Capra, Charles

Caproni, Louisa

Capwell, Annie

Caracci, Vincennse

Caragher, Annie

Caragher, Teddy

Caravaglia, C.

Caraway, E.

Cardano, G.

Cardwell, Margaret Alice

Caress, Randolph M.

Carey, Ellen

Carey, Frances

Carey, L. D.

Carl, Margaret

Carleton, Murray

Carlin, Mamie

Carlini, F.

Carlson, Lottie

Carman-Philips, Venona

Carmeau, Bernice

Carmody, John P.

Carney, Delia

Carney, J.

Carney, Louise

Caroline, G.

Carpenter, ___

Carpenter, Charles Henry

Carpenter, Marie

Carr, A.

Carr, Anna Dreyfus

Carr, Arthur

Carr, Bessie

Carr, F.

Carr, Frances M.

Carr, J. H.

Carr, Mary

Carr, Mary

Carr, Rose

Carr, Susan

Carr, Thomas C.

Carraher, Jesse

Carrick, Delphine

Carrigan, John P.

Carroll, Angie L.

Carroll, Annie E.

Carroll, Barbara

Carroll, Bessie Ette

Carroll, Charles Sr.

Carroll, Frazier

Carroll, James Clarence "Funeral of Victim of Blast"

Carroll, Katherine M.

Carroll, Margaret Mc Carty

Carroll, Mary E.

Carroll, Mary L.

Carroll, Michael

Carroll, Michael J.

Carroll, William D.

Carrow, Emil

Carrow, Emil

Carson, John

Carson, Millard

Carson, William H.

Carsten, Rose

Carten, Opal

Carter, Abbie F.

Carter, Almont

Carter, C.

Carter, Clara

Carter, E.

Carter, Edward H.

Carter, Elizabeth

Carter, Ellen Ora

Carter, Grace

Carter, H.

Carter, Joyce B.

Carter, Margaret E.

Carter, Mary

Carter, Minnie

Carter, P.

Carter, William

Cartright, Percella

Cartwright, Edgar E.

Caruso, S.

Caruso, Vincennse

Caruthers, Frances

Cary, Landon D.

Case, Marie

Casey, Alice Elizabeth

Casey, F.

Casey, Harold R.

Casey, J.

Casey, Mary

Casey, Mary

Casey, Mary L.

Casey-Dumont, Mary Louise

Cash, Cornelia M.

Cash, Edward J.

Cash, J.

Cashin, J. E.

Cashion, Melvinar

Caskey, Jennie S.

Caslin, Mary

Cason, J.

Casper, Enelia

Cassani, A.

Casserly, Catherine

Casserly, Nellie

Cassidy, Bridget

Cassidy, Kate

Cassidy, Lilly

Cassilly, (Dr.) John L. "Joint Funeral Services ..."

Cassilly, Lucy M. "Joint Funeral Services ..."

Cassilly, Ward S.

Cassin, Elizabeth Weciver

Castanie, William Francis

Castleman, Lucie

Casto, M.

Caston, Phoebe

Catalano, T.

Catanzaro, Angela

Catanzaro, Lucia

Catanzaro, Marina

Cates, Arthur

Cather, Osker F.

Cathrell, G. M.

Catlett, Ephrem

Catlett, Estelia

Catlett, Stella L.

Cato, Sallie

Caton, Ann Estes

Cauley, Ann

Caulfield, F. H.

Caurl, C.

Cavanaugh, A. L.

Cavanaugh, Belle

Cavanaugh, Elizabeth

Cavanaugh, Joseph E.

Cavanaugh, Mary

Cavenah, Mary Aileen

Cavendish, Hannah

Cayon, Emil B.

Cecil, Mary Ann

Cecil, Virginia H.

Ceepa, Frank

Cella, James

Cella, Rosa

Cennaughton, Nellie

Ceray, Anna

Cerentano, Salvatore

Cerny, Theresa

Certa, Rosa

Certo, Romana

Cetenia, Evelyn

Chadsey, Harry

Chadwick, (Capt.) Hanson M.

Chadwick, Mollie

Chaffin, D. I.

Chaffin, William

Chalfont, Melba Mae

Chamberlain, C.

Chamberlin, James Dudley

Chambers, Frank 'Daddy' #8/27 p

Chambers, John Wesley

Chamblin, (Dr.) Baylis

Champion, William

Chandler, Annie

Chandler, Charles W.

Chandler, E.

Chandler, Lillie L.

Chandler, Lloyd

Chandler, William C.

Chandler, William J.

Chandler, William W.

Chaney, Calvin

Chaney, Paulean

Chapeau, Mary M.

Chapin, Marie

Chaple, Dorothy

Chapman, Florence Thiel

Chapman, Harry B.

Chapman, Robert H.

Chappee, Jule

Chappel, Amande

Chappel, Carrie Garrison "Widow of W. G. Chappel..."

Chappell, E.

Chappell, Fred F.

Chapple, Ellen P.

Charbouleau, Julia

Chard, Rice Colenwood

Charleston, S.

Charleville, Audrey Jane

Chartrand, Edmund

Chartrand, Elizabeth

Chase, Benjamin T.

Chase, W.

Chasteen, A.

Chatman, E.

Chaufouraux, Elsie E.

Chautin, Sarah

Chauvenet, William Marc "Veteran Chemist ..."

Cheary, John

Cheatham, M.

Cheatham, Rufus

Cheatham, T. F.

Checkett, Irene

Cheek, Robert T.

Chenerg, Anna M.

Chenet, Mary Cowen

Chenot, Francis Lemont

Chenot, Julia P.

Chenot, S. S.

Cherry, Bertha

Chester, I. T.

Chew, Lindell

Chewning, Kate E.

Chipley, Mary S.

Chippendale, Margaret Etta

Choen, Lucy M.

Chomas, Neta E.

Chomeau, Marie E.

Chorzel, Mary J.

Chorzelewski, Mary J.

Chott, Anna

Chott, Barbara

Chott, Barbara J.

Chott, John

Chott, Joseph

Chouteau, Henry F.

Chrismer, Catherine

Christel, Minnie

Christen, Emma L.

Christensen, Irvin N.

Christian, Frank G.

Christian, Norma

Christine, Grace Salfisberg

Christman, E. N.

Christman, Goldie

Christopher, Mahala A.

Christophersen, Margaretha

Christranson, Harold

Church, William

Churchill, Anna

Churchill, Augustine

Churchill, B.

Churchill, Edward

Churchill, John W.

Cinder-Curtin, Ervin F.

Cinsiglio, A.

Ciochiello, R.

Clabaugh, Lester C.

Claeys, Emil C.

Clagett, (Rev.) William H.

Claggett, Loretta Jane

Clancey, J.

Clancy, A. P.

Clancy, Catherine

Clanton, James G.

Clapp, Mary E.

Claque, William

Clardy, Mary A.

Clare, Michael

Clark, (Rev.) Owen Henry

Clark, Albert

Clark, Allen H.

Clark, Bernice Anna

Clark, Charles A.

Clark, Chauncey Ed

Clark, Edith

Clark, Ellen

Clark, Ellie

Clark, G. M.

Clark, Glades

Clark, I.

Clark, Jane Ingils

Clark, Julia

Clark, Laura

Clark, Leola

Clark, Lula May

Clark, Luvina

Clark, Media

Clark, Pauline

Clark, Ralph

Clark, Salem G.

Clark, Shepard

Clark, Thomas

Clark, Walter T.

Clark-Burd, Mark T.

Clary, Anna D.

Clasquin, Mary Melanie

Claus, Anna

Clausen, Katherine

Claussen, John

Clavin, John

Claxton, Robert D. E.

Clay, Agnes

Clay, Bettie

Clay, Birdie

Clay, Cecelia

Clay, J.

Clay, L.

Clayborn, Elizabeth

Claymore, Mary Ella

Clayton, D. A.

Clayton, Kate

Clayton, Richard Freeman

Clayton, Sarah Sale

Cleary, Anna

Cleary, E.

Cleary, Michael

Cleary, Patrick

Cleaves, Katherine

Clecentine, Clementine

Cleckler, Eliza Jane

Cleer, Anna F.

Cleer, Mary

Clemens, Gertrude

Clement, C. V.

Clement, Jack C.

Clemons, E.

Clemons, Mamie

Cleveland, Alden Tyler

Cliff, Fannie

Clifford, Katie M.

Clifford, Sabina

Clift, Ernest G.

Clifton, Wylie Hunter

Cline, Elizabeth

Cline, Mary C.

Clivie, Antonio

Clonts, Anna

Clooney, (Rev.) Joseph M.

Clooney, Catherine

Clord, Minnie

Clostermeyer, Sophia

Cloud, (Rev. Dr.) James Henry

Clucas, Annie A.

Clucas, Maude H.

Clute, William

Clymer, Caroline

Clymont, Isabel

Coale, Louis J.

Coan, Lenora

Coash, Joseph

Coats, Bessie L.

Cobb, Nancy

Cobb, Stephen H.

Cochran, Grace

Cochrane, Manning W.

Cochrane, Rose A.

Cockerhan, Ellen

Cockrell, Charlotte

Cocron, Ida M.

Cocron, Otillie

Cocron, Otillie

Codding, Lydle A.

Cody, Elizabeth

Cody, Lillie

Cody, Margaret

Cody, Margaret Scott

Coe, J.

Coe, J. T.

Coffin, Charles Albert

Coggeshall, Clara B.

Coghlan, Martha E.

Cohen, Frances

Cohen, Harry

Cohen, Harry J.

Cohen, Hattie

Cohen, I.

Cohen, Louis

Cohen, Lucy M.

Cohen, Rachel B.

Cohen, Rose

Cohen, S.

Cohen, Yetta

Cohn, Dan M.

Cohnos, Clara

Cointin, Mamie

Colbert, Bert

Colbert, John

Colbert, K. L.

Colbert, V. B.

Cole, Albert D.

Cole, Annie

Cole, Arley E.

Cole, Betty J.

Cole, C.

Cole, F.

Cole, G.

Cole, Grace Flanigan

Cole, H. H.

Cole, Myrtle

Cole, R. J.

Cole, T.

Cole, Thomas J.

Cole, Virgie G.

Cole, W. A.

Coleman, Annie

Coleman, Candis

Coleman, Carrie

Coleman, E.

Coleman, H.

Coleman, J.

Coleman, Laura

Coleman, Mary

Coleman, Mary

Coleman, Mary A.

Coleman, Mary M.

Coleman, Pinkney

Coleman-Mc Kechnie, Mary E.

Coley, H.

Colfer, Andrew J.

Collet, Eugene

Collett, Fred W.

Colley, T.

Collier, Elenor E.

Colligan, Mary L.

Collins, Dorothea Augusta

Collins, Frances

Collins, Frank M.

Collins, J.

Collins, J. J.

Collins, Jane

Collins, Martha J.

Collins, Mary

Collins, Mary J.

Collins, Mary V.

Collins, Ophelia

Colltant, James Burton

Colombo, Angelo

Colombo, Gratana

Colombo, J.

Combs, G.

Combs, H.

Combs, Lucinda

Comes, Anastasia

Commeenes, Nellie F.

Compton, Mattie

Comstock, Anabelle

Conboy, Mary A.

Concil, Lee

Conder, Bertha

Condon, Annie

Condon, John P.

Conell, William R.

Coner, Mary Francis

Confrey, Minnie L.

Conklin, M. M.

Conlan, John W.

Conley, H.

Conley, Roy

Conlish, Ida C.

Conlon, Thomas

Conn, Anna M.

Conn, John N.

Conn, Mary L.

Connaughton, Nellie

Connell, Josephine F.

Connell-Clecentine-Regan, Clementine

Connellia, John

Connelly, Catherine

Connelly, Edward Darwin

Connelly, Frank L.

Connelly, James

Connelly, Roy A.

Conner, Patrick Gerald

Conner, Zirida M.

Conners, Elizabeth

Conners, J.

Connes, Zellea

Connolly, Bertha K.

Connor, Alice

Connor, C. L.

Connor, Johanna

Connors, A.

Connors, J.

Connors, Manrice M.

Connors, Mayme

Connors, Michael Joseph

Connors, Vera

Conrad, Beatrice

Conrad, Florence E.

Conrad, Henry S.

Conrad, J.

Conrad, J. J.

Conrad, Laura A.

Conrad, Lillie Tilly

Conrad, Maggie

Conrad, Theodore A.

Conran, Michael

Conrath, Anna

Conrath, Julius Jr.

Consiglios, Joe

Constam, Gertrude Anderson

Constantino, J.

Constantino, M.

Constanz, Margaretha

Convion, Annie

Convion, E. C.

Conway, Grace

Conway, Hattie

Conway, J.

Conway, John

Conway, Joseph W.

Conway, Lydia

Conway, P.

Coogan, Gertrude

Cook, ___

Cook, Bertha 'Bertie' F.

Cook, Emma

Cook, Esther

Cook, F.

Cook, Frank V.

Cook, Fred

Cook, Fred C.

Cook, Hugh

Cook, Ida L.

Cook, Inez

Cook, Isaac Jr.

Cook, J.

Cook, John

Cook, Margaret Nee

Cook, Martha L.

Cook, N.

Cook, Phyllis

Cook, R. A.

Cook, T.

Cook, W.

Cook, William M.

Cooke, Agnes

Cooke, Mary E.

Cookson, Josephine

Cool, Lillie Grace

Cool, Robert B.

Coon, Louis H.

Cooney, Dennis W.

Coons, Margaret

Cooper, B. E.

Cooper, Ben F.

Cooper, Charles L.

Cooper, Cleo

Cooper, Cordelin

Cooper, Ida? M.

Cooper, J.

Cooper, J. R.

Cooper, James C.

Cooper, James W.

Cooper, Martha

Cooper, Peter Edward

Cooper, Rebecca

Cooper, T.

Cooperman, Dora

Cooper-Sommers, Margaretta B.

Cooseman, Louis

Copeland, Dorothy

Copeland, Stewart S.

Coppedge, Mary L.

Coppersmith, Minnie

Copping, Samuel H.

Coppinger, Thomas H.

Corathers, R.

Corbett, Daniel

Corbett, F. F.

Corbitt, Ellen

Corcoran, David J.

Corcoran-Mc Namara, Florence

Corder, Millie

Coridan, Mary

Corley, Ida

Corneli, Ben P.

Cornelius, A.

Cornell, Rose

Cornet, Anna Jansen

Corniak, J.

Cornish, Luelle

Corptal, F.

Corum, Pearl

Corwin, Mary E.

Cosby, Alice

Cosgrove, Katherine

Cosgrove, Mary Maran

Cosgrove, Thomas A.

Costa, Dominic

Costello, Agnes Greany

Costello, Edward J.

Costello, Frank J.

Costello, Mary

Costello, Mary C.

Cotta, Franziska

Cottin, Nadine

Cottrill, Josie

Coudy, William J.

Coughlan, Elizabeth

Coughlin, (Mrs. P. J.) Mary

Coughlin, Elizabeth Theresa

Coughlin, Ellen F.

Coughlin, Harry

Coulter, Margaret

Coulter, Maud

Coulter, William George

Coultri, G. W.

Council, W.

Coup, Sula

Court, William F.

Courtwright, Arthur D.

Coutant, J. B.

Coutant, Sarah

Couvion, Edward Charles

Couvion, Edward P.

Couvuan, E.

Covey, Grace Meade

Covington, Eugene

Covington, G.

Covington, J.

Cowan, C. T.

Cowden, Laura

Cowdery, Minnie

Cowell, Fannie

Cowen, Agnes M.

Cowen, Mary

Cowie, John D.

Cox, C.

Cox, Charles Alexander

Cox, Charles J.

Cox, Effie

Cox, Hattie

Cox, Irene B.

Cox, J. G.

Cox, Jefferson Davis

Cox, Julia Mary

Cox, L. J.

Cox, Lee M.

Cox, Lydia

Cox, Melvinar

Cox, Ruth P.

Coyle, Agnes

Coyle, Patrick

Coyne, (Sister) Mary Evangelista 'Agnes' 11/11 p

Coyne, Agnes

Coyne, J.

Coyne, Michael

Coyne, Michael J.

Coyne, William J.

Cozart, Lurah

Crabb, John C.

Craden, John B.

Craemer, Annie E.

Craft, Saul

Cragg, C.

Crahan, Delia

Craig, ___

Craig, Bessie

Craig, Ella

Craig, Lollie

Craig, Nellie

Craig, W. A.

Crail, Henrietta Donahoe

Cramer, Angela

Cramer, Annie

Cramer, Antonia

Cramer, Gustav H. Sr.

Cramme, Augusta

Cranley, Edward

Cranson, J. L.

Crawford, _ R.

Crawford, Ella

Crawford, Elvira Reid

Crawford, H.

Crawford, Louise

Crawley, J.

Craycraft, Bertha A.

Creasser, Richard T.

Crecelius, Louise

Creech, Mary A.

Creely, Adelaine S.

Cregan, Winifred

Creley, Marguerite E.

Cremins, Patrick

Cressey, C. H.

Crets, Bertha

Creveling, Agnes Sullivan

Crhsitian, Frank G.

Cribbs, F.

Crider, E.

Crider, Gertrude

Crider, Melva V.

Criger, Margaret H.

Criges, K. W.

Crimmins, Mary

Crippen, E.

Crites, Louise

Critton, D.

Crockett, Annie

Crockett, H.

Crofton, Annie Merrick

Croghan, Catherine

Croll, H.

Cromacke, Helen

Cromwell, W.

Cronin, Mary

Cronin, Mary A.

Cronin, Rita Marie

Crook, Mary

Cross, H.

Cross, Lovenia

Cross, W.

Crotty, Julia Mann

Crow, Levina

Crow, William Andrew

Crow, Zee

Crowder, Alice

Crowder, Anna M.

Crowder, C.

Crowder, Ella

Crowder, George W.

Crowder, J.

Crowley, Margaret

Crowley, Mary A.

Crowley, Minnie P.

Croy, Eleanor

Crozier, W. M.

Crucknell, Jennie Benson

Crump, William M.

Crumps, R.

Cruse, Catherine G.

Crusius, Herbert William

Cuddy, David

Cudmore?, Mary A.

Culhane, Mary

Culkin, Marguerite E.

Cullam, L.

Cullen, Elizabeth

Cullen, Katherine

Cullen, Marie

Cullen, Mary A.

Cullen, T. A.

Cullinane, Emma

Cullum, G.

Cully, T. M.

Culotta, Jennie

Culver, Margaret

Culvert, Katherine

Cumberland, Jennie

Cumella, Anna

Cumming, Inez

Cummings, Catarina R.

Cummings, Catherine

Cummings, Fannie L.

Cummings, Margaret Ella

Cummins, Atwood

Cunigin, W.

Cunniff, Mary

Cunningham, (Mayor U City) Andrew O.

Cunningham, Ann

Cunningham, Catherine

Cunningham, F.

Cunningham, G. B.

Cunningham, H.

Cunningham, J.

Cunningham, Rachel

Cunninghma, Eloise

Cunrath, J.

Curley, Delia

Curley, Laura

Curley, Lizzie

Curnell, W.

Curran, Caroline

Curran, Catherine

Curran, Daniel

Curran, Gladys R.

Curran, James J.

Curran, W.

Curren, Susie

Currie, Elizabeth

Currie, James S.

Curringham, A.

Curry, Annie L.

Curry, Clara

Curry, Millie A.

Curry, T.

Curtin, Ervin F.

Curtin, Margaret

Curtis, Austin Dale

Curtis, Emily

Curtis, Gloria L.

Curtman, Anne M.

Cussani, Mary

Cutter, Bertha

Cynthia, Mary

Czerwinski, Martha