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Surnames beginning with O

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Oanis, Sophia

Oates, Lucinda

Oatman, (Dr.) Louis James

Oatman, F.

O'Bannon, Nannie C.

Oberb_ck, ___

Oberbeck, Charlott

Oberg, Andrew

Obergoenner, Johanna

Oberhaus, Amelia

Oberli, Julia A.

Obermark-Link, Caroline

Obermeyer, William Jr.

Obermoeller, Nellie T.

Obermoeller-Bock, Louise

Obermueller, Ellen T.

Oberreither, Louisa

Obrecht, Ignatz

O'Brian, William

O'Brien, (Dr.) Cornelius

O'Brien, ___

O'Brien, ___

O'Brien, Anna M.

O'Brien, Catherine C.

O'Brien, Charles L.

O'Brien, Edna

O'Brien, F. E.

O'Brien, Francis

O'Brien, J.

O'Brien, Kate

O'Brien, Lawrence

O'Brien, Lillian M.

O'Brien, Mamie

O'Brien, Mary

O'Brien, Mary Alice

O'Brien, Patrick J.

O'Brien, Thomas J.

O'Brien-Baker, Marie

O'Byrne, L. Lynn

Ochs, Margaret C.

Ochsenknecht, Bertha

O'Connell, Frank J.

O'Connell, Katherine

O'Connell, Mary

O'Connell, Mary

O'Connell, Mary T.

O'Connell, Nellie

O'Connell, T.

O'Connor, David

O'Connor, J. F.

O'Connor, Mary

O'Connor, Mary

O'Connor, Patrick

O'Connor, William

O'Daniel, Margaret Elizabeth

Odell, J.

O'Donnell, Clarence

O'Donnell, Johanna

O'Donnell, Joseph J.

O'Donnell, Margaret

O'Donnell, Mary

O'Donnell, Michael

O'Donnell, Sarah Ann

O'Donnell, Thomas F.

O'Donnell, Thomas J.

O'Donnell, Winifred

O'Dowd, Cecelia

Oefelein, Veronica

Oehler, Richard J.

Oellein, Hilda

Oepping, Fred K.

Oertig, Andrew E.

Oestereich, Catherine

Oesterlei, Lena L.

Oexmann?, Clara C.

O'Fallon, Henry

Offer, Barbara

Offerman, Calvin H.

Offermann, Anna

Officer, Margaret

Offner, Leo E.

O'Gara, Mark J.

O'Gara, Mary

Ogden, Benjamin

Ogden, Henry

Ogilbee, Mary

O'Gorman, Elizabeth

O'Gorman, Katherine

Ogulin, Rosa

O'Hanlon, Vincent

O'Hara, John B.

O'Hara, Warren

O'Hare, Gertrude

O'Hare, Joseph

Ohder, Lucy

Ohder-Becker, Lucy

O'Hearn, Johanna Pierce

O'Hearn, Richard

Oherenus, Henry

Ohl, Louise

Ohnemus, Augusta

Ohnimus, Katherine

Ohrismer, Elmer T.

O'Keefe, James P.

O'Keefe, Mary

Olan, Margaret M.

Olcott, Charles A.

Oldani, Ernesti

Olden, Christine

Oldendorph, Christine

Oldendorph, Mary

Olderndorph, Jacob

Oldiges, Thekla

O'Leary, Bridget

O'Leary, Ellen

O'Leary, Lawrence

O'Leary, Mary J.

O'Leary, T.

Olges, Frank H.

Olges, Herman J.

Oliver, Clar

Oliver, Frances

Oliver, Louise

Olliges, Catherine Mary

Olliges, George J.

O'Loughlin, (Rev.) P. B.

O'Loughlin, Joseph

O'Loughlin, Solomon J.

Olsen, P.

Olsen-Jacobson, Dorathea

Olshausen, Ida

O'Malley, Alice

O'Malley, John

O'Malley, P.

O'Mara, Fanny

O'Mara, Ruth

O'Neal, Homer

O'Neal, J.

Oneal, Luella

O'Neil, Arthur J.

O'Neil, Catherine A.

O'Neil, Hanna

O'Neill, Agnes C.

O'Neill, Henry Joseph

O'Neill, J. T.

O'Neill, Patrick H.

O'Neill, W.

O'Neill-Stone, Margaret

Onions, S.

Oonk, Cornelia J.

Oonk, Mary

Opel, Anna Dickirson

Opperman, Louise "Dies in Doctor's Office"

Opperman, Mathilda

Orblitt, David

Orcutt, Tilden W.

Ordnung, Margaretta J.

Orea, M.

O'Reilly, Frank P.

O'Reilly, Luke J.

Orfelein, Veronica

O'Rielly, Elizabeth

O'Rourke, Mary Stella

O'Rourke, William A.

Orr, John L.

Orrell, C.

Orthwein, William David

Orthwein, William J.

Ortinan, J.

Ortmann, Frank

Osberg, Edward S.

Osborn, Henry J.

Osborn, Phil Rivers

Osburn, Mamie

O'Shea, Thomas

Ossendorf, Elisabeth

Ostendorf, Anna

Ostendorf, Herman J. Sr.

Oster, Albert

Osterholt, Frederick B.

Osterhorn, Robert

Ostermann, Sarah E.

Ostermann, William H.

Ostermeyer, Alice

Ostermeyer, Dora

Osthaus, Ella S.

Osthaus, Leo

Ostrander, John J.

Ostrowski, J.

Oswald, Fridolin

Oten, Etta

Otke, Margaret

O'Toole, Annie Donlon

O'Toole, John

O'Toole, Kate

O'Toole-Steele, Irene B.

Otring, Frieda

Ott, Albert J.

Ott, Helen H.

Ott, William John

Otte, Joseph

Ottenjohann, Wilhelmina

Ottenlips, Joseph

Ottermann, Frederick

Ottesky, Pauline

Otting, Frieda Kissling

Otting, Mary A.

Ottinger, Christ

Otto, ___ A.

Otto-La Velle, Lottie

Otzenberger, Joseph

Oughton, Thomas

Ourcell, Mary

Outhouse, Eliza

Outlaw, Priscilla

Overbeck, Charlotte

Overy, George A.

Owen, Emma A.

Owen, Louise M.

Owen, Silas S.

Owens, E.

Owens, Loraine

Owens, T. C.