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Surnames beginning with M

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Maargutis, Hannah

Mac Carthy, William

Mac Cash, William

Mac Credie, A.

Mac Ewan, Lillian Parkell

Macdonald, Tillie

Macfarlane, George Locke

Machacek, Rose

Machan, Louisa

Machler, Josephine

Mack, Cora C.

Mack, Mary V.

Mack?, J.

Mackay, James

Mackin, Bernard

Mackin, Hanora

Mackin, Margaret B.

Mackin, Nora A.

Mackin, William J.

Mackler, Catherine

Macklin, Hulda

Macklin, Stella

Macmahon, Paul

Macy, Anna M.

Madden, Aaron

Madden, Catherine E.

Madden, Charles J. Kickham

Madden, James L.

Maddigan, Florence

Maddock, Ann

Maddox, Annie M.

Maddux, Myrtle

Madigam, Mary G.

Madison, J. S.

Madock, J.

Maeder, Barbara

Maetzke, Ernest A.

Maex, Theiman

Maeys, William Gustav

Maffitt, ___

Maffitt, J.

Magee, Ida Burrows

Magee, Sarah

Magel, Anton

Magill, (Rev. Dr.) Hezekiah

Magill, William M.

Magnus, Edward Hugo

Magsamen, Catherine

Maguire, Bernard L.

Maguire, John B.

Mahaney, James T.

Maher, Bridget

Maher, Catherine

Maher, Catherine

Maher, John H.

Maher, Julia

Maher, Mary A.

Maher, Michael

Maher, Thomas

Maher, Virginia

Maher, William R.

Mahfood, Mary

Mahler, Annie

Mahler, George L.

Mahler, Henry A.

Mahlmann, Harry

Mahnkin, Louise

Mahon, Kate

Mahoney, Bridget

Mahoney, Margaret

Mahoney, Mary

Mahoney, P.

Mahony, Patrick L.

Maier, Gertrude P.

Maier, Lillie

Maire, Frank Sr.

Maisak, Lucille

Maiters, Clara

Maizner, Herman

Maizner, Lena

Major, T. P.

Majors, William

Makavewicz, L.

Malay, Alberta

Malecek, John

Malin, James D.

Malla, J.

Mallard, H.

Mallen, Josephine

Mallett, Nicholas

Mallicoat, Susan I.

Mallory, Jessie

Malloy, Katherine

Malone, (Sister) Mary Clement

Malone, F.

Malone, George

Malone, Jennie

Malone, Mary S.

Maloney, __nie

Maloney, Catherine

Maloney, Flora

Maloney, J.

Maloney, James

Maloney, Johanna

Maloney, Michael P.

Maloney, T.

Maloney, T. J.

Maltbie, Elizabeth Simpson

Malters, Clara

Malzner, H.

Malzner, Helena

Mancuso, C.

Mand, Lucinda

Mandel, Dave

Maneove, Mary

Maness, R. L.

Manger, Ferdinand H.

Mangers, Anna

Manghain, O.

Mangogna, Vito

Mangos, L.

Maniaci, Rose

Manion, Margaret

Manion, Robert E.

Mankowski, Marie

Mankus, Ignac

Manley, Effie

Manley, Geraldine

Manley, Pauline

Manley, Thomas

Mann, A.

Mann, Charlotte

Mann, G.

Mann, Henry?

Mann, I. C.

Mannigel, Minnie

Manning, John

Manning, Susan C.

Mannion, Elizabeth

Manser, Thomas

Mansfield, Wilhelmina

Marah, Julia M.

Marandon, Walsh Joseph

March, Lida

March, Wilford

Marcheck, William J.

Marchlewski, Anna

Marconnot, Joseph

Marcucci, Anthony

Marcus, Rebecca

Mare, William H.

Margaris, Anna

Marglous, Myra

Marienau, Frederick

Marik-Janecek, Josephine

Markel, Anna M.

Markey, Mary

Markham, Martha

Markolf, Joseph

Marks, Adaline

Marks, Edward

Marks, Hanna

Marling, Elizabeth

Marlow, Virginia

Marnate, Piuna

Marnati, Carolina

Marne, F.

Marnin, James B.

Marocco, Angelina

Maroney, Mary

Marooney, Mary

Marquardt, Armin

Marquitz, Leopold

Marr, Oswald

Marrow, E.

Marsh, J.

Marsh, John S.

Marshall, (Mr. & Mrs.) Harry "Funeral of Auto Victims"

Marshall, __ I.

Marshall, Bridget

Marshall, Cecelia

Marshall, Ellen A.

Marshall, Harry B.

Marshall, John

Marshall, Joseph G.

Marshall, June Dean

Marshall, Katie

Marshall, Litta

Marsks, William

Martens, Peter

Martens, Sophia

Marthu, E.

Martin, ___

Martin, Agnes T.

Martin, Allen

Martin, Bertha

Martin, Bertha A.

Martin, E.

Martin, Elizabeth

Martin, Esta

Martin, Estle

Martin, Ethel

Martin, F.

Martin, Frank L.

Martin, Henry

Martin, Ione S.

Martin, J.

Martin, Jane

Martin, Jessie

Martin, Johanna

Martin, John

Martin, Lucille

Martin, Mary

Martin, Otto

Martin, Rose

Martin, Sarah

Martin, Spencer F.

Martin, T. L.

Martin, Thelma J.

Martini, Elizabeth

Martini, Lizzie

Marts, Eliza B.

Marty, Josephine

Marty, Margaret A.

Marty, Wilhelmina

Maruska, Annie E.

Marvill, Josephine

Marvin, William R.

Marx, Hannah

Marx, Thelma

Marxer, George

Marxowsky, Virginia

Mascherpa, Alfredo

Maschmeier, Clara Marie

Maseilia, Albert

Masek, Joseph Alois

Maskop, Lawrence

Maslowski, Lona

Mason, B. Ward

Mason, Bridget J.

Mason, D. A.

Mason, Margaret Genevieve

Mason, Margaret W.

Mason, Matilda

Mason, Rebecca

Masquelett, Elizabeth

Massa, J. Albert

Massengill, Edward

Massey, Emma

Massey, Margaret

Massey, Nina

Masteranda, Philomena

Masters, Ruth E.

Masterson, Harry

Mastert, J.

Mataja, Emil

Mateer, (STLPD) James Henry

Mater, Gertrude P.

Mathes, Alexander

Mathews, Annie

Mathews, Sarah A.

Mathey, Elizabeth

Mathie, Mabel

Mathieu, Fred

Matier, Bessie

Matlock, R.

Matoushek, Frank J.

Matre, P.

Matt, Oswald

Mattes, Elizabeth

Mattes, Max

Matthaei, Adolph

Matthew, Buck L.

Matthews, G. W.

Matthews, H. D.

Matthews, John D.

Matthews, Mary A.

Matthews, Walter L.

Mattick, William J.

Mattila, M.

Mattingley, Henry A.

Mattingly, Doris Rose

Matula, Frank

Matyas, Katherine

Matyas, Marie

Mauch, William Sr.

Mauer, Earl Phillip

Mauer, Mamie

Mauhar, Louise

Mauhar, Ludvikz

Maul, Regina

Maull, Emma G.

Mauller, August

Maurer, Anna Johanna

Maurer, Barbara

Maurer, Edward Frank

Maurer, Laura

Maurer, Minnie

Maurice, Phil J.

Maurus, January

Max, Clara M.

Maxey, Irene

Maxey, Margaret Ellen

Maxwell, __arles

Maxwell, Catherine

Maxwell, Florence Soule

Maxwell, Frank

Maxwell, Lillian

Maxwell, Mary

Maxwell, Ray F.

May, (Dr.) Albert

May, Cecelia D.

May, W.

Mayer, Augusta

Mayer, Fredericka

Mayer, Hazel Irene

Mayer, Henry

Mayer, Karolina

Mayer, Mary

Mayer-Gregg, Mary

Mayes, Lizzie

Mayfield, Flovine H.

Maynard, Grace

Mayner, Augusta

Mays, Edward

Maysack, Louise

Mazzoni, Catherine

Mc Adams, I.

Mc Adams, Terrance

Mc Afee, Mary

Mc Alevey, Peter J.

Mc Alister, Margaret

Mc Allister, C.

Mc Anany, B.

Mc Andrew, Anna

Mc Andrew, Michael

Mc Annar, John L.

Mc Anulty, Freddie C.

Mc Ardle, Warren

Mc Art, J. F.

Mc Auliffe, Alice Margaret

Mc Auliffe, John C.

Mc Auliffe, Mary

Mc Brayer, John Robert

Mc Bride, Elizabeth

Mc Bride, Luther

Mc Bride, Regina

Mc Bridem, G. A.

Mc Cabe, (Rev.) Michael J.

Mc Cabe, Katheryn A.

Mc Cabe, L. J.

Mc Cabe, Vernon C.

Mc Caffrey, James

Mc Cain, Jetta

Mc Call, (Dr.) Harry Earnest

Mc Call, Edward

Mc Call, Noble L.

Mc Callon, Eugenia

Mc Callon, J.

Mc Callum, Margaret

Mc Calpin, Mary E.

Mc Cane, Malen James

Mc Cann, Blanche

Mc Cann, Kate

Mc Cann, P? B.

Mc Cargo, Wallace

Mc Carkell, Catharine

Mc Carron, D.

Mc Carthy, (Off., STLPD) Patrick J.

Mc Carthy, Annie

Mc Carthy, Bridget Mullane

Mc Carthy, D.

Mc Carthy, Elizabeth

Mc Carthy, Elizabeth

Mc Carthy, Ella

Mc Carthy, H.

Mc Carthy, Hannah

Mc Carthy, Helen

Mc Carthy, J.

Mc Carthy, Mary C.

Mc Carthy, Nellie T.

Mc Carthy, William F.

Mc Cartney, James J.

Mc Carty, Bridget Mullane

Mc Carty, Cleve

Mc Carty, L. C.

Mc Carty, Maude

Mc Cauley, Edhar W.

Mc Cauley, J. C.

Mc Cauley, Mary

Mc Cay, ___

Mc Clain, Loring G.

Mc Clanahan, Jesse M.

Mc Claskey, O.

Mc Clean, William J.

Mc Cleery, William H.

Mc Clellan, ___

Mc Clellan, Dorothy H.

Mc Clellan, E. H.

Mc Clellan, James Steel

Mc Clellan, Sallie

Mc Clellan, Sam

Mc Clenny, Olivia

Mc Clintic, G. A.

Mc Cloud, D.

Mc Cloud, Rosa

Mc Cluey, W. H.

Mc Clumer, J. A.

Mc Clung, A. T.

Mc Clure, A.

Mc Clure, Charles E.

Mc Clure, Clara T.

Mc Clure, Ida

Mc Clure, Ransaeller W.

Mc Clure, Richard P. Jr.

Mc Cluskey, Frank

Mc Collom, Margaret J.

Mc Conkin, Mildred

Mc Connell, Charlotte E.

Mc Connell, Margaret

Mc Connell, Mary Ellen

Mc Corkle, Kate S.

Mc Cormac, Margaret B.

Mc Cormack, (Sgt., STLPD) Thomas P.

Mc Cormack, Elizabeth

Mc Cormick, J.

Mc Cormick, J. D.

Mc Cormick, James C.

Mc Cormick, Martha Plant

Mc Cough, ___

Mc Coughley, J.

Mc Court, Bernard F.

Mc Coy, Amelia

Mc Coy, N.

Mc Coy, Susie

Mc Coy, Vanie

Mc Coy, W. D.

Mc Crady, Laura H.

Mc Craig, William

Mc Craw, Mary E.

Mc Cue, John

Mc Cullam, Anna Katherine

Mc Cullane, N.

Mc Culley, Jeanette

Mc Culloch, Columbus

Mc Cullough, C. W.

Mc Cullough, Elizabeth

Mc Cullough, W.

Mc Daniel, Jessie G.

Mc Daniel, Marie

Mc Dermott, Corine

Mc Dermott, John

Mc Dermott, Margaret

Mc Dermott, Margaret Genevieve

Mc Dermott, Mary

Mc Dermott, Phillip A.

Mc Dermott, Thomas J.

MC Dermott, William

Mc Donald, Annie

Mc Donald, Annie R.

Mc Donald, Ase T.

Mc Donald, Charles P.

Mc Donald, Finley A.

Mc Donald, Helen J.

Mc Donald, J.

Mc Donald, John Francis

Mc Donald, Kearn A.

Mc Donald, Margaret

Mc Donald, Margaret May

Mc Donald, Margaret T.

Mc Donald, Mary

Mc Donald, P.

Mc Donald. R. B.

Mc Donaugh, Tim

Mc Donnell, Catherine

Mc Donnell, Mary L.

Mc Donough, M.

Mc Donough, Rose

Mc Dormack, Elizabeth

Mc Dougall, Mary

Mc Dowall, Maggie

Mc Dowell, B. J.

Mc Dowell, Babe

Mc Dowell, Dolly

Mc Dowell, John

Mc Duffie, Eugene A.

Mc Elroy, Fannie

Mc Elroy, James

Mc Elwaine, William E.

Mc Elwee, Lillian Marie

Mc Evoy, Nellie

Mc Ewen, John Sr.

Mc Ewing, Charles E.

Mc Fadden, Luvenia

Mc Fadden, Samuel

Mc Fail, William

Mc Farlan, James M.

Mc Farland, Gussie

Mc Farland, Nellie S.

Mc Farlane, M.

Mc Gagh, Mary Ford

Mc Gah, John

Mc Galsson, Ida

Mc Gann, Mary

Mc Garry, Catherine

Mc Gary, Courtney V.

Mc Gavern, Kate

Mc Gaw, Flora

Mc Gee, Beatrice

Mc Gee, J.

Mc Gee, M.

Mc Gee, W. L.

Mc Gehee, J. S.

Mc Ghee, Lucinda

Mc Ghugey, ___

Mc Gier, Carl

Mc Gill, John F.

Mc Gill, Winnefred C.

Mc Ginley, John

Mc Ginn, James A.

Mc Ginn, Rose

Mc Ginnis, Dr. E.

Mc Girk, Mildred

Mc Goodwin, Mary H.

Mc Govern, Bernard P.

Mc Govern, Bridget

Mc Govern, Katherine

Mc Govern, Mark B.

Mc Govern, Rose

Mc Gowan, Bridget

Mc Gowan, Ellen

Mc Gowan, G.

Mc Grain, Annie

Mc Grath, Anna

Mc Grath, John E.

Mc Grath, Mary A.

Mc Grath, Mary T.

Mc Grath, Peter J.

Mc Grath, William P.

Mc Graw, J.

Mc Groarty, Annie

Mc Guira, Ida

Mc Guire, J.

Mc Guire, John E.

Mc Guire, Margaret

Mc Guire, Margaret Reagan

Mc Guire, Mary Emma

Mc Guire, Patrick

Mc Hale, J.

Mc Hattie, William J.

Mc Henry, Thomas

Mc Hugh, Johanna S.

Mc Hugh, John A.

Mc Hugh, John B.

Mc Intosh, (Dr.) Nita "Woman Osteopath Is Dead"

Mc Intyre, Alexander

Mc Intyre, Bridget

Mc Kay, Louisa B.

Mc Kay, Nellie

Mc Kee, Charles

Mc Kee, Flavius A.

Mc Kee, Mack

Mc Keen, Charles Stone

Mc Keener, W.

Mc Keever, Lillie

Mc Kei__ey, Elizabeth

Mc Kein, G.

Mc Kenna, Edward C.

Mc Kenna, Ellen

Mc Kenna, Jennie M.

Mc Kenna, John

Mc Kenna, John E.

Mc Kenna, Margaret D.

Mc Kenrow, Catherine L.

Mc Kenzie, Mary

Mc Kim, Isabelle Longuemaire

Mc Kin, C.

Mc Kinlay, John Fisher

Mc Kinney, Agnes

Mc Kinnies, Susan C.

Mc Kinstry, Hattie

Mc Lain, Daniel Akin

Mc Laren, Maggie Jane

Mc Laughlin, Harriet

Mc Laughlin, Lillian

Mc Laughlin, Martha

Mc Lean, John J.

Mc Lear, Rose

Mc Lemore, L.

Mc Loney, Thelma G.

Mc Mahon, Patrick

Mc Mann-Drew, Julia

Mc Manus, ___

Mc Manus, Clara B.

Mc Manus, Clarabelle H.

Mc Manus, James F.

Mc Master, James P.

Mc Master, Nellie

Mc Menamy, George M.

Mc Menamy, Mary A.

Mc Millan, (Sir) William Northrup

Mc Millan, Ann

Mc Millan, Charles A. P.

Mc Millan, Jennie

Mc Millan, Thomas Franklin

Mc Millian, D. B.

Mc Mullen, John E.

Mc Mullen, Thomas C.

Mc Muray, W.

Mc Murray, Robert Emmet

Mc Murtrey, Elisha

Mc Nairy, W. H.

Mc Nally, Walter

Mc Namara, Anna

Mc Namara, Mary

Mc Namara, Teresa

Mc Nary, Lulu

Mc Nary, Martha

Mc Neary, Laurence

Mc Neill, Georgia Alberta

Mc Nichol, James Lee

Mc Nulty, Lulu

Mc Pheeters, Ione

Mc Pheeters, Jessie

Mc Pike, Ella C.

Mc Quade, Grace

Mc Quail, Mary

Mc Quilkin, ___ H.

Mc Quillen, Elsie

Mc Quillen, Mary Ellen

Mc Quillen, Peter Francis

Mc Quillen, Sinie

Mc Roberts, Sophia E.

Mc Salley, Emelia

Mc Sweeney, Margaret

Mc Tigue, Elizabeth

Mc Vay, Florence Mary

Mc Veigh, __y V.

Mc Veigh, John E.

Mc Williams, Bettie

Mead, Bertha

Meagher, Mary

Meagher, Michael

Meagher, Michael W.

Means, Mary E.

Mechin, Gus V. R.

Mecurio, Rose

Medart, Augusta

Medearis, James A.

Medell, George Britton

Medill, Robert H.

Medley, Elizabeth

Medley, Francis

Medley, Hattie Jane

Medley, Mary E.

Meehan, (Off., STLPD) Michael J.

Meehan, Ellen

Meehan, Frank J.

Meehan, Marie J.

Meehan, Reginia

Meehan-Nolan, Margaret

Meeker, Corine

Meeker, Mary

Meeks, Vonda

Meers, J.

Mees, La Verne M.

Mees, Richard

Mees, Sarah

Meese, Emma

Meg, F.

Megher, Cecelia

Mehl, John C.

Mehler, Anna

Mehler, Norma

Mehrtens, Henry

Meibaum, Mary

Meiencke, Meta

Meier, Amalia

Meier, Anna

Meier, Barbara

Meier, Dora L.

Meier, Edward H.

Meier, Fred H.

Meier, G.

Meier, George J.

Meier, Johanna F. H.

Meier, Louisa

Meier, Magdaline

Meier, Mary Ann

Meier, Mildred Augusta

Meier, Minnie

Meier, Rudolph

Meier, Sophia

Meier, Viola L.

Meier, Wilhelmina

Meier, William

Meierotto, Ferdinand J.

Meilves, Mamie

Meinecke, Amelia

Meinell, George F.

Meiners, Louisa

Meinert, Mary K.

Meinhardt, Alice Estelle

Meinhardt, John

Meinhardt, John H.

Meintz, Amelia Engelina

Meiraum, Mary

Meis, Anna

Meis, Sarah

Meisebach, Lilly

Meisinger, William P.

Meisner, Charles F.

Meissner, Melchior

Meister, Edna

Meister, Henry F.

Melger, Anna

Melke, Ernest

Mellies, Lydia

Melloes, __nie

Mellow, Bessie Spargo

Melter, Lena

Melton, Henry A.

Melucci, Amee

Memhard, Leonhard

Memke, Johanna

Menard, Mary Stella

Menckel, Edith M.

Mendelsohn, Florence

Mendes, Katherine

Menk, Philippine

Menke, Elizabeth

Menke, Mary Gertrude

Menken, Julia

Menkhaus, Mary

Menkhaus, Mayme M.

Menkhus, Virginia Rose

Menn, Emma

Mennemeyer, Myrtle D.

Mennemeyer, Wilhelmine

Menteer, Annie

Menzel, Florence

Mercek, Minnie

Mercer, C.

Mercer, Lucy Jane

Mercer, Minnie

Merchant, S. A.

Mercurio, Leo

Mercurio, Mary

Mergler, Francis Raymond

Meriweather, Susie

Merkel, George

Merkert, William T.

Merkhans, __y

Merlatt, N.

Merlo, Louis

Merod, John Sr.

Merrill, F.

Merriman, Annie

Merriman, Lena

Merriman, Walter S.

Merritt, Charles E.

Merritt, J. W.

Merritt, Max Lee

Merritt, Moses Norbert?

Mersch, Philip

Mertens, Carrie F.

Mertens, Elizabeth

Mertens, William

Mertensmeyer, Elizabeth

Mertz, Frederick George

Mertz, Mollie M.

Mertzlufft, Catherine

Merz, Anna

Merziger, Bertha

Merziger, Michael

Meseke, Earl C.

Mesplay, Charles V.

Mess, Lelia P.

Messick, T. W.

Messing, Anton

Messman, Matilda

Messmer, Emma

Messner, Melchior

Mester, Anna M.

Metcalf, J. T.

Metcalf, Lizzie

Metka, Jestenia

Mettlen, Martha Francis

Metts, Charles

Metts, Lucy

Metz, Emelie

Metz, Henry A.

Metz, Lorean E.

Metz, Mary M.

Metzger, Fred

Metzger, Marie

Meuchini, Domico

Meyer, (Dr.) William F.

Meyer, Adolph A.

Meyer, Albert L.

Meyer, Anna

Meyer, Anna

Meyer, Anna

Meyer, Anna Katherine

Meyer, Anthony

Meyer, Arthur J. Jr.

Meyer, Augusta M.

Meyer, baby

Meyer, Bertha

Meyer, Caroline

Meyer, Charles

Meyer, Christina

Meyer, Dorothy

Meyer, E. J.

Meyer, Eda

Meyer, Edward

Meyer, Edward W.

Meyer, Elizabeth

Meyer, Elizabeth

Meyer, Ellen

Meyer, Emma

Meyer, Emma

Meyer, Eugenia

Meyer, Fannie

Meyer, Fanny

Meyer, Florence Lunden

Meyer, George

Meyer, Georgia

Meyer, Gerhard Henry

Meyer, H.

Meyer, H. H.

Meyer, Hattie E.

Meyer, Helen

Meyer, Herman

Meyer, Hermann

Meyer, Hortense

Meyer, Hulda

Meyer, Ida L.

Meyer, J.

Meyer, J. G. Henry

Meyer, John

Meyer, John A.

Meyer, John H.

Meyer, John J.

Meyer, John Jacob

Meyer, John M.

Meyer, John R.

Meyer, Louis

Meyer, Louisa

Meyer, Louisa

Meyer, Louise

Meyer, Louise

Meyer, Louise Lee

Meyer, Mabel

Meyer, Mary

Meyer, Mary F.

Meyer, Mildred

Meyer, Mildred H.

Meyer, Nora Halstead

Meyer, P.

Meyer, Pauline

Meyer, Peter

Meyer, Peter L.

Meyer, Russell

Meyer, Sarah

Meyer, T.

Meyer, Theodore Carl

Meyer, Viola

Meyer, Wilhelmina

Meyer, Wilhelmina

Meyer, William

Meyer, William

Meyer, William F.

Meyerpeter, Joseph H.

Meyers, ___

Meyers, baby

Meyers, Blanche Silversmith

Meyers, Carrie

Meyers, Elizabeth

Meyers, Frank L.

Meyers, George W.

Meyers, Laura Hill

Meyers, Lucille

Meyers, Mary

Meyers, May

Meyers, P.

Meyers, Pauline Antoinette

Meyers, Sarah P.

Meyers, V.?

Meyerscough, L. A.

Meyerzjewski, Hedwig

Meylor, Mary A.

Meyrer, Johanette

Mez, Fabien

Michaels, Adolph

Michaels, Bertha

Michalski, Emilia

Michaud, Julia A.

Michel, Adrien

Michel, Jenny "Fall on Ice Last Winter ..."

Michel, June Janetta

Michel, Mary

Michelson, C. M.

Michelson, J. E.

Michely, Anna Marie

Michler, Ida

Micka, J. W.

Mickel, June J.

Mickenheimer, Minnie

Middaugh, T. J.

Midlowski, Katherine

Miebaum, Mary

Mients, Catherine

Miggins-Brewer, Mary Jane

Mik, Joseph

Miksicek, Marie

Miles, Emma

Miles, Helen

Miles, Mary J.

Milford, Samuel

Milgawich, R.

Milich, A.

Militzer, Johanna

Miller, (Mrs.) Charles A.

Miller, __la

Miller, Ada E.

Miller, Adam

Miller, Amy

Miller, Anna

Miller, B.

Miller, Belle Francis

Miller, C.

Miller, Carolena

Miller, Caroline

Miller, Charles F.

Miller, Charles Joseph

Miller, Charles L.

Miller, Christ

Miller, Christina

Miller, Christoph

Miller, Cynthia

Miller, D.

Miller, Dora

Miller, Dorothy

Miller, Elizabeth A.

Miller, Elizabeth S.

Miller, Emily

Miller, F.

Miller, Francis

Miller, Gladys

Miller, H.

Miller, Ida W.

Miller, Irene

Miller, J.

Miller, J. W.

Miller, Jennie S.

Miller, John F.

Miller, Louisa M.

Miller, Louise

Miller, Louise

Miller, Magdalene

Miller, Maltha

Miller, Margaret

Miller, Mary

Miller, Mary

Miller, Mary E.

Miller, Mathilda

Miller, Myrtle I.

Miller, Oscar

Miller, Pearl

Miller, Richard A.

Miller, Robert H.

Miller, Rollie

Miller, Theresa "Woman, 71..."

Miller, Thomas B.

Miller, Virginia R.

Miller, W. C.

Miller, William

Miller-Fecht, Kate

Millner, Allie M.

Mills, Dora

Mills, J.

Mills, J. V.

Mills, Rolla

Mills, Ruth

Mills, T.

Millspaugh, Emma

Milner, Chalmer H.

Milton, Edna Ruth

Milward, Margaret

Mimlitz, Mary

Mims, Emma

Minard, L.

Mincke, Johanna

Minehan, Bridget

Minekopf, Bertha

Miner, George W.

Minetree, Ethleen

Minette, E. F.

Mingenbach, Theresa

Mingo, F.

Minnehrath, H. D.

Minor, Hugh

Minor, Nellie

Mintert, Frank Henry

Miriani, H. E.

Mirimonti, Maria

Misch, Henrietta

Misch, M.

Mishell, M.

Mitchel, E.

Mitchel, R.?

Mitchell, ___

Mitchell, ___ice

Mitchell, A.

Mitchell, Add Carmon

Mitchell, Addie

Mitchell, Agnes

Mitchell, Anna

Mitchell, David F.

Mitchell, F.

Mitchell, J.

Mitchell, John M.

Mitchell, Joseph P.

Mitchell, M. Pauline

Mitchell, Mable

Mitchell, Mame

Mitchell, Mary

Mitchell, Minnie

Mitchell, Rachael

Mitchell, Thoda

Mitchell, William

Mitchner, Helen

Mittelberger, Augusta

Mittelberger, baby

Mittendorf, Anna C.

Mitter, John

Mittler, Margaret

Mitulski, Anna

Mizzila, V.

Moberg, Josephine

Mobley, W. S.

Mobley, Wilma B.

Mocera, Ninfa

Mock, J.

Mockler, Catherine

Mockler, Katherine

Moczkowski, K.

Moczydlowski, Boleslaus

Moder, Vincent

Modzinski, Lillian

Moehle, Anna

Moehrle, Anna

Moehrle, Elizabeth

Moeler, Rosa

Moeller, Anna C.

Moeller, George L.

Moeller, John B.

Moeller, John C.

Moeller, Louise

Moeller, Marie Vivian

Moeller, Mary

Moellering, Louis A.

Mohigemuth, _.

Mohlman, Anna

Mohr, Addie

Mohr, Augusta

Mohr, Walter

Moi, Argia

Moise, Randolph

Moletto, Katherine

Molitor, Gertrude

Moll, Adolph E.

Moll, Richard A.

Molla, Josephine

Mollman, J.

Mollmann, Herman J.

Molloy, Catherine

Moloney, Annie

Moloney, James

Moloney, Thomas J.

Molony, Margaret J.

Molyneaux, Margaret

Monaghan, Elizabeth

Monahan, Mayme

Monahan, William

Monanty, E.

Monce, ___

Mondo, ___

Monds, Mary M.

Mongan, Catharine

Monnig, Walter R.

Monroe, Lulu A.

Monroe, Ruth

Monroe, Sarah J.

Monrotus, A. J.

Monse, Bertha

Montgomery, Catherine E.

Montgomery, Elizabeth

Montgomery, J.

Montgomery, J. A.

Montgomery, June Anna

Montine, Cille

Montjoy, Ercie

Montrey, Emma

Moodie, Andrew Irvine

Moody, A. J.

Moody, Catharine Twining

Moody, Edgar H.

Moog, Alice M.

Moon, Anna

Moon, Edward W.

Mooney, Anna Jane

Mooney, Ellen

Mooney, Hugh J.

Mooney, Thomas J.

Moordale, Frank D.

Moore, ___

Moore, ___

Moore, Annie

Moore, C.

Moore, Della

Moore, Emma

Moore, Ernest

Moore, Esther E.

Moore, Eva

Moore, Frank H.

Moore, George

Moore, George

Moore, Gladys Mae

Moore, Helen

Moore, Ida

Moore, J.

Moore, J. C.

Moore, James Le Grand

Moore, John

Moore, John E.

Moore, Kate

Moore, Katie

Moore, Louise

Moore, Lucy

Moore, Magdalena

Moore, Martha

Moore, Martha E.

Moore, Mary Charlotte

Moore, Ollie

Moore, Omar

Moore, Robert

Moore, Sarah

Moore, William

Moore-Read, John O.

Moore-Williams, Mary

Moorhead, William

Mootry, Sarah A.

Morain, Ellen

Moran, Elizabeth

Moran, George W.

Moran, John Sr.

Moran, Mary

Moran, Thomas P.

Morard, Lewis J.

Moravec, Anton

Mordecai, Virginia A.

More, Edna Delafield "Mrs. Cyrus W. More Dies"

Morefield, Benjamin T.

Morehead, Breckenridge

Morehead, Ellen

Moresi, Lena

Morford, H.

Morgan, Alice

Morgan, Ann

Morgan, baby

Morgan, Carrie

Morgan, James

Morgan, Libbie

Morgan, Mary

Morgan, Mattie

Morgan, Sarah

Morgan, Thomas A.

Morgan, W. R.

Morgan, Wilhelmina B.

Morgan, William K.

Moriarty, Edward J.

Moriarty, Nellie

Moritz, Anna Marie

Morley, Annie

Morley, Catherine

Morley, Catherine

Morley, Louis

Morley, Thomas

Morlock, Caroline

Morlock, Madeline

Morrell, John

Morrell, Mary

Morris, Alice

Morris, Bessie

Morris, D.

Morris, Edna

Morris, Julia

Morris, Mabel

Morris, Marge

Morris, Martha E.

Morris, Mary

Morris, Rose

Morris, Thomas

Morrison, Adele Sarpy

Morrison, Annie

Morrison, E.?

Morrison, Elizabeth

Morrison, Ida Caroline

Morrison, Isabelle

Morrison, James A.

Morrison, Julia Ann

Morrison, Thomas J.

Morrison, William W.

Morriss, William H.

Morrissey, Annabelle

Morrissey, Annie

Morrissey, J. R.

Morrissey, John

Morrow, H.

Mortison-Williams, Julia

Mortland, George C.

Morton, Emily Ann

Mosard, I. J.

Mosblech, Bertha

Mosby, Jennie

Moscavich, William

Moscicki, Clara

Mosconi, Louisa V.

Moscowicz, Fanny

Mose, J.

Moseley, G.

Moseley, T.

Mosely, Rosetta

Moser, D. E.

Moser, Milka

Moser, Virginia

Moses, Anthony

Moses, Edward

Mosher, Margaret

Moskop, Lawrence

Mosley, Anna

Mosley, Grace

Moss, Anne

Moss, Elizabeth

Moss, Florence

Moss, Frances

Moss, Lelia P.

Moss, Minnie G.

Moss, Richard

Mossler, Christian W.

Mostert, Charles S.

Mostert, Joseph Jr.

Moten, Laura

Motley, W.

Moto, K.

Moto, K. K.

Moton, Edna

Moton, J.

Mott, Martha E.

Mott, Virginia

Moultin, Justin C.

Mountassi, Basili

Mounts, Elmer C.

Moutray, Ethel

Moyar, F.

Moyers, Preston

Moynihan, Humphrey J.

Mreen, Mary Ann

Mucheson, Elizabeth

Muckermann, (Rev.) Henry J.

Muegge, Henry W.

Muehlbach, J.

Muehling, Marie

Muehling, Mary Gertrude

Muehr, Josephine

Muelch, Eliza

Muelle, Angie

Mueller, Adolph P.

Mueller, Albert E.

Mueller, Andrew

Mueller, Anna

Mueller, Anna C.

Mueller, Bertha A.

Mueller, Bertha L.

Mueller, Charles

Mueller, E.

Mueller, Eliza

Mueller, Emil

Mueller, Franciska

Mueller, Franciska

Mueller, Franziska

Mueller, G. A.

Mueller, G. L.

Mueller, Henrietta

Mueller, Henry

Mueller, Irene

Mueller, J.

Mueller, Jackie Arthur

Mueller, John B.

Mueller, Katherine

Mueller, Lena Lueke

Mueller, Lulu

Mueller, Madonna Ruth

Mueller, Mae

Mueller, Margaret

Mueller, Marie

Mueller, Marie

Mueller, Mary Elizabeth

Mueller, Melba Virginia

Mueller, Myrtle

Mueller, Rose

Mueller, Sophia

Mueller, Valentina A.

Mueller, Walter F.

Mueller, Wilhelmine

Mueller, William

Muellner, Rudolph

Muench, Barbara

Muench, G.

Muench, Helen

Mues, George A.

Mueth, Florence A.

Muich, Anton

Mukish, Joseph C.

Mulcahy, James

Mulcahy, Nellie

Muldrow, ___

Mulhall, Lewis C.

Mull, B.

Mull, Elizabeth F.

Mullanphy, Ella N.

Mullarkey, Patrick J.

Mullen, ___

Mullen, Blanche Genevieve

Mullen, Patrick S.

Mulligan, Annie

Mulligan, Mary

Mullin, Agnes B.

Mulloy, Mary A.

Mulrooney, John J.

Mulvihill, Mary

Mulward, Margaret

Munchrath, Catherine

Munchrath, Hubert

Munchweiler, Rose Auer

Mundt, Wilhelmina Bradenburger

Munger, ___

Munger, William Carter

Munro, Isabella W.

Munsberg, John H.

Munslinger, Katharina

Munson, Fred

Munzebrock, Caroline

Murback, Henry

Murdoch, Joseph Hull

Murdock, George

Murdock, J. H.

Murdock, M__

Murmann, (Judge) Ben

Murnane, John

Murphy, Angeline

Murphy, Anna E.

Murphy, Anna F.

Murphy, Annie

Murphy, Billy

Murphy, Bradford

Murphy, Bridget

Murphy, Charles

Murphy, Charlotte E.

Murphy, Dulcina

Murphy, E.

Murphy, Edward

Murphy, Ellen

Murphy, Ellen Jane

Murphy, F.

Murphy, Ida Cecilia

Murphy, J.

Murphy, James J.

Murphy, Jeremiah J.

Murphy, Jerry W.

Murphy, Laura H.

Murphy, Leora

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Mary E.

Murphy, Mary Jane

Murphy, Minnie

Murphy, Nellie

Murphy, Nellie M.

Murphy, Patrick J.

Murphy, Patrick M.

Murphy, R.

Murphy, Ruth

Murphy, Thomas J.

Murphy, William

Murphy, William G.

Murr, Harry D.

Murran, Edna Chase

Murray, Daniel

Murray, Elizabeth

Murray, Estelle

Murray, James A.

Murray, Janette Veitch

Murray, Joseph H.

Murray, Margaret

Murray, Mary

Murray, Richard E.

Murray, William

Murray, William M.

Murrin, Mary

Murry, Mary

Muse, Nancy Sanders

Musick, Margaret

Musick, Samuel

Mussler, Emma

Mussler, Monica

Mustaine, Annie M.

Mutzu, Pasku

Myer, Elizabeth

Myers, Otto Victor Jr.

Myers, Sarah M.

Myerscough, (Sgt.) Louis A.

Myhre, Julius

Myles, Julia

Mylor, Mary E.

Myslak, J.