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Surnames beginning with A

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Abaecherli, Pauline Anna

Abbey, Adolph

Abbott, Thomas B.

Abbott, Walter

Abel, Bessie G.

Abels, Mary Kroner

Abend, Adolph H.

Abendroth, Adolph

Aber, Adelaide

Abernathy, Carrie

Abernathy, Maude

Abington, Carrie

Abington, Dollie

Ablan, Foutina

Abling, Katherine

Abold, Christina

Abramowitz, Jennie

Abramowitz, Sarah

Acetta, Rosie

Acker, Catherine

Acker, Eleanor

Acker, Katherine

Ackerman, William

Ackert, Grace M.

Ackfield, Henry C.

Ackman, Ella

Adams, (Capt.) L. C.

Adams, _. K.

Adams, __

Adams, Anna

Adams, Bessie

Adams, Charles H.

Adams, Cora Belle

Adams, Emma

Adams, Henry

Adams, Joseph

Adams, Julia

Adams, L. G.

Adams, Mary

Adams, Robert Mc Cormick

Adams, Rose

Adams, T.

Adams, William C.

Addison, T.

Ade, Wilhelmina

Adelman, L.

Adkinson, A.

Adler, Henry P.

Adler, Herman J.

Adler, Jacob Jr.

Adler, Mary Ann

Adlin, I.

Adolph, Christian

Aebel, F.

Aerni, H.

Aeschbacher, Henry

Agel, Joseph

Agnew, Ruth Royal

Agruss, Esther

Ahearn, Julia E.

Ahearn, Margaret

Ahern, Catherine

Ahlemeyer, John H.

Ahlemeyer, Katherine

Ahlers, Caroline

Ahlers, Wilhelmina

Ahlert, Anna

Ahlert, Lizzie

Ahlvers, Mildred

Ahrenhoersterbaeumer, Henry

Ahrens, Wilhelmina F.

Ainslie, Mary Jane

Airaghi, J.

Aker, H.

Akin, Sarah A.

Akins, (Mrs.) James D.

Albatt, John H.

Albers, August H. Jr.

Albers, Lucy

Albert, D. J.

Albertsmeyer, Lizzie

Albes, Philomina

Albott, J.

Albrecht, Anna

Albrecht, Fred W. Jr.

Albrecht, I.

Albrecht, J.

Albrecht, Petrovella

Albrecht, Philippina

Albrecht, Wilhelmina

Albright, E.

Albright, Emily

Albright, Fred A.

Albright, Katie

Alder, Jacob Jr.

Aleo, Rosa

Alete, Josie

Alexander, ___

Alexander, __ia

Alexander, B.

Alexander, Charles A.

Alexander, Isabel

Alexander, Joseph

Alexander, Lloyd C.

Alexander, Mary L.

Alexander, Mary Ruth

Alexander, W. M.

Alexander, William R.

Alford, Addie

Alford, C. G.

Alfred, Mary A.

Alfrey, Jennie

Alias, __ry

Aliterti, Mary

Alkinson, Alice M.

Allan, Philip Harper

Allen, ___

Allen, A.

Allen, Alice

Allen, Beatrice A.

Allen, Carrie Spencer

Allen, Elizabeth Mc Millan Carter

Allen, Ella

Allen, Emma A.

Allen, Everett Price

Allen, J.

Allen, J. M.

Allen, Kate

Allen, Laura C.

Allen, Mary Al__

Allen, Mary J.

Allen, Matilda

Allen, May

Allen, N.

Allen, P. H.

Allen, R.

Allen, William

Allenberg, Stephan L.

Alles, Emma

Allison, Alice Luella

Allison, Floyd R.

Allison, Inez

Allison, James W.

Allison, Trammell

Allred, Mary C.

Allyn, John M.

Almon, Timothy F.

Alms, K.?

Alsperti, __

Alt, Mary M.

Altenbaumer, George W.

Altenbernd, Hanna

Altenhof, Marie

Altenkirch, Dorathea

Althaus, Rosa

Altman, Caecilia

Altrogge, Leo F.

Altvater, C.

Altvater, Frederika

Altvater, Henry

Alwies, Herman

Aly, George

Amann, Kathryn

Ameis, Valentine Henry

Amend, John C.

Ames, A. B.

Ames, Lizzie E.

Ames, Lucy Virginia Semple

Amies, W. H.

Ammann, Anna P.

Ammann, Thekla

Ammel, William

Ammon, Mary

Amonette, Andrew

Ampleman, Philip

Amrhein, Herbert

Amrhein, Louisa

Ams, A. D.

Amsler, Mary

Amsler, William

Ancker, Ella

Andello, F.

Anderson, (Dr.) Rodney William

Anderson, __

Anderson, Agnes

Anderson, Beulah

Anderson, C.

Anderson, Catherine

Anderson, Christ J.

Anderson, Claude

Anderson, Della

Anderson, E.

Anderson, Ernest Louis

Anderson, Frank O.

Anderson, J.

Anderson, J. W.

Anderson, Jennie

Anderson, John Edward

Anderson, L.

Anderson, Lorenzo E.

Anderson, Lucy

Anderson, Maggie

Anderson, Maria

Anderson, Martha

Anderson, Mary Esther

Anderson, Mary S.

Anderson, Millie

Anderson, Queen V.

Anderson, R.

Anderson, Victoria

Anderson, Viola C.

Anderson, Virginia

Anderson, W.

Anderson, W. M.

Anderson, William D.

Anderson, William T.

Andre, Annabel

Andre, Dora

Andre, George H.

Andrea, Ernestine

Andreas, Henry

Andres, Louise

Andres, Pearl

Andrews, Angeline

Andrews, Margaret Lee

Andrews, Mattie

Andrews, T. C.

Andryk, Veronica

Andrzejewski, Veronica

Angerer, George A.

Angermueller, Rosina

Anglin, Catherine A.

Anglin, Michael

Anglum, Margaret

Anielak, Mary Helen

Anschuetz, Fred

Anschuetz, Otto G. F.

Ansell, Annie E.

Antal, Mildred

Anth, Louise M.

Anth, Wilhelmina Dorothy

Anthony, Elizabeth Stella

Anthony, Henry

Anthony, J.

Anthony, J. M.

Anthony, Leola

Antoine, Loraine?

Antonich, A.

Antonich, John

Anton-Roebbelen, Lina

Anton-Withington, Lulu

Antram, James H.

Appel, Arnold

Apple, Elmer

Apple, Nathan

Applehaus, August J.

Appleman, Adeline

Appler, Joseph Ross

Appleton, Clara E.

Appolio, T.

April, Leslie H.

Arbeiter, Mildred A. F.

Arbogast, Frederick Theodore

Arbuckle, Lucy M.

Arcardo, F.

Archambault-Lavin, John J.

Archambeault, Alfred A

Arden, Emma M.

Arendes, Margaret 'Gretchen' 3/22 p

Arens, Margareth

Arensmeyer, Henry

Argent, Alice N.

Argo, Alice R.

Aring, Catherine

Aring, Lawrence

Arkes, Mary

Armbrecht, Emma

Armbruster, Anna

Armbruster, Katharina

Armstrong, (Off., STLPD) William

Armstrong, __setta

Armstrong, Bertha Keller

Armstrong, C.

Armstrong, Eliza

Armstrong, Eliza M.

Armstrong, J.

Armstrong, Rachel D.

Armstrong, Robert J.

Armstrong, William A.

Armstrong-Martin, Bertha

Arner, Sallie

Arnett, Belle

Arnett, Samuel

Arnin, Mary A.

Arnold, Alvea

Arnold, Barbara

Arnold, E. P.

Arnold, Elizabeth

Arnold, Ella

Arnold, Emma

Arnold, Fannie D.

Arnold, Jacob G.

Arnold, James Oliver

Arnold, Juliana

Arnold, Sarah E.

Arnold, William

Arnost, Barbara

Arnshein, H. R.

Aronberg, Herman

Arthur, E.

Aschentrop, Anna Maria

Aschinger, Anton

Asekmeyer, Richard H.

Ash, Rose Mary

Ashbrook, Emma

Ashby, Nancy

Ashe, Johana

Asheley, ___

Ashinger, A.

Ashley, John E. Jr.

Ashman, J.

Askemeyer, Richard H.

Askerman, W.

Astroth, John C.

Atchison, D. A.

Atherton, D. B.

Atkins, Melvina L.

Atkins, William B.

Atkinson, Alice M.

Atterbury, Virginia Lee

Atwater, H.

Atwell, George T.

Auberlin, R. F.

Aubert, C. F.

Aubuchon, ___

Aubuchon, Alice

Aubuchon, George W.

Aubuchon, Gertrude

Aubuchon, Gut D.

Aubuchon, Mary Ann

Aubuchon, Mary Louise

Aubuchon, Milton

Aubuchon, Ruth

Aubuchon, Thomas

Aubuchon, Virginia

Auer, Louise M.

Auer, Rose

Auffenberg, Kate

Aufin, O.

Augsburger, Henry N.

Augst, Ellen

Augusta, Anna

Augustine, Mary A.

Aulbert, Charles F.

Ausmeyer, George

Austermann, John C.

Austgen, Mary

Austin, C.

Austin, Daniel

Austin, Minnie

Austin, Susie A.

Austin, T. O.

Auston, May

Autenrieth, Katherine

Avery, Flora E.

Ayers, John T.

Ayers, Loraine

Ayers, Olive T.

Ayers, William Henry

Aylward, (Det.) James P.

Aylward, Ellen

Aylward, Mary

Azar, Baby

Azar, J.