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Surnames beginning with O

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Oakley, Charles A.

Oakley, John W.

Oberbeck, Lillian E.

Oberbeck, Otto F.

Oberbeck, Ruth M.

Oberhaus, Henry C.

Oberkraemer, Louise

Obermark, Catherine

Obermark, Elizabeth

Obermark, Mary E.

Obermeier, Catherine F.

Obermeyer, Katherine

Obermeyer, Samuel

Obermier, Nettie

Oberschelp, Alvina

Obert, William

O'Brien, Arthur J.

O'Brien, Catherine

O'Brien, Charles F.

O'Brien, Clara

O'Brien, D. J.

O'Brien, E. Jr.

O'Brien, Ellen

O'Brien, Ellen

O'Brien, F. P.

O'Brien, John Leo

O'Brien, Julia Cronin

O'Brien, M.

O'Brien, Margaret

O'Brien, Mary Margaret

O'Brien, Patrick

O'Brien, Sallie Sanders

O'Brien, Sarah Dana Tupper

O'Brien, T.

O'Brien, William P.

Obrist, John A.

Obst, Elizabeth

Ochsner, Alma

Ockerson, (Col.) John A.

O'Connell, Dennis

O'Connell, Ellen

O'Connell, Katherine

O'Connell-Jacoby, Margaret

O'Connor, Agnes M.

O'Connor, Annie Walton

O'Connor, C.

O'Connor, Ella B.

O'Connor, James

O'Connor, Maggie J.

O'Connor, Margaret

O'Connor, Mary

O'Connor, Michael

O'Day, Edward

O'Day, J.

O'Day, William J.

Odee, Frank

Odekoven, F.? O.

Odie, L. L.

Odlum, Anna M.

O'Donnel, Margaret

O'Donnell, Johanna

O'Donnell, Patrick

O'Dowd, Mary

Oebels, Henry W.

Oechsner, Minnie

Oedekoven, F. Otto

Oehler, Bertha M.

Oehler, Francesca

Oehler, Josephine

Oelger, Laura

Oellerman, Sophie

Oellermann, Louise

Oertle, Jennie A.

Oertli, Fred J.

Oesterle, George E.

Oesterlei, Norine

Oeters, Otto P.

Oetting, C.

O'Fallon, Elizabeth M.

Offermann, Julius

Offermann, Mary

Ogden, Hattie E.

Ogden, W.

Ogle, Bessie F.

Ogle, Ida

Ogle, Lottie

Ogle, Ulysis Harold

O'Halloran, William

O'Hanlon, Catherine Daily

O'Hanlon, E.

O'Hanlon, Katherine

O'Hara, Peter

O'Hearn, Bernard

O'Hearn, Edith

O'Hearn, Leo Carl

O'Hearn, M.

O'Hearn, Margaret

Ohlhausen, Martha

Ohmer, Edward F.

O'Keefe, C.

O'Keefe, James Neal

O'Keeffe, Mary Jane

O'Kief, Laurence

Olda__l, Josephine

O'Leary, Kate

O'Leary, Margaret

O'Leary, Martin

Oleson, Esper

Olewine, William M.

Olian, Jacob B.

Olie, J.

Olive, Mary

Oliver, Jeanette

Oliver, Maud M.

Oliver, Maude B.

Olle, Martin

Oller, Ella

Olliges, B.

Olliges, Christina Emma

Olms, Margaret

Olsen, Barbara

Olsen, Charles T. "Sunday School Head Dies"

Olsen, Christian

Olsen, Gertrude

Olsen, Louise

Olsen, Robert

Olson, Ernest

Olstein, Frank

Olsten, Estella

Olszewski, William

Olzen, Peter

O'Malley, ___

O'Malley, George T. "Funeral Here Tomorrow..."

O'Malley, Hester G.

O'Mara, George

O'Mara, Phoebe

Omersu, Helena

O'Neal, Charles W.

O'Neal, J.

O'Neal, J. C.

O'Neal, Lottie

O'Neil, J.

O'Neil, Mary

O'Neil, R.

O'Neill, John

O'Neill, John J.

O'Neill, Magdaline C.

O'Neill, Margaret

O'Neill, Richard

O'Neill, Rose M.

O'Nell, Joseph R.

Opel, Anna M.

Opel, Elizabeth

Opel, Mamie A.

Oppermann, Barbara Beyer

Opsal-Staley, Laura

Orcutt, Anne Rose

Ordwein, Conrad C.

O'Reilly, Denis

O'Reilly, James "Man, at Work in Garden..."

O'Reilly, Thomas

Orenstein, H. S.

Organ, Nettie M.

Oribe, Alphonso M.

Orlemann, Harold Edward "Funeral of Brothers Sunday"

Orlemann, John J.

Orlemann, Thomas Jefferson "Funeral of Brothers Sunday"

O'Rourke, V. D.

Orr, W. F.

Orrack, David

Orthwein, Charles C.

Ortigies, Johanne

Ortolf, Frank J.

Orzel, Sophia

Osborn, Frances M.

Osborn, George A.

Osborne, Delbert A.

Osborne, G.

Osborne, Sarah T.

Osburg, Pauline

O'Shea, Margaret Mary

Osher, H.

Osiek, Lorraine

Osmack, Tony

Osmer, Missouri B.

Ost, Barbara

Ost, Barbara

Ostendorf, Nancy Ann

Oster, William L.

Osterlei, Nonnie

Ostermann, Henry

Ostmann, Clemens Jr.

Ostranger, Alfred J.

O'Sullivan, (infant daughter of Cyril & Catherine)

Oswald, August Marvin

Oswald, John

Oswald, Minnie Zorn

Otermeyer, Katherine

Otey, J.

O'Toole, Eliza

O'Toole, Franciscus

O'Toole, Joseph

O'Toole, Patrick

Ott, Helen

Ott, Hulda

Ott, Mary Theresa

Otte, Catherine

Otte, Cecelia

Otten, Rose A.

Otten, William G.

Otterbridge, W.

Ottermann, Barbara Beyer

Ottiger, Bertha Josephine

Otting, Charles

Ottmann, Magdalena

Ottmann, Rose

Otto, George W.

Otto, Jackson S.

Otto, Louisa

Otto, Mary E.

Oughton, Harry E.

Ouilies, B.

Outman, Little

Overall, Mary Rollins

Overbeck, Robert Morrison

Overberg, Kate

Overholt, S. H.

Overstreet, Amanda M.

Overton, W. M.

Overture, Elizabeth S.

Overturf, Florence

Overy, Gus

Owen, Billy G. W.

Owen, Eleanor

Owen, Emily

Owen, J. W.

Owens, Addie

Owens, Allen Lamar Jr.

Owens, B.

Owens, B. T.

Owens, G.

Owens, J. P.

Owens, L. U.

Owens, Lucious

Owens, Thelma

Ownby, George

Ownsby, G. L.

Oxenhandler, Harry

Oyler, Alice S.

Ozark, Melvin