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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Bar, Hattie Lewright

O’Boyle, Rose

O’Brien, Amelia

O’Brien, C.

O’Brien, Charles W.

O’Brien, Ellen

O’Brien, Ellen

O’Brien, Joseph P.

O’Brien, Margaret

O’Brien, Marguerite

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary Brosnahan

O’Brien, Mary E.

O’Brien, William M.

O’Brine, Catherine

O’Connell, Catherine C.

O’Connell, Christine

O’Connell, Cornelius J.

O’Connell, Elizabeth

O’Connell, J.

O’Connell, Leonard George Jr.

O’Connor, Delia

O’Connor, Ellen

O’Connor, Ida

O’Connor, J. W.

O’Connor, James E.

O’Connor, James J.

O’Connor, Lilly

O’Connor, Morgan

O’Connor, Thomas

O’Dell, Frederick

O’Dell, Nora G.

O’Donnell, Bridget

O’Donnell, Ellen

O’Donnell, J.

O’Donnell, James

O’Donnell, Kate

O’Donnell, Margaret

O’Fallon, Mary Carter

O’Hanlon, Anna

O’Hara, Bridget

O’Hara, Lavira H.

O’Hare, Bridget

O’Hare, Mamie

O’Hearn, Ellen

O’Hearn, Margaret

O’Keefe, (Col.) John

O’Keefe, Annie

O’Keefe, Bridget

O’Keefe, Lawrence J.

O’Leary, E. G.

O’Leary, Julia

O’Leary, William

O’Lery, Nellie

O’Loughlin, Joanna King

O’Malley, John

O’Malley, Katherine

O’Malley, Margaret A.

O’Malley-Mandeville, Anna Cecelia

O’Mara, Ellen

O’Mara, J.

O’Neal, John C.

O’Neil, Adria-Howard

O’Neil, Edward P.

O’Neil, Felix

O’Neil, J.

O’Neil, Lillian A.

O’Neil, Mary

O’Neill, Elizabeth

O’Neill, Rose

O’Reilly, (Dr.) Robert J.

O’Reilly, Elizabeth

O’Reilly, Mary E.

O’Reilly-Dalton, Theresa

O’Rourke, Denni

O’Rourke, J.

O’Shea, Ellen

O’Shea, Mary

O’Toole, J.

O’Toole, James

O’Toole, Lillie

Oakes, Charles

Oakes, Marie Anna

Oates, Thomas E.

Oats, Sam

Ober, Benjamin

Oberbeck, Ernest

Oberhaus, Celia

Oberle, Bertha

Obermark, Fred

Obermark, May

Obermoeller, Anna Butler

Obermoeller, Theresa

Obrecht, Katherine

Ochs, Katherina

Ochsenknecht, J.

Ocks, Carl

Odegaard, Florence

Odlum, William

Oeebles, William

Oesterlei, Mattie Fay

Oetgen, Bertha Templeton

Oetgen, Birdie

Oetter, Catherine

Oetting, Emma A.

Offer, Edward F.

Offer, Henry B. Jr.

Ogden, Celeste

Oge, George

Ogle, Josephine

Ohnneis, Emma

Ohroubka, Mary T.

Olavarria, M.

Oldani, Anthony

Oldani, Antonia

Oldani, Josephine

Oldani, Louis

Oldenburg, Frederick

Oldendorph, Katherine

Oldendorph, Magdalene

Oldfield, Charles

Olges, Anna G.

Olinger, Catherine

Oliver, C. A.

Oliver, Maggie J.

Oliver, William H.

Olliges, Gerhard J.

Olsen, Edward A.

Olsen, Knud

Olsen, Mary Ann

Olson, Carl A.

Olson, Mary A.

Omohundro, Martha Ellen

Oneal, Bess

Oppelland, Edward

Oppenheimer, Gustav

Oppermann, A.

Ora, Louise

Orff, Martha E.

Orlamander, Charles F. “Boy, 14, Hit by Pitched Ball…”

Orlando, G.

Orlik, Margaret

Ormerod, Raleigh Clair

Orr, Edward S.

Orr, Elma J.

Orr, Mary Caldwell

Orth, Ida L.

Orthwein, Marguerite de Buys

Orzel, Peter Jr.

Osbirne, Gertrude

Osborne, Elizabeth

Osborne, Lillian

Osborne, Richard

Osesley, J.

Osmack, Peter

Ossenbeck, Henry F.

Ossendorf, Joseph

Osskerorsky, G.

Ossman, Vess L.

Oster, Katie

Oster, Louisa

Osterhouse, Mary Ann

Osterkamp, Augusta

Osterloh, Ada

Osterman, Herman W.

Ostermann, John

Osternol, J.

Ostertag, Henry C.

Osthoff, Johanna

Ostmann, Caroline Hummelson Widord

Ostrander, Nellie

Oswald, George R.

Oszol, S.

Othmer, Dora

Ott, Carolina

Ott, Ida

Ott, Mary

Otte, Louisa

Otten, Caroline

Otten, Catherine

Otten, H. A. William

Ottensmeyer, William H.

Otting, Elizabeth

Otting, Elizabeth

Otto, Charles J.

Otto, Helena

Otto, Mary A.

Otto, Oscar

Otto, Ruth

Ousateri, Michael

Outlat, Besseline

Outlaw, Fannie

Overpeck, John C.

Overschmidt, Joseph

Overtor, Virgie

Ovin, Frida Laura

Owen, (Capt.) M. Preston

Owen, Arthur Herman

Owen, Charles R.

Owen, Frank B.

Owen, Hannah Ward

Owen, J. H.

Owen, Virginia E.

Owens, J.

Owens, M.

Owens, Sarah A

Owens, William E.

Owsley, James W.