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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabel, Sarah

Cabelhardt, A.

Cable, Ben Taylor

Cable, Jennie

Cadwell, William Ralph

Cady, Delia

Cady, John J.

Caethon, Omenia

Caffery, Ann

Caffery, Margaret

Caffey, Irene

Cahalin, Mary A.

Cahill, Katherine

Cahill, Mary

Cahlman, M.

Cain, Charles E.

Cain, Patrick J.

Calaway, _my

Calaway, Susan

Caldwall, Emma

Caldwell, Benjamin Grant

Caldwell, J. M.

Caldwell, Mary

Caldwell, William H.

Callahan, Catherine

Callahan, Johanna

Callahan, John J.

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, R.

Callanan, James P. Jr.

Callanan, Michael

Callier, Hattie M.

Callihan, Ann

Calloway, Clarence A.

Calloway, Emmett

Calvert, J. B.

Calvey, Jane

Calvin, Mary B.

Cambo, Justo

Cameron, Alexander E.

Cameron, Mary

Camien, Wilhelmina C.

Camp, Harry A.

Camp, Lillian

Campbell, Allie

Campbell, Birdie

Campbell, C. A.

Campbell, Elizabeth

Campbell, Eva

Campbell, F.

Campbell, Frances Kercheval

Campbell, Harry

Campbell, J.

Campbell, Laura

Campbell, Malissa

Campbell, Marie

Campbell, Melvin

Campbell, Orlean

Campbell, R.

Campbell-Colonder, Sophia

Campell, William B.

Camps, Providence

Campton, Katherine

Candle, W. R.

Cannon, Agnes E.

Cannon, Henry J.

Canole, Robert Lee

Cantanzara, Theresa

Cantwell, Patrick

Canty, Dennis J.

Canty, Elizabeth D.

Capell, Harry Mortimer

Capello, S.

Capone, Loranizo

Capra, David

Cardwell, Bridget R.

Carey, Ann

Carey, Edward

Carey, Genevieve

Carey, W. S.

Carleton, Allie Beckham

Carley, Caroline

Carlin, Emily

Carlisle, Annie

Carlisle, Emily P.

Carlisle, Emma

Carlisle, Mary Larimore

Carman, L.

Carmody, Bridget

Carnahan, John M.

Carney, Julia

Carolan, Ann T.

Carothers, Mildred L.

Carpanini, Tony

Carpenter, Caroline

Carpenter, Charles Elsworth

Carpenter, Delia Ayres

Carpenter, Horace R.

Carpenter, Joseph

Carpenter, Kenneth Greeley

Carpenter, Malvern

Carpenter, T.

Carr, A. A.

Carr, Bartholomew J.

Carr, C.

Carr, G. W.

Carr, John

Carr, Lafayette

Carr, R. C.

Carrick, J.

Carrie, W.

Carriere, Lina J.

Carrington, Fanner J.

Carrington, P.

Carroll, (STLPD, Detective) William C. “Funeral for Slain Detective”

Carroll, Anna

Carroll, Birdie M.

Carroll, Catherine

Carroll, James Vernon

Carroll, Mary Ann Bruckner

Carroll, Maud

Carroll, William

Carroll, Winifred

Carrow, Estelle

Carrow, George J.

Carry, Jennie

Carson, Emma

Carson, Florence

Carson, M.

Carson, Walter S.

Cartbon, Florine

Carten, Margaret Theresa

Carter, Asurilla

Carter, Austin

Carter, Bertram U.

Carter, C. F.

Carter, Etta

Carter, Julia

Carter, Louise

Carter, Mary

Carter, Mary Frances

Carter, N.

Carter, O.

Carter, R.

Carter, R. C.

Carter, S.

Carter, Vivilea

Cartner, C. A.

Carton, Margaret T.

Cartright, Eliza

Casby, Catherine

Casey, Charles J. M.

Casey, F. H.

Casey, John

Casey, John W.

Casey, Mellon Isabel

Casey, W.

Cash, M.

Cashion, Annie M.

Casper, Lena

Casserly, Nellie A.

Cassery, Ann Marie

Cassidy, F.

Cassidy, James F.

Cassidy, Madge

Cassidy, Mary Agnes

Cassin, Mary Agnes

Castellamo, C.

Castelle, Glovania

Casterline, Cornelia

Castile, James Russell

Castle, Mary L.

Castor, Rose

Catalanatto, C.

Catalona, Jennie

Catananzaro, L.

Catanzaro, Theresa

Cathrell, Bell

Catlin, Louise

Catterlin, Carrie

Caudle, (STLPD, Sgt.) William R.

Cauley, Bridget

Cavanaugh, Elizabeth M.

Cavanaugh, Thomas P.

Cave, (Rev.) Robert C.

Cech, Michael

Cecil, Anna

Ceepa, Tony

Cements, Joseph

Centella, Frank Stanley

Cessna, Catherine E.

Chaber, Malina

Chaber, Marcella

Chaffer, Dorothy L.

Chaffer, James Sr.

Chaffers, S.

Chamberlain, Grace V.

Chamberlain, J.

Chamberlain, Lydia

Chamberlain, William Hempstead

Chambers, A.

Chambers, Maggie L.

Chambers, Mattie

Chambers, William L.

Chamblin, Anna Belle

Champain, Polly A.

Chandler, Dave

Chaney, I.

Chanslor, Nina

Chapin, Catherine L.

Chaplin, __ett F.

Chapline, (Mrs. R. C.)

Chapman, Adele

Chapman, Benjamin G. Sr.

Chapman, Harriett A.

Chapman, N.

Chapman, Theresa

Chapman, William T.

Chappell, C. L.

Charbulak, Laura

Charbulak, Mary

Charles, J.

Charlomean, Hattie

Charlston, Rosa

Charlton, Daisy E.

Charters, Herbert

Chartrand, Adolph

Chase, Elizabeth

Chase, Monimia Fairfax

Chastain, C.

Chatlofsky, Josephine

Chatman, Mattie

Cheatham, C. W.

Cheatham, L.

Cheatham, Muad L.

Cheenry, J. R.

Chenery, Charles Rice

Cheney, Alice

Cheney, Oscar

Chenot, Emma Marie

Chenoweth, Mazee

Cherry, H.

Cherry, M.

Cheshier, F. G.

Chesney, Anna

Chestnut, J. W.

Chetham, Charles F.

Cheuqer, Annie Bell

Chew, Anna

Cheyne, Evelyn

Childers, Margaret

Childers, T. A.

Childs, Annie

Chiles, (Dr.) John S.

Chinn, W. B.

Chisholm, Eustace William

Chmelir, Josephine

Chobanor, C. G.

Chrissinger, Isaac M.

Christen, Nicholas Anton

Christian, John Philip

Christian, Robert Emmett

Christinger, Agnes

Christman, Agnes

Christmann, Sophia

Christmann, William C.

Christmas, Charles N.

Christoffel, Margaret Alba

Christopher, W. C.

Chuchain, S.

Church, J.

Church, J. W.

Church, James A.

Churchill, Francis

Churn, Mattie

Cicavoli, Grace

Cierkes, Katherine

Cieslinski, H.

Cikota, Rose

Cincent, Rose Anna

Cippolla, Raymond

Citacki, Wanda

Citon, Henry

Clabby, Jennie

Clabby, Mary L.

Claes, Amanda

Clairmont, Marie L.

Clancy, Dan

Clancy, Mary A.

Clancy, Mary A.

Clarenbach, Hedwig

Clark, D.

Clark, Eliza

Clark, Elizabeth Evens

Clark, Elizabeth M.

Clark, Ella

Clark, Emma C.

Clark, Emory O.

Clark, Gertrude

Clark, H.

Clark, John

Clark, Mary

Clark, Paul Fulton

Clark, R. J.

Clark, Robert D. C.

Clark, W.

Clarke, Arthur W.

Clarkson, E.

Clarry, Martha

Clause, H.

Clausen, James

Clay, Stella J.

Claybourne, (Rev.) John H.

Clayburn, (Rev.) K. H.

Clayburn, H. V.

Clayton, Almira E.

Clayton, Edward H.

Clayton, Lucille

Clayton, Mary Morrison

Cleary, Anna

Cleary, Clara

Cleary, Julia A. Thornhill

Cleary, Margaret

Cleary, Mary

Clem, L.

Clemen, Christine

Clemens, Elenor

Clemens, Louise

Clement, Estella

Clements, Bertha

Clements, Joseph D.

Clemma, Louisa

Clemons, Clara

Clendening, R.

Cleveland, Sarah Louise

Clevenger, E.

Click, Ethel

Cliff, D.

Clifford, Joseph M.

Clifton, Adele

Clifton, Gilmer

Clifton, William H.

Clinton, Mary A.

Clinton, Rosetta

Clippard, Kate C.

Cljota, Rose

Closs, Charles H.

Cluskey, Elizabeth

Coad, Ada

Coan, John

Coates, Elizabeth

Coats, Charles W.

Cobb, Geneva

Cobb, Lucille

Cobbs, Frank R.

Cobbs, Leona B.

Cobine, Margaret

Cobine, Susan M.

Coburn, Melissa

Cochran, J.

Cochran, Maude M. Remme

Cochran, William A.

Cochrane, John

Cockley, R. B.

Cockrell, Luck

Cody, Mary Hanly

Cody, T.

Coe, Josephine C.

Coe, Violet

Cofer, James Louis

Coff, Joseph J.

Coffey, W. C.

Coffey, William F.

Cogan, Adeline

Cogan, Catherine

Cogan, Lucille Katherine Hodges

Cogan, Mary Teresa

Cohen, Ben

Cohen, Sarah R.

Cohen, Sidney

Cohlman, Max

Cohn, Blanch

Coile, (Rev.) Samuel A.

Coin, M.

Cokenbach, G.

Coker, Jessie

Colander, Christ

Colbeck, Dorothy Agnes

Colbert, Mollie

Cole, __

Cole, Anna

Cole, Claud

Cole, Lizette

Cole, Mary

Cole, R.

Coleman, Charles H.

Coleman, G.

Coleman, H.

Coleman, Mary Alice

Coleman, R.

Coleman, Rosie

Coleman, W.

Colestack, H.

Coley, J.

Coll, John

Coll, Roxie

Collado, G.

Collet, Eugene H.

Collico, Ninzincenna

Collics, Mary

Collier, E.

Collier, M. M.

Collier, Mary

Collier, R.

Colliflower, William Arthur Jr.

Colligan, Margaret V.

Collins, A.

Collins, A. W. Jr.

Collins, Bridget

Collins, Cadi J.

Collins, Catherine L.

Collins, Clara Shewell

Collins, Dan J.

Collins, Elizabeth

Collins, Margaret L.

Collins, Mary

Collins, Mary A.

Collins, Mary Frances

Collins, Owen Burrell

Collins, Robert Eli

Collins, Thomas

Collins, William A.

Collins, Winifred

Collis, Grace D.

Coloma, W. J.

Colombo, John

Colonder, Sophia

Colonna, Julia

Colter, J.

Colvin, Robert

Colwell, Howard G.

Combs, Katherine

Combs, L. C.

Combs, L. M.

Combs, William Cecil

Comer, Jams L.

Comer, Patrick H.

Comforti, Vincenso

Commer, P. M.

Commons, Annie

Complin, Isaac

Compton, Palmer Cleveland

Comstock, Ella

Comyns, J.

Comyns-Rogers, James H.

Conaty, Alice

Conaway, Esther J.

Condon, (Dr.) Eva G.

Condon, Elenore

Condon, Mary E.

Condry, Mary E.

Cone, Lizzie

Conella, Katherine

Conklin, Elizabeth

Conklin, Mary A.

Conley, J.

Conley, John P.

Conley, John W.

Conley, Rose

Conley, Sarah

Conlisk, I.

Conlisk, Joseph Francis Jr.

Conn, Myrtle A.

Connell-Mc Guigan, Catherine Margaret

Conner, James

Conner, Mattie

Conners, Amelia

Conners, John F.

Conners, Margaret

Connite, B.

Connolly, Mary A.

Connor, J.

Connor, M.

Connor, R.

Connors, Bridget

Connors, John

Connors, Kate

Connors, Mary

Conoughy, Edward T.

Conrad, Bertha

Conrad, Francisca

Conrad, Frederick L.

Conrad, Kattie

Conrad, Mary A.

Consedine, Ann T.

Constantine, Theodore

Conway, Frank

Conway, Hattie

Conway, Julia

Conway, Maria

Conway, Mary

Conway, Susie

Conwell, Mary

Coogan, Mary B.

Cook, Carrie

Cook, Charles Jr.

Cook, Christena F.

Cook, Emma

Cook, Gussie

Cook, H.

Cook, James D.

Cook, Jennie

Cook, Joseph N.

Cook, Katherine Z.

Cook, Louise

Cook, Mary

Cook, Mary Ann

Cook, Nellie

Cook, Ora

Cook, R. H.

Cook, Rosa L.

Cook, Stella

Cook, William Koch

Cooke, Eliza Von Phul

Cooke, James B.

Cooke, William M.

Cool, D.? E.

Cooley, R.

Cooley, Rose

Coomber, Jessie

Coombs, W. C.

Coon, Sarah

Cooney, Ann

Cooney, Elizabeth Gaubatz

Cooney, Matthew

Coons, Elizabeth

Cooper, Charlotte

Cooper, D.

Cooper, E.

Cooper, F.

Cooper, G.

Cooper, H.

Cooper, Ike

Cooper, Margaret E.

Cooper, Nellie A.

Coorssen, Rose M.

Coosotte, Maddo

Copeland, A.

Copeland, Wenda D.

Coppello, Philipo

Coppock, Mary

Coran, Lucille K.

Corbet, Edward Annan

Corbett, John

Corcoran, Bridget

Cordell, Frank N.

Cordes, Elizabeth

Cordes, L.

Cordula, (Sister) M.

Corell, Margaretha

Corey, Rose A.

Corgan, Virginia

Corlay, Caroline

Corman, Jacob

Cornet, Oscar F.

Cornwall, F. R.

Corprew, Joseph S.

Corrigan, William F.

Corse, Josephine

Cortland, Dora

Cortner, Christ A.

Corvault, B. M.

Cosgrove, Bridget

Cosmers, F.

Cossor, Annie E.

Costa, Santa

Costello, Annie C.

Costello, Catherine

Costello, Jennie

Costello, Katherine E.

Costello, Patrick J.

Costello, R.

Cotch, Mary

Cotner, C.

Cotter, Mary

Cotter, Mary S.

Cottingham, John William

Cotton, L.

Cottrell, Harry

Cottrill, Elizabeth Graham

Cotty, Elizabeth

Coudy, Mary C.

Coughlin, E.

Coughlin, Margaret

Coughtry, Anna

Couillard, Robert Edward

Coullard, R. E.

Couloy, Ulysses A.

Council, Eugene

Council, Ida

Counts, O.

Courtial, Elise

Courtney, Alice

Courtney, Matthew Sr.

Cousedine, Ann T.

Covington, Able

Covington, J.

Covington, Marion

Cowan, J. D.

Cowan, J. N. Jr.

Cowan, James R.

Cowel, John

Cowhey, Edward Marion

Cowl, H. W.

Cowse_t, Ester

Cox, Albert J.

Cox, Alma

Cox, Arleta

Cox, Catherine

Cox, Emma

Cox, Gurley Newston

Cox, J. C.

Cox, Ollie

Cox, R.

Cox, Zella

Coyle, Katie

Coyle, William

Coyne, J.

Cozzens, Delia

Crabb, Minnie

Craden, G.

Craden, Leo

Cradock, Mary A.

Craemer, Ernest A.

Craemer, William

Craft, Maude Josephine

Crahan-Burke, Christopher J.

Craig, Caroline

Craig, Janie

Craig, L.

Craig, Nicholas

Craig, R.

Craigo, Rosa

Crain, C.

Crain, William

Cramer, Emma R.

Cramer, Henry D.

Crandall, Annita Knopfil

Crane, Harry N.

Crangel, Kate

Cravin, Thomas

Crawford, Allen

Crawford, Celia

Crawford, Jane Cameron

Crawford, Joseph

Crawford, Leslie

Crawford, Maria

Crayson, E?

Creamer, Lena K.

Crean, Michael J.

Creasy, L. V.

Crecelius, Theodore E.

Creech, Elisha M.

Creech, Susan

Creed, Bethel

Creel, Ellen Francis

Creel, Robert T. Jr.

Creely, Emphrizine

Creely, Margaret

Creley, E. C.

Cremer, Ernest A.

Crenshaw, R.

Crews, E.

Crews, Elois

Crews, Mary E.

Crider, Ethel

Crider, Lucille

Crisan, J.

Crisser, G. O.

Crissy, Ellen Frances

Crissy, Sarah

Critchfield, Samuel A.

Cromley, Frank H.

Crommie, Andrew Jackson

Cronin, Daniel J.

Cronin, Della

Cronin, Eugene

Cronin, Margaret

Cronin, Margaret

Cronin, Mary Ellen

Crook-Meinert, Millie

Crosby, F.

Cross, Mae Lu

Cross, Maria M.

Crossen, J. L.

Crossley, Elida

Crosson, Jerry J.

Crosson, William F.

Crotty, Anna M.

Crouch, Martha Ann

Crouch, Nellie Simms

Crow, Charles E.

Crow, Don Bernard

Crow, Mary J.

Crowder, Catherine Alexander

Crowder, Jesse O.

Crowder, Queenie King

Crowder, Susan

Crowdis, Catherine

Crowe, Catherine

Crowe, Margaret

Crowe, Mary

Crowe, William J. B. ‘Lucky Bill’

Crowell, Arthur Fred

Crowley, Daniel S.

Crowley, John P.

Crowson, Eunice

Cruise, Bridget V.

Crum, W.

Crumes, J. E.

Crump, Alberta

Crump, Catherine

Crump, Estelle Elizabeth

Crump, Howard

Crump, Renna

Crutsinger, Julia A.

Cruzan, Onaz A.

Cudd, Margaret

Cuddihee, Sarah

Cuddington, William Edward

Cuddy, John

Cudmore, John

Culberson, Sylvia I.

Culbertson, Mary B.

Cullen, Anna

Cullen, Clara

Cullinane, Thomas

Culver, Lulu

Cummings, E.

Cummings, Katie

Cummings, M.

Cummings, Mary

Cummings, W.

Cummins, (Sgt.) Matthew

Cummins, Catherine

Cummins, Mary Rose

Cummins, Timothy

Cummiskey, Blanche A.

Cundiff, Henry

Cunliff, Charles M.

Cunliff, Isabelle

Cunlinn, Isabelle

Cunningham, Anna Marie

Cunningham, Bettie

Cunningham, Edward J.

Cunningham, Ivory

Cunningham, Julia A.

Cupples, Amelia

Curd, Lydia

Curlee, Roy W.

Curley, Franke X.

Curley, John

Curley, Margaret

Curran, Bridget

Curran, George

Curran, Joseph

Curran, Margaret Barrett

Curran, Mary

Currie, David M.

Curry, E.

Curry, Eleanor Marie

Curry, James

Curry, S.

Curtin, Margaret A.

Curtis, (Dr.) Arthur N.

Curtis, Ann V.

Curtis, C.

Curtis, E.

Curtis, Ethel M.

Curtis, J.

Curtis, Melba

Curtis, Rosa V.

Cusack, Mary C.

Cussen, James S.

Cutsinger, Elizabeth

Cuttle, J.

Czecholiski, J.