Surnames beginning with O

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O’Brien, (Rev.) James J.

O’Brien, Clara D.

O’Brien, Dennis

O’Brien, Frieda

O’Brien, J.

O’Brien, John

O’Brien, John D.

O’Brien, John H.

O’Brien, John J.

O’Brien, Julia

O’Brien, M.

O’Brien, Margaret

O’Brien, Margaret G.

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary E.

O’Brien, Michael

O’Brien, Patrick J.

O’Brien, R.

O’Brien, Rose Carlin

O’Brien, Sarah

O’Brien, Timothy

O’Brien, William

O’Brien, Winifred

O’Brien-D’Cruttenden, Clara Catherine

O’Brien-D’Cruttenden, Clara Dorothy

O’Connell, Anna

O’Connell, Anna T.

O’Connell, Edna

O’Connell, Helen J.

O’Connell, Margaret

O’Connell, Mary

O’Connell, Mary A.

O’Connell, Michael J.

O’Connell, Nora

O’Connell, Patrick

O’Connell, Peter S.

O’Connell-Gibbons, Margaret

O’Connell-Royce, Adelia

O’Connell-Wolfram, Edna A.

O’Conner, Elizabeth

O’Connor, (STLPD) Michael

O’Connor, Charles Francis

O’Connor, David

O’Connor, James P.

O’Connor, Joseph Francis

O’Connor, Kate

O’Connor, M.

O’Connor, Margaret

O’Connor, Margaret Helen

O’Connor, Mary

O’Connor, Mary

O’Connor, Patrick V.

O’Connor, Sarah

O’Connor, Thomas P.

O’Donnell, Anthony M.

O’Donnell, J.

O’Donnell, Johanna

O’Donnell, Katherine

O’Donnell, Mary

O’Dowd, John

O’Fallon, Daniel

O’Fallon, John Julius

O’Fallon, Mary

O’Fallon, Violet Edith

O’Grady, Joseph

O’Hanlon, Margaret

O’Hanlon, Rose

O’Hara, Bridget

O’Hare, Anthony

O’Hare, Patrick J.

O’Hearn, John F.

O’Keefe, Daniel J.

O’Keefe, Jeremiah

O’Keefe, Julia

O’Keefe, William

O’Laughlin, Mary

O’Leary, (Sister) Mary Josephine

O’Leary, Anna C.

O’Leary, Dennis

O’Leary, Patrick J.

O’Loughlin, Joseph

O’Loughlin, Mary

O’Malley, James

O’Malley, Mary

O’Mara, Bryan

O’Mara, Mary Ann

O’Meara, W. J.

O’Neal, Annie

O’Neil, Bridget

O’Neil, C.

O’Neil, Delia

O’Neil, Frank R.

O’Neil, Hettie J.

O’Neil, Joseph P.

O’Neil, Kate C.

O’Neil, Lizzie

O’Neil, Margaret E.

O’Neil, Mary

O’Neil, Sarah

O’Neil, Susan

O’Neil, Walter P.

O’Neill, (Pvt.) Lawrence

O’Neill, Helen Dorothy

O’Neill, Margaret

O’Neill, Mary

O’Niel, Daniel

O’Regan, Mary V.

O’Reilly, (Rev.) J. J.

O’Reilly, James

O’Rielly, Peter

O’Rourke, Bridget

O’Rourke, Nellie

O’Shaughnessy, John

O’Shaughnessy, M.

O’Shea, Josephine

O’Shea, Vincent J.

O’Sullivan, Elenora M.

O’Toole, Adelia M.

O’Toole, Mary A.

Obenauer, Mary

Obenhaus, Dora

Oberbeck, Lena

Oberbeck, W.

Obergasel, Elizabeth

Oberhaus, Mary Gertrude

Oberhelman, Elmira M.

Oberholzer, Joseph

Oberle, Bernadine

Oberman, J.

Obermann, Margaret A.

Obermeier, Adolph

Obermeier, Louise

Obermeyer, Edward

Obermeyer, Martin W.

Obernauer, Mary

Oberschelp, Louise

Obershelp, August W.

Obert, Albertine

Oblock, A.

Ochterbeck, Charles H.

Ochterbeck, Louise

Ockel, Marie

Octerbeck, Louise

Oden, J. H.

Oden, Maude E.

Oebike, Henry

Oechsner, Barbara

Oechsner, Henrietta

Oefelein, Lucille

Oehler, Wilhelmina

Oelkers, Alexander J.

Oelrich, Mary K.

Oels, Edward A.

Oetting, Ruth Marie

Ofburg, Dena M.

Ofeiffer, J.

Ofenstein, Margaretha M.

Offenbecker, Mary

Offermann, Christ

Oglandio, J.

Ogle, Florence

Ogle, George D.

Ogle, James L.

Ogler, Marie L.

Oglesby, Dorothy E.

Ohlbrecht, Helen

Ohlendorf, F. Arthur

Ohlhausen, Susana

Ohlman, Anita Mary

Ohm, Charles W.

Ohme, Alvena

Ohme, Emelia

Olbers, S.

Oldendorf, Caroline

Oldendorf, Lillian

Oldendorph, P. J.

Oldham, William R.

Oliver, Betty S.

Oliver, Wesley

Olivitch, M.

Olsen, Andrew

Olsen, C.

Olsen, Kris

Olsen, Sophronia

Olson, William Albert

Olszewski, Julius

Olthaus, Maria Catherine

Oltmanns, Theda

Oney, W.

Onstalet, Louise

Onstott, Milton S.

Ontarata, Anthony

Oonk, Bertha

Opfer, R. William

Oppermann, Anna Meyer

Oppermann, August

Oppliger, Alfred

Orcutt, Robert Lee Jr.

Orcutt, Rosalzo E.

Orff, Frank N.

Orlando, V.

Orlomski, A.

Orostowski, August

Orr, James W.

Orr, John Travis

Orr, Lulu M.

Orr, Mary Jane

Orsich, G.

Ort, Barbara

Orthwein, Walter E.

Ortmann, Henry G.

Ortmann, Mary

Ortwerth, Henry

Osborn, Katherine D.

Osborne, Ellen

Osborne, May

Osburg, Dena M.

Oschwald, Albert

Oseander, M. Louisa

Osendorf, Otto

Osher, (Cpl.) Fred

Osmack, J.

Osmer, William H.

Ossenfort, Pauline

Ostendorf, O.

Osterman, William

Osthoff, Agnes Lisette

Osthoff, Frederick W.

Ostmann, Christine

Ostmeyer, Christian

Ostreit, Gwendoline

Ostrowiski, John

Ostrowski, J.

Ott, Elsie

Ott, Oscar H.

Otte, Robert J.

Ottermann, Lillian E.

Ottersbach, John

Otting, Frank

Otto, Edward H.

Otto, Emlima B.

Otto, Henry A. Sr.

Otto, Rosa

Otto-Granitz, Edna

Otto-Kempfer, Isabella

Otto-Krone, Lottie

Ouhrabka, Annie M.

Outrain, A.

Overall, Bessie

Overbeck, John Herman

Overmann-Von Brunn, Emily

Overstolz, Minna

Overy, Clara

Oweens, Elizabeth M.

Owen, Bridget

Owen, Clementine

Owen, Gladys “Double Funeral Planned”

Owen, I. Newton

Owen, J. N.

Owen, Phillip

Owen, V.

Owens, Bernice

Owens, Charlotte

Owens, Emma

Owens, Mary

Owens, T.

Owens, W. H.

Ozias, Emma