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Surnames beginning with C

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Cable, Amelia

Cade, Edna M.

Cady, Birdie

Cady, Patrick E.

Caesar, Caroline

Caesber, Zetta

Caffall, Erna Bell

Cagnola, Carnell

Cahn, Charles

Cailey, John William

Cain, John E.

Cain, William F.

Caito, Agatha

Calcaterra, Harry

Caldwell, A.

Caldwell, Mary

Calhoun, J.

Calhoun, M.

Callaghan, Patrick J.

Callahan, (Sister) Ernestine

Callahan, Anna

Callahan, Elizabeth

Callahan, Margaret

Callahan, Mary A.

Callahan, Mathew

Calle, J.

Calnane, Mary

Cambell, Perryfee

Cameron, H.

Cameron, Hattie E.

Cameron, John M.

Cammack, Lydia

Cammeron, Lizzie

Campbell, (Cpl.) George M.

Campbell, B.

Campbell, Charles W.

Campbell, Eleanore

Campbell, George C.

Campbell, Geraldine

Campbell, Haydie

Campbell, J.

Campbell, Jannis

Campbell, Katherine

Campbell, Rosa

Campbell, Sophenia

Can Cloostere, Peter

Canady, E.

Canady, J.

Candler, (Mrs. John)

Cane, Emma

Cannell, E. G.

Cannon, Margaret

Cantillon, Anna

Capek, Anna

Capes, Riley

Capik, Antonia

Caplan, Mary

Caraher, Margaret

Carapella, Frances

Cardwell, E.

Cardwell, Harry C.

Care, Jennie

Carey, John

Carey, Thomas

Carico, Flora

Carl, Charles O.

Carleton, Jesse L.

Carlin, Olive J.

Carlisle, David

Carlouf, F.

Carlson, Anna

Carlson, Anna C.

Carlson, Cecelia

Carlson, Louise Christine

Carlton, Alice C.

Carmichael, (1st Lt.) Byron B.

Carmichael, Gertrude

Carna, Mary L. S.

Carney, D.

Carney, Josephine

Carney, Julia

Caroll, Jeremiah J.

Carp, Minnie

Carpenter, Cora P.

Carpenter, Otto D.

Carr, (Sister) Mary Joseph

Carr, Catherine Krue

Carr, Dollie Viola

Carr, J.

Carr, John D.

Carr, L.

Carr, Mary

Carr, Mary W.

Carr, Minnie

Carr, Selma

Carragien, H.

Carraher-Chapman, Hanora

Carriel, Agnes Bridget

Carroll, (see Mrs. P. M. Cunningham)

Carroll, Andrew J.

Carroll, Bessie N.

Carroll, Jeremiah J.

Carroll, John J.

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Sarah

Carroll, Theresa A.

Carrow, A. J.

Carso, W.

Carson, Martin

Carson, Mary E.

Carstens, Wilhelmina

Cartall, Louis M.

Carter, (Cpl.) Frederick C.

Carter, Amy M.

Carter, D. W.

Carter, Edward Bertrand

Carter, Gussie

Carter, J. W.

Carter, John A.

Carter, Leonora

Carter, Mary Louise

Carter, R.

Carter, Robert William

Carter, Sarah

Carter, T. M.

Carter, Thelma

Cartes, Edna

Cartrell, Julia

Cartwright, Charles R.

Cartwright, Josephine

Carty, Kate

Caryle, Charles Thomas

Casanover, (Pvt.) George Joseph

Casassa, J.

Case, Arthur F.

Case, Juanita E.

Case, Margaret

Casey, Bryan

Casey, George F.

Casey, J.

Casey, Ruth Victoria

Casey, T.

Casey, Taylor

Cash, Katie

Cash, W. N.

Cashel, Charles P.

Cashel, George Henry

Cashel, J. H.

Casnar, Mary Elizabeth

Casparie, W.

Casper, (Pvt.) Edward L.

Casper, Barbara

Caspers, Louisa Oberichman

Cass, Edward M.

Cass, Frank G.

Cass, Margaret

Cassidy, Agnes

Cassidy, Bernice F.

Cassidy, C.

Cassidy, Jane

Casteel, Margaret F.

Castellesi, S.

Castelli, Frank

Castrignano, Michael

Catanzaro, Tony

Catlett, Henry

Catlin, Ephron

Cauley, J. E.

Caulfield, Julia

Causino, Charles C.

Cavanagh, C.

Cavanagh, Michael

Cavanaugh, Catherine Agnes

Cavanaugh, D.

Cavanaugh, Edward F.

Cavanaugh, John J.

Cavanaugh, Michael

Cavasino, (Sgt.) Oliver “

Cavitt, A.

Caynon, P. F.

Cayou, Mary Louise

Cayse, Clara

Cepicky, Mary

Ceresa, Ro__

Cerny, Barbara

Cerny, Louise

Certa, Cicoma

Cesal, Wenzel

Chadeayne, Josephine B.

Chaloupsky, Josephine

Chambers, Elizabeth

Chambers, Marie

Chance, Cornelius E.

Chandler, Edna Shaw

Chandler, Mc Allister

Chandler, W. W.

Chaney, Louisa H.

Chaphe, J.

Chapleau, J. C.

Chapman, Alice Joy

Chapman, Clara

Chapman, Frank

Chapman, Hanora

Chapman, Thomas

Chapman, Vivian

Chapman, William J.

Chaquet, Mary Brown

Charboneay, Lorayne

Charles, Rosa

Charlton, Ivy L.

Chase, Clinton Alden

Chase, Hazel Claire Mac Kenzie

Chatt, P. B.

Chavanne, Virgil

Cheak, Thomas D.

Chedell, Sadie Alice

Chenery, Edward A.

Chenet, Desmonde

Cheney, Irwin Lee

Chenier, George E.

Cherry, __ M.

Cherry, Erma

Cherry, S.?

Chesney, John M.

Child, Allen V.

Childs, Janet

Chirco, Isabell

Chisholm, Cora

Chitwood, (AEF) A. S. “Bodies of

Chong, L. H.

Chorlinsky, J.

Chormanski, T.

Chouteau, Julia D.

Chrisman, Grace

Chrismer, Virginia

Chrismer, Walter Peter

Christ, Anna K.

Christ, Henry

Christ, Leona

Christ, Louis

Christ, Margarette

Christ, Mary

Christensen, P.

Christian, Clara Pearl

Christles, Adelia

Christman, Emmett M.

Christmann, Ruth O.

Christopher, Theodore D.

Christopher, Virginian

Christrup, K. M.

Chumchal, Rudolph J.

Church, Margaret M.

Chused, Sarah

Cicardi, Rose

Cicciardi, J.

Ciglinski, W.

Cipolla, Joseph

Cirina, Marianna

Cirrentano, Giscano

Cissell, Laura L.

Cissna, Missouri

Claggett, Mary

Claire, L.

Clancy, Bridget

Clancy, Ellen P.

Clancy, Nora

Clara, J.

Clare, Floy

Clare, Thomas J.

Claridge, Joseph

Clark, (Gen.) Harvey C.

Clark, (Sgt., USM) William Audrey

Clark, __

Clark, Andrew “Retired Printer Dies at

Clark, Beatrice O.

Clark, Champ

Clark, Daniel Lewis

Clark, Edwin P.

Clark, Elazia

Clark, Ellen

Clark, Emily

Clark, F.

Clark, George

Clark, Harry J.

Clark, Irvin Parker

Clark, J.

Clark, J. A.

Clark, J. P.

Clark, Jane

Clark, Josephine

Clark, Margaret

Clark, Margaret E.

Clark, Marguerite

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mary E.

Clark, Mary Susan Glasgow

Clark, Mary Warren

Clarke, Nellie

Clarkson, Bridget Merrick

Clarkson, Thomas W.

Claus, William C.

Clausen, Olinda

Clay, A.

Clay, Maria

Clayton, Ellen D.

Cleamer, Mary A.

Clear, Douglas

Cleary, Mary

Cleary, Thomas James

Cleary, William J.

Cleavers, Hazel

Cleaves, E.

Clegg, Emma

Clegg, Francis M.

Clegg, Samuel Walter

Clemens, Arthur

Clemens, G.

Clemens, John

Clements, John P.

Clemmons, Anna

Clendening, Mayne

Clevenger, Ruby H.

Clifford, Ellen

Clifford, Elsie

Clifton, Frederick

Cligg, F. M.

Clinard, Doraine

Cline, Alice Pennebaker

Cline, Elizabeth

Clines, Nellie

Clinton, Annie

Clohessy, Annie

Close, Ella E.

Clough, C. C.

Clover, S. E.

Clucas, Thomas O.

Clump, Isabell

Clup, Walter W.

Clyde, Martha

Coan, Katherine

Coan, Margaret

Coaske, Fanny

Coaske, Joseph N.

Coates, Annie M.

Coates, Dorothy May

Cochran, (Cpl.) George Riemer “

Cochran, E.

Cochran, Parthenia E.

Cochran, Susan

Cockrell, Dorothy

Cockrell, Joseph R.

Cody, Margaret

Cody, Marie R.

Cody, W.

Coen, John J.

Coff, Clara

Coffall, Erna B.

Coffey, Cora

Coffey, Theresa

Coffey-Turnbull, Ellen I.

Coghlin, A. J.

Cognol, Carmell

Cohen, M.

Cohen, S.

Cohn, Hannah

Coibion, Mildred

Coin, Sarah

Coldewe, Helen Hazel

Cole, Anna V.

Cole, Charlotte K.

Cole, Ellen

Cole, Emma

Cole, Mary

Cole, Mary A.

Cole, Nathan Jr.

Cole, T.

Cole, W.

Cole, Walter

Coleman, Annie

Coleman, Catherine

Coleman, Dora

Coleman, J.

Coleman, Lydia A.

Coleman, Martha O.

Coleman, Mary

Coleman, S.

Coleman, T.

Colenbrander, Kate W.

Coles, Roberta

Colgran, Marie F.

Colgrave, Ellen

Collard, Herbert J.

Collet, Hazel K.

Collet, Ida

Collett, Charles C.

Collett, Charles W.

Collette, Alice Agnes

Collier, (Judge) Needham C.

Collier, Clara T. A.

Collier, William

Colligan, Thomas J.

Collins, (AEF) Julius F.

Collins, B.

Collins, Daniel M.

Collins, Frank

Collins, G.

Collins, Irene

Collins, Julia

Collins, R.

Collins, S.

Collins, Simon

Collins, Thomas

Collman, Rosa

Comer, Leonora

Comeske, Catherine

Comfort, Sarah Delight

Comparto, Antonia

Compton, Lucille

Concuran, Bridget

Condon, Maria

Condon, T.

Conell, Arthur Suel

Conie, Emma A.

Coniff, M.

Conley, Joseph

Conlin, Celia

Conlon, Helen M.

Connell, (Sgt., STLPD) Edwin J. ‘Kink’

Connell, A.

Connell, Winifred

Connelly, Bridget

Connelly, Catherine

Connelly, Gertrude

Connelly, Katherine

Connelly, Patrick

Connely, L. H.

Conner, Edward W.

Conner, Leonora

Conner, Tresse Marie

Conner, W. W.

Conner?, Elizabeth

Conners, Dealure

Conners, Julia Quinn

Conners, Mary Ellen

Conniff, Elizabeth B.

Conniff, Michael J.

Connley, P. J.

Connor, Alice

Connors, Catherine Josephine

Connors, Cecelia

Connors, J.

Connors, Jerome J.

Connors, T.

Conrad, Julia C.

Conrad, Sallie N.

Constable, Martha

Constanz, Maria

Conte, Jamin?

Conway, (Pvt.) John

Conway, Frank D.

Conway, James V.

Conway, Katherine

Conway, Marina J.

Conway, Richard P.

Conzelman, Louise G.

Coogan, Frank H.

Cook, D. W.

Cook, Ella ‘Rose’

Cook, Grace

Cook, Gustave H.

Cook, J.

Cook, Margaret H.

Cook, Patrick

Cook, Walter Edward

Cook, Yetta

Cooke-Koenig, Margaret

Cool, Georgia

Coonar, Rebecca

Cooney, J.

Cooney, Mary A.

Cooney, Nellie Catherine

Coons, E.

Coons, H.

Coope, Leonora

Cooper, Ambro

Cooper, Elizabeth

Cooper, Lloyd E.

Cooper, Mildred L.

Cooper, Sallie Mac Arthur

Cooper, Selina

Copeheart, G.

Copeland, Myalas

Copie, Emma A.

Corbett, Bridget M.

Corcoran, Bridget

Corcoran, Ellen

Corcoran, Peter

Cordes, Margaret

Cords, Esther

Corenti, S.

Corless, Florence

Corley, Patrick

Corman, Annie M.

Corn, George

Corn, P.

Cornacchione, Bertha

Corneli, Marguerite

Corner, Gaynell

Cornet, George A.

Corney, Catharine Cornelia

Coronav, J.

Corrington, Juliet

Corso, J.

Cosby, Harry

Cosgrove, (Lt.) John D.

Cosgrove, Frederick D.

Cossman, Henry

Costal, Christina L.

Costello, Louise

Costello, Mary

Cottle, Samuel Warren

Cotton, H.

Couch, E.

Coudry, T.

Coudy, Marguerite

Coughlin, (District Fire Chief) Andrew J.

Coughlin, Edward J.

Coughlin, Margarete Crooke

Coulter, James Irven

Councel, Joseph

Countie, Virginia

Couplin, Margaret

Court, Eliza

Court, Julia

Courtwright, Bettie E.

Cousins, George L.

Coverson, L.

Covington, Junita

Cowan, James E.

Cowell, Zulu

Cowen, Alice C.

Cowl, Dorothy

Cox, Thomas Jones

Coyle, Helene

Coyle, Thomas C.

Coyne, Joseph Lacey

Craber, C. A.

Cracheolo, P.

Cradick, John P.

Craft, Mary

Craft-Dulle, Rose E.

Craig, (Dr.) Thomas C.

Craig, Clyde I.

Craig, D. P.

Craig, George

Craig, John William

Craig, Margarite

Craighead, Lillie

Cramer, Henry V.

Cramer, Stella

Crane, John

Cranston, ___

Craven, Mattie

Crawford, Laura

Crawford, Lillian

Crawford, Lizzie

Crawford, Nora G.

Crawshaw, Carlas J.

Craycraft, Lilly Schmitt

Creahan, Mary

Creamer, Agnes M.

Crecelius, Louis J.

Crecelius, Louise C.

Cree, William D.

Creely, Frank Sr.

Cremer, Elisabeth

Crenshaw, C. J.?

Cresswell, Fred R. “Bodies of

Creswick, Lillie Charlotte

Crews, Sadys

Crigler, G.

Crispi, P.

Crissey, M.

Critz, S.

Crohn, Bertha

Cronin, Jeremiah

Cronin, John J.

Cronin, M.

Cronin, Mary

Crook, (Pvt.) Harry J.

Crook, J. C.

Crook, Margaret M.

Crooke, Margarete

Crookham, Vernitia

Crosby, Dora E.

Crosley, B.

Cross, B.

Cross, Elizabeth

Cross, H.

Cross, Sallie

Crossley, Clara J.

Crossling, Amanda L.

Crosson, Frank

Crouse, J.

Crow, (AEF) Arthur F.

Crowder, G. L.

Crowe, Timothy J.

Crowley, John J.

Crowley, Minnie

Crowley, Ralph H.

Crowly, R. H.

Crowther, Ann

Cruckler, C. B.

Crumby, W.

Crummy, Emmaline

Crutsinger, George O.

Cruttwell, (Mrs. A. C.) Pocohontas

Crystal, Charles Harry

Culbertson, Stephen Duncan

Culbreth, Thelma

Culkin, Thomas P.

Cullen, Catherine

Cullen, Patrick

Cullen, William L.

Culley, Effie

Culligan, P.

Cullins, Jennie

Culliton, James P.

Culp, W.

Culp, Walter M.

Culp, William W.

Cuming, Virginia

Cummings, (Dr.) Harry J.

Cummings, Catherine

Cummings, Catherine B.

Cummings, Catherine L.

Cummings, Charlotte Jeanette

Cummings, Clara

Cummings, George A.

Cummings, John Preston

Cummings, Katherine

Cummins, Frank L.

Cummins, Katherine

Cummins, William M.

Cunnard, J.

Cunningham, (Mrs. P. M.) Anna

Cunningham, Alice

Cunningham, John C.

Cunningham, Nora

Cunningham, Peach

Cunningham, Richard Michael

Cunningham, Sarah

Cunningham, Sarah

Cunningham, Sarah A.

Cunningham, W. T.

Cunningham-Philbin, Nora

Cuolahan, Anna

Curley, Norma C.

Curls, H.

Curran, Bridget

Curran, M.

Curran, Patrick J.

Curry, D.

Curry, James C.

Curtin, Mary Anna

Curtis, Bridget

Curtis, Frank

Curtis, Julian

Curtis, Margaret

Curtis, Mittie C.

Curtis, P.

Curtis, Tell

Cusamano, G.

Cusamano, J.

Cushing, Harrison J.

Cusick, Agnes

Cusimano, Caterina

Cussing, H. J.

Custer, (Pvt.) Arthur L.

Custer, William Melvin

Cutffride, C.

Cyril-Brinda, (Sister) M.

Czarnecke, Agnes

Czycowski, J.

Czyzewski-Schulz, Catherine