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Surnames beginning with C

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Caan, Winnie

Cabanne, Lucian Dutilh

Cable, R.

Cade, William H.

Cadle, James E.

Cady, Bridget

Cady, Ha__

Caffey, Ellen

Caffrey, James

Calbern, L.

Calbreath, John

Caldewey, William J.

Caldwell, Andrew Jackson

Caldwell, August P.

Caldwell, Orale

Calhoun, William J.

Call, Eva

Call, Harry E.

Callaghan, J.

Callahan, Helen

Callahan, Joseph James

Callanan, Marie

Callanan, Mary

Callier, Catherine

Calloni, Frank

Calloni, Normo

Calmbach, Adelaide

Calvert, Emma Loader

Camalo, Etta

Cambridge, Jennie

Cambron, Marian

Camden, Sallie

Cameron, Colin

Campbell, (Sgt.) James Robert

Campbell, Eliza C.

Campbell, J.

Campbell, Jesse S.

Campbell, John

Campbell, Luana W.

Campbell, Margaret

Campbell, Matthew

Campbell, Patrick

Campbell, Rosie E. M.

Campe, Emile W.

Campton, Lillie M.

Campton, Rose A.

Canatsey, Charles

Canavan, William J.

Canda, William

Canezza, Mana

Cange, Wilhelmina

Cannedy, Sarah

Cannon, Charles E.

Cannon, G.

Canova, Frances

Cantine, Matilda

Cantoni, Joseph

Cantwell, Harry J.

Caples, Bridget

Caproni, Peter

Caragher, Michael

Caragher, Sarah C.

Cardwell, Thomas W.

Careglas, Nicholas

Carey, Bridget

Carey, Daniel

Carey, Joseph

Carey, Martin T.

Carey, Patrick

Carey, T.

Carey, Thomas P.

Cargile, (Mrs. James) Mary

Carlen, Anna

Carlin, Anna

Carlyle, C.

Carmahan, Nellie Mae

Carmichael, Willard G.

Carmody, D.

Carmody, Garrett L.

Carmody, James

Carmody, Nellie

Carney, John P.

Carolan, Mary L.?

Carpenter, C.

Carpenter, J. Warren

Carpenter, Thomas M.

Carper, John C.

Carr, Addie M.

Carr, J.

Carr, James A.

Carr, Mary Elizabeth

Carr, Patrick

Carr, Sallie K.

Carragher, Michael

Carrao, Mary

Carraway, O.

Carrick, Mary J.

Carrico, E. Maude

Carrione, Margaret

Carr-Lane, Sarah

Carroll, (Pvt.) Charles Barion Jr.

Carroll, A.

Carroll, Bridgit M.

Carroll, Charles W.

Carroll, Dennis V.

Carroll, E.

Carroll, Edward

Carroll, Ida

Carroll, James Francis

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Richard

Carroll. Robert

Carson, James D.

Carson, James O. Jr.

Carson, Pearl

Carter, Edmonia

Carter, Elizabeth

Carter, Elizabeth P.

Carter, Gertrude

Carter, Helen

Carter, Joseph C.

Carter, Julia Margaret

Carter, Mary

Carter, Mary

Carter, Olive

Carter, William E.

Case, (Dr.) James Almer

Case, Alice Mildred

Case, Gustavus

Case, Louisa

Case, Moses G.

Case, Sallie Camden

Casey, Agnes

Casey, Catherine

Casey, Edward

Casey, Hanora

Casey, J.

Casey, John F.

Casey, Mary

Casey, Mary

Casey, Michael

Casey, Thomas

Cash, (Cpl.) Oliver W.

Casper, Clara

Casper, Mary M.

Caspers, Bertha

Cass, George F. Jr.

Cass, Willis A.

Cassell, William M.

Casselman, Minnie

Cassidy, Edythe May

Cassidy, George P.

Cassidy, Julia M.

Cassin, Mary Elizabeth

Cassin, Richard

Casteen, Lulu

Castlen, Alice Taylor

Cathcart, James M.

Catlin, Isaac

Cauley, Patrick

Cauthers, G.

Cavanagh, James H.

Cavanaugh, John

Cavanaugh, Mabel

Caveness, Mary

Cawagher, M.

Cebutti, Alma

Cella, Carmen

Cento, Frances

Cento, Francis

Cerf, Justine B.

Cerney, Anna

Cervenka, Caroline

Chaber, Pascal

Chadwick, James

Chalmers, Harry Edward

Chamberlain, Angie P.

Chamberlain, Octavus P.

Chambers, Frederick

Chaney, H.

Chapin, Lyman

Chapman, E.

Chapman, William J. Jr.

Charles, Julia A.

Charles, Mary L.

Chatillion, Elizabeth

Chauven, P.

Chawlik, Mary

Cheatham, J.

Checkett, George L. Jr.

Cheek, Josephine

Chenery, Kenneth Sells

Chervek, John

Chetta, Frank

Chiapello, Madeline

Child, Ollie

Childs, Mary Adelaide

Childs, Ruben

Chilton, E.

Chilton, Jessie

Chimmins, Agnes

Chisholm, Nina N.

Chittenden, Mary C.

Chivvis, William R.

Chouquette, Adam

Chouquette, Joseph

Chowing, Frank

Christ, Viola

Christe, Mary

Christelbauer, Ridolph W.

Christensen, Sam

Christensen, Wilma

Christian, Caroline R.

Christiansen, A.

Christman, Bertha Pauline

Christopher, Emma

Christopher, Harriet F.

Church, (Off., STLPD, Mounted) Thomas

Church, Anna B.

Churchill, Agnes

Churchill, Florence

Cinder, Elizabeth

Cissna, E. Maude

Ciyne, Mary A.

Clancy, Ambrose

Clapp, Peter Newton

Clark, Basheba

Clark, Delia

Clark, Elizabeth

Clark, Emma

Clark, Fannie

Clark, Frank

Clark, G.

Clark, John R.

Clark, Mary

Clark, W.

Clark, William M.

Clarke, Thomas

Clarke, Ysidora

Clasmeyer, Gerhard

Clasquin, Desire

Claus, C.

Claus, Michael

Clawson, Anna L.

Clay, H.

Clayton, Mary

Clear, Amanda

Cleary, Anna

Cleary, Elizabeth H.

Cleary, Fannie J.

Cleary, John J.

Cleary, Kate

Cleary, Patrick J.

Cleaver, J. S.

Clegg, Benjamin F.

Clement, John M. Jr.

Clement, Joseph

Clever, Walter J.

Clifford, Dennis

Clifford, Ellen

Clifford, Michael J.

Clifton, Alice W. Mills

Clobes, Andrew

Clobes, Clarence W.

Cloonan, Bridget F.

Clooney, Johanna

Close, H.

Close, Jenny B.

Closhey, Patrick

Clover, Mabel

Clover, Stephan

Cloyd, Mattie

Clucas, Harry

Clyncke, Louise

Coan, Bridget

Coan, Winni

Cobb, Icy Van Vleck

Cobbe, Mazie

Cobbs, Martha

Cochran, Margaret

Cochran, Sylvia M.

Cochran, William H.

Codori, Willford Amandas

Cody, Jane

Cody, Margaret B.

Coffey, Bridget

Coffey, Daniel J.

Coffey, Ellen

Cohn, Cecelia

Cohn, Hannah

Coibion, Michael

Coker, Joseph T.

Colbewey, William J.

Colbron, Lillian

Colclazier, Ida

Cole, Albert Harris

Cole, Anna

Cole, B.

Cole, Eugenia

Cole, Harold G.

Cole, William H.

Coleman, (Mrs. J. R.)

Coleman, Genrietta

Coleman, Harry F.

Coleman, W.

Collier, Elizabeth

Collier, H.

Collins, Amon L.

Collins, Annie

Collins, Catherine

Collins, Clarence Willard

Collins, David

Collins, Dennis

Collins, Electra

Collins, Eva A.

Collins, G.

Collins, Leo

Collins, Maria

Collins, Monroe R. Jr.

Collins, Myrtle

Collins, Patrick

Collins, Thomas A.

Collins, William A. Sr.

Colman, Samuel J.

Colonder, Margaret

Colovos, Louis

Colvin, James

Comander, G.

Comeford, Mamie

Comer, William

Comley, Viola

Compton, Ira T.

Compton, James J.

Comstock, Alice Maud

Conboy, Michael

Concannon, Martin J.

Condell, Edward J.

Condie, Laurence Gregg

Condon, Elizabeth

Condon, Olla

Conklin, Ella F.

Conley, Bridget

Conley, Catherine

Conlisk, (infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph)

Conlon, John Lee

Connell, Elizabeth

Connell, J.

Connell, Kathryn

Connell, Mary

Connell, Mary Agnes

Connelly, Bridget

Connelly, Helen

Connelly, Mary

Conner, E.

Conner, Emelia

Conners, Joseph C.

Conners, Sarah Elizabeth

Connon, George

Connor, Ellen

Connors, Nora

Connors, P. O.

Connors, Patrick

Connors, Thomas

Conrad, Jacob

Conrad, Margaret

Conroy, Julia

Conroy, Mary A.

Conroy, Minnie

Constable, Annie

Conway, Catherine

Conway, Jack

Cook, Edwin G.

Cook, Eliza

Cook, Gert.

Cook, J.

Cook, Mabel

Cook, Nancy E.

Cook, Nina N.

Cook, Susan

Cook, Thomas F. X.

Cool, Katie

Coonce, William P. Sr.

Cooney, P.

Coons, Herbert A.

Cooper, A.?

Cooper, Callie T.

Cooper, Emma A.

Cooper, Flora Bernidette

Cooper, H.

Cooper, James

Cooper, K.

Copeland, Samuel

Corbett, James

Corbett, Mary

Corcoran, Ellen

Corcoran, Lulu

Corcoran, Peter

Corkery, Daniel

Corkran, Viola E.

Cornelius, Emelie

Cornelius, James L.

Cornell, Richard

Corridon, Philip

Corrrao, Mary E.

Corson, Ida Ophelia

Corwin, Joseph E.

Cosgrove, Catherine

Cosgrove, Catherine

Costello, Margaret E.

Costello, Walter E.

Costigan, Barbara

Costigan, Mary

Cottin, Flora M.

Cottle, Margaret Turner

Cottone, John

Council, Alice Adele

Couper, Delia J.

Couper, Eben

Court, Jennie

Courtaway, Josie

Courtney, Mary

Covert, Lester W.

Cowan, J.

Cowan, S.

Cox, Edith A.

Cox, J.

Cox, James Jr.

Cox, John B.

Cox, John J.

Cox, Lucy

Cox, Thomas J.

Cox, William J.

Coyle, Frank

Coyne, Mary C.

Cozby, Adela May

Cozzens, Frances E.

Cozzens, Jesse B.

Craddock, Mary

Craden, Samuel T.

Craig, Albert M.

Craig, Alfred

Craig, Cora I.

Craig, Katherine

Cramer, George H.

Cramer, Mary

Crancer, Catherine M.

Crancer, Clara

Crane, Ellen

Crane, Hannah B.

Crane, James

Crause, Gustavus

Crawford, B.

Crawford, Catherine

Crawford, Delia

Crawford, Marjorie

Crawford, Nancy D. M. M.

Crawford, Orlin T.

Crawley, Catherine Kennedy

Creely, Antwine

Crilly, Florence

Crimmins, Agnes

Cripps, Aaron W.

Critchfield, Rose

Crockett, C.

Croffon, Edward W.

Croissant, Mary

Crolin, Lulu

Cron, Frank

Cronce, Josephine

Crone, Wilma Kupferle

Cronin, Eugene

Cronley, John

Cronley, Michael

Cropper, Carrie

Crosby, Josephine

Crosson, Edward W.

Crosson, Mary A.

Crothers, Emma E.

Crouch, Clarence

Croughan, Thomas

Crouse, J.

Crow, Frank

Crow, George

Crow, J.

Crow, Mary I.

Crowder, B.

Crowder, Jurutha

Crowdus, JamesCaldwell

Crowell, Wesley Maurice

Crowley, James

Crowley, John

Crum, Josephine

Crumawald, Rosina

Cruse, Maud

Cryant, John

Cudahy, Johanna

Cuddihy, William

Cufack, Johanna

Cullen, Ellen M.

Cullen, Eugene

Cullen, Hugh

Cullen, Jennie

Cullen, Nellie

Cullen, Patrick

Culler, Cecilia

Culler, Melba

Culligan, Elizabeth

Cullinan, Patrick

Cullinane, Michel

Cullom, A.

Cully, Alijah

Cummings, Charles

Cummings, Dee

Cummings, Eugene F.

Cummings, John

Cummings, John P.

Cummings-Hogan, Anastatia

Cummins, Catherine C.

Cummins, Thomas

Cunningham, Alice Lee

Cunningham, Carrie

Cunningham, Lelia

Cunningham, Margaret M.

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, William J.

Cuppy, Frank L.

Curley, (see Mrs. J. E. Ingersoll)

Curley, Mary

Curran, Catherine M.

Curran, James

Current, Emma K.

Curry, Laura Mc Claran

Curry, Letisha M.

Curtis, Byron

Curtis, M.

Curtis, Mary

Cytacki, Regina

Czerney, Joseph