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Surnames beginning with A

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Abbey, M.

Abbott, Lillian H.

Abbott, Mary

Abby, Daniel

Abeles, H.

Abeln, Henry A.

Abernathy, W.

Aberson, Max C.

Abling, Frederick G.

Abood, Dora

Achterman, Joseph C.

Ackerman, Nettie

Ackermann, Annie

Ackert, Margaret

Adams, Frank

Adams, George

Adams, Julia

Adams, Lilian Lawther

Adams, Mabel H.

Adams, Ned S.

Adams, Sophia

Adamy, Emma

Adler, Emma

Adler, Lotta

Adler, Paul

Adnit, Christ

Adolph, Christian

Adrian, Paulina

Aegerter, Annie Josephine

Ahearn, Catherine

Ahern, Matilda

Ahern-Stafford, Winnie

Ahlemeyer, Elizabeth

Ahlers, Mary Dorothy E.

Ahlvers, Clara A.

Ahner, Katie

Ahner, Mary

Alapaw, An E.

Albenesius, Edward

Alberding, Joseph

Albers, Frank

Albers, Richard

Albers, Theodore

Albers, Tina

Albert, George

Albientz, Helen

Albig, Robert

Albin, Mary S.

Albrecht, Henry

Albrecht, Herman G.

Albrecht, Laura

Albrecht, William

Albright, Sarah Elizabeth

Albright, William A.

Alcorn, Mary

Alest, S.

Alexander, Lizzie

Alfeld, Joseph H.

Alfers, Mary

Alford, Bertha

Allan, Harper N.

Allan, James

Allard, Josephine

Allen, (former Mayor) George W.

Allen, Edna Mae

Allen, Eliza

Allen, Helene

Allen, John T.

Allen, L.

Allen, Louisa W.

Allen, Lucinda M.

Allen, Sephronia

Alley, Edna

Allison, Catherine

Allred, Gertrude M.

Allwell, John

Alsaw, A. E.

Alt, G.

Alt, William

Altheimer, Beno

Althers, Peter

Althoff, Louisa W.

Altman, Carrie

Altman, F.

Altmann, Joseph

Alward, (Dr.) A. A.

Amand, J. T.

Ambs, Mae K.

Ameiss, A. E.

Amend, James H.

Ament, Michael A.

Amer, Emma

Ammel, Nicholas

Amon, John

Amon, Laura

Amrhein, Albert

Andel, Emelia

Andel, Frank

Anderle, Mary

Anderly, Fanny

Anderson, Annie

Anderson, Beulah

Anderson, C.

Anderson, Clifford A.

Anderson, Daisy

Anderson, Emma

Anderson, Herbert

Anderson, Hilda S.

Anderson, J.

Anderson, John F. Jr.

Anderson, John W.

Anderson, Maggie

Anderson, Malinda

Anderson, Olla

Anderson, William Henry Harrison

Andrae, Johanna

Andrews, Birdie

Andrews, Edward

Andrews, Martha

Andrews, Mary A.

Andrews, Mary C.

Andrews, W.

Andris, F. Erwin

Angelrodt, E.

Angerman, Arthur E.

Angermann, Lena

Angthuis, Melvin Louis

Anna, Annie

Annis, Agatha

Anterhaus, Bernard

Anthony, J.

Anthony, Kate

Anthony, Marie

Anton, (Sgt., STLPD) Peter

Antram, Sadie

Apenbrink, Emma

Appel, Catherine

Appel, Johanna

Appelmeier, M.

Appelton-Carmahan, Nellie Mae

Apple, Catherine W.

Apple, Ruth

Applebe, (Sister) Mary Baptista

Appler, Columbus

Aransowitz, Sarah

Archambeau-Wilson, Mary

Archibald, G.

Ardwell, Thomas W.

Arendes, Adele M.

Arlt, Ollie

Armerod, C.

Armstrong, Alice

Armstrong, E.

Armstrong, Isabella

Armstrong, Michael

Armstrong, William L.

Arnhold, Charles

Arnit, Christian

Arnold, Adolph

Arnold, Fred B.

Arnold, James A__ry

Arnold, John T.

Arnold, Martha I.

Arnold, Thomas

Arnost, Annie

Arns, William V.

Arnsmeyer, Joseph

Arnst, John W.

Arnst, Louis

Arnst, Mary

Arras, Kate

Arrington, W.

Arthur, (Dr.) Willis B.

Arthur, Izora

Aschentrop, Harry H.

Ashbrook, Mary

Ashcroft, Steven A.

Ashner, Max

Aspell, Nicholas

Assenmacher, Frances

Astheimer, Augusta

Atkinson, (Dr.) Robert Chilton

Atkinson, Charles Elmer

Atley, Peter

Atterbury, Nellie

Atwood, (Dr.) Le Grand

Atwood, Ira

Aubchon, Rondell Edmond

Aubrey, Mamie

Aubuchon, Ferdinand

Aubuchon, Gussie

Aubuchon, Maria

Aubuchon, Mary Theresa

Aubuchon, Thomas B.

Aude, Daniel J. M.

Auel, Mathias S.

Auerswald, Edwin A.

Auert, Mary

Aufderheide, Lillie

Aumann, Henry F.

Austin, Alice

Austin, Thomas J.

Autrain, Sadie

Averill, Mary Wise

Averswald, E.

Avery, Birdie

Avin, Martin M.

Avis, Mary

Avis, Richard

Axetell, Adeline F.

Ayers, John L.