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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Bell, J. R.

O’Brien Mary Agnes

O’Brien, (Off.) Edward J.

O’Brien, Agnes

O’Brien, Annie

O’Brien, Annie

O’Brien, Catherine

O’Brien, Catherine

O’Brien, Helen

O’Brien, James

O’Brien, James J.

O’Brien, James R.

O’Brien, John A.

O’Brien, John M.

O’Brien, Joseph T.

O’Brien, Julia

O’Brien, Lillie

O’Brien, Mary A.

O’Brien, Matilda

O’Brien, Molly J.

O’Brien, Patrick

O’Brien, William

O’Brien, William Emmet

O’Brien, William J.

O’Brien-Stacy, Ellen

O’Connell, Daniel

O’Connell, David

O’Connell, John

O’Connell, Louise

O’Connell, Marie H.

O’Connell, Marie Louise

O’Connell, Mary

O’Connell, Nora

O’Connor, (STLFD) Thomas J.

O’Connor, Adeline

O’Connor, Catherine

O’Connor, Charles F.

O’Connor, Hallie

O’Connor, James

O’Connor, John

O’Connor, Patrick

O’Connor, T. J.

O’Connors, Kate

O’Day, Catherine

O’Day, Patrick

O’Day, Thomas

O’Donnell, Bridget Cowhey

O’Donnell, Corinne

O’Donnell, John

O’Donnell, Valentine

O’Donohue, Lena

O’Fallon, Harriet Johnson

O’Farrell, Patrick W.

O’Gorman, (Sister) Herman Joseph

O’Grady, Helen

O’Hair, Harry

O’Hara, John

O’Hara, Mary Elizabeth

O’Hearn, William

O’Hearne, Anna

O’Keefe, (Mrs. Thomas)

O’Keefe, Andrew P.

O’Keefe, Ellen

O’Keefe, John J.

O’Keefe, Joseph

O’Keefe, Katherine Adell

O’Keefe, M.

O’Keefe, Nellie

O’Leary, (Sgt.) Timothy

O’Leary, Bridget

O’Leary, Georgiana

O’Leary, Mary H.

O’Leary, Timothy

O’Loughlin, Bessie

O’Loughlin, Frank

O’Loughlin, John T.

O’Malia, Mary de Strosa

O’Malley, John

O’Malley, Nora

O’Neal, Irene

O’Neal, W. L.

O’Neil, Bernard

O’Neil, Ellen

O’Neil, Imogene L.

O’Neil, J.

O’Neil, Mary Agnes

O’Neil, Mary N.

O’Neil, P.

O’Neill, (Off.) James J.

O’Neill, Edward J.

O’Neill, J.

O’Neill, John

O’Neill, John E.

O’Neill, Marcella

O’Neill, Margaret

O’Neill, Mary A.

O’Neill, Mary T.

O’Reilly, James

O’Reilly, Mary

O’Reilly, Mollie

O’Rourke, Bertha

O’Rourke, James J.

O’Rourke, Joseph

O’Rourke, Ruth M.

O’Shaughnessy, Vincent J.

O’Shea, John J.

O’Shea, Joseph H.

O’Toole, Catherine

O’Toole, Harry A. W.

O’Toole, John J.

O’Toole, Phillip

Oakman, Amanda

Oatman, Edna W.

Obear, Ephraim G.

Oberbeck, Louisa

Oberfoell, Mary

Oberg, William C.

Oberhaus, Fred W.

Oberhaus, Ida

Oberman, Mary

Obernier, Frances

Oberreider, Louisa

Obershaw, Laura

Oberstreet, Elizabeth J.

Obert, A.

Obert, August

Obert, Helena

Obert, John

Obrine, Thomas J.

Obrock, Louis Erich

Ochs, August J.

Ochs, Catherine

Ochs, Magdalena

Ochs, Margaret

Ockel, Annie

Oertel, Louise

Oerter, Maria U.

Oeth, (USN) Warren

Oetjein, John

Oetzel, Christina

Ogden, Albert

Ogle, Jack Roy

Ogle, Thomas J.

Ogle, William

Ohland, Ernest A.

Ohland, Walter J.

Ohlsen, Meina F.

Ohrick, Penelope Allen

Ohrndorf, Charles William

Oinskey, Mary

Okel, Louise

Olcott, Statia

Olderworth, Bruno F.

Olds, Ollie

Oligschlager, Sybilla

Olinger, John

Olive, Lawrence

Olive, Mildred

Oliver, Ruth

Oliver, William Lee

Olms, Doretha

Olson, Pearl

Olszewski, Theresa

Oonk, George A.

Opfer, Harry J.

Oppenhein, Albert

Oppenlander, Minnie

Oppermann, George

Orban, Catherine

Organ, Emily

Orman, Harrison

Ormerod, Mariette

Oros, Stephan

Orpwood, Laura W.

Orr, Margaret

Orr, William C.

Orrick, P. A.

Orrick, Sarah T.

Orsi, (see Mrs. Theodore Beffa)

Ort, Charles

Ortimer, Maude

Ortmann, Henry

Ortmann, Margaret

Ortmann, Margaret V.

Osbaldiston, Annie

Osborne-Russell, Frances

Osbourne, Allen M.

Osler, Jacob

Ost, Henry

Ostendorf, Mary

Oster, Julius Jr.

Osterholt, Frank X.

Osterholt, Louis

Osterkamp, Walter R.

Ostermann, Mary

Osthoff, Mary

Oswald, Mary

Otstott, George B.

Ott, Alice

Ott, Emily

Otten, Charles H.

Otten, Henry J.

Ottenad, Myra

Otting, Julius G.

Otting, Theresa

Ottmer, Frances

Ottmer, Frances

Otto, August

Otto, Edward

Otto, George D.

Otto, H.

Otto, Herman

Otto, John A.

Otto, William F.

Oursler, Sarah M.

Oventrop, Herman

Overand, Ellen

Overbeck, Elizabeth

Overmann, George F.

Overstolz, Minnie

Overton, Charles

Owen, Dora

Owen, Edward D.

Owen, John B.

Owen, Margaret

Owen, Martha E.

Owens, Annie H.

Owens, Frank

Owens, Melba Mabine

Owens, W. J.

Owens, Walter