Surnames beginning with M

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Maas, Caroline

Maas, Fredericka

Maberg, F.

Mac Donald, Mary

Mac Farlane, Alexander S.

Macdonald, Ann E.

Macfarland, A.

Machek, Theresa C.

Maching, Josephine

Machule, Ernest

Mack, Christina J. M.

Mack, Tillie

Mackay, James G.

Mackey, Annie

Mackey, Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Macy, Violet

Mad, C. H.

Madden, James C.

Madden, Michael

Madden, Thomas

Madden, William

Maddigan, Ethel

Maddock, Marcella

Maddux, Delilah

Madill, Charles A.

Maehl, Sophie

Maes, August

Maeys, J.

Magee, Annie

Magee, Mary A.

Magel, Anna Marie

Magelsdorf, Henry A. W.

Mager, Phillip W.

Magerhans, Henry A.

Maggio, Cornelia

Magorian, Verena

Maguire, Alexander J.

Maguire, Annabelle

Maguire, Catherine

Maguire, George

Maguire, Harry L.

Maguire, John Earl

Maguire, Michael

Maguire, Thomas

Mahaffey, Sadie W.

Mahar, (Rev.) Phillipp

Mahek, T. C.

Maher, Anna

Maher, Batholomew L.

Maher, Dennis J.

Maher, Ed

Maher, John S.

Maher, P.

Maher, Virginia

Mahoney, Mary

Mahoney, Michael

Mahony, Ben J.

Mail-Meyrl, Mary

Main, Robert

Maire, Louise

Maizner, Henrietta

Major, Mary M.

Mallagh, William John

Mallane, Margaret

Malley, William P.

Mallon, Patrick

Mallory, H.

Malone, Elizabeth

Malone, George Wilson

Malone, T. F.

Maloney, (Off., STLPD) Martin J.

Maloney, Elizabeth

Maloney, Helen

Maloney, Joseph P.

Maloney, Mary

Maloney, Mary A.

Maloney, Nora

Maloney, Norah

Maloney, Sarah

Mandt, Abraham

Mange, S. F.

Mangelsdorf, Herbert A. W.

Mangold, John

Manheimer, Flora

Manion, Anna A.

Manion, Bernard Joseph

Manion, Catherine

Manion, Thomas

Maniscalco, C.

Maniscalco, G.

Manke, Margaret

Manker, Amanda Belle

Mann, Julia

Mannebach, Otto

Mannerbach, John

Manning, Ida

Mannion-Dauth-Schultz, Johanna

Manno, F.

Mansfield, John

Mansfield, Sarah

Manshardt, Jacob

Manzella, Amando

Mapel, Edward L.

Mapel, Joseph Melrose

Mapes, Louella D.

Mappes, Emma

Marandon, Hypolite

Marbles, B.

Marbo, Henry

Marby, Frederick

Marchlewski, W. Francis

Marcus, Caroline

Marcus, John A.

Marczewski, Philip

Mares, John

Margenau, Maria

Marik, Charles J.

Marine, Julia A.

Mark, Frank

Markham, Patrick

Markle, John

Marks, Delores Martha

Marks, John C.

Markus, Martin

Markway, Clifford

Marlang, T.

Marlin, Ella

Marlow, (Sister) Mary F. Borgia ‘Octavia’

Marlow, Hannah

Marner, Lucille

Marquard, Julia

Marr, Elizabeth

Marsch, Louise

Marsden, Genevieve

Marsh, Clarence Atho

Marsh, Sophia

Marshalek, Helen

Marshall, J. W.

Marshall, Susie

Marston, Elizabeth

Marszelewski, Theofil

Martak, Adam

Martens, Albert

Martens, Pauline

Martin, Agnes

Martin, Albert

Martin, Anna

Martin, Anna R.

Martin, C.

Martin, Clothilde

Martin, George

Martin, George C.

Martin, George D.

Martin, George T.

Martin, Helena

Martin, J.

Martin, James C.

Martin, Margaret E.

Martin, Mary L.

Martin, T. A.

Martin, Thomas

Martin, Truman

Martineau, Mary J.

Martinez, Lupercio

Martini, Cacaina

Martini, Theresa

Mary, Frederick

Marz, Ludwig F. Sr.

Mascheck, Maria

Masek, Anna

Masek, Louisa

Masel, Margaret

Mason, Emma

Mason, John

Mason, Theodore

Masone, Enrico D. Jr.

Massey, Sarah A.

Massey, Thomas

Massing, Ottillie F.

Masson, Margaret

Mastebrook, Bertha

Masters, Ester

Masterson, Louisa

Masterson, Mary C.

Masur, Joseph

Mater, Gallagher

Matheis, Josephine

Mathes, Ely

Mathews, Mary E.

Mathis, Augusta

Matjeka, Mary

Matousek, Michael J.

Matoushek, Barbara

Matson, Lucy

Mattern, John

Matthews, Chester N.

Matthews, Garrett C.

Matthews, Margaret

Mattingly, Rosalie Ann

Mattson, Leonard A.

Matzen, Christian

Matzenbacher, Margareth

Mauer, Anna M.

Maul, Peter

Maul, Thomas

Maule, Cornelia

Maulhardt, Christine

Maurer, Elizabeth

Mauro, Bigio

Maus, Jacob

Mausehund, Henry J.

Mavrinac, Frank

Mawdsley, Emma E.

Max, Christina

Maxa, Mary Magdaline

Maxwell, Margaret

May, E. J.

May, Eleanore

May, Gottlieb

May, Johanna

May, John R.

May, L. R.

May, M.

May, Thomas

Maybury, William E.

Mayer, Adam

Mayer, Catherine

Mayer, Louise

Mayer, Mary A.

Mayer, Rosa H.

Mayfield, (Dr.) William Henderson

Mayfield, (Mrs. Dr. W. H.) Ellen

Mayfield, W. H.

Mayhew, Mollie

Mayland, Charles E.

Mayo, Anna P.

Mazera, John

Mc Andrews, Mary

Mc Ardle, Catherine

Mc Ardle, Mary

Mc Arthur, Esther Mary

Mc Ateer, Mamie

Mc Auliffe, Florence

Mc Auliffe, James

Mc Avoy, Nellie

Mc Bride, Orbell

Mc Bride, Thomas J.

Mc Cabe, (Rev.) James J.

Mc Cabe, John Joseph

Mc Call, Annie

Mc Call, K.

Mc Callister, Johanna

Mc Camant, Sarah

Mc Carran, Fannie

Mc Carrey, Vernon

Mc Carthy, (Off., STLPD) Jeremiah L.

Mc Carthy, C.

Mc Carthy, Dennis D.

Mc Carthy, Hannah

Mc Carthy, James J.

Mc Carthy, John H.

Mc Carthy, M. J.

Mc Carthy, Mary

Mc Carthy, Patrick

Mc Carthy, W. J.

Mc Cartney, Jane

Mc Carty, James T.

Mc Cash, Helen

Mc Cauley, Verion

Mc Causland, Eliza V.

Mc Causland, Mamie

Mc Cheney, Troy

Mc Chesney, Mildred

Mc Chesney, Nellie E.

Mc Clain, Nina S.

Mc Clain, W.

Mc Clain, W. D.

Mc Clary, Virginia

Mc Clellan, Charles W.

Mc Clure, Frederick E.

Mc Clure, Ruth Elam

Mc Clurg, Edgar H.

Mc Cluskey, Josephine

Mc Comish, Mary

Mc Connell, Catherine

Mc Connell, Martha A.

Mc Cord, Oscar

Mc Corkell, Thomas M.

Mc Cormack, Ellen

Mc Cormack, John C.

Mc Cormack, Julia

Mc Cormack, Margaret

Mc Cormack, T. C.

Mc Cormack, Thomas Archer

Mc Cormack, William L.

Mc Cormick, Anna

Mc Cormick, Elin M.

Mc Coy, Aaron

Mc Coy, Charles

Mc Coy, J. R.

Mc Coy, Katherine

Mc Crady, Mabel E.

Mc Crea, Joseph P.

Mc Cready, Charles G.

Mc Crone, Patrick M.

Mc Culie, Elizabeth

Mc Cullen, Marion S.

Mc Cullough, (Mrs. A. J.) M. A.

Mc Curry, James

Mc Daniel, Dorothy

Mc Daniels, Ira

Mc Derby, Catherine

Mc Dermott, Andrew

Mc Dermott, Bridget

Mc Doaiell, Harriet

Mc Donald, (Capt.) Edward J.

Mc Donald, Alexander

Mc Donald, Angus

Mc Donald, Charles Emmet

Mc Donald, Edward

Mc Donald, Effie

Mc Donald, Eugene F.

Mc Donald, Gabriel C.

Mc Donald, James

Mc Donald, John J.

Mc Donald, Joseph E.

Mc Donald, Katherine V.

Mc Donald, Peter

Mc Donald, T.

Mc Donald, Thomas

Mc Donnell, Estelle

Mc Donnell, Richard

Mc Donough, Bridget

Mc Donough, Johanna

Mc Donough, John

Mc Donough, Margaret

Mc Dowell, Edward

Mc Dowell, M.

Mc Duffy, F.

Mc Elevey, Margaret

Mc Elligott, Mary

Mc Elory, G.

Mc Elroy, Catharine

Mc Elroy, E. A.

Mc Elroy, Lillian

Mc Evaddy, Patrick

Mc Evilly, Anthony J.

Mc Evilly, Margaret

Mc Evoy, Catherine A.

Mc Farland, Julian F.

Mc Farland, Robert L.

Mc Gauley, John

Mc Gauly, Thomas

Mc Geary, Bessie

Mc Gee, John F.

Mc Gill, Rose Hannah

Mc Girk, I.

Mc Glynn, Josephine F.

Mc Godrick, Patrick J.

Mc Gonigal, James P.

Mc Gough, Mary E.

Mc Gough, Walter

Mc Gowan, Mathew

Mc Grade, James E.

Mc Grane, Mary E.

Mc Grath, Bridget

Mc Grath, Denis

Mc Grath, Eugene P.

Mc Grath, Francis T.

Mc Grath, Jerry E.

Mc Grath, Margaret

Mc Grath, Maria

Mc Grath, Patrick

Mc Grath, William

Mc Grew, Andrew G.

Mc Grievy, Helen M.

Mc Gruder, Emma

Mc Guire, Anna

Mc Guire, James G.

Mc Guire, John Erold

Mc Guire, William

Mc Hugh, Margaret

Mc Hugh, Mary

Mc Hugh, Michael N.

Mc Inerney, Michael

Mc Intyre, Genevieve

Mc Intyre, Phillip F.

Mc Kain, Carrie O’B.

Mc Kean, Violey May

Mc Keever, Barney

Mc Kenna, John F.

Mc Keown, William J.

Mc Kinnis, L. M.

Mc Kittrick, (Rev.) William J.

Mc Kittrick, Jennie E.

Mc Known, William C.

Mc Lain, John T.

Mc Laughlin, Luke

Mc Laughlin, W. H.

Mc Lean, Allan J.

Mc Lean, Anne

Mc Lean, Jeannette

Mc Lean, John L.

Mc Leod, Alice Albon “Mrs. Nelson W. M’Leod Dies”

Mc Loughlin, John Jr.

Mc Mahon, Catherine

Mc Mahon, Frances Eileen

Mc Mahon, Kate L.

Mc Mahon, Patrick

Mc Mahon, William

Mc Manus, Bryant

Mc Manus, Elizabeth

Mc Manus, Mamie

Mc Manus, Martin

Mc Math, Robert H.

Mc Mechen, Maria Davis

Mc Mellon, Horace

Mc Menamy, Louisa

Mc Millin, Laura

Mc Morris, J.

Mc Mullen, H.

Mc Namara, Catherine

Mc Namara, Sarsfield

Mc Namara, William

Mc Namee, Michael J.

Mc Neal, Elnora Weice

Mc New, Kenneth E.

Mc Nulty, Winifred

Mc Nut, John W.

Mc Nutt, Mathilda Ida

Mc Pherson, H.

Mc Pherson, H. E.

Mc Pherson, Sarah Ann

Mc Quellan, Hugh P.

Mc Robbins, Sallie

Mc Rory, Annie L.

Mc Skimming, George

Mc Sweeney, Mary

Mc Williams, Margaret

McCann, William Worth

McCarthy, John H.

McCullough, Leroy

Mead, Edward H.

Mead, Isaac M.

Meade, Hannah

Meagher, Elizabeth

Meagher, Mary A.

Meara, Mary

Meare, G. B.

Mears, (Mrs. J. C.)

Mears, Grace Bowman

Meaux, William

Meckfessel, Caroline

Meckfessel, Rudolph

Meckfessel, Wilhelmina

Meckfessel, William

Mederer, Andrew

Medley, Mary J.

Meehan, Annie M.

Meehan, Kate

Meehan, Norah M.

Meehan, Timothy

Meehan, William D.

Meek, Katherine

Meekel, Rose

Mees, William

Meesburger, Gus

Mehlberg, Carl

Mehring, Rose

Mehrkens, Engel

Meier, August

Meier, Catherine

Meier, Charles

Meier, Clara Louise

Meier, Dorothy

Meier, George J.

Meier, Louis

Meier, Sadie

Meier, Verena

Meiners, Mary

Meinertz, Regina

Meinhardt, A.

Meinhardt, M. Margaret

Meise, Edna W.

Meisemann, Phil

Meisner, Barbara

Meister, Magdalena Dorothea

Meixner, Catherine

Melcher, August Jr.

Melcher, E. L.

Melchior, Otto Jr.

Meling, Conrad

Mellier, Albin

Melton, Richard J.

Mencke, Esther

Menckel, Minnie C.

Menestrina, (Dr.) Francis

Menge, E. A.

Menges, George W.

Menges, Mary Rose

Menke, Caroline

Menke, Elizabeth

Menke, Henry W.

Menke, Olivette

Mennemeyer, Charles L.

Menown, James

Mental, Mary

Menze, Henry E.

Menze, John I.

Menzemer, Robert W.

Mepham, Arthur L.

Mepham, Harry W.

Mepham, Mary

Mercurio, F.

Meredith, George E.

Meredith, Sophia Ann

Merendino, Catherina

Meriwether, Elizabeth Avery

Merkel, Harry

Merkel, Henry J.

Merkel, Margaret Mary

Merkel, Susana

Merkens, Henrietta

Merker, Anna

Merlatti, A.

Merlo, Caesar D.

Mermod, Emma

Mermod, Mary

Mernagh, James

Merrick, Ida H.

Merrick, Mary A.

Merrifield, James K.

Merrman, S.

Merschwirth, Sophie Louisa Mathilda

Merse, Mary

Mertens, George F. Jr.

Mertsching, Anna

Mertz, Agnes

Mertz, Carolina

Mertz, Minnie

Merz, George A.

Merz, Mary

Messenger, N. W.

Messmer, Anna

Messmer, Jacob

Messmer, Mary

Messmer, Minnie

Messmer, Victoria

Metcalf, Martha

Mette, Louis

Metz, Frederick

Metz, Margaret

Metz, Marie

Metz, Wilhelmina

Metzger, August

Metzger, Elizabeth

Metzger, Margaret

Metzger, Rosa

Metzger, Stephen A. ‘George’

Meuser, Cecelia

Meyberg, Harry

Meyberger, Joseph

Meyer, Annie Caroline

Meyer, Anthony

Meyer, Augusta Anna

Meyer, Charles H.

Meyer, Clara

Meyer, Dora M.

Meyer, Ellen

Meyer, Felix

Meyer, Flora

Meyer, Frances

Meyer, Frederich Wilhelm

Meyer, Frederick

Meyer, Frieda

Meyer, Helen

Meyer, Henry

Meyer, Isabella

Meyer, Julius R.

Meyer, Lillian Sophie

Meyer, Louis

Meyer, M.

Meyer, Mary

Meyer, Mary

Meyer, Mary

Meyer, Mary A.

Meyer, Mary Rosa

Meyer, Matilda

Meyer, Paul J.

Meyer, Rudolph A.

Meyer, Rudolph H.

Meyer, Theresa

Meyer, W.

Meyer, Wilhelmina

Meyer, William A.

Meyerholz, Anna

Meyerkord, Catherine

Meyers, I.

Meyers, John

Meyers, Maggie

Meyers, Mary

Meyers, Theresa

Meyrl, Mary

Michael, Anna

Michael, Catherine

Michael, Martin

Michaelis, H.

Michaels, Gustave

Michaels, Johanna

Michalek, Frances

Michalski, Theodore Henry Paul

Michalski, William

Michalsky, F.

Micheau, Pelagie

Michel, Irene

Michel, Katherine

Michel, Maria

Michel, Mary

Michel, Mary Ann

Michelmann, John H.

Michels, Frank

Michelson, Hannah

Middleton, Lelia

Miehe, Ida

Mielke, C. Julius R.

Mienhardt, Josephine

Mier, August

Mierch, Louisa

Mik, Rose

Mikes, Joseph

Mikus, J.

Milburn, Harry

Milburn, Rose N.

Mildstead, Miltschutz John

Milges, Mary

Milkovic, M.

Millar, Mary

Millard, George L.

Milleham, N.

Miller, A.

Miller, Adele Helen

Miller, Andrew

Miller, August F.

Miller, Augusta

Miller, Charles

Miller, Daniel J.

Miller, F. A.

Miller, Ferdinand Otto

Miller, Frank E.

Miller, George W.

Miller, Georgie L.

Miller, Harriett C.

Miller, Henry

Miller, Ida

Miller, Jacob

Miller, Julius

Miller, Kate

Miller, Lettie

Miller, Louis

Miller, Louisa

Miller, Louise

Miller, Martha

Miller, Martha

Miller, Martha A.

Miller, Mary E.

Miller, Mayme

Miller, Richard

Miller, Robert H.

Miller, William

Miller, William H.

Millington, J.

Million, Josephine

Mills, Edward

Mills, George

Mills, Jack

Mills, Lucy Wood

Milne, Clay G.

Miltschutz, J.

Milward, Ellen

Mink, Annette Dorothy

Minne, Charles

Minnigerode, Rudolph

Minor, Julia

Minor, Julia Lawrence

Minter, Martin

Minto, Anna

Mintz, Hyman

Mirabella, A.

Mirgain, Peter

Mirtsching, Anna

Miskel, John

Missbauer, Frank J.

Mitchell, A.

Mitchell, Clara

Mitchell, Claude A.

Mitchell, E.

Mitchell, Edward

Mitchell, Ella

Mitchell, Emily E.

Mitchell, Florence

Mitchell, Joseph C.

Mitchell, Louis F.

Mitchell, Minnie

Mitchell, Peter

Mitchell, Silas

Mitchell, Sophie

Mitchell, T.

Mitchell, William D.

Mittelberg, Amelia

Mittendorf, Annie

Mittenmeller, Peter

Mittler, Caroline Elizabeth

Moberg, Frank O.

Mobsy, Ollie

Mockobey, Eva E.

Moder, Amelia R.

Modzinski, Frank Jr.

Moehlmann, Henrietta

Moehlmann, Wilhelmina

Moehner, Margaret

Moehring, Josephine

Moehrle, Elizabeth Laura

Moehrle, Fannie

Moehrle, Matthew

Moeller, Augusta

Moeller, Edward S.

Moeller, J.

Moenkeman, Anna

Moes, Andrew

Moeser, (Off.) John T.

Moeser, Philip Sr.

Moeslein, John

Moesser, Margaret

Mohan, Anthony J.

Mohler, Martin

Mohr, (Rev.) Henry

Mohr, Michael

Mohrman, Ida

Mohrmann, Casper H.

Mohrmann, Louisa A.

Molden, Kuniegunda

Moler, John A.

Moller, William T.

Molloy, Catherine

Moloney, Nora

Moloney, Sarah

Molony, Nora

Molt, Minnie

Molumby, Catherine

Molz, William

Monahan, Ellen

Monahan, Mary Agnes

Monday, Emma

Montague, Frances L.

Montgomery, Emma J.

Montgomery, James P.

Montgomery, Martha

Montine, Theresa

Moody, Mary

Moon, E. I.

Mooney, Anna

Mooney, Bridget

Mooney, Daniel

Mooney, F. W.

Mooney, John

Mooney, Ricard Henry Sr.

Moore, Alfred Henry

Moore, Carrie

Moore, Catherine

Moore, Ellen

Moore, H.

Moore, Hannah

Moore, Hilarean J.

Moore, J.

Moore, John H.

Moore, John J.

Moore, John Leo

Moore, John S.

Moore, Margaret

Moore, Marie

Moore, Marie Laura

Moore, Mary

Moore, Norine

Moore, Rosie

Moore, Thomas O.

Moore, Thomas Sr.

Moore, William W.

Moorehouse, Frank F.

Mooren, Sallie

Moraghan, Annie

Morall, Jacob

Moran, (Rev.) William

Moran, Catherine

Moran, Daniel C.

Moran, Elizabeth

Moran, Gerald Carey

Moran, J. C.

Moran, Johanna

Moran, John

Moran, Margareta

Moran, Sadie A.

Moran, Thomas J.

Moran, William

Moranville, Calvin

Moreau, Adelaide E.

Moresi, Adele

Moresi, L.

Morey, F.

Morgan, (Mrs. William Jr.)

Morgan, Charles

Morgan, J.

Morgan, Laura Ella

Morgan, Mary

Morgan, Rose

Morgan, William

Morgens, William B.

Moriarty, Mrs. Bridget

Morie, Mary A.

Morische, Mathilda

Moriz-Eichborn, Wolfgang

Morlang, Philipp

Morley, Patrick

Morris, (Off.) Thomas

Morris, Adell

Morris, B. F.

Morris, J.

Morris, James A.

Morris, Joanna A.

Morris, John

Morris, Joseph

Morris, Loretta Lucile

Morris, Lucy

Morris, Mary

Morris, Mary

Morris, Robert

Morrisey, Bridget

Morrison, Isabella

Morrison, Isabelle

Morrison, Kate

Morrison, Mary

Morrissey, Margaret

Morse, Minnie May

Morseman, Estelle Lyon

Morshalek, Helen

Morsiche, M.

Mort, Mildred Harriet

Mortell, Bridget

Mortimer, William N.

Morton, Edward

Morton, Winston

Mosbacher, Walter

Mosely, Charles

Moser, Alfred C.

Moser, Josephine C.

Moser, Marie

Mosner, Earl

Moss, Charles Julius

Moss, Isaac

Motlik, Katherine

Mottle, Lucille

Mottmuller, Emily

Motz, Jacob

Motzel, Lena

Motzel, Rosaline

Mougin, Norinne

Moulton, Julius

Moultrie, Isaac

Moustafa, Rahif

Moxley, Maggie A.

Mozdzinski, Frank

Muehlbauer, Josephine

Muehldorfer, Martina

Muelins, Ruth

Mueller, Adele

Mueller, Adolph

Mueller, Albert

Mueller, Amelia K.

Mueller, Anna

Mueller, Anna

Mueller, Anna

Mueller, Anna C.

Mueller, Anna Louise Margaret

Mueller, Antoine

Mueller, August F.

Mueller, Caroline

Mueller, Carrie

Mueller, Charles

Mueller, Charles F. A.

Mueller, Egidius

Mueller, Emil

Mueller, Ernest

Mueller, George Frederick

Mueller, Gottfried

Mueller, H. H.

Mueller, Henry

Mueller, Irene Bessie

Mueller, John

Mueller, Louis

Mueller, M. Herman Henry

Mueller, Maria

Mueller, Marie

Mueller, Mary

Mueller, Mary A.

Mueller, Mary Elizabeth

Mueller, Mason Clark

Mueller, Maud C.

Mueller, Mayme

Mueller, Myrtle

Mueller, Rosina

Mueller, Rudolph V.

Mueller, Walburge

Mueller, William C.

Muesenfechter, Agnes

Muesenfechter, Mary

Muesing, Maria

Muhs, Barbara Bertha

Muich, A.

Muirhead, George

Mulac, Barbara

Mulcahy, James

Muldoon, Jennie M.

Mulhall, John

Mulhall, William F.

Mullally, Ellen N.

Mullaney, Catherine

Mullen, (Master) Billie

Mullen, Bridget

Mullen, Catherine

Mullen, Joseph W.

Muller, G. F.

Muller, John D.

Mullich, John Sr.

Mullich, Viola

Mullinger, Mamie

Mullins, Mary

Mullins, Ruth E.

Muloc, Barbara

Mulrooney, Ellen

Mulroy, Mary

Mulvihill, Mary H.

Mulvihill, Michael R.

Mumperow, Emil

Mumpton, John J.

Mundy, Stella

Munson, Cordelia

Munster, Albert H.

Murat, John

Muray, William H.

Murbach, Rosa

Murillo, Jesse J.

Murphey, Lucille

Murphy, Amelia Lillian

Murphy, Anna M.

Murphy, Catherine

Murphy, Charles R.

Murphy, Daniel

Murphy, Edward J.

Murphy, Elizabeth

Murphy, Elizabeth

Murphy, Ellen

Murphy, Ellen

Murphy, Florence

Murphy, J.

Murphy, J.

Murphy, James

Murphy, James J.

Murphy, Johanna

Murphy, John

Murphy, John J.

Murphy, John W.

Murphy, Julia C.

Murphy, Louisa

Murphy, Margaret

Murphy, Margaret Margaret

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Mary Ellen

Murphy, Mathias J.

Murphy, Michael C.

Murphy, Oliver G.

Murphy, Patrick

Murphy, Thomas

Murphy, Thomas James

Murphy, William J.

Murr, Dora

Murray, Anna

Murray, Annie

Murray, Frank W.

Murray, Henry L.

Murray, Hugh

Murray, Margaret

Murray, Mary Bridget

Murray, Michael

Murray, Nellie G.

Murray, T.

Murray, Thomas C.

Murray, Thomas D.

Murray, William H.

Murray, William T.

Murtaugh, (Rev.) James A.

Murtfeld, August H. J.

Muse, M.

Musick, W. J.

Mussback, Ida

Musskopf, Fred H.

Musskopf, J. H.

Mustoe, Arthur L.

Muth, Maria A.

Mutrtrux, L. N.

Mutschler, Dorothy M.

Myer, Mary

Myers, Pearl D.

Myers, Sam

Myers, William S.

Mykins, Laura B.

Mykins, Sarah

Myrick, Aleta Bessie

Mysiak, Alexander