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Surnames beginning with J

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Jablonski, Julia

Jacaty, J. Vernon

Jack, Harriet Ann

Jackes, Mary

Jackman, William W. H.

Jackson, Barney

Jackson, Eliza

Jackson, George

Jackson, H.

Jackson, Jonas

Jackson, Lena

Jackson, Mildred

Jackson, S.

Jackson, William

Jacob, Dorathy

Jacob, Mary

Jacobberger, Maria Anna

Jacobs, Alice

Jacobs, Anna

Jacobs, Bradford

Jacobs, Fanny F.

Jacobs, Mary

Jacobs, Mary Ann

Jacobsmeyer, Anna

Jacobus, Jacob R.

Jacoby, Mary

Jacoby, Theodore E.

Jacques, Amanda Westfall

Jad, Frank

Jaeger, Carolina

Jahn, Susanna

Jahns, Caroline

Jahrand, Marie E.

James, B.

James, Charlotte

James, David

James, Sarah B.

James, William L.

Janes, M.

Janeschek, Matilda

Janeshek, Helen

Janisch, Wenzel

Janning, Maria Rosa

Janousheck, Josephine

Jansen, Herman

Jansen, Mary Elizabeth

Janssen, Laura M.

Janssen, Oscar

Japps, Mariana

Jarrett, Mary Agnes

Jarvis, Annie May

Jasinski, John

Jasper, Bernard

Jasper, Casper Joseph

Jaspering, Caroline

Jaspering, Clara Louise

Jeanneret, Edmond

Jefferie, Amelia

Jeffers, George

Jefferson, D. H.

Jefferson, J. W.

Jeffords, Bessie

Jeffrey, Elizabeth Howell

Jeffrey, Walter R.

Jeffries, Lealia

Jelinek, Joseph

Jen, Xavier

Jenkins, Anna M.

Jenkins, Justine M.

Jenkins, Lily Huline

Jenn, Xavier

Jenne, Minnie

Jennelle, Gladys Elenore

Jennemann, Pauline

Jennings, Bridget

Jennings, Julia

Jennings, Mary

Jennings, W. G.

Jensen, Marie

Jerome, Walter ‘Jerry’

Jessen, Ida

Jessup, (Dr.) Charles A.

Jesta, Eugenia

Jeter, H. C.

Jewell, (Lt., STLFD) Benjamin L.

Jewell, Robert D.

Jobrand, Marie

Jobson, Anna

Jobst, Anna

Joeckel, Andrew Jr.

Joerding, Marie

Joerger, Margaret

Johanning, Lydia M.

Johannpeter, Alice

Johansen, Adolph H.

Johler, Charles

John, Caroline

Johnno, Peter

Johns, Mathew

Johnson, A.

Johnson, Agnes

Johnson, Albert T.

Johnson, Anna

Johnson, Anna B.

Johnson, Anne

Johnson, Annie Blow

Johnson, C.

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, Chris

Johnson, Cynthia

Johnson, Eva

Johnson, G. L.

Johnson, Harriet

Johnson, Ida

Johnson, John

Johnson, Katherine

Johnson, Kathryn E.

Johnson, Le Roy

Johnson, Maggie L.

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Maud

Johnson, O. A.

Johnson, Oscar

Johnson, Otto A.

Johnson, Paul

Johnson, Pauline

Johnson, Plenna

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, Rose

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, Watson D.

Johnson, William

Johnson, William G.

Johnson, William L.

Johnson-Harris, Christina

Johnsson, John

Johnston, Nellie

Jokel, Christian

Jokerst, Robert

Jokisch, Theresa

Jones, Agnes

Jones, Alfred

Jones, Anna

Jones, Carrie

Jones, Catharine

Jones, Cecilia

Jones, Charles H.

Jones, Edward

Jones, Emily

Jones, Emily M.

Jones, Emma Mauro

Jones, Frances Shepperd

Jones, George C.

Jones, H.

Jones, Harry

Jones, Hortense

Jones, I. M.

Jones, J. C.

Jones, James

Jones, James Carlisle

Jones, James I.

Jones, John A.

Jones, John A.

Jones, John D.

Jones, L.

Jones, Laura

Jones, Laura May

Jones, Lee

Jones, Lottie

Jones, M.

Jones, Myrtle

Jones, Nettie

Jones, Olive B.

Jones, P. A.

Jones, P. W.

Jones, Paul G.

Jones, R.

Jones, Raymond

Jones, S.

Jones, Sarah

Jones, T.

Jones, Teresa

Jones, Thomas E.

Jones, Thomas L.

Jones, W. A.

Jones, William

Jordan, Blanche

Jordon, C.

Jorns, August Joseph

Jorns, Joseph

Joseph, Rose

Josephthal, Marie Louise

Joslin, (Mrs. L. B.)

Joslin, Augusta

Jost, Margaret

Jostes, Caroline

Jostes, Mary

Jovanovich, J.

Joy, Mary Frances

Joyce, Mary

Judge, Ellen M.

Judge, Thomas J.

Judlin, Charles J.

Juelich, John

Juergens, Helen

Juergens-Moehner, Margaret

Julian, Marcus R.

Julius, Cecilia

Julius, Charles F.

Jumper, Aryillia

June, E. B.

Jung, Daniel

Jung, Joseph

Jungling, Henry Clemens

Junod, Louisa

Jurden, S. W.

Jurgens, Alice

Jurgens, Edward

Justinger, Theresa

Justinski, Walter