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Surnames beginning with T

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Taaff, Nicholas

Tait, W.

Talafos, Catherine

Talbert, Mary

Talbot, Francis

Talley, Irene J.

Talmies, Eusade

Tamm, Johanna

Tammany, Michael

Tann, Johanna

Tannehill, R.

Tannhauer, Henriette

Tapella, G.

Taphorn, August

Tapphorn, Emilie

Tarwater, Peter F.

Taschner, E.

Tate, S.

Tatum, L.

Taubold, Henry C.

Taussig, Richard A.

Taylor, Allen Van Buren

Taylor, Annie

Taylor, B.

Taylor, Clarence E.

Taylor, Ella

Taylor, F.

Taylor, H.

Taylor, J.

Taylor, James P.

Taylor, Jasper E.

Taylor, L.

Taylor, Loraine Helen

Taylor, M. E.

Taylor, Seneca N.

Taylor, Teresa J.

Taylor, W.

Taylor, William D.

Tebeau, Thomas Allen

Tebo, Cecelia

Tegethoff, Eugenia L.

Teggs, M.

Telhoister, Mary

Tellbrook, G.

Tellman, H. M.

Tellmann, William

Temm, (Dr.) Francis Augustus

Temm, Joseph A.

Temme, H.

Temple, R.

Tendler, Helena

Tenhibben, Annie

Tenney, Ellen M.

Tepe, Edna Emma

Tepe, Fred

Terara, M.

Terhellen, Augusta

Terrell, Emma

Terry, A.

Terry, James H.

Terry, Vashti Boardman

Terry, William M.

Tesar, Anna

Tesdale, D.

Tessmer, Michael

Tesson, Matilda

Teupker, R. I.

Teutenberg, Florence W.

Thal, H.

Thamann, Catherine

Thane, William

Thebus, Adam

Theby, Johanna

Thee, Catherine M.

Thefeld, Edward L.

Theilner, August

Theis, Joseph

Theiss, Ralph

Thele, William J.

Theobald, Lester

Thias, Julius F.

Thiel, Clothilda

Thielen, C. O.

Thiemann, Augusta

Thierauf, Anna Marie

Thieraus, Mary Anna

Thiet, Johanna

Thobe, Bernidina

Thoele, William

Thoene, Minnie

Thole, Mary

Thols, M.

Thoma, Bertha

Thoman, J.

Thoman, Johanna

Thomas, A. Amanda

Thomas, Annie

Thomas, Calvin L.

Thomas, Ernest T.

Thomas, Eva

Thomas, Frank H.

Thomas, James

Thomas, John W.

Thomas, L.

Thomas, Mary A.

Thomas, Sarah

Thomas, Thomas E.

Thompson, (Capt. STLFD) Joseph G.

Thompson, C.

Thompson, Celia

Thompson, Emilia

Thompson, F.

Thompson, Frances J.

Thompson, G. G.

Thompson, J. W.

Thompson, John C.

Thompson, Joseph

Thompson, L.

Thompson, Louise A.

Thone, Julius Henry

Thorn, Enoch F.

Thornhill, Frank A.

Thornhill, Jennie Alice

Thorning, Monte C.

Thornton, Bridget

Thornton, Eleanor M.

Thornton, Florence

Thornton, J.

Thornton, John J.

Thornton, William P.

Thorp, Ellen

Thorp, George

Thorwarth, Frederick C.

Thorwegen, Catherine

Thorwegen, Margaret

Thum, Emma

Thummel, John B.

Thuning, M.

Thurm, E.

Thurston, G.

Tice, Sidney

Tiefenauer, Mary

Tielkemeyer, H.

Tiemann, Sophia W.

Tiemeyer, Lena

Tiemmel, F.

Tiernan, Nicholas J.

Tierney, J.

Tierney, James

Tierney, William

Tigges, George W.

Tillotson, Lillian

Timmermann, Catherine Elizabeth

Timmermann, Joseph

Timpone, Muriel Rose

Tincher, Charles A.

Tirre, William

Tittiger, F.

Tittmann, George Fabian

Tobben, Frank

Tobey, S. E.

Tobias, Frances

Tobias, Jeanette

Tobin, A. C.

Tobin, Anna

Tobin, Annie

Tobin, Bernidina

Tobin, Mary

Tobin, Mildred

Tockstein, August Sr.

Tod, Olivia C.

Todd, La Vourne

Todd, Maria L.

Toelke, C.

Toeneboehn, Amelia

Toenges, Louis Frederick

Tokraks, H.

Toma, Albert

Tomasek, Helen Catherine

Tomaszowski, Fran

Tomfohrse, Margarette M.

Tompkins, Ann

Tonella, Severino

Toney, E.

Tons, George

Toohey, Elizabeth

Toomey, Ellen

Toomey, Ellen

Toomey, Mary

Toomey, Michael

Toomy, M.

Topel, H.

Topp, S. E.

Topping, Alexander R.

Torbert, Susie L.

Torlotting, Arthur

Torlotting, Peter

Toronsend, F.

Torrence, James G.

Torrence, Marie

Toul, Louise

Tourny, J. V.

Tourville, Susan

Towell, John F.

Towles, Thomas Oliver

Townsend, Leonard G.

Townsend, Rachel _eyer

Townsend, Thomas

Toy, Louis

Traber, Mary

Tracka, Robert

Tracy, Fannie S.

Tracy, John A.

Tracy, Mary

Tracy, Patrick

Tracy-Hannigan, Ann

Tracy-Mc Laughlin, Anna

Trahe, M.

Trapp, Frederick F.

Tregerthen, Mary M.

Tremmel, Frank

Trenholm, James

Trephauk, Charles F.

Trester, Lillie

Treymyer, Charles

Trier, Anna M.

Trimble, Julia A.

Trimble, Charles T.

Trinka, G.

Trinka, M.

Trintrup, M. A.

Triphank, C. F.

Tripp, Charles

Trisler, Eugene A.

Trittermann, Clara M.

Troester, Mary A.

Trogolia, Cecilia

Troll, Philippine

Tross, Gertrude

Trost?, Catherine

Troy, James

Trube, Ida

True, Alexander

True, Barbara C.

True, S. F.

Trueb, Herman

Truesdail, Lionel J.

Trunk, Fredericka

Truslove, Elizabeth

Tryon, J. E.

Tuchler, Mary

Tucker, Arthur E.

Tucker, Gertrude A.

Tucker, M. A.

Tucker, W.

Tuegel, Herman Sr.

Tuepker, Ruby Irene

Tueter, J. H.

Tuey, Ezeida

Tugendrich, Leah Leiser

Tull, Clara

Tullis, Laura

Tully, Kivas K.

Tully, Michael

Tulow, D.

Tumbach, Katherine

Tunanen, Margaret Sophia

Turley, Morris L.

Turner, Henry J.

Turner, Julia

Turner, L.

Turner, Richard Major

Turner, T.

Turner, W.

Turner, Wilson P. H.

Turnure, (Rev.) Daniel W.

Tuthill, Ethel M.

Twele, Josephine

Twellman, Minnie

Twist, Ellen

Tyler, Alice Robertson

Tyler, Cyrus L.

Tyler, Julia

Tyler, T.