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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabanne, James Sheppard Jr.

Cadle, Catherine

Cadle, L. P.

Cadwell, John J.

Cady, Catherine

Caffall, Nellie S.

Caffrey, Annie

Cahill, Annie

Cahill, Augusta E.

Cahill, John

Cahill, John L.

Cahill, Marion V.

Caho, Frederick George

Cain, J.

Cain, John A.

Cain, T.

Cairns, Ellen

Calcaterra, M.

Caldwell, Anna M.

Caldwell, Margaret

Calif, E. H.

Call, Francis M.

Callahan, Johanna A.

Callahan, John J.

Callanan, Patrick

Calliott, Emily

Callitham, J. H.

Calvert, Elizabeth

Cameron, Kate

Cammack, Mittie

Cammella, G.

Campbell, J.

Campbell, L.

Campbell, Laura Bogy

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, Michael E.

Campbell, R. E.

Campbell, Thomas H.

Campbell, Wilbur M.

Campbell, William E.

Campfield, Charles H.

Campfield, Josephine J.

Candy, Nettie A.

Canman, Martha Jane

Cantillon, N.

Cantlon, David

Capen, Frances Wentworth

Caples, Michael

Capra, Andrew

Caratto, Theresa

Carer, W.

Carey, Bridget

Carey, John

Carey, Martin

Carey, Winnie

Carleton, Margaret

Carmean, R.

Carmil, T. F.

Carmody, (Capt.) Patrick J.

Carmody, Mary Beatrice

Caroway, G.

Carpenter, John Y.

Carpenter, Mary G.

Carr, Annie

Carr, Louise Atchison

Carr, Mary

Carr, Nora

Carr, Walter C.

Carrico, James W.

Carrico, M.

Carriere, (Dr.) Charles L.

Carrione, Mabel

Carr-Menge, Emma

Carroll, Catherine

Carroll, E.

Carroll, Elizabeth

Carroll, John J.

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Olga Rose

Carroll, Sarah E.

Carroll, Thomas F.

Carrow, Emilia Octavia

Carry, W.

Carson, John W.

Carstens, Annie M.

Carstens, Edward

Carten, Thomas

Carter, Eliza J.

Carter, George

Carter, I.

Carter, May

Carter, Narcissa

Carter, R.

Carter, W.

Carter, William L.

Cartwright, E.

Cary, J. B.

Cary, W.

Case, Eveline C.

Casey, (Sgt.) Peter M.

Casey, Frank J.

Casey, J.

Casey, James J.

Casey, Martin

Casey, Patrick J.

Casey, William

Cashion, William

Casnar, Annette de Clue

Caspar, Louisa E.

Casper, Ferdinand

Cassens, Dorothy

Cassidy, Annie

Cassidy, Edward

Cassidy, John P.

Cassidy, Patrick P.

Catarnichi, F.

Cates, Minnie

Catterlin, Celeste

Caudle, Marvel E.

Caudle, Rebecca Marvel

Caudle, Rose

Cauley, Thomas

Cavanaugh, Anna Mae

Cavanaugh, James E.

Cavanaugh, T.

Cavosi, Mary

Cella, Mary

Ceriotti, Paulina

Cevasco, Julia A.

Chabuba, B.

Chaly, Helen

Chamberlain, William F.

Chambers, (see Mrs. William Long)

Chambers, B. Maziere

Chambers, J.

Champagne, Genevieva Cora

Chancey, May

Chandler, D. O.

Chandler, Hattie B.

Chaney, J.

Chaphe, Andrew J.

Chaphe, Mary A.

Chapman, Anna

Chapman, C.

Chapman, Mary Dorsett

Chapman, W. E.

Chappell, Julia B.

Chappell, M.

Chappell, William L.

Charbulak, Celia

Charlot, Virginia Blodgett

Charroppin, (Rev.) Charles M.

Chartrand, Joseph Andrew

Chautrant, Philomena

Chawtin, N.

Chaxel, Rene

Cheney, Josephine

Chesnick, B.

Chessell, Anna

Chewning, Joseph La Barge

Chi, E.

Chibnall, Annie

Chichizola, Eva

Chiermonte, Salvatori

Child, J. C.

Childress, George T.

Childs, A.

Childs, Mary E.

Chilson, Elsie I.

Chisholm, (Dr.) Edmond S.

Chouteau, Beatrice

Chrismer, Elmer E.

Christ, G.

Christen, Charles F.

Christian, Elinor

Christman, M.

Christmann, Annie M.

Christmann, Jacob

Christner, George F.

Christy, Sally

Chulick, Michael

Church, John

Cibulec, Paulina

Cirell, Mary

Clancy, Kate

Clancy, Nellie

Clare, E.

Clark, (Sgt., STLPD) Owen

Clark, Beatrice Chouteau “Chouteau Descendent Dies”

Clark, Charles Floyd

Clark, J.

Clark, James Thomas

Clark, Jennie

Clark, John Henry Churchill

Clark, M. J.

Clark, Mary

Clark, Patrick

Clark, R. C.

Clark, W.

Clark, Walter F.

Clarke, Charles J.

Clarkson-Rowe, Emma

Claus, Jacob L.

Clausen, Marie

Clausen, Peter

Clawin, Pauline

Claxton, Annie D.

Clayberg, Mary

Claybrooks, B.

Clayton, M. R.

Clayton, Mucie B.

Cleary, Thomas F.

Clement, Viola

Clesse, Louise

Cleveland, Caroline

Clifford, Margaret

Climp, Emma

Cline, D.

Clissold, Emma Mary

Cliver, Stanley Cameron

Clobes, James C.

Closs, Elizabeth

Closson, Eliza

Clucas, Leona

Clucas, Valentine Leona

Clymer, Owen F.

Coad, John James

Coad, Joseph

Coady, Nora

Coates, M. Ellen

Cobb, Charles J.

Cobb, William H.

Cody, Edmond

Cody, Joseph P.

Cody, Margaret

Coffey, Loretta

Coffey, Margaret

Coffey, Mary C.

Coffey, Patrick

Coggins, Olive P.

Coghlan, Jane A.

Cohen, Clara

Cohen, W.

Cohick, D.

Cohn, Babette

Cohn, Bertha

Cohn, Fanny W.

Cohn, J.

Cohn, Louis

Cointepas, Adeline S.

Coit, Mary

Colasien, S.

Colbrunn, Mary F.

Cole, Edna Sigafoose

Cole, Elmer

Cole, S. A.

Coleman, M.

Coleman, Nelma

Coleman, Robert Eugene

Colgrave, Charles C.

Collard, Mary Eliza

Collet, Elizabeth

Colletti, Katie

Colligan, Alice M.

Colligan, Ellen

Collins, Ida D.

Collins, Bridget

Collins, C.

Collins, Elizabeth

Collins, Joseph R.

Collins, Margaret

Collins, Stephen J.

Colman, Henrietta

Colmann, Minna

Colvin, John

Combe, Carolina

Combs, Julia A.

Comito, Joseph

Compton, Isabel

Compton, Lillian

Conaway, Everett O.

Condon, Genevieve Catherine

Cone, Katherine Bailey

Conklin, Eugene Leonard

Conley, E.

Conley, Emma May

Conlon, Elizabeth M. Keenan

Conlon, Julia Ward

Connell, Lena T.

Connell, Mary B.

Connell, Patrick R.

Connelly, John

Connelly, Katherine A.

Conner, Matilda Stephenson

Conners, Martha

Connor, M.

Connor, Nora

Connor, Sophie

Connor, William F.

Connors, Emma

Connors, Jane

Connors, Kate

Connors-Moran, Mary

Conrad, Maria

Conrad, Mary

Conrath, Phillip

Conroy, Catherine

Conroy, Francis X.

Conroy, James B.

Conroy, John J.

Constanz, Elizabeth

Conway, Charles J.

Conway, Jennie

Conway, John M.

Conway, Justin M.

Coogan, Catherine

Cook, Abraham

Cook, Annie

Cook, C.

Cook, D.

Cook, Elizabeth

Cook, George Ray

Cook, H. A.

Cook, L.

Cook, Nancy A.

Cook, R.

Cooke, Margaret

Cooke, Thomas A.

Cooke, William T.

Cooley, Frances L.

Cooley, Lila

Coombs, George

Cooney, Arthur R. Jr.

Cooney, Catherine

Cooney, Edward A.

Cooney, Frank X.

Cooney, Thomas J.

Cooper, Catherine

Cooper, Edward

Cooper, Evelyn Agnes

Cooper, L.

Cooper, Leonard R.

Cooper, M. A.

Coopman, William

Copeland, Sarah A.

Copk, G. R.

Corani, Ida

Corbett, Margaret

Corcoran, Catherine

Corcoran, Monaghan

Corcoran, William J.

Cordell, Margaret B.

Cordes, Rose Margaret

Cordes, Viola Belle

Corlay, Isaac

Corn, Fredericka

Corn, H.

Cornelius, Alice Helen

Cornelius, Stephen

Cornell, Esther May

Cornelsen, Dora

Cornwall, Anna

Correll, Mary Elizabeth

Corrigan, Francis J.

Corrigan, I.

Corrigan, Joseph

Corrigan, Joseph L.

Corrigan, William M.

Corvick, Frank J.

Cosgrove, Harry T.

Cosgrove, Patrick

Cosgrove, William Edward

Costain, Lena

Costello, B.

Costello, George

Costello, Joseph W.

Costello, Margaret

Costello, Mary

Costello, Thomas F.

Cothran, H.

Cotter, Hannah

Coughlin, George Edward

Coughlin, Johanna

Coult, Edith Mc Dow

Coulter, Charles

Courson, C. W.

Court, H.

Court, John B.

Courtney, Joseph P.

Courtois, Michel

Courvoisier, Pauline

Cousins, J.

Cousions, Bridget

Covington, Isabelle Yosti

Cowan, Walter

Cowhey, Patrick

Cowlishaw, Jeannette Barr

Cox, Anna M.

Cox, B.

Cox, C. Oliver S.

Cox, Charles S.

Cox, Eva S.

Cox, John A.

Cox, M.

Coxen, R.

Coxhead, Nellie May

Coyce, Anna M.

Coyne, Martin

Cozzens, Mary

Cradick, Catharine

Cradock, Mathew

Craig, Bert W.

Craig, Catherine

Craig, N.

Crain, C.

Crain, M. D.

Cramer, Albert F.

Cramer, Catherine M.

Cramer, Lina

Cramond, Fred H.

Crane, Mamie

Crane, William J.

Cranshaw, Sarah Estelle

Cratz, Ida

Crause, Louisa

Craver, Charles

Crawford, Edna

Crawford, Irene M.

Crawley, Johanna

Crawshaw, J. T.

Creason, George

Creech, E. Z.

Creely, Mamie Klufer

Creighton, Bridget

Creighton, John A.

Creighton, Maria S.

Creley, Mary A.

Crelly, Bertha E.

Cremen, M.

Creswell, Susan

Crews, F.

Cribe, M.

Crinnion, James J.

Crocker, J. A.

Cronheim, Mary

Cronin, John J.

Crosby, Abbie L.

Cross, Arthur E.

Cross, John

Cross, William H.

Crosson, Margaret

Crosswell, M. A.

Crotty, Margaret J.

Crouch, G. L.

Crouch, J. W.

Crowder, C.

Crowley, (Dr.) John

Crowley, Annie

Crowley, William G.

Crucknell, C.

Crump, Agnes A.

Crump, Joseph W.

Cruneleton, E.

Cuddihee, William

Cudlemeyer, Mary

Cullen, James

Cullen, Joseph

Culletin, Margaret

Culpepper, Everett E.

Culver, L.

Cummings, C.

Cummings, Edward J.

Cummings, Margaret

Cummins, L.

Cummins, S. A.

Cummiskey, Mary A.

Cunningham, Emma F.

Cunningham, Ida

Cunningham, J.

Cunningham, Joseph

Cunningham, Margaret

Cunningham, Marie Elizabeth

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Mary A.

Cunningham, Milford O.

Cunnington, Eleanor

Curley, Margaret

Curley, Margaret

Curran, Marie C.

Curran, Minnie

Curran, William

Curry, Alice

Curry, G.

Curson, Margaret

Curtin, John

Curtis, Isabel

Curtis, J.

Curtis, L.

Curtis, May

Cushing, Mary

Czapla, S. Thomas

Czarnacki, G.