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Surnames beginning with A

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A_glin, S.

Abe, L. A.

Abele, Charles R.

Abeles, D. M.

Abell, G. A.

Abeln, Lizzie

Abend, H.

Abernathy, Annie

Abernathy, R.

Abney, S.

Abraham, Adele

Abraham, Cecilie

Abraham, O.

Abrtels, Charles E.

Ackermann, Dorothy

Ackermann, Pauline E.

Acquoneva, A.

Adams, A.

Adams, Earnest Raymond

Adams, Edward H.

Adams, Ella L.

Adams, Ernest

Adams, Melvie

Adams, N.

Adams, Phoebe

Adams, S.

Adams, S. E.

Adamson, Margaret E.

Adhley, E. J.

Adler, William

Aeby, Adolph Jr.

Agoes, J.

Agricola, Magdalena

Agricola, William

Ahearn, Anna

Ahearn, Mary

Ahern, Eugene

Ahlendorf, Elizabeth

Ahlert, Charles F.

Ahrens, Elizabeth

Ahrens, John

Ahrens, Katherine B.

Aiken, Catherine M.

Aitken, Martha P.

Aitken, William

Akin, Candace Perry

Alakasky, George

Albatt, Mary C.

Albenesius, Leo

Albers, Josephine C.

Albers, Mary

Albers, Rudolph

Albers, William

Alberte, Rosina

Albrecht, Christ

Albrecht, Ernst C.

Albrecht, Fredericka

Albrecht, Josephine

Alcorn, Rosella C.

Alers, Anna

Alexander, Charles M.

Alexander, T.

Alexander-Kuster, Edna

Alinghaus, G. H.

Allen, C.

Allen, Charles E.

Allen, J. W.

Allen, James H.

Allen, Jennie

Allen, Joanne

Allen, Nancy A.

Allen, Naomi J.

Allen, Vinetta

Allen, Virginia

Alles, Elizabeth

Alles, George

Allis, Anthony

Allred, Etta

Alpiser, Virgil P.


Alt, Andrew

Altenbernd, O.

Alter, Jennie

Althoff, Amalia

Althoff, August

Althoff, John H.

Altman, Katherine

Altmann, M.

Altmann, Rosina

Altwater, P.

Alvarez, B.

Alvino, Felix D.

Ames, Annie

Ames, Frank

Ammann, Charles J.

Ampleman, William

Amrien, Mary Josephine

Anderlini, Magdelina

Anderson, A.

Anderson, Andrew

Anderson, Elsie Letitia

Anderson, Frederick M.

Anderson, Genevieva Cora

Anderson, George

Anderson, Harry F.

Anderson, Isabell

Anderson, J.

Anderson, John J.

Anderson, John S.

Anderson, L.

Anderson, Ocalia

Anderson, S. E.

Andreas, Celia

Andrews, H. R.

Andrews, J.

Andrews, M.

Andrews, Thomas J.

Angel, Alice Johanna

Angelica, Americo

Angermeyer, C. M.

Ansbro, Michael

Ansmeyer, A. L.

Anson, C.

Anthony, J. S.

Antic, A.

Antram, Mary J.

Antrobius, Catherine

Apenbrink, Margaret

Appel, August

Appel, Louisa M.

Araueth, J.

Ard, Anna A.

Arena, Margaretha

Arens, Mata

Argent, Irene

Armato, K.

Armbruster, Catherine Theresa

Armbruster, Maria B.

Armentrout, James S.

Armour, Emma E.

Armsby, A. W.

Armstron, L. R.

Armstrong, Herbert R.

Armstrong, James E.

Arnd, Theresa

Arndt, Emma

Arndt, Jacob

Arno, Guido

Arnold, Caroline

Arnold, J.

Arnold, Wilhelmina

Aronoff, B.

Arrogast, George

Arthur, J.

Arthur, Rosa

Aschbrock, Henry

Aschinger, Frank A.

Ashby, Linnie

Ashe, Bridget

Ashe, Mary

Ashley, Emma J.

Ashley, Florence

Ashworth, (Mrs. Bridge)

Askman, I.

Asmussen, Marie

Atchison, Louise

Atkinson, C. A.

Atkinson, Joseph P.

Aubuchon, Henry

Aubuchon, Jessie V.

Aubuchon, Lillian

Auderch, Henrietta

Auderline, M.

Auley, J. C.

Aull, Robert

Austero, M.

Austin, Albert

Austin, Louise W.

Austin, W.

Autenrieth, Ruth M.

Avery, Sarah

Avis, Richard T.

Axion, R.

Axt, Franziska

Axtell, Addie E.

Aye, E. O. E.

Ayers, Violet

Ayliffe, John Kent

Ayres, Frances Josephine

Azzouz, M.