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Surnames beginning with J

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Jabe, Sarah

Jack, Walter R.

Jackson, Anna B.

Jackson, Catherine

Jackson, Charles J.

Jackson, D.

Jackson, Henry

Jackson, Julian C.

Jackson, K.

Jackson, Leonard Joseph

Jackson, N.

Jackson, Rosalie

Jackson, S.

Jacob, Joseph W.

Jacobi, Margaret

Jacobs, August J.

Jacobs, Rosie

Jacobsmeyer, Joseph

Jacobsmeyer, Josephine

Jacoby, Marie

Jacques, M. L.

Jaecks, Rudolph Sr.

Jaeger, Catherine

Jager, Raymond

Jagge, H.

Jahn, Catherine

Jahn, Philip

Jahn, Sarah

Jahreiss, Catherine

Jakes, George

James J.

James, Hannah

James, Kate

James, L.

Jameson, Lilburn

Jameson, W. L.

Janda, Joseph

Janes, B. D.

Janes, Caroline

Janke, Bertha

Jansen, Anna

Jansen, Herman

Jansen, Margaretha

Jansen, Pauline M.

Janson, Justin

Janssen, Anna Marguerette

Janssen, Henry C.

Jaques, Thomas A.

Jarnetsky, __kie

Jarvies, Mary Agnes

Jarvis, Richard W.

Jasorka, Frederick

Jasper, Mary A.

Jazemzka, B.

Jecklin, (Off.) John Frederick

Jefferies, L.

Jeffries, (Dr.) J. A.

Jelinek, Magdelena

Jemmer, E. Wilhelmina

Jenkins, C.

Jenkins, N. J.

Jenkins, William A.

Jenn, Peter R.

Jennings, James

Jennings, Patrick J.

Jennison, Edward P.

Jercinarich, K.

Jeude, William

Jeungermann, Catharine

Jewett, Charles E.

Jirauch, William

Jirik, George

Joe, Lee

Joerding, Henry

Joggerst, William

Johanningmeyer, Nonie

John, P.

Johns, Gertrude

Johnson, A.

Johnson, Anna Marguerette

Johnson, Bridget

Johnson, C.

Johnson, Celest

Johnson, Clifford

Johnson, Dora

Johnson, George W. Jr.

Johnson, Grace

Johnson, H. S.

Johnson, Homer Lawrence

Johnson, J. J.

Johnson, John E.

Johnson, Julia

Johnson, Lesly

Johnson, Lillie Grace

Johnson, Luella

Johnson, M.

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Mary E.

Johnson, Mollie

Johnson, Regina

Johnson, Rose

Johnson, S. M.

Johnson, Stella

Johnson, Susan

Johnson, Susan E.

Johnson, Viola

Johnson, W. D.

Johnson, W. S.

Johnson, Walter S.

Johnston, Esther

Johnston, J. B.

Johnston, Jessie Henschen

Johnston, Norley J.

Johnstone, Annie Laurie Y.

Johnstone, Bernice Lois

Jones, Blanch

Jones, C.

Jones, C. A.

Jones, Caroline

Jones, Edward L.

Jones, Elizabeth

Jones, Ella Mary

Jones, Fannie

Jones, George Berj

Jones, Georgia

Jones, Gertrude Mary

Jones, H.

Jones, I.

Jones, J.

Jones, J. P.

Jones, James

Jones, John

Jones, Joseph H.

Jones, L. W.

Jones, Lulu Holmes

Jones, Mary

Jones, P.

Jones, R.

Jones, Richard B.

Jones, Richard D.

Jones, Russell

Jones, Susan

Jones, Theresa

Jones, Theresa Jessel

Jones, W. P. T.

Jonn, P. R.

Joos, Frederick

Jordan, E.

Jordan, Emma

Jordan, Michael J.

Jordan, S.

Jorgenson, Annie Margaret

Joseph, J.

Jost, Barbara

Jost, Elizabeth

Jost, Lena

Jost, Rose L.

Jovanic, M.

Joyce, James

Judge, Arthur J. Sr.

Judge, Mary

Judson, Jennie Eakin

Juede, William Sr.

Juengel, Margaret Lochmoeller

Juengst, Charles F.

Juettemeyer, Anna

Jugas, Theresa

Julian, Frank H.

Julier, Benjamin R.

Julius, Fannie

June, Catherine

Jung, Frank M.

Junior, Henry Adolph

Junker, Fred

Jurecka, Frank

Jutzi, Bernhardt