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Surnames beginning with C

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C_oney, Catherine

Cabanne, _ustin P.

Cable, Henry C.

Cabrillac, Emma

Caesar, Dorothea

Cafferata, Louis C.

Cafferata, Margaret

Cafferata, Mary

Caffrey, Lillie

Cahill, Amenda

Cahill, J.

Cahill, John

Cahill, John F.

Cahill, Mary

Cahill, Mary C.

Cahill, Nellie

Cain, Ellen O’Connell

Cain, John

Caito, A.

Calbey, G. W.

Calcaterra, Angelo

Calcutt, Susan

Caldwell, A.

Caldwell, Boyd C.

Calix, Christina

Calkins, Edmund H.

Calkins, J.

Callahan, Anna

Callahan, Cornelius

Callahan, John W.

Callahan, Margaret

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, May

Callahan, William T.

Callanan, John J.

Callaway, John A.

Calligan, D.

Calligan, J.

Calvert, John J.

Calvert, Rodger B.

Calvey, John

Cambron, James W.

Cameron, Leonard

Cameron, Mary Elizabeth

Camonio, Louise

Campbell, Catherine V.

Campbell, Emma Lillie

Campbell, Frank M.

Campbell, J. William

Campbell, James

Campbell, James H.

Campbell, James Lee

Campbell, John

Campbell, Laura

Campbell, Malissa

Campezzi, T.

Cane, Catherine S.

Canepa, Angelo J.

Canesias, Ann Mary

Canfield, Jane

Canizo, Giovanna

Canmann, Josiah

Cannan, C.

Cannavan, M.

Cantillon, Thomas

Cantrell, William T.

Canty, John P.

Canty, Patrick J.

Canutt, Isabelle

Canzoneri, Francis

Caplan, John

Car, Anna

Carchiaro, S.

Carey, Frank

Carey, Helen F.

Carey, Jane

Carey, Nellie

Carlin, Bernard

Carman, Pearl

Carman, Rena

Carman, Rose

Carmody, Anna

Carney, Nellie

Carnon, Edward

Carpari, Elizabeth

Carpenter, David B.

Carpenter, Genevieve M.

Carpenter, Harriett V.

Carpenter, Robert H.

Carque, Katie

Carr, Bartley

Carr, Elizabeth

Carr, Katherine

Carr, Lucy E.

Carr, R.

Carr, S.

Carr, William P.

Carrey, Emma

Carroll, Ellen

Carroll, Kathryn Rose

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Mary Jane

Carroll, Mathias

Carroll, Nellie E.

Carroll, R.

Carroll, Thomas J.

Carroll, Timothy

Carros, G.

Carson, Louisa

Carstarphen, Owen W.

Cartan, W. J.

Cartan, William J.

Carter, Henry

Carter, Joseph B.

Carter, Louisa

Carter, Margaret

Carter, Nellie

Carter, Robert W.

Carter, William R.

Carter, Zolita

Cartor, Katherine

Cartwright, Fannie

Caruthers, Alice M.

Case, G. C.

Casey, Ellen

Casey, John

Casey, Joseph V.

Casey, Marie

Casey, Mary

Casey, Michael

Casey, Myra E.

Casey, Peter Ambrose

Casey, Thomas Murray

Casey, Timothy J.

Casey, Vir__a

Casey, William P.

Caspari, Elizabeth

Caspari, Ella

Casper, John

Casper, Julius

Cass, (Dr.) William S.

Cassey, Mazella

Cassidy, Doris E.

Cassin, Mary Katherine

Cassin, Violet A.

Castral, Isabell

Catlin, Anna E.

Catlin, Joy

Caufield, Thomas A. E.

Caufield, Thomas Sr.

Caufield, Winifred

Causland, Hannah

Cavagnaro, John C.

Cavan, Mary

Cavanagh, C. T.

Cavanagh, Marguerite

Cavanaugh, Ann

Cavanaugh, Catherine

Cavanaugh, John

Cella, Anthony

Cella, Elizabeth

Cepicky, Catherine

Cerchiaro, Salvatore

Chaefey, Mary A.

Chaffee, Hazel

Chambers, James M.

Chambers, Lulu

Chambers, Phylena

Chance, Catherine

Chandler, Frank C.

Chandler, John W.

Chandler, Owen W.

Chanlen, Angeline

Chapec, Catharena

Chapin, Walter Sandord

Chapinois, Cecelia

Chapman, Emma

Chapman, Emma Bridge

Chapman, Noah B.

Chappel, G. H.

Chappel, Mary J.

Chard, David C.

Charroppin, Emile Lafon

Chartrand, Marie

Chase, Ada B.

Chase, F. N.

Chase, Thomas N.

Chasnoff, J. E. “Revised List of the Dead”

Chatowsky, Morris

Chawlk, Kate

Cheary, Grace M.

Cheatham, R. H.

Chelialls, N.

Chelswske, Ignatius

Cherles, Elmira D.

Chevraux, Valentine

Child, Andrew Jackson

Child, Elizabeth S.

Childress, Amenda

Childs, Elizabeth B.

Chinke, Louisa A.

Chitman, Josephine

Chott, Barbara

Chrismer, Johanna

Chrismer, Newton L.

Chrismer, Ruth Elba

Christen, John

Christian, Robinson Beach

Christie, (Mrs. C. C.)

Christinger, Elizabeth

Christman, Adaline E.

Christmann, Fred W.

Christmann, Louisa

Christopher, Ernst

Christopher, Nancy Jane

Christy, Joseph S. Sr.

Christy, Thomas J.

Church, B. E.

Church, W. H.

Clabes, Charlotte

Claes, Dorothy Marie

Claes, Herman

Claeys, Alfred L.

Clancy, J.

Clancy, James P.

Clantro, J.

Claraintaro, Mike

Claramitaro, Rosa

Clardy, Martin L.

Clark, A. B.

Clark, Annie M.

Clark, Charlotte

Clark, Elizabeth A.

Clark, Florence Schuh

Clark, G. W.

Clark, George H.

Clark, Ira Crane

Clark, James B.

Clark, John

Clark, Mame

Clark, Mary E.

Clark, Mary J.

Clark, Minnie E.

Clark, Theodore C.

Clark, W.

Clarkson, C.

Clarkson, James

Claud, W. J.

Claus, Edwin

Claxon, Florence

Claxton, H. E.

Clay, Annie

Clay, Nellie

Claybrooks, J.

Clayton, John A.

Cleary, Bridget

Cleary, Catherine

Cleary, Delia

Cleary, Ellen B.

Clein, F.

Clemens, Belle May

Clement, Joseph

Clement, Walter O.

Clements, Samuel Ray

Clemons, Hattie

Clemontz, Ma__a I.

Clendenin, Charles M. Sr.

Clermont, Genevieve

Cleveland, Laura

Cliff, William

Clifford, Bridget

Clifford, Edward

Clifton, Adell Estell

Cline, Elizabeth

Cline, Patrick

Clinton, Martha

Clobes, A. W.

Clotch, B.

Clucas, Mary Ann

Coach, W.

Coates, John T. Jr.

Cobb, S.

Cochran, William H.

Cody, Bee

Cody, Catherina

Cody, Margaret M.

Coen, Catherine

Coffelt, Mamie C.

Coffey, Catherine

Coffinge, J. F.

Cohen, Jeriam

Cohen, W. W.

Cohick, Amelia

Colbert, George W.

Coldrick, Iona I.

Cole, D.

Cole, John W.

Cole, W. H.

Coleman, A.

Coleman, Annie

Coleman, Elizabeth

Coleman, Sam

Coleman, Sarah E.

Colenbrander, Gerrit William

Colenbrander, Joseph E.

Colesworthy, G. A.

Collar, Birdella

Collie, Annie

Collier, Josephine

Collins, De Kalb

Collins, Dennis J.

Collins, E.

Collins, Edward J.

Collins, George C.

Collins, George P.

Collins, Jeremiah L.

Collins, Kate

Collins, Margaret

Collins, Mary

Collins, Mary

Collins, Mary E.

Collins, P.

Collins, Robert N.

Collins, Sadie

Collins, Thomas E.

Collins, William J.

Collins, William M.

Colman, O.

Colony, Julia

Colson, Emeline

Colville, George M.

Colvin, Hazel

Comas, Jennie M.

Combe, Mary A.

Combs, J. C.

Comerford, Mary

Comiskey, Mary

Companion, Julia

Conary, Angeline

Concannon, Roger Turner

Condon, Mary

Conez, Germain

Conley, A.

Conley, James

Conley, T. O.

Connelley, Mary

Connelly, Luke

Connelly, Mamie

Connelly, Theresa

Connor, Lawrence

Connors, Bridget

Connors, Catherine

Connors, Ellen

Connors, H.

Connors, Hester Elizabeth

Connors, Katherine

Connors, Nellie

Conrades, Louisa W.

Conrady, ____

Conrey, Pauline

Conroy, (Mrs. M. M.)

Conroy, Douglas

Conway, Catherine

Conway, James

Conway, James E.

Conway, John

Conzelman, Sophia

Cooch, William R.

Cook, Ella P.

Cook, Ellen

Cook, Joseph A.

Cook, L. H.

Cook, Minnie C.

Cookston, Grace

Cooney, (Rev.) Thomas J.

Cooney, Mary

Cooney, Mary A.

Cooper, Annie

Cooper, Arley R.

Cooper, Catherine

Cooper, G. S.

Cooper, George B.

Cooper, Louise

Cooper, M.

Cooper, Margaret E.

Cooper, Rose L.

Copeland, J.

Copeland, M.

Copeland, Sarah

Coppelmann, Maria

Coppinger, John

Corbett, Ada

Corbett, J.

Corbett, Katherine

Corbett, Sarah

Corcoran, (Off.) James H.

Corcoran, Margaret

Corcoran, Maurice

Corcoran, Virginia C.

Cordes, Louise

Cordez, Rose

Corey, Elsie A.

Corley, Catherine

Cornell, Lottie

Corner, Cora

Cornon, Edward

Cornwell, Charles J.

Corrigan, Mollie

Corrigan, Winifred

Cortes, Fredericka

Corzine, Sophronia E.

Cosgrove, Anna

Cosgrove, Frank

Coste, Pauline

Costeel, Lillian

Costello, Margaret

Costello, Mary

Costello, Michael J.

Costello, Thomas

Cotelle, Vincent

Cottam, Eunice Isabelle

Cotton, Addie ‘Adaline’ Bennet

Couch, Jennie M.

Coughlin, Catherine

Coughlin, Helen

Coughlin, Thomas

Coughlin, W.

Coulson, C. A.

Coulter, Julia Grace

Courtney, Mary

Cousins, Elmira

Cowell, Louisa J.

Cox, Arthur G.

Cox, C.

Cox, Effie

Cox, Ellen

Cox, John T.

Cox, Margaret

Cox, Mary

Cox, Matter

Cox, Rebecca T.

Cox, Willie

Coy, Samuel Thomas

Coyle, M. E.

Coyne, Dorothy

Cozzoni, Philip

Cracchiolo, Petina

Craddock, Annie

Craden, John F.

Crady, Theresa

Craft, Henrietta

Crafton, E.

Crafts, R. A.

Craig, Annastasia V.

Craig, Charles

Craig, Emma A.

Cramer, Gustave

Cramond, E. G.

Crane, H. W.

Crane, William S.

Craven, F.

Craven, M.

Crawford, Alice A.

Crawford, Bissell

Crawford, Davina

Crawford, G. H.

Crawford, George Lacy

Crawford, Joseph T.

Crawford, Mary

Crawley, D.

Crawley, J. G.

Creamer, Kate

Crecelius, John William

Crecelius, P. J.

Creech, Henry J. R.

Creedon, John P.

Creeger, Edith

Creehan, Mary A.

Creeley, Elnora

Creely, Henry

Creely, Louis

Crenshaw, Susan A.

Cresante, Joe

Cresap, Ann Maria

Creveling, Clemontina Jane Hanley

Criddle, B.

Criddle, Harriett

Crigler, Mildred M.

Crisley, Anna

Crispi, C.

Crithfield, J.

Crocken, W. J.

Crocker, Ira Joseph

Crofton, Richard

Crompton, Victor E.

Cronin, Julia

Cronin, Mary

Cronin, Mary A.

Cronin, Patrick

Cronk, David L.

Cross, Edna

Cross, Mary

Cross, Myrtle

Crossman, Frances

Crosson, Mary

Crouch, Burt “Revised List of the Dead”

Crouch, Sumner Burt

Crow, George

Crow, J. E.

Crow, Mary

Crowder, A.

Crowe, James V.

Crowell, Annie

Crowley, Catherine

Crowley, Catherine M.

Crowson, Louise

Crucknell, Charles Henry

Crumley, Myrtle Scholastica

Cuddy, Margaret

Cuffy, J. W.

Culbertson, Joy E.

Cull, Elizabeth

Cullen, Anna

Cullen, Elizabeth

Cullen, John

Cullen, Mary

Cullen, Michael J. “Reminiscenses of ...”

Cullin, Mary E.

Cullinane, Catherine

Cullinane, Mary

Cullom, Jessie B.

Culotto, James

Culver, William Wallace

Cummings, Dennis

Cummings, Ida M.

Cummings, Thomas M.

Cunniff, William F.

Cunningham, Charles Baker

Cunningham, John

Cunningham, M.

Cunningham, Max

Cunningham, Norman

Cunningham, W.

Cuntz, Barbara

Curley, Hugh

Curotto, Fr.

Curotto, James ‘Jay’

Curran, Eleanor M.

Curran, Hannah

Curran, Humphrey

Curran, Mary P.

Curren, Mary

Curry, Augusta

Curry, George W.

Curtis, H.

Curtis, Harriet Rees

Curtis, James

Curtis, Jane D.

Curun, D.

Cusick, Catherine

Cuskens, Johanna

Cyerny, Edward

Czajkawski, Josie