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Surnames beginning with A

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Abadie, Mary Louise Snow

Abbey, Sam A.

Abbott, Elizabeth

Abbott, James

Abeles, Kirtland

Abend, Mary C.

Abernathy, Elmer C.

Able, Mary M.

Abrams, Belle

Abstein, Charles

Achard, Stella

Acker, Wilhelmina J.

Ackerman, C.

Adams, (infant daughter of Lloyd & Mabel)

Adams, Charles R.

Adams, Elizabeth

Adams, Josephine

Adams, Kate

Adams, Peter

Adams, Sarah J.

Adderley, Mary A.

Addy, Susan

Adkins, J. M.

Adler, John

Adreon, E. L.

Aeby, Albert

Aeby, Sophia

Aepken, Bernard H.

Ager, J. A.

Agne, Carolina

Ahearn, Minnie

Ahern, Russell

Ahland, Clara

Ahlert, Henry

Ahlert, Jacob

Ahlert, Julius

Ahlheim, Ida Asmussen

Ahlmeier, Edward

Ahlvers, Albert

Ahrens, Henry

Ahrens, William

Ahrens, William H.

Aid, F.

Albatt, Olga

Albed, John

Albers, Catherine

Albers, Joseph

Albers, Lucia

Alberstein, N.

Albert, J. J.

Albert, Nettie D.

Albrecht, Louis

Albrecht, William Sr.

Albright, Frank W. “Revised List of the Dead”

Alby, Sophia

Aldrich, Clarence A. Sr.

Aldrich, Emma N.

Alewel, Louis Edward Augustus

Alexander, B.

Alexander, Clarence

Alexander, E.

Alexander, Mary A.

Alexander, S.

Alexander, Sarah

Alexander, William Clinton

Alfeld, Louis

Alger, Regina M.

Ali, J.

Allen, Anna Estelle

Allen, Birdella

Allen, Carleton T.

Allen, F.

Allen, Grace

Allen, Harriet

Allen, Mary

Allen, Robert S.

Allen, S.

Allen, W.

Alles, Elizabeth

Alley, Martha

Allgeyer, Joseph A.

Allinger, W. H.

Allington, Annie E.

Allis, Harry T.

Alpken, B. H.

Alt, Minnie

Altemeyer, Ed

Alterauge, Edward

Alterauge, Harry

Althoff, Frank

Althoff, Mary

Alton, Benjamin

Alton, Harry Brown

Alvarez, Fannie

Alverson, James F.

Alvey, Mabel

Alvina, _.

Amann, Lena Orla

Ambos, Julia Jenison

Ambrose, C.

Ambs, Charles E.

Ameln, John George

Amend, Joseph J.

Ames, Louis

Ames, William Harvey

Ammann, Henry

Amon, Kate

Amrhein, Charlotte

Amsler, William F.

Anders, Alvina Wilhelmina

Anders, Oscar

Anders, William Frederick

Anderson, C. H.

Anderson, Ella

Anderson, Evelyn K.

Anderson, Hilding

Anderson, Hulda

Anderson, Jerome

Anderson, Lillian

Anderson, Lizzie R.

Anderson, Margaret A.

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Norvell A.

Anderson-Lang, Paulina

Andiejorsky, Mary

Andre, (Dr.) Maurice

Andrew, Abbie L.

Andris, Helen

Andrus, Sarah

Angerer, John

Angerer, Margaretha

Angermueller, Henry Sr.

Anishaensel, Herman

Annis, Stella

Ansyln, Gerard D.

Anthony, Augusta

Anthony, E.

Antram, John

Anweiler, George

Appelbaum, A.

Appelbaum, Gertrude

Appelgren, Frank

Apperson, Charles W.

Archambault, Amanda P.

Archie, Annie

Arder, Eliza E.

Argonese, Angeline

Armbruster, Catherine Theresa

Armstrong, Arthur C.

Armstrong, Francis Carroll

Armstrong, Hannah L.

Armstrong, John

Armstrong, John A.

Armstrong, William

Arndt, Charlotte

Arnhold, Katherine Amelia

Arnold, Caroline M.

Arnold, Edna Irene

Arnold, Fannie

Arnold, Harriett R.

Arnold, Lizzie

Aronson, J.

Arras, Mamie M.

Arthambault, Charles H.

Ascroth, John H.

Asinger, Charles

Asmussen, Ida

Astworth, Henry

Atkinson, J.

Atkinson, Mary A.

Atkinson, William F.

Atwood, Gertrude

Aubuchon, O.

Augustine, Rose

Aulbach, Florence M.

Aulbert, Charles Fred

Aumann, Lottie

Ausdemmohre, Amelia

Austin, Dollie Mary

Auth, George

Avery, Emma Lewis

Axt, Pauline

Axtetter, Peter

Ayer, Frank Wilbur

Aylward, Mamie

Aylward, Mary