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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Brien, Alice

O’Brien, Angela

O’Brien, Bridget Sullivan

O’Brien, Cornelia M.

O’Brien, Elizabeth

O’Brien, Elizabeth

O’Brien, James M.

O’Brien, James P.

O’Brien, Kate

O’Brien, Leo J.

O’Brien, Lizzie

O’Brien, M.

O’Brien, Maria

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary E.

O’Brien, Michael

O’Brien, Patrick

O’Brien, Thomas A.

O’Connell, Edmond

O’Connell, Genevieve B.

O’Connell, Hannah

O’Connell, James

O’Connell, Jeremiah

O’Connell, John

O’Connell, Julia

O’Connell, Mary

O’Connell, Mary A.

O’Connell, Maurice Jr.

O’Connell, Phillip James

O’Connell, Thomas

O’Connor, Charles M.

O’Connor, Dennis

O’Connor, E. J.

O’Connor, John

O’Connor, Margaret

O’Connor, Michael Bernard

O’Connor, Timothy

O’Day, Thomas F.

O’Dom, W.

O’Donnell, George R.

O’Donnell, Henry C.

O’Donnell, John

O’Donnell, Katherine

O’Donnell, Mary

O’Donnell, Mary E.

O’Donnell, P.

O’Donnell, Rose

O’Donnell-Bailey, Harry J.

O’Dorn, William

O’Flaherty, Mary

O’Flynn, Mary

O’Gorman, Bridget

O’Halloran, Edmond

O’Hara, Elizabeth

O’Hara, Mary Elizabeth

O’Hara, Winifred

O’Hearn, Adelia

O’Hearn, Alice

O’Hearn, Ellen

O’Hearn, John

O’Hearn, Michael

O’Hearn, William

O’Keefe, (Rev.) Raymond

O’Keefe, John

O’Keefe, Katherine

O’Keefe, Mary

O’Kelly, Frances

O’Laughlin, Charles

O’Laughlin, John

O’Laughlin, Michael J.

O’Leary, Johanna

O’Leary, John F.

O’Leary, M.

O’Loughlin, Lillie

O’Loughlin, M. J.

O’Malley, Hanora

O’Malley, Mary

O’Malley, Mary E.

O’Malley, Mat

O’Malley, Patrick

O’Malley, William S.

O’Malley, Winifred F.

O’Mara, Bridget

O’Mara, Julia

O’Mohrman, Milton

O’Neil, Elenora

O’Neil, Ellen

O’Neil. Patrick

O’Neill, Agnes

O’Neill, Annie

O’Neill, Bridget

O’Neill, Charles

O’Neill, Margaret

O’Neill, Patrick

O’Neill, Patrick T.

O’Neill, Thomas A.

O’Neill, William

O’Rear, Grace E.

O’Rourke, Jeremiah J.

O’Rourke, Martin M.

O’Rourke, Michael

O’Shea, Harry

O’Shea, Loretta

O’Shea, Thomas B.

O’Toole, John

O’Toole, Timothy J.

Obehaus, Maria Anna

Oberbeck, Charles

Oberbeck, Wilhelmine

Oberfeld, Louisa

Obermeier, Louisa

Obert, Charles

Obregar, Joseph

Obrendoenfer, Mary

Obrist, Anna

Obrock, William Louis

Ockenfuss, Johanna

Oechsner, Andrew

Oehler, Herman

Oellermann, Harry F.

Oellermann, Louise

Oerter, Eva

Oesch, Christian

Oeschner, A.

Oestereich, Frank C.

Oestereich, John C.

Oetter, Mary

Offenbacher, H. G.

Offer, F. A.

Officer, J. D.

Ofwald, Elizabeth

Ogden, Elizabeth

Ogden, Ella

Oge, Margaret

Ogien, William A.

Oglesby, B.? J.

Ohlendorf, Charlotte

Ohrlich, Mattie

Okel, Anna

Okel, Nellie

Oldendorph, Christina

Oldfield, M. J.

Olfe, Lena

Oligschlager, Sybilla

Oliver, Gladys M.

Olliges, Henry

Olliges, Louisa Katherine

Olp, Lena

Olrich, Leonard

Olschiwanger, B.

Olsen, Mary E.

Olsen, Ole

Olson, Mary

Onderdonk, Abraham F.

Ondrejorsky, M.

Opfenring, Louise

Oppeel, Helena

Oppenheim, Sam

Opperman, J.

Oppermann, Gustav

Ordes, Henrietta S.

Orenstein, Charles

Oribe, Mary

Oribis, A. E.

Orman, Ophelia

Orr, Elizabeth

Orrell, Lucy

Ort, John

Ortbals, Henry C.

Orth, Emma F.

Orzel, George

Oseak, Katherine

Osher, Minnie

Osick, Emma

Oslander, Gertrude A.

Oster, Gustav

Oster, Herman

Osterholt, Catherine

Osterholt, Maria C.

Osterholtz, A. J.

Osterhout, Jerry

Ostermeier, Charles

Ostermeyer, Johanna

Ostertag, Fred W.

Ostertag, John

Osthoff, Mamie

Ostmeyer, Rachel

Otey, Mildred

Ott, Caroline

Ott, Mary

Ott, Peter

Otte, Laura A.

Ottenad, Ida

Ottens, Catherine R.

Ottens, Katherine

Otting, Fannie

Otto, Frederick W. Sr.

Otto, Henriette

Otto, Katherine Wilhelmine Louisa

Ouhrabka, Joseph J.

Overall, Harrison

Overberg, Marie Leonora

Overkamp, Anna

Owen, (Capt.) John W.

Owen, Philip

Owen, S. J.

Owen, Sallie

Owens, Henry Clay

Owens, James

Owens, James L.

Owens, Mary

Owens, S. C.

Oyczasehcky?, Theo.