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Surnames beginning with J

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Jablouska, Anna

Jaccard, George

Jackson, Almira

Jackson, Elizabeth

Jackson, Helen

Jackson, I.

Jackson, Jane

Jackson, R. D.

Jackson, Samuel H.

Jackson, Sarah A.

Jackson, W.

Jacob, Elizabeth

Jacob, Johann

Jacobs, Caroline

Jacobs, Hyman

Jacobs, Joseph B.

Jacobs, L. Edward

Jacobs, Sophia

Jacobsen, Malvine

Jacobson, Bertha

Jacobson, Louis

Jadskanic, Rosie

Jaeger, Frank

Jaeger, William

Jaggi, Philip

Jahns, C. C.

Jamengel, P.

James, Cecilia

James, Charles

James, George W.

James, John Huston

Jamieson, Christina S.

Jamieson, Margaret E.

Janninck, Elizabeth

Jansen, Libbertus

Jansen, Mary

Jansen, Mary Catherine

Janssen, (Bishop) John

Janssen, Anna M.

Janssen, Bernard

Janssen, May

Jarand, Minnie

Jarnagin, Leonora

Jaynes, Amanda

Jedlicka, Anna

Jehling, Minnie

Jenkerson, Jessie

Jennett, Johanna

Jennings, J. William

Jennings, Jane

Jennings, Mary

Jerome, Edward

Jilka, Mary

Joachim, Adolph H.

Jobusch, Christian

Jocelyn-Clagett, Maria

Joerdan, Clotilde F.

Johann, Jacob

Johanning, Henry F.

Johanning, John H.

Johanningmeier, Augusta

Johanningmeyer, Anna

John, Roy E.

Johnigan, Eliza

Johns, Delia

Johnson, Agnes S.

Johnson, Alice

Johnson, Anabelle

Johnson, Annie

Johnson, Benjamin

Johnson, C.

Johnson, Charles H.

Johnson, E. L.

Johnson, Elizabeth

Johnson, Elizabeth L.

Johnson, Ella

Johnson, Eugene

Johnson, G.

Johnson, George M.

Johnson, H.

Johnson, James Kenneth

Johnson, John W.

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Josie

Johnson, Lee

Johnson, Louisa

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Matthew

Johnson, Mattie

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, S. J.

Johnson, Sallie

Johnson, W.

Johnson, Walter C.

Johnson, William

Johnston, E. H.

Johnston, George S.

Johnston, William Morgan

Jokerst, Joseph

Jones, (Col., CSA) Alfred Walker

Jones, Alexander J.

Jones, Alice J.

Jones, Anna

Jones, Anna E.

Jones, Anna Mary

Jones, Bell

Jones, C.

Jones, C. R.

Jones, Catherine

Jones, Charles E.

Jones, Charles J.

Jones, Charles T.

Jones, Edith R.

Jones, Ellen

Jones, Elmer A.

Jones, Francis

Jones, Frank B.

Jones, Henrietta

Jones, I. B.

Jones, J.

Jones, J. G.

Jones, Joseph

Jones, Josephine M.

Jones, Lillie

Jones, Louise Elizabeth

Jones, Margaret A.

Jones, Millie

Jones, O. L.

Jones, Oliver

Jones, P. M.

Jones, Sarah

Jones, Sidney

Jones, T. W.

Jones, William B.

Jones, William J.

Joost, Henry A.

Jordan, Elizabeth

Jordan, Margaret E.

Jordan, T. A.

Jordon, Charles B.

Joser, Grace

Jost, Frederick

Jost, Frederick W.

Jost, L.

Jostarnd, Bernard

Joyce, Thomas

Judd, Annie Kiemberger

Judd, Malvine

Judge, Katherine

Juenger, Eleonore

Juengling, Elizabeth

Juergens, Henry

Juergens, Louise M.

Juergensmeier, Anna Marie

Juettemeyer, Mary

Jurensmeyer, Arthur Jr.

Juretko, Hanna