Surnames beginning with C

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Cabanne, Julius G.

Cabanne, W?

Cabbert, William M.

Cabell, E.

Cabell, R.

Cacle, Mary E.

Cady, Linus Bertram

Cady, Martin

Cady, Michael

Cahill, John J.

Cahill, John Joseph

Cahill, Michael

Cain, Bridget

Cain, Catherine

Cain, Cornelius M.

Cain, David H.

Cain, Mary J.

Caito, Joseph

Cajacob, Jacob R.

Calalano, Josephine

Caldwell, Fay

Cales, Jennie

Callahan, Augusta

Callahan, Daniel

Callahan, Elizabeth

Callahan, Jeremiah J.

Callahan, Michael J.

Calley, J.

Calma, Tony

Calvin, Emma

Calvin, Jennie A.

Cambelli, Joseph

Camell, Elizabeth

Campbell, Agnes

Campbell, Ellen F.

Campbell, Fany

Campbell, Frank C.

Campbell, Genevieve Shelton

Campbell, James A.

Campbell, John J.

Campbell, John S.

Campbell, Julia L.

Campbell, Kate E.

Campbell, Katherine V.

Campbell, Margaret

Campbell, May K.

Campbell, Susan Elizabeth

Campen, Mary

Canady, James

Candy, J. B.

Canifax, F.

Cannon, Joseph

Canon, James

Cantlon, Elizabeth

Canton, Mary

Canty, Ellen

Capellen, Louis H.

Capes, S. E.

Caples, Bezie

Capp, W.

Capstick, Earl H.

Carberry, Joseph

Carcoran, James

Cardosi, Amelia

Cardost, Amelia

Carey, Albert

Carey, Ella

Carey, Mary

Carey, Mary J.

Carey, Richard J.

Caribo, James

Carl, Francisca

Carlein, Isabel L.

Carley, Ann

Carlie, Sauhe

Carlson, Charles H.

Carmichael, Eber Shields

Carmichael, Edith

Carmici, Taube

Carmody, Mary

Carmody, Mary Helen

Carmody, Patrick L.

Caronder, Lucinda W.

Carpenter, Agnes

Carpenter, Carrie Clarkson

Carpenter, Harold Hinchman

Carpenter, Naomia

Carpentier, Robert

Carr, Archlbald

Carr, Caton

Carr, John Henry

Carr, Mary

Carr, Minnie

Carr, P.

Carrico, Rose

Carroll, Annie

Carroll, B. D.

Carroll, Charles H.

Carroll, Deborah T.

Carroll, Emmett

Carroll, Hanorah

Carroll, John Leo

Carroll, Mattie

Carroll, P. J.

Carroll, Paul

Carroll, Samuel White

Carroway, S.

Carson, Mabel G.

Carten, Bridget C.

Carten, Mary

Carter, Elizabeth

Carter, Letha

Carter, Marie H.

Carter, Richard Ann

Carter, W.

Cartledge, Edwin

Carty, Johanna

Cary, Emil H.

Case, (Dr.) James F.?

Casey, Catherine

Casey, Elizabeth

Casey, H.

Casey, John T.

Casey, Margaret J.

Casey, Mary T.

Casey, Peter A.

Casey, Ralph

Cash, Ellen

Caspar, Frank

Caspar, Theresa

Casper, Josephine

Cassell, Edward

Casserley, Ann

Casserly, Dominick

Cassidy, (infant daughter of John & Sarah)

Cassidy, Edith Maude

Cassidy, James J.

Cassidy, Jesse P.

Cassidy, Margaret

Cassin, Mabel G.

Caster, Nathan

Catalfio, Alexando

Catron,, Mary E.

Cauley, Celia

Cauley, William P.

Cavanaugh, Catherine

Cavanaugh, Margaret

Cavanaugh, Mary

Cavanaugh, Mary

Cavender, James

Cavender, John H.

Cavender, Matilda

Cella, Charles J. Jr.

Ceresia, Frank

Cerf, Blanche

Chadick, Thomas

Chalmers, Bessie E.

Chambers, Alfred Tennyson

Chambers, Ann Biddle

Chambers, Christina S.

Chambers, Henrietta

Chambers, John T.

Chandler, J.

Chandler, Robert

Chapius, Piere J.

Chapman, A. J.

Chapman, C. L.

Chapman, Thomas B.

Chappell, C.

Chappell, Mary Francis

Chardin, Bridget

Charles, M. A.

Chartrand, Ann E.

Chartrand, Leon

Chartre, Flora E.

Chase, Anna

Chavis, Katherine S.

Cheappetta, A.

Cherbonnier, Louis C.

Chery, Essie

Chesley, Jonathan

Chevraux, Anna

Chevrelot, Jean Claude

Chick, O.

Child, Andrew J.

Child, John H.

Chisholm, A. P.

Chittenden, Warde B.

Chlanda, Ferdinand

Chlarelil, Paul

Chlosey, Joseph A.

Choen, Charles G.

Chott, Frank

Chott, Mary

Christians, Gustav

Christie, Addie K.

Christman, Louisa

Christmann, Margareth

Christmann, Michael

Christopher, Mina H.

Christophersen, Maria

Church, Eleanor Florence

Church, M.

Church, Madison F.

Churchchill, Margaret M.

Cihia, Frank

Cira, Annie

Cjappell, Bettie

Clabaugh, Mary B.

Clagett, Maria

Clagget, M. J.

Claiborne, Dollie

Clair, Ernestine

Clair, William A.

Clancy, Jeremiah

Clancy, Margaret

Clardy, Ott K.

Clark, _____

Clark, Amos B.

Clark, Augusta

Clark, Bernard

Clark, E. E.

Clark, Edward J.

Clark, H.

Clark, John H.

Clark, Joseph H.

Clark, Lettie

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mary Elizabeth

Clark, Millie

Clark, Millie A.

Clark, Nannie B.

Clark, Rollin

Clark, Rosie

Clark, Sarah A.

Clark, Silas J.

Clark, Warren D. Jr.

Clark, William G.

Clarke, (Rev.) Francis J.

Clarkson, Carrie

Clarkson, William

Clasmeyer, Lawrence V.

Classen, Christian

Claughton, Elizabeth P.

Claus, Florence M.

Clay, Charles S.

Clay, George

Clay, Robert

Clayburn, Peter

Clayman, James J.

Clayto, Harry D.

Clayton, Henry Helm

Clayton, Julia A.

Clear, Benjamin

Clear, Bery

Clear, Catherine

Cleary, Catherine

Cleary, Ellen

Cleary, John

Clemens, Annie M.

Clement, Fred S.

Clepper, George W.

Clifford, Julia

Clifford, Katherine

Clifford, Margaret K.

Clifford, Mary

Cline, Georgie

Clinton, Anna C.

Clodius, William A.

Clopton, William H.

Clover, Elizabeth B.

Cloyd, E. L.

Clucas, Margaret

Clute, Ettie

Clybourne, (Mrs.) Jessie L.

Coakley, Jeremiah J.

Coase, Anna

Cobb, Edward G.

Cochmanean, John

Cochran, A. J.

Cochran, Helen Bentley

Cochran, John W.

Cockrell, Allen V.

Cockrell, Lydia

Cockrell, M. E.

Codt, Annastatia

Cody, Ann

Cody, Annastatia

Cody, Mary Ann

Cody, William

Coff, Marguerite C.

Coffey, Edward

Cogan, Thomas

Cogen, Minerva

Coghlan, Winifred

Cohel, Alexander

Cohen, Bertha

Cohen, C. G.

Cohen, Jeannette

Cohen, Lawrence Benedict

Cohesy, Joseph A.

Cohn, Bertha

Colbeck, Laura

Cole, Alec

Cole, Leander J.

Cole, Mary E.

Coleman, James

Coleman, Maude B.

Coleman, Ruth M.

Coleman, Sarah B.

Coleman, Z.

Colesworthy, Dora E.

Collet, Annie

Collidge, Evelyn S.

Collins, (Capt.) John Wilson

Collins, Bridella

Collins, Elmer S.

Collins, John F.

Collins, Mary Burnham

Collins, Robert E.

Collins, T. Jefferson

Collins, Thomas Joseph

Collison, N. M. T.

Collison, William T.

Colonius, John H.

Colvin, Emma

Colyer, John R.

Colyer, Laura

Combe, Paul Sr.

Combs, Edna R.

Combs, Mary T.

Comer, Delia C.

Conan, Mary L.

Condon, Mary J.

Condon, Patrick W.

Condon, R. N.

Cone, Mary C.

Conery, Catherine

Conison, M.

Conley, P.

Conlin, F. S.

Conlin, Timothy S.

Connelly, James

Connelly, Michael J.

Connelly, William V.

Conner, Bertha May

Conniff, Clarence

Connolly, John

Connolly, Margaret M.

Connor, Bridget

Connor, Con

Connor, Tom

Connors, (ESTFD, Lt.) John

Connors, Genevieve B.

Connors, Katie

Connors, Michael

Conrad, Frank J.

Conroy, Bridget

Conroy, Florence

Conroy, Margaret Veronica

Consedine, Eugene E.

Convy, Florence

Conway, Luella

Conzelman, Alfred Henry

Cook, Alfred W.

Cook, B.

Cook, Bernard

Cook, George M.

Cook, Lewis N.

Cook, Mary E.

Cook, May

Cooke, T. S.

Cookson, (Capt.) John H.

Cooley, Mary C.

Cooney, Letitia

Cooper, Perry D.

Coppedge, C. E.

Coppinger, John

Corbett, Grayson

Corcoran, Harry F.

Corcoran, James

Corcoran, John J.

Corcoran, Virginia Catherine

Cordes, Anna M.

Cordes, Dietrich

Cordes, Mildred?

Cordial, Iree

Corkery, (Capt., CSA) John J.

Corley, Ann

Cormiski, ___

Corneli, Elizabeth

Cornelissen, Hilda

Cornet, Clara Catherine

Cornish, R.

Corrigan, Bridget

Corring, Margaret

Cory, Salina

Cosby, Albert R.

Cosgrove, Bridget

Cosgrove, Mary E.

Cosmos, Julia

Costa, M. A .

Costella, Ellen

Costello, John

Costello, John S.

Costello, Nellie

Costello, Paul

Costello, Thomas

Costigan, Dennis F.

Cotter, Caterine

Cotter, Mary O.

Cottin, Matilda

Cottle, Alice V.

Cottle, Ora

Couch, Noah

Coughlin, Catherine

Coulter, Mary Ann

Courson, Mary A.

Court, Julia

Courtney, Ellen

Courtney, Mortimer

Cousion, Michael

Couzins, (Attn.) Phoebe ..Dies in Poverty in Barren Room .. First Woman Lawyer ...

Covington, Maggie

Covington, Mary J.

Cowan, E.

Cox, A. May

Cox, J.

Cox, Reed

Cox, U. C.

Coyle, Frank

Coyle, Lester John

Coyne, Thomas P.

Cozzens, Mary

Craddock, Mary

Cradick, Thomas

Craig, Catherine

Craig, James L.

Crane, James

Craney, Elizabeth

Crannatt, Sophia

Cravens, May Mildred

Crawford, Anabelle

Crawford, H.

Crawford, Isabel L.

Crawford, James M.

Crawford, Margaret

Crawford, Vira

Crawley, James

Crawley, O.

Creaham, Mary

Creamer, E.

Creamer, Jennie

Creamer, Rose

Creamer, William G.

Creamer, William J.

Crean, Mary

Crecelius, Catharina

Crecelius, Louis

Creecy, (Col.) E. P.

Creed, Walter

Creedon, Cornelius J.

Creedon, Patrick F.

Creeley, Wilson

Crenschar, Henry

Cress, Charles

Crews, Alice

Criamaldi, Ralph

Criss, Joseph

Criswell, Kittie

Critchfield, Mary A.

Croak, Elmer D.

Crocken, E. M.

Croft, George F.

Crogan, Thomas

Croghan, Catherine C.

Croissant, Jacob

Croneis, (ESTLFD) Joseph

Cronin, John

Cronly, Mary

Crook, Annie M.

Croom, Amos

Crosby, Emma

Cross, Anna L.

Cross, B.

Cross, Earl

Crosson, William F.

Crouch, Martha E.

Crouch, Thomas W.

Croughan, Hugh

Crouse, Maggie

Crow, Edward M.

Crow, Peter

Crowder, B.

Crowder, George

Crowder, Isaac Nicholas

Crowder, S. N.

Crowder, Walter

Crowe, James

Crowley, Daniel L.

Crowley, Elizabeth

Crowshaw, James D.

Crumley, John

Cruse, G.

Csopek, Mary

Cuccia, T.

Cuertz, Helene

Cuguzzi, Louise

Culkin, Catherine

Cull, John D.

Cull, Siebel

Cullen, Elizabeth

Cullinane, Helen M.

Cullinane, James

Cullom, George W.

Cullum, Fannie Vorhees

Cummings, Catherine

Cummings, Janette

Cummings, Johanna

Cummings, John P.

Cummings, M.

Cummings, Mary Ann

Cummins, Eredell H.

Cummins, Ida

Cummins, Maggie E.

Cuneo, Madaline

Cunniffe, Thomas

Cunningham, C.

Cunningham, John W.

Cunningham, Julia

Cunningham, Lucell P.

Cunningham, Patrick

Curley, Margaret

Curley, Sallie A.

Curley, Stephen

Curotto, David B.

Curran, Catharine

Curran, James A.

Curran, Johanna

Curran, Nellie

Curren, Mary

Current, (Maj.) William H.

Curtin, Lottie

Curtis, Mary

Curtis, Mary J.

Curtman, Charles M.

Cushion, Eliza

Cussen, Johanna

Czarnik, Anna