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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Brien, Cornealus

O’Brien, Edward

O’Brien, Elizabeth

O’Brien, Francis J.

O’Brien, Frederick A.

O’Brien, Genevieve L.

O’Brien, J.

O’Brien, John

O’Brien, John Joseph

O’Brien, John Kennish

O’Brien, Joseph F.

O’Brien, Margaret

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary A.

O’Brien, Michael Edward

O’Callahan, Anna

O’Cherry, Rebecca S.

O’Connell, Catherine

O’Connell, Daniel

O’Connell, Mary

O’Connell, Mary

O’Connor, Bridget

O’Connor, Catherine M.

O’Connor, Edward

O’Connor, Hanorah

O’Connor, Hugh

O’Connor, Johanna

O’Connor, Mary

O’Connor, Mary

O’Connor, Susie K.

O’Day, Catharine

O’Day, Edward

O’Day, William

O’Dell, Annie

O’Donnell, Annie

O’Donnell, Elizabeth

O’Donnell, Ellen

O’Donnell, Grace

O’Donnell, John

O’Donnell, John J.

O’Donnell, Margaret

O’Donnell, Mary

O’Donnell, Mary Ann

O’Donnell, Peter J.

O’Fallon, Nora

O’Farrell, William

O’Flaherty, Emily

O’Flaherty, Margaret

O’Flarity, Michael H.

O’Gorman, Mary A.

O’Grady, John F.

O’Hanlon, Martin

O’Hearn, John F.

O’Hearn, John M.

O’Hearn, Steven

O’Kane, Mary Ann

O’Keefe, (Off., STLPD) Timothy T.

O’Keefe, Daniel

O’Keefe, Mary A.

O’Keefe, Mary R.

O’Keefe, Nellie

O’Leary, Catherine

O’Leary, Elizabeth

O’Leary, Harry J.

O’Leary, Richard

O’Loughlin, Anthony

O’Malley, Ann

O’Malley, Edward

O’Malley, Helen Dorothy

O’Malley, Joseph M.

O’Malley, Martin

O’Malley, Patrick Jr.

O’Mally, Edward

O’Neil, Frank

O’Neil, Helen

O’Neil, Margaret

O’Neill, Ellen

O’Neill, James

O’Neill, Mary L.

O’Neill, Noni

O’Regan, John

O’Reilly, Annie

O’Reilly, Edward J.

O’Reilly, Maria

O’Reilly, Mary

O’Reilly, Sarah A.

O’Rourke, John J.

O’Rourke, William

O’Shea, Nicholas

O’Toole, Austin

O’Toole, Gregory Jr.

O’Toole, Jane

O’Toole, Lizzie

O’Toole, Luke

O’Toole, Mary

O’Toole, Mary

O’Toole, Sadie

Obenhaus, Nellie P.

Oberbeck, August

Oberle, Edward

Obermilne, John

Obernier, Edward H.

Obernier, Robert A.

Obert, Minnie

Obert, W. A.

Obric_, Pete

Ochs, Carolina

Ochs, Dorothy

Ochs, Louise M.

Ocks, Michael J.

Odell, F. E.

Odell, Letha

Odell, Maude

Oehlbach, Fredrich

Oelschloeger, Henry

Oertling, Bertha

Oesterle, Henry Jr.

Offer, Harry W.

Offermann, Charles

Offermann, Gotlieb

Ofsinowski, Edward H.

Ogden, H. L. J.

Ohlmeier, Henry F.

Oldendorph, Barbara

Olendinning, John

Olian, Celia

Oligschlager, Sybilla

Olin, Milton

Oliver, Alice L.

Oliver, Cola?

Oliver, Mamie

Olliges, Emilie H.

Olsen, Alfred

Olsen, Birdie

Olsen, Catherine

Olsen, Julius

Olszewski, Catherine

Olszewski, Catherine

Opp, Catherine

Oppermann, Augusta F.

Oppermann, Rudolph C.

Orchard, Harry

Orlemann, Catherine

Orme, Thomas Lee

Orr, Elizabeth

Orr, Sarah Jane

Orsech, Edmund

Orth, (Sister) Mary Cecilia ‘Mary Leonora’

Ortmann, William

Ortwerth, Conrad

Orzechowski, R.

Osborn, Albert S.

Osborne, Amanda

Osborne, David

Osher, A. F.

Ossing, G. H.

Ossing, Johanna

Ostedag, Emilie

Ostel, B. C.

Osten, Adam J.

Oster, Julia

Oster, Wilhelmina

Osterman, Michael

Ostermann, Gesina

Ostermeyer, Mattie

Osthoff, Fred

Osthoff, William

Oswald, Alexander Sr.

Oswald, Ella H.

Ott, Amanda

Otte, John

Ottensmeyer, Caroline

Ottersbach, H. W.

Ottesbach, Josepha

Otto, Sophia

Oughton, Rebecca

Overbay, Jennette Smith

Overbeck, John

Overkamp, Annie

Overnier, E. N.

Overshelp, Mary

Overstreet, Edward

Owen, F. C.

Owen, Lydia

Owen, Rosie

Owendruff, Jessie K.

Owens, George E.

Owens, Julia C.

Owens, Mary

Owings, Elenor E.